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Where It Can Go Horribly Wrong

A report from New Hampshire Public Radio. "In New Hampshire, the rate of foreclosure filings on properties has risen 149.72 percent from mid-year 2021 to mid-year 2023, according to ATTOM. Most of that increase has happened in the last year.…

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There Is A Bubble To Burst

A report from Reuters. "First Republic Bank faces dwindling and tough options to turn around its business with the creation of a 'bad bank' or asset sales possibilities, a source familiar with the matter said, after the lender disclosed it…

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Price Signals Have Been Broken

A weekend topic starting with Real Clear Markets. "Arthur Burns, Chair of the Federal Reserve from 1970 to 1978, publicly regretted afterward that he had lacked the spine to do what was necessary to get the Great Inflation of the…

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