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Were We Overpriced That This Was Needed To Correct Itself?

It’s Friday desk clearing time for this blogger. “Gary Yard is a 56-year-old West Springfield homeowner facing foreclosure. When he and his wife took out a second mortgage on their three-family home in 2010, their interest rate jumped from 7.9% to 14.9% within the span of a few years. He added, ‘I’m stressing on how can I pay my bills? How can I pay my electricity; my water? How can I afford the other things that we need to survive, especially with the winter coming up?'”

“The coronavirus has a far-reaching impact, leaving many Marylanders without a job and unable to pay rent, while landlords say the virus has created a serious financial burden for them. ‘Some tenants think landlords are out to evict rather than keep them. That’s not true at all,’ said landlord and investor Tim Yusubov, who is a Maryland resident with properties in Phoenix and Tampa, Florida. ‘It’s not easy to have properties where clients are not paying. There’s a lot of stress.'”

“Last week’s biggest deal was a resale of a 58th-floor condo at One57, the Billionaires’ Row tower that touched off Manhattan’s luxury development boom a decade ago. The 416-square-metre apartment, on the market since March, was last listed at US$22.25 million. That is at least 35 per cent less than what the seller paid in 2014, though the actual sale price would not be known until the deal closes. ‘It’s a tough deal for the seller, but a great deal on the buy side,’ said Ryan Serhant, the broker representing the purchaser.”

“Alex Blavatnik sold unit 5A at Faena House to an undisclosed buyer at a slight loss compared to the $11.55 million the LLC paid for the unit in 2015, the year the building was completed.”

“As Nile Niami continues working on The One — his 100,00-square-foot mansion he’s hoping to sell for $500 million — he just wrapped up a smaller deal in the Hollywood Hills. The spec developer and movie producer has sold a modern spot perched above the Sunset Strip for $9.58 million, less than half of the massive $19.9 million he was aiming for in 2017. It’ll chalk up as a loss when factoring in the renovations he made.”

“Southern California’s real estate market is trash. Everything is overpriced and not enough affordable housing is being built. Of course, plenty of housing is being built for the well off, like this outrageous new luxury property where if you spend enough on a condo, you’ll get a McLaren thrown in for free. The latest trend is luxury developers trying to outdo each other by throwing in outrageous extras. If you don’t like the Mclaren, you can head to Miami. There the Aston Martin Residences are under construction. If you purchase one of their $5.3 million dollar condos, you get an Aston Martin DB11 for free.”

“Let’s not shed any tears for the folks who invested in an unbuilt condo and who now stand to lose money when the condo is completed. They are speculators. They speculated that the market price would go up and it did not. Speculation by definition means risk. Also these are the very people who have inflated the price of condos because they compete with people who are actually looking for a place to live. Condos have been hugely overbuilt for years in Toronto in part to satisfy the demands of speculators.”

“Meadow Lake and North Battleford RE/MAX Owner Wally Lorenz said to come off 10-15 per cent of property value is tough for the market, though it may indicate where real estate should go in the future. ‘Were we overpriced that this was needed to correct itself?’ he said. ‘It’s a tough way of doing it.'”

“Hong Kong’s streak of sell-out weekends of residential property ended when two developers sold fewer than a third of the combined 212 flats on offer in two districts. In Yuen Long, Road King failed to find a single buyer for the 51 flats at its Crescent Green project.”

“Danke Apartment rode a boom and expanded rapidly. With less rental demand, Danke negotiated with landlords to terminate their leases early, resulting in losses for Danke, whose name means eggshell in Mandarin. Danke needs at least 1 billion yuan, equivalent to about $153 million, in cash to meet its near-term debt obligations, one of the people familiar with the situation said. ‘The relevant authorities ought to take some drastic measures. If this drags on, it will spiral out of control,’ said Hu Jinghui, chief economist of Jinghui Think Tank, a real-estate consulting firm.”

“A Beijing apartment owner who wanted to be identified only by his last name, Wei, said he collected rent regularly from Danke for more than a year before things started to go south at the beginning of 2020. The 46-year-old said company representatives called him multiple times, asking for rent reductions. Danke then began delaying payments, Mr. Wei added. ‘The government ‘should take a clear stand on the issue,’ Mr. Wei added.”

“The boss of one of Australia’s most well-known construction companies, Grocon, has apologised to creditors left in the lurch, as administrators grapple with the company’s complex partial collapse. During the proceedings, the company’s boss, Daniel Grollo, addressed the roughly 30 creditors on the line. ‘Today is a difficult day in the 73-year history of Grocon, a long legacy that many of you have contributed to,’ he said. ‘While we have wanted to move away from construction during the last few years, we have found ourselves closing it down in a most undignified way. Causing pain to employees, creditors and creditors’ employees. For that I am very sorry.'”

“After the Covid-19 lockdown in spring, London’s prime property prices have slumped as international buyers stay away. London’s luxury rental market is also suffering, with average prices plummeting by 10.5% through November, the biggest fall since the global financial crisis, Knight Frank said. An oversupply of short-stay properties and a lack of visitors to the capital have combined to drag prices down.”

“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially ceased to intrigue the English and as a result, have been placed at a discounted price at TK Maxx. The biscuts previously sold for £16 a pop at Harrods are now being sold £3.99 at TK Maxx. A shopper at TK Maxx commented on the price cut, explaining how, ‘The public’s changing opinion can never be more sharply highlighted than Harry and Meghan’s Harrods’ shortbread being flogged in TK Maxx. What a travesty.'”

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    1. The Mechanics Behind the Electronic Vote Steal Operation

      “Dominion-izing the Vote”

      Eric Coomer Explains How To Alter Votes In The Dominion Voting System

      Eric Coomer, Dominion’s head of product and strategy, has disappeared.

      ‘Representatives from Dominion also did not attend a court hearing in Pennsylvania on November 19. Its US headquarters in Denver was also suddenly closed and moved away. Their employees deleted their names from LinkedIn.’

      Here’s the testimony on video:

      “Baggies of USBs” – PA Witness Gives Explosive Testimony

      Dem Ballot Inspector Says She Was Threatened with Violence for Speaking Up About Suspicious Activity

      “The majority inspector threatened to slap me in the face,” said Olivia Jane Winters, a registered Democrat and minority ballot inspector in Pennsylvania, testifying to Pennsylvania State Republicans Wednesday that she had been threatened and harassed by other election officials after she asked about suspicious activities during the 2020 election.’

      Crowd Gasps after Finding out about Absurd Spike of Votes in Favor of Biden

      Sen. Doug Mastriano closing remarks PA state legislature meeting.

      ”We began to look and realized how easy it is to change votes.”

      ‘Election security expert @RussRamsland
      has performed many investigations on US election machines.’

      ‘The most *shocking* thing about this interview is it took place just days BEFORE the election. Watch’

      Col Phil Waldron Confirms Experts Witnessed Dominion Communicating with Frankfurt on Election Day

      1. ‘KRAKEN is DOD cyber warfare program.’

        ‘They cheated & got caught!’

        Sidney Powell
        ‘Who knew?’

        I did some digging around and found this (WARNING) PDF:

        It’s dated Feb. 2019. If you word search Kraken (‘respond’ category), you’ll find it twice on page 4. This unit 305 person is in the affidavits in Powells lawsuit.

        WARNING PDF with filing:

        Zuckerberg on page 15. Obammie on page 8.

        ‘Response: Yes, our “White Hat” hackers – they have that traffic and the packets.”

        ‘Ruby Freeman Makes Video of herself Showing MOUNTAINS of GA ABSENTEE BALLOTS With NO RETURN ADDRESS’


        Note the vote spike at the Atlanta treason:

        Corrupt Georgia Election Worker Seen Loading Same Ballots 3 Times into Machine

        Poll Worker Ruby Freeman Loads Up The Same Stack Of Ballots To Be Counted 3X

        Ruby Freeman – “I need an attorney”

        “This is bigger than me. I need an attorney.” at 4:55.

        1. ‘As Arizona filed a separate amicus brief in support of Texas later on Wednesday, for much of the day the US mainstream media spoke of “17 states” involved in the dispute. To no one’s surprise, angry Democrats drove Twitter trends such as #SeditiousSeventeen, denouncing the plaintiffs for wanting to “overturn” the election and stoking the next “civil war.”

          Stamp those little feet!

          ‘Attached is the following map displaying the Texas SCOTUS case:

          1) All states, in red, which have filed briefs in support of TX.

          2) All states, in blue, which have filed briefs in support of WI, MI, PA, and GA.

          3) Defendants in the case, WI, MI, PA, and GA, are in yellow.’

          1. ‘Color revolution tactics that have been used against foreign leaders are now being used by President Donald Trump’s opponents to oust him, a former special forces officer has warned. “A color revolution is a tactic to affect regime change,” the officer, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Epoch Times. “What I see happening is a Marxist insurgency that’s using a color revolution to affect regime change.”

            ‘The 2019 Transition Integrity Project, according to the officer, is an indicator that the events of this year’s presidential election were “transparently orchestrated” by “Marxist elements within the Democratic Party and their Marxist allies in foreign governments.” “It may not have fallen out just as they wanted, because anytime you carry out an operation like this, the enemy will get a vote. But the plan was we will not concede the election. The goal here was never the presidency,” the officer said. “The goal of the opposition was to fundamentally change the country. They are attacking the efficacy of the Constitution.”

            ‘To achieve their goal, the anti-Trump opposition focused their main effort on affecting the election, the officer said. Some of the most notable color revolutions took place amid turmoil sparked by disputed elections. In 2004, mass protests in Ukraine following allegations of a fraudulent presidential election, which initially showed pro-Russia Viktor Yanukovych as the winner, led to a new vote won by Viktor Yushchenko, the candidate backed by the European Union and the United States.’

            ‘The officer said the tactics used by the anti-Trump opposition can be found in the Special Forces’ guide for overthrowing a government. “What you’re getting from me, this is supported in all older unconventional warfare doctrines,” the officer said. “You could go to our manuals and pull from them the information I’m telling you. This isn’t from someone who’s a rabid Trump supporter. This is what’s happening.”

            ‘The officer then talked about how President Barack Obama used his eight years in office to “seed his political allies all through the institutions,” created an “underground” or “shadow government” supported by legacy media and rioters. “With the president being unable to get his own people into the administration, we effectively had a third administration of Obama,” the officer said. “So we come to what we have today: The underground are the elements within the government. We saw how they opposed the president, how they tried the impeachment.”

            “The press is the auxiliary on the outside. The only thing we’re missing is a real guerrilla force, and we would be mistaken to think that’s just Antifa or Black Lives Matter. There are professional revolutionaries within those movements.”


            A mass hanging of these traitors on the White House lawn would be appropriate.

          2. ‘Color revolution tactics that have been used against foreign leaders are now being used by President Donald Trump’s opponents to oust him, a former special forces officer has warned.

            In your Lou Dobbs link last night, Lou Dobbs explicitly said they’re “removing Trump before he can start his 2nd term.” I’m surprised Fox hasn’t canceled him.

          3. I narrowly missed a real “Texas smack down” 1 Aug 1966. That day I switched from my usual pattern of researching my summer school papers at the library of UT in Austin. I survived to tell this tale.

          4. I survived to tell this tale.

            Wow. I remember seeing a movie about it on TV as a little kid that scared the crap out of me. And I don’t think of myself as young :-).

          5. Carl Morris, if I want to get in a prayerful mood, all I have to do is to recall the many times I should have been killed, but wasn’t. It’s a long list. Sometimes I think I am older than dirt.

  1. ‘The government ‘should take a clear stand on the issue’

    I think they have Wei. It’s ‘go pound sand’.

    1. I anticipate ‘go pound sand’ is what we’ll get from the US Supreme Court also. Either that, or “You’ll get nuttin’ and LIKE it.”

  2. ‘The public’s changing opinion can never be more sharply highlighted than Harry and Meghan’s Harrods’ shortbread being flogged in TK Maxx’

    Still wearing dresses harry?

        1. He’s truly lost. There’s something very off about a guy with that much money and influence falling all over himself for a woman who’s not even very attractive and, from all reports, has a really nasty disposition.

          1. He probably knows he isn’t Charles’ son and hates himself. And yes, I know that has been “debunked”

          2. I know that has been “debunked” It won’t be debunked unless/until both Charles and his red haired son have their DNA tested.

    1. Everyone has a monthly mortgage or rent payment, a car payment, their family’s health insurance, etc., so despite the “whistle blower safeguards” in place for each industry nothing will happen until it’s too late. Our election workers are faced with the same personal obstacles.

        1. It’s easy to control people who have something to lose should they push back.
          Yes. Everything is interconnected now. So is the electric grid and the supply pipelines of essentials to the population of major cities, if you get my drift.

    1. I know I should ignore these donkposts, but if people don’t want their vacation homes, I might buy one for cheap and work-from-home 2 miles from the beach, or the lake, or the mountains. And I suspect there are hundreds of thousands of people like me who would do the same.

      1. if people don’t want their vacation homes, I might buy one for cheap and work-from-home

        Yes, the problem is that so many people are all thinking that. Just got a call from a mortgage guy I tried to work with a while back. He’s trying to tell me that the Folsom area is the hottest market in the nation right now (could be true) and that prices are expected to double in the next couple years so I really need to get on the ball (I’m a lot more skeptical of that part). My opinion is that as soon as people think covid is truly behind us these trends all reverse. Not that we won’t have other huge problems, but I don’t expect those to keep real estate prices high anywhere, with the possible exception of hyperinflation if the Fed succeeds beyond their wildest dreams.

        But anyway, I do not expect J6P to be allowed to work from the beach for very long…something will be done to stop that, even if it’s him or her losing their job. And one thing I discovered on my RV trip…when I’m at the beach I really don’t want to work.

      2. Everybody forgets that once it’s common knowledge that prices are rapidly falling, nobody wants to buy anymore because they don’t want to be underwater. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the beach or in the city.

        Would you want to buy something today if I told you next month it would be worth tens of thousands of dollars less ie. you could buy it for tens of thousands less? The answer is probably ‘no.’ The psychology in a bear (bust) market is the same as in a bull (boom) market, just that the herd is on the other side.

        None of this even gets into the fact that during the horrific crashes you can’t even get a mortgage because lending has seized up.

        1. If Joe Six-pack loses his job and his mortgaged house he may have to change his name to “Joe Drinks-Muddy-Water-And-Sleeps-In-A-Hollow-Log”

        2. Vacation homes are a chore. Either you pay $omebody to take care of it for you, or you sweat and do it yourself. I don’t know about others, but I don’t like to do chores when on vacation.

          1. I agree. Want to ski? Rent a hotel room right on the slope, eat in their restaurants and walk to the tram…no dealing with the car and changing into ski boots in the parking lot.

  3. Meanwhile in Portland…

    “The antifa Red House autonomous zone continues to grow as it is now in its fourth day. Militants continue to build new border check points further and further out to buffer the area. The zone is now three blocks long.”

    Imagine paying property taxes to a city where this is tolerated.

    I know I never will.

    1. Imagine paying property taxes to a city where this is tolerated.

      Just the thought of living there gives me the heebie jeebies.

      I wonder how long until they storm the mayor’s office, grab him by the scruff of his neck (while he shouts “but I’m on your side!”), toss him out the door and take over the city government, while the governor waffles and refuses to send in the national guard?

      1. It’s gonna play out just like C.H.U.D. did in Seattle. First the rapes, then the drug overdoses, then a few homicides.

        “They’re not sending their best”

    1. Barr’s father gave Epstein his first job, teaching physics at an elite private school in NYC even though Ep was a drop out without the proper background in science. Barr’s father was also a science fiction writer who wrote a science fiction novel about an off world sex slave colony where females were raped to be impregnated in a breeding program. This is why I knew the Epstein case was never going to go anywhere. The swamp is deep.

          1. Work will set you free? Arbeit macht frei.
            Ve arbeit very hard to get you in ze camps, and denn ve set your Seele frei, frei as ze smoke in the air.

    2. Unsurprising headline coming from Yahoo. Consider this: MSM already says that Barr acts like Trump’s personal attorney. Disclosing the Hunter investigation would have given MSM more ammunition with cries of “Barr is interferring in the election.” I’m still on the fence about Barr myself. Who else that matters might be?

  4. “The prices at Pendry start at $9.1 million. That gets you a penthouse that’s just under three thousand sq. ft. with three bedrooms. To get the Mclaren though, you’ll need to spring for the gated five car 1,700 sq. ft. garage option. Only then do you get the one year lease on a 765LT. Did I mention that garage is accessible by a private in residence elevator?”

    Is it smart to pay $9+ millions to get a “free” $200k car? I don’t think so but what do I know, I’m just a poor renter 🙂

      1. 853,000 new claims filed this week – an absolutely eye-popping number that isn’t even talked about anymore. This is the biggest sham stock market/economy we’ve ever had.

        1. Two weeks to flatten the curve turned into six months to flatten the economy and provide cover for election fraud which, if not met with resistance, is going to turn into ten years to flatten human civilization.

      1. They’ll probably try to make it illegal to move, or institute some sort of tax penalty or something. There is no end to the lunacy.

        1. institute some sort of tax penalty

          August 31, 2020: California Taxpayers Can Check Out Any Time They Like, But Lawmakers Still Want To Tax Those Who Leave

          “AB 2088 would not only impose the nation’s first state wealth tax, it also seeks to continue assessing that tax for ex-Californians up to ten years after they’ve moved away. As legal experts and fellow lawmakers have pointed out to the sponsors of AB 2088, this proposed exit tax is likely to be struck down in court if it is enacted.”

        2. “They’ll probably try to make it illegal to move,…”

          “If socialism works so well, why do socialist regimes build walls to keep people in while capitalists need to build walls to keep people out?”

      2. “Will the last taxpayer leaving California please turn out the lights?”

        1) So Cal. Edison is working on that with continuing power outages. This is a feature of Socialism; not a bug! 🙂

        2) That’s (one of) the inherent problem(s) with Socialism. Free stuff for the FSA actually has to be bought and paid for, with taxpayers footing the bill, either directly or by debt. What happens when the last taxpayer leaves and there’s no one left but the FSA?

        3) “Socialism is Western Civilization in retrograde.” – Me

        “Socialists are happy until they run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

        “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

        “Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I’ll show you a crook.” – Harry Truman

        “Government’s job is not to get you stuff, or to get somebody else’s stuff for you. It’s to preserve your liberty.” — Rand Paul

        “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” — Robert Heinlein

        “The government who robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” – George Bernard Shaw

        “I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.” – Thomas Jefferson

        “There is nothing that politicians like better than handing out benefits to be paid for by someone else.” – Thomas Sowell

        – There seems to be a common theme here…

        1. If I may add to your wonderful listing of socialism’s ills. One of my all-time favs from Churchill:

          “Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

    1. Oracle just announced it’s moving it’s HQ to Austin, TX

      Excellent. Thanks for the update, I hadn’t heard that yet.

          1. The Redwood Shores campus, where the HQ is currently located, will remain open. Oracle already has a campus in Austin.

        1. It’s gonna get interesting if Texas truly threatens to secede, Brexit-style. I don’t believe companies are prepared for that.
          On a side note, the power grid in Texas is nearly independent from the rest of the national power grid. That’s not an accident.

      1. I wonder how many tech moguls are starting to feel unsafe in the Bay Area?

        Plus, no state income tax in Texas probably helps make that decision.

  5. Biden Dodges Question on Investigation into Hunter

    Reagan McCarthy
    Posted: Dec 11, 2020 4:30 PM

    After introducing more nominees, Biden avoided a question on the investigation into his son, Hunter Biden. It was revealed on Wednesday that the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware is investigating Biden’s taxes.

    Q: “Did Hunter Biden commit a crime? Have you spoken to your son Mr. President-elect?”

    President-elect @JoeBiden: “I’m proud of my son.”

    1. Courtney Subramanian
      John Fritze
      Oct 22, 2020

      Fact check:Claims that Hunter Biden received $3.5M from Russia are unproven, lack context

      Bobulinski’s appearance comes after The New York Post reported on the alleged contents of a computer hard drive purporting to document the Ukrainian and Chinese business activities of Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Federal authorities are investigating whether the material supplied to the Post by Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, is part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

      The Hunter Biden ‘Scoops’: Here’s Why The Media Largely Hasn’t Picked Up The NY Post Stories (Hint: It’s Not Bias)

      Joe WalshForbes Staff

      TOPLINE In the 2020 election’s final days, President Donald Trump has latched onto a series of unconfirmed emails involving Joe Biden’s family published in the New York Post over the last week, and accused the media of censorship for not aggressively covering them — but valid doubts about the stories’ reliability have dogged them since they were published.

      1. Trump is the President of the United States of America. As such, he has access to information that would probably make peoples’ heads spin. I’m sure he knows EXACTLY what the Bidens, Clintons et al. were up to. The question is if/when will he use it.

  6. Elon Musk may be moving out of California, but state is still ‘highly desirable’: Lt. Governor


    1. Isn’t that what chicks always get together and drink wine and tell each other right after one of them gets dumped?

      1. lack of standing

        SMH. Why ask defendants to submit responses if the court was going to deny the case on a preliminary procedural hurdle?

      2. To me, it looks like SCOTUS just shredded the social contract that binds the states together. If citizens of law abiding states have no legal recourse to challenge illegality and fraud committed by other states in a federal election, why would any aforementioned state stay bound in a union with the later? From this day forward, it seems to me the Union can only be held together by force because no law abiding state will stay in such a Union voluntarily. And why should it? Even though Biden supporters are lauding the ruling they fail to see that in it both sides lost.

        1. no legal recourse to challenge illegality and fraud

          I wouldn’t say that we’re all out of recourse. Those five states have Republican legislatures. Some interesting things could happen. The SC has told them that it is up to them to control their own elections. Maybe they will catch some inspiration and break a few things themselves.

          The SC may indeed hear the cases which have been initiated within the states on appeal.

          1. “The SC has told them that it is up to them to control their own elections.”

            I’m not addressing this particular election but rather as to how the principle would apply generally. What it seems to mean is that no matter how flagrantly and egregiously a fraudulent federal election is carried out in a particular state no other state can challenge the result, so the question is what is the incentive for a law abiding state to remain in a union with such a state? There is none.

          2. “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution.”
            Texas GOP responds to SCOTUS dismissal

            That didn’t take long. Looks like at least one state is already thinking about secession after SCOTUS shreds the social contract between states. Like I said, why would any law abiding state stay in a union with other states who have free reign to commit unlimited fraud in federal elections?

          3. SCOTUS shreds the social contract between states

            That is absurd. The Federation isn’t a social contract in it’s common modern sense of the term. It’s a legal union. SCOTUS says Texas cannot take away the state of PA’s constitutional rights. My friends and neighbors in PA need to clean their own house.

          4. “My friends and neighbors in PA need to clean their own house.”

            And what are your options if they don’t and don’t want to and never intend to? You don’t have any anymore.

            “That is absurd.”

            Tell that to Texas GOP rep Biedermann who is drafting a bill on a referendum of secession for the state of Texas. Which proves my point.

          5. ou don’t have any anymore.

            Maybe you’re right John. I don’t like to accept that there are no options.

          6. From the sound of it, SCOTUS kicked it back down to the state supreme courts, and we already know how they ruled.

          7. Texas GOP rep Biedermann

            Come to think of it, here is one person who refuses to accept and roll over as if there are no options.

        2. Even though Biden supporters are lauding the ruling they fail to see that in it both sides lost.

          Seems to be a common theme recently. I’ve never seen Americans so in love with censorship and election fraud before. ANYTHING to get Trump out. Zero thinking about long term consequences.

          1. I’ve never seen Americans so in love with censorship and election fraud before.

            Just goes to show how effective indoctrination is.

          2. “I’ve never seen Americans so in love with censorship and election fraud before.”

            Odds are that we’ve always had censorship, corruption and election fraud. Before the Internet and Zuck, it was William Randolph Hearst shaping opinions. Corruption wasn’t gone when the Unions held greater sway; it was likely just spread thinner, wider. Election fraud has also likely been ever-present, but it was exercised in smaller doses that went largely unnoticed. Those who allow us our democratic puppet show likely thought Hillary Clinton was an easy “shoo-in,” and failed to add the necessary tweak to insure that outcome. The unexpected ascent of Donald J Trump was likely the result of the financialization of our economy and its wealth disparities.

            Today, we find ourselves at a critical juncture of an oligarchy with crony capitalism, which some argue is the only way counter modern China and their CCP. If the SCOTUS isn’t up to the task, it’ll be our 2nd Amendment that forces change.

          3. Odds are that we’ve always had censorship

            True, but I don’t ever recall the masses demanding that people apologize or be cancelled.

      3. All three Trump SCOTUS picks declined to hear case. Only Alito and Thomas were willing to hear the case. You gotta feel bad for Trump but then again why did he think he could trust lawyers picked from Mitch McConnell’s stable of faux conservative establishment hacks?

        1. Alito and Thomas were willing to hear the case

          That’s no indication of how they would have ruled. The SC is not supposed to be a cult of personal/party loyalty. We wouldn’t like how that would look long term.

    1. And one giant step towards mandatory vaccines that might give you bells palsy, anaphylactic shock, or test positive for HIV and thats just whats known so far. For a virus that has no effect on 99.9% of the population.

      Only 1 box left.

      1. “Five diverse women, who broke norms regarding race, gender, and sexual orientation, held key positions for what was believed to be the first time. ”

        “Broke norms”???? What norms are they talking about? Breaking the norms would have been if they were all: Race: White, Gender: Female, Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. That would be not “normal” in Seattle!

        This is the reason why women shouldn’t serve in combat. Aside from the fact that they lack the physical strength of men, females in combat will go to pieces the instant that their best friend’s head is blown off and their friend’s brains ends up all over their face. You see, if a person’s “strength” and identity is based on the fact that they are “different” and, of course, superior to regular people, that tough veneer will peel off the second the going gets tough. It’s all an act and as phony as a three dollar bill.

        These 5 Seattle women leaders blame everything under the sun for why they’re copping out. And we’re not supposed to call them lightweights, girls and weaklings because that would be sexist? Feminists demand to be treated the same as men, yet when they end up in a man’s job and fail miserably, it’s because the world is sexist. Well boohoo and cry me a river.

        1. This is the reason why women shouldn’t serve in combat.

          I served with a bunch of women but not in combat. Even married one of them. My (highly unwelcome) opinion was that it was a bad idea to have mixed units. I don’t think women are necessarily any worse with blood and guts, but the natural dynamic between men and women just doesn’t work during normal work situations. Many of the women use men’s sexual interest to get out of the work they don’t want to do and the men who have a shot with them can’t resist letting them have their way. It happens every time and it ends up reducing unit effectiveness and cohesion. Because it sucks for everyone else in the unit who isn’t getting laid or getting easier work.

          1. Women are affected adversely by “blood and guts”. I’ve seen it reported by the VA that women who experience combat are much more likely to end up with PTSD compared to men. Women in the military can end up with PTSD even from sexual “assault”, assault that doesn’t mean the physical kind but the verbal and harassing kind. I saw a report on TV that featured a former female soldier whose job was as a military dog handler–her dog was the kind that sniffed out IEDs and such. On patrol one day her unit arrived on a vast open area ripe for attack and they needed her dog to go do its job. The woman saw the dangerous situation and cracked up right there. She freaked out by her own admission and fell apart with a panic attack.

            Needless to say that she was pulled off the line and she ended up afflicted with a bad case of PTSD. Being in the military during a war means that you are going to be put in a risky situation where you might end up being killed or wounded. That’s what the job of the armed forces are, isn’t it? I don’t think that women who join the service or who identify as being men seem to understand what war entails. Evolution has resulted in men naturally bonding together to face an enemy, be that animal or other men. Men who could not effectively fight together were eliminated or starved to death. It’s part of man’s biology. Fighting as an organize group was essential for survival–a lone “Rambo” or someone who couldn’t fit in the team was dead meat and useless to the group. Together a group of men could kill anything from a lion to an elephant. By himself he was just lunch.

            Women had the other job of bearing offspring and caring for the young and all that entailed. That included the gathering of food and providing a nurturing environment for their children and raising them. To say that there are no gender differences is just idiotic and ignores science. So women can’t become men and men can’t become women, no matter what the psychological state of a person’s mind thinks.

            When I see a story about a female fighter pilot, I immediately think, “Being a fighter pilot is a great job, right up until you get shot down and are taken prisoner by the bad guys.” I wouldn’t want to be a POW female fighter pilot.

          2. Retired SPD Chief Best, who is now a KING 5 law enforcement analyst, said, “Well, clearly, it’s a challenging time. And the city really has not, you know, been able to really keep the women leadership there, and that’s really unfortunate, because we need to have women leaders, need to have strong leadership. I really feel like, in many ways, it’s sad to see it this way… We still have some growing to do.”

            She makes it sound like they were run out of town. They were not. They all quit. Why? Because whatever they were in charge of got out of hand and they couldn’t do anything about it, so they quit. Then in the same breath they say that female leadership is needed.

            Gotta love Clown World

          3. A few years back, it wasn’t (spook?) who explained that “men have to perform, or else.” Loosely, the women will end up riding someone else’s pony whereas the men will be decapitated.

          4. Women are affected adversely by “blood and guts”.

            Women bleed out of their guts every month. I think they’re less bothered by blood than men. To me the difference is when they freak out (plenty of men lose it under stress too), they can’t usually be shamed into “suck it up and drive on”. In a group of men (as you allude to above) your value to the world is at least partly defined by what the other men think of you. No matter how freaked out you are, they can probably shame you into doing what needs to be done up to and including getting yourself killed for the good of the group. Women can’t be shamed into #^&* in a military environment in my experience. They know their real value to the tribe isn’t dependent on your opinion of them or whether they get that M60 to the top of the hill or not. Nobody wants to talk about it in polite company but down at a deep biological survival level their “real value to the tribe” is producing and raising the next generation.

          5. Since most people (fortunately) have never fought in combat, our idea and perception of what’s it like is largely based on Hollywood. Films like “Full Metal Jacket” or “Saving Private Ryan”. Hollywood’s version is pure fantasy, notwithstanding what the movie critics or historians say. Even documentary films on The War (WW II) seldom express what men in combat experienced because it’s not easy to get old combat vets to recall what they went through.

            Someone made a film about the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the all Japanese American unit that fought in Italy and France during the war. It features combat veterans from F Company who recollect their experiences. I think it’s very good and unlike any other documentary film.

        2. I think they’re less bothered by blood than men. To me the difference is when they freak out (plenty of men lose it under stress too), they can’t usually be shamed into “suck it up and drive on”.

          In my experience, women freak out sooner than men when under duress. As a group, they are just more easily frightened creatures. This is not bad or a put down, it’s just how they are. I was raised in a household of women, and I saw this first hand. Anything scary, spiders, etc., they would grab me to do the dirty work.

          I remember a time when a neighbor house was broken into in the middle of the night and the cops were shining a flashlight on our living room sliding door to check for forced entry. We didn’t know it was them at the time, and all of the girls including my mom were having a complete freakout. They thought somebody was trying to break in and they were absolutely terrified, hiding under beds and telling me to see what it was. I have to be honest that I was nervous, too, but I wasn’t freaking out like they were by any means.

          I remember a report that said a large number of women would take their hands off the wheel, cover their eyes and scream right before a collision while men would drive the car until the end.

  7. Well Covid needs to end along with the insane lockdowns and bay area locusts need to get their lazy a$$es back into bay area offices again to do real work instead of sneaking at home and overbidding real estate prices into oblivion outside of the bay area Califonia metros.

  8. YouTube is intending to ramp up its censorship of non-approved information.

    The company wrote Wednesday: “Yesterday was the safe-harbor deadline for the U.S. Presidential election and enough states have certified their election results to determine a President-elect. Given that, we will start removing any piece of content uploaded today (or anytime after) that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election…

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