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Da Meddel Fanger!

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          1. Maybe not. Right now I see that there are three states outstanding: WI, MI, PA. Trump can win with any two of them, and he’s way ahead in MI and PA, but the globalists can fix that.

            Trump is down to 55% in the betting odds.

        1. Biden just said “I believe we’re on track to win this election.”

          Hah! This guys is delusional. He is majorly behind in every state he would need to flip.

        1. They are not just going to go gently into that good night. Not this time. I think they see this as their last stand.

          1. Michigan and PA have Democrat governors who hate Trump with a passion. Both are reporting they won’t have the results until Nov. 6th. Color me skeptical.

    1. Actually I’m still not sure. Evidently those upper midwest states haven’t reported the mail-in votes yet. Fox is finding paths for Biden.

    2. Iowa was called for Trump; I think VA is going to go to Biden — I don’t know how. That would put Biden up 244 to 229.

      It’s up to Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Trump needs to win three of the four.

  1. States where Trump is up but the New York Times won’t report it: Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin.

    1. Trump is up by over 700,000 in Texas with over 90% reporting and they won’t call it. LOLZ. What a joke these people are.

    2. Trump is winning Georgia by less than he was winning in Virginia, and Georgia isn’t done counting yet. You guys need to tone it down.

  2. I realize all the mail in stuff could lean pretty heavily Biden since Rs don’t seem to worry as much about social distancing as Ds. But at this point I have a hard time seeing that being enough to give him the win.

    So on the assumption that this is a bigger victory for Trump than 2016, I think I’m going to be a little less polite with some of the people who have been complaining at me for 4 years. It’s time to shut up and move on and accept that everybody can’t be shamed into doing whatever you want them to do.

    1. Oh, I think Biden can make up the difference. Virginia just found 250,000 Biden votes out of nowhere.

      Now NYT just gave Ohio to Trump? So now Trump needs to win two more out of remaining three. Trump is way ahead in PA; and way ahead in Michigan.

      Fox news appears to be favoring Biden. wtf?

        1. PA sent about 3 million mail-in ballots. 81% of those votes have been received as of today.

          “To break it down, more than 1.6 million of those [received] ballots were from registered Democrats, 586,000 were from Republicans, and 278,000 were from independents or third-party voters…. 84 percent of registered Democrats who have been sent mail-in or absentee ballots have returned them, compared with 74 percent of Republicans.”

          I don’t know how much of that has been counted, or how much is still coming in.

          And now they’re saying that Biden is pulling ahead in Georgia.

  3. New York Times fake news 5 minutes ago: “Trump needs big surprise win to hang on.”

    See what they’re doing?

  4. ‘Some Americans have threatened to move to another country depending on the election outcome Tuesday, reminiscent of the dismay they felt after the 2016 presidential contest results.’

    ‘But not everyone ditched the USA as they claimed they would, including actor Samuel L. Jackson and comedian Jon Stewart. One sheriff in Ohio, Richard K. Jones, is already mocking celebrities who said they’d leave four years ago but didn’t. Now he’s offering a one-way ticket for them out of the country.’

  5. When Biden has a small lead, they call the state for him immediately. When Trump has a commanding lead, they wait until the vote is well over 90%. It’s just despicable how desperate the media is.

    1. What broadcast(s) are you watching? The remaining uncounted ballots in PA (Pittsburgh/Philly), WI (Milwaukee), and, GA (Fulton/Dekalb counties) are in largely blue areas (not sure about MI but I think at this hour much of Detroit hasn’t been counted). Trump has decent leads in all but if Biden wins ~65% of the remaining uncounted, he’ll take the lead in those states. Pretty fascinating when you dig more into these counties.

      1. Ever notice how it’s always democratic ballots that are late to be counted? This is the plan all along: don’t declare close states if Trump is winning and then fabricate new ballots.

        1. This looks to be exactly what they did. All of a sudden an absolute avalanche of blue votes come in for Biden at the last moment – like 80%+ are for him.

  6. President Donald Trump defeats Joe Biden in
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — President Donald Trump is projected to defeat former Vice President Joe Biden in Tennessee, according to the …

    Mason City Globe Gazette
    Trump defeats Biden to repeat in Iowa
    Republican Donald Trump won Iowa for a second time, beating Democrat Joe Biden here, according to state results as of late Tuesday evening …
    28 mins ago

    AP: Trump defeats Biden in Alabama
    Republicans extended their White House winning streak in Alabama as President Donald Trump carried the state against Democrat Joe Biden …
    Donald Trump defeats Joe Biden in South Carolina
    President Trump on Tuesday defeated Democrat Joe Biden in South Carolina — dashing the most ambitious Democratic hopes for a Biden …
    Trump Defeats Biden in Battleground Iowa
    President Donald Trump defeated Democrat Joe Biden in Iowa, the Associated Press projected.
    Trump defeats Biden in must-win Florida

    President Donald Trump defeats Joe Biden in Texas
    The Republican incumbent was poised to win Texas’ 38 electoral votes after an unexpectedly tight statewide race for the White House.

  7. If the stock market rally the past two days was predicated on a Blue Wave, then there could be a lot of nearterm crater ahead.

      1. The Financial Times
        Markets Briefing
        US Treasury bonds
        US election results catch investors off guard as ‘blue wave’ trade unravels
        Traders braced for ‘extended uncertainty’ with Trump and Biden lodged in tight race
        © Philip Fong/AFP
        Eric Platt and Colby Smith in New York and Katie Martin in London an hour ago

        Fading expectations of a decisive presidential election win for Joe Biden have boosted bonds and lifted the dollar as a set of trades based on a “blue wave” Democratic sweep of the White House and Congress stumbled.

        Investors had ramped up bets in recent days that decisive Democratic victories in line with pre-vote opinion polls would spark another round of stimulus for the pandemic-stricken US economy.

        Mr Biden may still clinch the presidency in this unexpectedly tight race. But Donald Trump’s victories in Florida and Ohio have undermined investor expectations of a big win for the Democrats. Instead, the Republicans’ strong showing in several battleground states, and seemingly tight grip on the Senate, have prompted money managers to prepare for the prospect that the outcome would remain unclear for days and the US could be left with a divided government, complicating the investment outlook.

  8. “Trump Defeats Biden” … banner headline on the front page of the Chicago Daily Tribune, Nov 4th 2020” 😱

  9. Actually, it appears that there is a good chance that Trump will lose, though by less than expected. And let’s face it, it’s Trump wins or Trump loses, as if Biden isn’t there.

    And if Trump loses, it will be because he lost libertarian Arizona.

      1. If Trump loses Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin and Maine, he is not re-elected — by 269 to 270.

    1. Michigan is within 15,000 votes, but I don’t think Trump can catch up.

      However, it looks like the Republicans will hold the Senate. The Senate will be able to block some of the more egregious actions like Court packing. A Biden win might be better for me in a practical sense. I’m already masked up and locked down, I’ll have happier friends, and it will be better for work. We’re already saturated with illegal immigrants and anchor babies, and the coming economic crash and massive overhang in housing and office space won’t attract any more. Masks and lockdowns? I’m already masked and locked down (although maybe Biden can get some more N-95 masks). Maybe I’ll even get a little government cheese out of it this time.

      The economy is going to crash in 2021 regardless. Biden won’t fix the repo market, or the retirement crisis, or the corporate doom loop.

      1. Biden will get rid of the 401K doesn’t like it . Too many 401K millionaires for him to control. With social security only he has a better chance of control,

        1. If the Senate remains Republican, they can block stuff like that. It’s going to be an interesting four years. One thing I’m sure of is that Harris will be our first female President, with all the SJW gloating and glass ceiling that goes with it. And she will have the privilege of presiding over the Second Great Depression and the Cold War with China.

          1. That’s my take as well. Keep the Senate Republican…it’ll balance out the rest. The Democrats overuse of the courts to limit executive actions will come back to bite them.

      2. I likes me a divided government. The two sides of the aisle are so far apart nowadays that the silent majority in the middle has no voice in elected office. I’d rather have the extremists neutralize each other through mutual opposition than for either side to gain a political mandate.


    The issue the both major parties will need to address is dealing with a rather large group of people they do not understand, and yet can exert enormous control over certain areas of the country. The left will pack the court and distort even the laughable voting system we have now to deny the unwashed masses of traditional Americans any future chances of embarrassing them like they were in 2016. The GOP will be faced with the unenviable task of attempting to dog whistle in certain states (TX, OK, SD, AL, MS etc.) to maintain even a portion of the Senate and House while racing to out-left the DNC on the coasts. It will, however, not be a viable national party. Both of these responses further push a process that is already happening. MAGA is now an identity, particularly after undergoing four years of screeching, threats, riots, arson, looting, wrongful terminations, vandalism, assault and murder. The benefit of the violence and vitriol is that it has begun to consolidate mere voters from a political movement and create a cultural one. If for that and nothing else, the president should be commended.

  11. Hey DNC, maybe the Great Unwashed aren’t as enthusiastic about Communist insurrections as you are.

    Playbook: What blue wave?

    TUESDAY WAS AN ABJECT DISASTER for Democrats in Washington. To imagine the amount of soul searching and explaining the party will have to do after Tuesday is absolutely dizzying. The infighting will be bloody — as it should be.

    — Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) November 4, 2020

    1. “TUESDAY WAS AN ABJECT DISASTER for Democrapts in Washington.”

      “Why are you shouting?” … By “Oh, Nancy Pelo$i”

    1. And for even more fun and games, Oregon voted to decriminalize hard drugs like cocaine, meth, and heroine. High on crack? It’s a $100 fine. I’m glad I got to visit Portland a couple years ago. It wasn’t great then, but it’s going to be even worse now.

      1. well they could die quicker and not have to run up $100K medical bills just to OD over again and again…..

    1. It’s starting to shape up as a replay of the Florida 2000 situation, with tossed out ballots due to dimpled chad etc. playing a decisive role.

      Can anyone recall the outcome?

    2. When I went to bed late, Trump was up almost 300,000 in Michigan or whatever. I wake up and he’s behind. The corruption – it reeks.

    3. Biden was so far down last night it was like a baseball game where a team is behind 11 runs with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th, and Biden pulls off 3 grand slams to go up a run. Have you ever seen that happen? I haven’t, because it hasn’t. Whatever is going on in Michigan needs to be investigated.

  12. “Can anyone recall the outcome?”

    Yes, women & gryls in Afghanistan & Iraq were made safe due “Nation.Building!” & all the$and$ was gifted to the USA & 99.9% of the heroin poppie$ where forever destroyed!

    The co$t in U$A blood & Trea$ure was considered: “colateral.damage”

      1. “Mi$$ion.Acomplished!” … Richard “” Cheney

        (+ Mega.Industrial.Military.bidne$$.&.Association$)

  13. No matter what happens, it’s clear that the ballot counting in some states is an abject failure. North Carolina says they won’t have totals until Nov. 12th? Good grief. The election should have to be decided the day of. Period.

  14. What an absolute joke going on in Michigan. “New batches” keep coming in, and they’re predominantly Biden votes, naturally.

  15. And NV – stuck at 86% as well – says votes will be arriving over the next week. This is ridiculous. Again, states should have to be required to have all votes tallied the DAY OF the election.

    1. But, but, … “$tate$.Rights!”, “$tate$.Rights!”, “$tate$.Rights!”

      (In Michigan, thee Repubican statehouse gang.members made it law to only allow counting mail.inn.ballots starting on “”) … Sad.

    2. Again, states should have to be required to have all votes tallied the DAY OF the election.

      Agreed. This is a recipe for fraud and instability. Not to mention, the markets hate uncertainty.

    1. It only goes to show that fake news, suppression of Bidens bribe stories, funny mail ballot, ilegals votes, and billions from Globalist can win. Add Covid 19 being blamed on Trump.

      Biden oh I mean Harris doesn’t deserve to win, based on the above.
      As far as I’m concerned if Biden wins I don’t believe it.
      But , if you have that many stupid voters than the Swamp prevails and it only gets worse.

  16. If Biden wins, all the old farts and other uninformed plebs who only tune into the legacy media, which blacked out any negative reports about Biden and covered up his dementia are going to wonder what the hell happened and the first to complain, when within 6 – 12 months they declare him incompetent and Harris takes over.

    1. If Biden wins, America deserves everything it is going to reap from its vote. Picture Portland or Minneapolis on a national scale.

      1. The problem also was all the bribes Biden and Harris if a group voted for them.

        But, the problem is the dumb ass voters take everyone down with them, which is about half the Country.

    2. These voters no doubt bought into the narratives on what the issues were. So, when people vote against their own interest , than they don’t understand the issues.

      1. So, when people vote against their own interest , than they don’t understand the issues.

        Case in point. In Colorado the Gallagher amendment was repealed by a wide margin. What this means is that a big portion of the property tax burden will be transferred from non-residential to residential. meaning residential property taxes will go up. Homeowners will pay more, while Walmart and Target will pay less. Very Blue State.

        Now that’s out of the way, I’m sure they’ll be coming for TABOR next, and the mouth breathers will eventually vote to repeal it.

        1. Additional case in point. People believe The Narrative that Trump’s tax cuts only benefited the rich so when Biden-Harris say they’ll repeal those tax cuts the people don’t realize their taxes will also go back up.

  17. ” …when within 6 – 12 months they declare him incompetent and Harris takes over. ” 😲😵😱

    = Keep thee “📢🎤 CONspiracie$ factory/mill running 24/7!”

    (+ x1 more 🍊.jesus acolyte … )

    1. Trump 2024. You heard it here first.

      All the other Republicans will be “too young to run,” and that would mean four and perhaps eight more years of his Tweets.

      Perhaps it would be Pelosi/Schumer ticket against him, and Trump would have McConnell as a running mate.

      1. My guess is everything will be different in 4 years and the only Trump running might be one of his kids. And they probably won’t get the nomination. Although Ivanka versus Tulsi could be a fun race. But I don’t think the existing party power structures on either side will have any credibility after what the economy does next.

    1. PB, this is why MSM demonizes smaller non-narrative media outlets. You’ve been trained to ignore them.

      1. This isn’t an endorsement for Gateway Pundit. I’m simply pointing out how the public is manipulated by the MSM.

  18. Arizona still sitting at 86% counted? WTF, Ben – could you please go jam a flare up the electoral officials’ collective ass and tell them it’s called Election Day for a reason?

    1. Actually it’s 84% and the vote tally is less than 100,000 apart. When I was a ballot observer in the 90’s in Texas we’d have the counts done by 8PM. That site has Nevada less than 8,000 votes apart with 67% counted.

      1. 38 minutes ago
        Trump Campaign to Request a Recount in Wisconsin

        Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said Wednesday afternoon the campaign would request a recount in Wisconsin, calling it a “razor thin race.” The margin to request a recount in the state is 1% or less and President Trump is currently within that margin, but the state has not finished counting.

        Joe Biden currently leads by about 20,000 votes in the state, or about 0.6%.

        I heard this morning total votes in Wisconsin are higher than total registered voters.

        1. Wisconsin is Democrat-dominated, which is to say, deeply corrupt. A recount is absolutely warranted, as you can rest assured the voter fraud there was both massive and systemic.

        2. Trump was right about the middle of the night “ballot drops.” 300,000 hit Biden’s totals in Michigan and Wisconsin while everybody was asleep.

          1. ‘A county in the battleground state of Michigan is reviewing the Election Day vote count after the clerk “became aware of apparently skewed results.” Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy learned of the skewed results in unofficial tabulations, the county said in a statement. Since then, her office has been reviewing the results “and the multiple redundancies to search out any possible discrepancies.”

            ‘Staff members are working with township officials and Election Source, the company that provides the voting software programs and hardware. “By this afternoon, we expect to have a clear answer and a clear plan of action addressing any issue,” Guy said in a statement. “Until then, we are asking all interested parties to bear with us while we get to the bottom of this.”

            ‘Biden received 62.5 percent of the over 12,000 ballots cast, versus Trump’s 36.3 percent, the initial results showed. State Rep. Triston Cole, a Republican, told a local radio station that the results were suspect. “There is no way that we flipped from 62 percent Trump in 2016 to upside-down this time around,” he said.’


          1. ‘And that is with supposedly 95% reporting’

            If you’re gonna cheat, don’t get caught.

            I’ll bet those “unreported” ballots are mostly for Trump and enough to give him the victory. So they’re probably sitting on them while they figure out how else to stuff the ballot box.

        3. Well if they’re going to lawyer up, maybe they can figure out where 250,000 Biden ballots appeared from in Virginia.

  19. So you’re an avid consumer of legacy media. Got it.

    Biden is 78 and with his current symptoms and the stress and demands of holding office, will be in memory care within 3 years. Maybe you are uniformed about dementia.

  20. Another question I have:

    Why does one electoral map show 67% votes counted for Nevada (Wall St. Journal) while another shows 86% (New York Times)?

    1. I saw that. It seems odd that major news organizations currently report widely divergent vote counts.

  21. Gun stocks are tumbling, as uncertainties over the outcome of the election make it less likely that kulaks targeted for the Democrat-Bolshevik’s “redistribution of the wealth” or suburbanites facing the threat of rampaging BLM-Antifa mobs will need to gun up in the nightmare world that Biden/Harris would usher in.

    1. Gun stocks are tumbling

      That’s one dip that might make sense to buy as the race goes down to the wire. No matter who comes out on top it seems like we might be in for a lot more unrest. I had hoped for a clear cut result just to avoid that. Looks like I need to keep being polite to my lefty friends.

  22. Keep your eyes on MI and NV. Unless my maths are wrong or a huge shift in the remaining votes compared to the outcome thus far happens in another state, these two states will decide the outcome.

      1. “A country that tolerates evil means—evil manners, standards of ethics—for a generation, will be so poisoned that it never will have any good end.”

        Sinclair Lewis, It Can’t Happen Here

        1. It would have been better if Biden won in a landslide. The will of the people is the will of the people, and I have no problem with that, but this is nuts.

          It’s not just the ballot dumps. It’s the way the news coverage was so strange. I even commented on it last night — that different outlets were calling different states at different times or percentages, or that reporting % wasn’t progressing evenly, just big percentage jumps. Or how that “Forecast Meter” was used only for three states and then seemingly abandoned, how all those talking heads could babble on for HOURS about everything while totally forgetting Virginia, or how Fox News, of all networks, suddenly sounded like they were in the tank for Biden.

          Something definitely stinks here, but tbh, I’m worn out. Let the lawyers earn their big bucks. I’m going to prepare for life in Oceana and war with Eurasia (at least I think it’s Eurasia?). Maybe I’ll get some free cheese out of it (which I will promptly transmute into Au).

          Best silver lining: Looks like the R’s will retain the Senate. We’ll at least avoid massive changes like packing the Supreme Court. Everything else is temporary.

          Worst news: A Biden win will open the floodgates to more censorship, more SJW overreach, more media lies.

          1. It would have been better if Biden won in a landslide.

            I agree with that, if he’s going to win. This is going to get ugly, no matter who wins half will see it as stolen. Kind of like 2000 but uglier.

  23. Thanks everyone for posting results last night and through today. Much better than watching the TV version.

    Hey oxide, what happened in Virginia? You posted last night that WTOP was reporting Trump was ahead 60,000 with 96% precincts reporting, and guessed that 4% outstanding was about 114k votes. Now it says Biden up 401,821 at 99.88% reporting, which is way more than we thought outstanding. Any local word on what happened between 96% and 99.88%? What was Trump’s total at 96% reporting?

    Btw, every screencap I have from Google/AP last night for VA showed Biden way in the lead – seemed to freeze at 82% reporting. Now stuck at 92% reporting. Were they just cherry picking the few moments when Biden was ahead and freezing it there? Because there were several posts last night that had Trump in the lead.

    1. I don’t really know what happened. I looked at the vote totals late and saw that the outstanding precincts were all in red counties, so I figured that Trump would keep his lead of 50,000 votes. They called VA and then walked it back. WTOP, quoting the AP site, had shown that all the precincts in the blue counties had reported, so I figured the outstanding votes were all red counties. Which meant Trump would only increase his lead.

      And then around midnight(?), suddenly the website blinked and showed Biden winning VA, and his vote total was suddenly 200,000 ahead of Trump. It was as if one of the blue counties had counted and dumped 250,000 ballots into Biden’s lap in the blink of an eye. But if the blue counties had already reported… maybe somebody reported something wrong.

      What’s mysterious is that NONE of the news stations mentioned Virginia. The websites didn’t show any articles about it. They were all concentrating on Georgia and Ohio, but nobody at all commented on VA. I hope Trump is looking into VA.

      1. The websites didn’t show any articles about it. They were all concentrating on Georgia and Ohio, but nobody at all commented on VA.

        When watching magic tricks, keep your eyes on the magician’s hands, not the helper’s bodacious ta-tas.

      2. Thanks for the summary, there’s nothing like an account from someone local who was watching it closely as it happened.

        The Virginia results are so very suspicious; interesting no one is talking about it. I think calling AZ and VA early were crucial to the strategy to make a Biden win seem more plausible in advance of the ballot dumps. How many people would notice a weird surge for Biden in a state that’s already been called for him? It also helped rack up the electoral college totals – they kept everyone’s attention on PA, WI, MI, while they took AZ, VA, NV with no justification and no comment. I really hope Trump is looking into VA too!

  24. Loser thug repubicans storm vote counting center in Detroit to cause “hanging.chad!” mayhem & interrupt Americans votes from being counte d.

    Sad. … 🍊.jesus pathetic & desperate sad.

    1. I’ts okay to gloat, sweetie. Just remember that the Dems will have a nice Depression dumped into their laps in a year or so.

      1. Gloat my a$$. Does anyone have 270? There’s PA, NC, GA, AK, AZ, NV, a recount coming in WI and a fraud challenge in MI. The electoral college is the only poll that matters.

        1. It looks to me like NV will determine the outcome. It’s unfortunate for Trump that a Libertarian Party candidate has drawn 0.9% of the vote, as I would assume these would have otherwise have been Trump votes.

      2. Wrongster, dtRumpsis Chaostica Trantrumois has left the new incoming All American team, “thee.greate$t.eCONomy.EVER! & in “total.control” of thee.Hoax.deeth.virus👾!

        (Michigan was just declared a winner for Joe. Biden)

        Be$ide$, you can’t have a “Depression” iffin’ ya can print x$23+ Tril lion$ 💰💵💲, 💰💲💵, 💰💲💵, 💰💲💵, @ will & buy Wall.$treet.$tawke$ 📈📈📈📈📈 with thee Federal.Re$erve providing “UNLIMITED+” U$.Taxpayer. provided Funds!l

        (Knot a gloatin’, just a small happy enjoyment of the 🎪🎡🎢) 🎉 …🍇🍷✌

          1. Just Joe.Biden “his.time” is ⤵ (-) 250,000+ @ 4 p.m. … according to PA bean.counters officials, there’s 1,1000,00+ ballots to mark.with.a.sharpie & then count.

            (Rumor has it that the “deep.$tate & rogue evil FBI & CIA “operatives” are dressed up as volunteer workers, uh,ho)😲😵😱

  25. Eye didn’t claim Joe.Biden.”his.time” has 270, but thee 🍊.jesus @ 2:21 am on Nov 4th 2020 “decreed” that he won the “still.counting.votes!”.States! & “won” this “election” … Sad.

  26. “It is heritage America that is the engine of the Trump campaign. These are people who get misty when they hear God Bless America. They believe that they are fighting to maintain the greatest system in the world for the greatest country in the World. All they have to do is vote harder and the bad guys will be driven from the field and the America they love will come back to herself. If their monumental efforts fail, then it means the system has failed. Their America is lost.

    The irony of the Left making war on these people is that without these people there can be no Left, as there is no establishment to support the Left. Those huge crowds coming out to cheer for Trump are what makes liberal democracy possible. If they are finally cut off from having a say in how things are run, then the system begins to falter. Many of those people coming out for Trump will simply drop out, but many will look around for an alternative to the corrupt system they now distrust.

    One of John F. Kennedy’s script writers said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” This is the subtext to this election, as both sides go all in on this election. For the Left, a Trump win means they are free to make total war on the system and the people who support it. A Biden win and the veil of ignorance drops for millions of heritage Americans. One side will decide that peaceful revolution, even peaceful reform, is no longer possible.”

    1. It’s been a long while, but I remember reading Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina in which the protagonist notices the impractically large French cuffs and shiny cuff links of some deskbound bureacrat, and thinks to himself “this person does no real work.”

      Q: how many socialists does it take to change a light bulb?

      A: nobody knows, there hasn’t been electricity since the Revolution.

      1. Wow, I just bought a beautiful, leather-bound copy of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina at an estate sale about a year ago, along with a collection of other classics. Been meaning to read it but haven’t got around to it – probably better hurry up before such non-Narrative compliant literature gets banned by our globalist overlords.

  27. It won’t help with 270 but I’d also like to know why it’s taking so long for CA and NY to report. CA still at 66%, and AP calling a lot of usually red districts “leaning left”. NY at 78% with 3 red districts not reporting yet and 2 blue.

    Aren’t these both states with a huge population exodus, documented here on HBB? If blue voters left these states wouldn’t that affect the outcome?

    1. It won’t help with 270 but I’d also like to know why it’s taking so long for CA and NY to report.

      Voter fraud done correctly is a meticulous business.

    2. A lot of the people who “left” California might still be in the process of moving and still reside in CA. Or they don’t have time to change the registration and aren’t voting at all. Or, they redpilled on the way out and voted red in some other Western state.

  28. 1st Detroit & now … Phoenix … (Trying to break in & intimidate the simple counting of Americans ballots) … 🍊.Jesus is in mouth foaming panic mode.

    Loser thug repubicans storm vote counting center in Maricopa County to cause “hanging.chad!” mayhem & interrupt Americans votes from being counted.

    Sad. … 🍊.jesus pathetic & desperate sad.

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