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We’ve Seen This Movie Before

A weekend topic starting with Better Dwelling. "Canada’s central bank has had researchers quietly studying bubbles overseas. The study, Bubbles, Crashes and Information Contagion In Large-Group Asset Market Experiments, appeared in the June issue of Experimental Economics. The researchers found…

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Can You Fog A Mirror?

It's Friday desk clearing time for this blogger. "After months of mayhem in the real estate market, data shows homebuyers may finally be taking a breather, with real estate agents reporting slowdown in showings and bidding wars. Kyle Hioki said…

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This Was Never Part Of The Plan

A weekend topic starting with Cayman Compass. "More than a year ago, during the midst of a coronavirus lockdown, hardly anyone predicted that property prices in Cayman would continue to rise. For the construction and real estate industry, forecasts turned…

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