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Rent Seeking And Moral Hazard

A report from WPBF. "The clock is ticking for Florida condominium owners who now have to come up with reserve funds to pay for potential repairs. John Cadden, managing principal for the Condominium Advisory Group, explained the options available to…

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Can You Fog A Mirror?

It's Friday desk clearing time for this blogger. "After months of mayhem in the real estate market, data shows homebuyers may finally be taking a breather, with real estate agents reporting slowdown in showings and bidding wars. Kyle Hioki said…

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Buyers Want Their Pound of Flesh

A report from PBS News Hour. "Landlords in Connecticut are not alone – without federal assistance economists estimate that by mid-January renters across the country will be behind by about $70 billion. And the losses go well beyond market-rate buildings,…

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