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Knowing That The Frenzy Is Over

A report from CNBC. "Mortgage rates are around the lowest in three years, but buyers are suddenly much more cautious about purchasing a home. Competition is cooling, and consequently sellers can no longer command any price. At an open house…

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The Magic Money Tree And Social Poison

An editorial in the Times of London by Philip Aldrick. "In a Blackrock Investment Institute paper last month, three top central bankers argued for 'magic money tree' policies to respond to the next downturn. Under their 'monetary-financed fiscal facility,'central banks…

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The Price Has Gotten Too High

A report from Go Local Prov in Rhode Island. "For nearly three years, the proposed 46-story Fane Tower has been meandering its way through a complex web of Rhode Island’s overlapping regulatory structures. Across the United States -- and including…

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