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Let’s Cut Our Losses, Just Get Us As Much As You Can For This

A report from Motley Fool. “Redfin said that ‘demand for second homes fell 21% year over year in July, the second consecutive month of annual declines in mortgage-purchase locks.'”

From Reston Now in Virginia. “Sure, a lot of homes in this area are going for over asking price, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t seeing a price cut. In the past 30 days, 51 Reston homes were reduced in price, according to Homesnap.”

The Journal Inquirer on Connecticut. “Two more companies contracted to work with Calamar Construction Management on projects in East Windsor and Manchester have filed lawsuits against the company, this time asking for foreclosure liens on the properties being worked on. East Windsor First Selectman Jason E. Bowsza said he is concerned that Calamar continues to accept deposits from would-be tenants.”

“‘What I hear from people who have made a deposit is that Calamar has made representations that they will be move-in ready three months from now. And it’s always three months from now regardless of when now is. There is no way that building can be move-in ready three months from now,’ he said. Bowsza said there have not been any rough inspections by his building department. ‘They appear many months away from being finished,’ he said.”

The Puget Sound Business Journal in Washington. “A newer high-end apartment building, 80 Main, on Seattle’s waterfront sold this week for $17.55 million, or nearly 13% less than what the sellers had paid for the property five years prior. Unico Investments bought the 6-year-old, 45-unit building named for its address from a pair of of limited liability companies.”

“Tim McKay, senior vice president at Colliers, which had the listing, said portions of the seven-story building in the Pioneer Square neighborhood were leased to short-term rental companies, but both went bankrupt last summer as the pandemic’s grip on the city tightened. By the end of September, the two companies vacated all of their units.”

“By the fall, rents were falling. Neighborhood storefronts went dark as their customers — office workers and tourists — stayed home. ‘It was a ghost town except for the people who were living on the street,’ said McKay. The sellers ‘were just fed up,’ he said. ‘They were saying, ‘Let’s cut our losses. Just get us as much as you can for this.'”

From KSNV. “The on-going CDC eviction moratorium is causing further strain on landlords here in the Las Vegas valley. Specifically our ‘mom and pop’ landlords. A recent report by Nevada REALTORS and the Nevada State Apartment Association reveals that 56% of mom and pop landlords are not being paid by renters.”

“Susy Vasquez with NVSAA said many landlords don’t qualify for forbearance because they are rental income properties. Leaving many landlords with limited options. ‘They often have a lower number of savings set aside because they do depend on a significant portion of the rent their collecting to pay the mortgage. So many of them have exhausted all savings and all options,’ Vasquez said. ‘I hear that some are putting their properties up for sale and unfortunately having to sell their properties in order to avoid foreclosure.'”

The Real Deal on New York. “Thor Equities’ 470 Broadway in SoHo may have Joe Sitt saying, ‘Oh, no.’ The 6,600-square-foot building’s value has plummeted from $29.2 million to $5.6 million in the past nine years, according to Trepp. Even a year ago the property was appraised at $11.2 million. The retail building backs $17.5 million in CMBS debt — a loan delinquent since May 2020, when it was transferred to special servicing.”

“The two-story building is fully leased to Aldo, but the shoe retailer filed for bankruptcy in May of last year and has previously defaulted on rent at the address, according to commentary from Trepp. Aldo’s lease expires in October 2023. It isn’t the only Thor building in Manhattan that’s struggling. In November, the developer fell behind on a $105 million loan at 597 Fifth Avenue. At 17 West 125th Street in Harlem, Thor is delinquent on three loans totaling about $20 million.”

The Palm Beach Post in Florida. “Three separate lawsuits have been filed against Toll Brothers, a Pennsylvania-based homebuilder, for alleged construction defects at Jupiter Country Club. The Toll Brothers development consists of 407 single-family homes and 149 condominium units. Some of the homes at the country club sell for more than $2 million. At issue is the condition of the community after the homebuilder relinquished control of the development in January 2019.”

“The HOA, in one lawsuit, and two condominium associations, in a separate lawsuit, have alleged that ‘large sums of money’ will have to be spent to remedy the defects. They want Toll Brothers to address the issues. And FedNat Insurance Company has filed a third lawsuit blaming the builder for a pipe burst inside a wall of a single-family home in the development causing $126,000 worth of damage. The insurer alleges that Toll Brothers failed to properly install a water supply line, causing a flood throughout the residence. FedNat paid the claim and now wants Toll Brothers to reimburse it.”

“Also alleged is that Toll Brothers failed to properly manage the development when the homebuilder controlled the HOA and that a required audit was never provided at the time of turnover. ‘(Toll Brothers) squandered association funds to pay for financial obligations unrelated to the operation of Jupiter Country Club,’ according to the HOA lawsuit.”

The Grand Journal Sentinel in Colorado. “There were more active listings for homes in Mesa County in July than there have been all year, but the housing inventory is still low and prices are still up, according to the Bray Report. In July, there were 356 active listings, which was better than June’s 293 active listings, but still lower than where the county needs to be. The higher prices aren’t keeping buyers away, either. Overall sales were up 9% compared to this time last year, said Bray Real Estate Realtor Westin Pease.”

“‘The main reason for that is there’s just a lot of demand for housing right now, and with the low interest rates there are a lot of buyers out there that can qualify for prices that maybe they couldn’t have qualified for before,’ Pease said. While the market is still hot, Pease said there is some evidence it may be leveling off. He pointed to a recent increase in the number of homes dropping their prices as evidence.”

“‘The market has started to level off a little bit from how crazy it was in the spring,’ Pease said. ‘For instance, we’ve had 156 price drops in the last two weeks in Mesa County. That directly indicates that the market is leveling off a bit, but also keep in mind if your home is priced correctly in the beginning, there would be no need for a price drop.'”

“Overall median sale price is now $325,000 and that’s up 18% year-to-date from July 2020,’ Pease said. New building permits are also up, with 585 building permits, which is more new permits year-to-date than in any year since 2008, according to the Bray Report. ‘Builders are doing everything they can to keep up with demand, building homes as fast as they can, basically,’ Pease said.”

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  1. ‘there were 356 active listings, which was better than June’s 293 active listings’


    ‘585 building permits, which is more new permits year-to-date than in any year since 2008, according to the Bray Report. ‘Builders are doing everything they can to keep up with demand, building homes as fast as they can, basically’

    You can’t blame Harry Potter for these shacks. Long time readers might remember this was yet another “foreclosure hot spot” last decade. Good luck with those 300k loans.

    1. “In July, there were 356 active listings… The market has started to level off…’ Pease said. ‘For instance, we’ve had 156 price drops in the last two weeks in Mesa County

      So… active listings increased by 21% in four weeks, of which, 44% had a price drop in the last two weeks. Additionally, there are 64% more building permits than active listings which will ultimately add to the supply.

      This is what experts and real estate professionals call “leveling off”

  2. ‘nearly 13% less than what the sellers had paid for the property five years prior’

    The winnahs!

  3. This article is a good preview of the Vaccine Industrial Complex that your betters have planned for you.

    Washington Post — How the U.S. vaccination drive came to rely on an army of consultants (8/23/2021):

    “Consultants say they helped save lives by supporting overextended public servants with specialized expertise. “Our work helped state decision-makers quickly size up key factors impacting the effective distribution of vaccines,” said McKinsey spokesman Neil Grace. “All our work was based on state-defined priorities, and the data we analyzed was provided by state and local public health authorities.”

    But critics question whether such contracts improve government performance, arguing the arrangements are costly and difficult to oversee. Taxpayers have no way to know what precisely they are getting under no-bid contracts worth millions of dollars because the internal documents of private consultancies are not subject to public records laws.”

    1. From the FDA website:

      FDA News Release

      FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine

      Approval Signifies Key Achievement for Public Health

      August 23, 2021

      Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty (koe-mir’-na-tee), for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. The vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EUA), including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age and for the administration of a third dose in certain immunocompromised individuals.

      Get ready for the screws to be tightened. I expect travel will be restricted for the unvaxxed, as in no fly lists. Also, will expect more of Corporate America to require the jab or lose your job.

        1. From the vaccine insert regarding pregnancy:

          Risk Summary

          All pregnancies have a risk of birth defect, loss, or other adverse outcomes. In the US general population, the
          estimated background risk of major birth defects and miscarriage in clinically recognized pregnancies is 2% to
          4% and 15% to 20%, respectively.

          Available data on COMIRNATY administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.
          A developmental toxicity study has been performed in female rats administered the equivalent of a single
          human dose of COMIRNATY on 4 occasions; twice prior to mating and twice during gestation. These studies
          revealed no evidence of harm to the fetus due to the vaccine (see Animal Data).

          1. When these drug companies stated that their “vaccines” were safe for pregnant women and kids, when they were not tested on them, I knew there was some devious $hit going on.

      1. Clipped
        “Whether you like it’s existence or not, HUD is a department of the government under the executive branch. It has a cabinet secretary. The CDC is not a department. It is a private 501C3 that has as much authority as the Ronald McDonald house. How we are ceding power to them is amazing.”

  4. I’ve posted this shack before from Socket Site:

    Infamous Mansion Could Sell for Less Than $5 Million, But…

    ‘as noted by a plugged-in tipster, it’s another junior lender that’s leading the charge this time around and there appear to be seven (7) senior debt obligations and/or liens that the “winning” bidder would assume, debts which had been estimated to total over $15 million, not including the $1.2 million that was lent by the party that’s now attempting to foreclose, last year’

    The only people making any money on this deal are the lawyers. It’s also a reminder these “junior loans” can pop up anywhere, even on the courthouse steps. Remember the guy in Tampa years ago who snapped up a condo for 300 grand at auction and ended up holding an empty bag?

    1. And maybe I didn’t scroll down enough before, but check out the crazy steps down to a cool little private beach.

      1. If you scroll down even further, you will find some choice comments, such as:

        “Posted by Marcia
        3 days ago

        So let me see if I’ve got this straight. The buyer has to pay off $16.2 million in debt obligations. Is the bid on the property separate from that? I imagine it would take at least an additional $5 million to bring the house into shape. The stairway to the beach is a disaster and if it reflects the condition of the rest of the house I can’t begin to imagine the renovation costs. Decorating would also be a seven figure proposition. I could see it ultimately selling for $25 million if a total renovation is done but would that make it worthwhile?”

    2. Just wondering could a elevator have be put there and stop say 10-15 feet above the high tide …….might have been cheaper and easier on your wet sandy legs.

      1. That cool little beach is the only selling point of the house.

        I was wondering about an elevator too, but I imagine anything mechanical would be swiftly destroyed by the seawater. If this were a superhero movie, I would drill an elevator shaft from the house down into that cliff and run a walkway straight out to the beach.

  5. ‘value has plummeted from $29.2 million to $5.6 million in the past nine years, according to Trepp. Even a year ago the property was appraised at $11.2 million’

    But they have a lease. The deadbeat ain’t paying, but they got a lease! NYC did turn into a black hole.

  6. Nearly 15 Million Mail-in-Ballots Unaccounted for in 2020 Election, Report Says

    ‘The report notes that many counties across the country had large numbers of “unknown” ballots. In California, Los Angeles County had 1,491,459 such ballots, followed by Orange County (482,940), Riverside County (454,911), San Diego County (317,614), San Bernardino County (274,937), Santa Clara County (251,840), and Sacramento County (241,367).’

    ‘Clark County, Nevada, had 724,708 such ballots. Essex County, New Jersey, had 248,290 unknown ballots, and Maricopa County had 229,123 ballots in the unknown category.’

    1. The 2020 election was stolen.

      This isn’t Facebook or Twitter, so you globalist sh*tbags can’t stop us from discussing it here.

      We are the leaderless resistance.

    2. Mail in ballots.

      No way to verify who fills them out, who drops them off, no chain of custody, can be counted multiple times and can’t be audited.

      What could go wrong?

      1. as a CA resident & native my prediction re. the gov recall election is that the Dems will flood the system w/fake duplicate home-printed ballots in favor of Gov. Newsom.
        they are pushing for a repeat of the Presidential “Election” whereby a complex perpetrated fraud is too costly & time consuming to unwind.

        “Justice delayed is justice denied”

  7. The globalists and their Deep State operatives drop the mask a little more each day with their demonization of anyone who resists being herded onto their incorporated neoliberal plantation.

    Ex-CIA director compares Trump supporters to the Taliban

    Former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden was widely panned for a retweet that signaled he equated President Trump’s supporters in the United States with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    On Thursday, Hayden retweeted a split image. The top showed black-clad Islamic militants waving guns and flags from a line of cars with a caption reading: “Their Taliban.” Beneath that was a line of pickup trucks hoisting American flags and “Trump 2020” flags with the caption: “Our Taliban”

    1. Never before has half the Country been demonized for just being part of a long term Political Party.

      The Biden Administration is a puppet for a treasonous overtake of the USA for a Communist style One World Order Globlist Monopolies Dictorship of US and other Countries.

      This is a criminal Innsurrection of the US , in which the 292o election was rigged , and a Pandemic was used to bring on Medical tyranny by the Medical /Pharma Cartel. Small business was destroyed by global lockdowns and now forced vaccinations of untested and unsafe vaccines , with total control of populations.
      How do you like the destruction of freedoms and murder by the Medical Cartel and fake news by suppression of meds that worked , that killed thousands and thousands.
      How do you like being forced into taking injections that were not proven safe or effective, where they are covering up the deaths and adverse reactions to the unsafe vaccines .
      FDA approve the Plizer shot today , which means The FDA ,CDC, and WHO have endorsed a failure vaccine that should include of been pulled for failing on safety.
      So, so much for product protection , just take the jab, or lose your job, or be denied commerce , or be taken to prison camps for not complying.

      And fake news with censorship will give you the latest fake narrative while they lead you down the path of self destruction for medical tyranny and Monopoly rule.
      The human race is the enemy now by this Innsurrection by Psychopaths.

      1. At some point very soon, the good citizens of this country are going to have to stop posting online memes about the travesties occurring and take to the streets.

  8. Arrington, TN Housing Prices Crater 31% YOY As Rural Lot And Land Prices Plunge

    As a national land broker explained, “There is a globe full of land were fully 95% of it goes undeveloped. Land is essentially worthless dirt. If you paid more than $500 an acre, you got ripped off.”

  9. The wonders of appraisal fraud.

    “New building permits are also up, with 585 building permits, which is more new permits year-to-date than in any year since 2008”

    1. “Their agent advised them to enclose a heartfelt letter and family snapshots”

      Realtors are sick tickets.

  10. So is Larry Elder really just like Trump? Seems like quite a stretch, given that Trump grew up white and wealthy in NYC, while Elder grew up black and poor in LA. But the Democrats are desperate to slap a label on Elder to reduce his chances of replacing Newsom.

    1. California
      Published August 12
      Newsom recall: Democrats ramp up attacks on Larry Elder
      Elder is the leading Republican candidate in a race that is closer than initially anticipated
      By Houston Keene | Fox News

      Democrats are ramping up their attacks on Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder as he aims to take the California governorship from embattled Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in the upcoming recall election.

      Elder has emerged as the leading Republican candidate in a race that is shaping up to be closer than initially anticipated.

      Newsom slammed Elder in a fundraising email Thursday, saying that Elder and former President Donald Trump are one and the same.

      “If this guy is governor during Delta it would lead to extraordinary suffering,” Newsom claimed in a fundraising email that made the rounds on social media. “His anti-science approach would move our planet backward in the race against a changing climate. He would be a disaster for California.”

      The email also referred to Elder as “Larry Trump.”

    2. California
      ‘A complete shock’: the rightwing contrarian leading the California recall race
      Larry Elder would need to win just a plurality of the votes of those who want to recall Gavin Newsom.
      Larry Elder doesn’t believe in gun control or the gender pay gap. He has risen to the top of the Republican field in the recall election for governor
      Maanvi Singh in San Francisco
      Sun 22 Aug 2021 01.00 EDT
      Last modified on Sun 22 Aug 2021 01.02 EDT

      Larry Elder is a confounding frontrunner in the Republican race to replace Gavin Newsom as California governor.

      The outspoken libertarian radio talkshow host entered the recall campaign just days before the filing deadline. He has zoomed to the top of a long list of candidates running against the state’s Democratic governor – perhaps both despite and because of his divisive, contrarian politics.

      Elder opposes the minimum wage and gun control. He’s said he doesn’t believe that a gender wage gap exists, and has called the climate crisis a “crock”. He has suggested that fatherless families drive up crime rates in Black communities. In three decades on air, Elder has made a name disseminating controversy.

      His most extreme views are not only out of line with those of the majority of voters – but also with the views of many of the state’s Republicans. And yet it’s not impossible the self-proclaimed “sage from South Central” will become the next governor of one of America’s bluest states.

      1. “He has suggested that fatherless families drive up crime rates in Black communities.”

        Is this a controversial opinion? Seems like an obvious fact which nobody in California is allowed to acknowledge, because it doesn’t fit the Democratic narrative.

        1. It’s controversial because it implies that the welfare state and other D policies contributed to the demise of black families.

          1. Well, the Welfare State did contribute to the demise of the Black family . Some Black leaders say that it was one of the worse things to happen to Blacks .
            MLK wasn’t even asking for long term welfare, but rather investment in business and commerce for Black Communities.
            The long term welfare racket just became a way for Dems to get votes by this sort of institutional bribe.

            Of course long term welfare would create sub cultures that were apart from the bigger culture. It was a serous breakdown of the traditional Black family.
            But the welfare State is creating this sub culture in White communities also. Its not a black or white thing, but its the nature of incentive for money that corrupts engagement in the values of the Majority Society values.

        2. It seems to me that Larry Elder is a realist. I saw his life story on a Documentary one time , and he credits his Father with teaching him to never use race as a excuse to not perform.

          I’m just afraid they are going to rig the recall by the mail in ballot factor.

          That Nephew of Nancy Pelosi , as current Governor of California, was being groomed to be Presidential material Star for the Democratic party.

          The smear campaign of Elder is going to be intense for the next couple of weeks . The Newsom adds claim he saved California from Covid deaths, etc.

          1. Nephew of Nancy Pelosi

            For the sake of accuracy, Gavin Newsom’s aunt, Barbara Newsom, was once married to Ron Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law. Barbara Newsom and Ron Pelosi divorced in 1977.

    3. I’m sure it’s not a violation of Twitter or Facebook’s terms of service to call him an Uncle Tom or an Oreo Cookie.

      There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more racist than a white liberal reacting to a non-white who has left the plantation.

    1. As stupid as these millennial debt junkies are – MAYBE. The world has never seen a generation gorge on debt like these mouth breathers.

      1. They’re doing their civic duty to help out the 401 (k) generation. Where would the retirees’ stock portfolios be without mountains of debt to prop them up?

  11. <Manitou Springs, CO Housing Prices Crater 17% As Soaring Mortgage Defaults Send Prices Plunging Across Colorado Springs Area

    As one Colorado Springs broker explained, “A house I sold Jan 2020 for $380k sold again last week for $220k. That’s a helluva beating right there.”

  12. “It isn’t the only Thor building in Manhattan that’s struggling. In November, the developer fell behind on a $105 million loan at 597 Fifth Avenue. At 17 West 125th Street in Harlem, Thor is delinquent on three loans totaling about $20 million.”

    make sure that fire insurance did not lapse in case of sudden “Jewish Lightning”.
    Oy Veh!

  13. Couldn’t find this on youtube and judging by the wasp nest of real journalist stories I saw freaking out about this when I searched it they clearly don’t want this story told without their spin.

    Tucker Carlson segment at 1:26

    VIDEO- Tucker Carlson confirms FBI STAGED JANUARY 6th

    Aug 23, 2021
    The Alex Jones Show

    1. Anyone with a half bran knew that on Jan. 6. BTW. the alleged cop shooter of the woman Babbit or something was really not a cop. He was the cover for someone else. That is why nothing will happen to him. He seems to have been at cop at the shorting of Republicans playing baseball too.
      So check out the video and see that the arm stretched is wearing a starched white shirt cuff, black suit and holding a pistol. Check out the race color, hairline and profile. Convince me it isn’t Chuck Schumer.

      1. Sorry for the slop.
        Brain not ‘bran’
        He was a cop at the ‘shootings’ not shorting
        The cop is an actor for the globalists.
        Also, check out The height (estimate) of the shooter and any other details.

  14. fully leased to Aldo, but the shoe retailer filed for bankruptcy in May of last year

    Call me shallow, but I rather miss the days of being a mall rat. The middle class could have a good time window-shopping stores such as Aldo, do some people watching, get a pretzel and a coffee… I bought a lot of stuff at the mall so I could dress for the office. I miss those little frills. Now we’re all poor, retail is going bankrupt left and right, everyone is wearing fatty sweatpants from Wal-Mart, and the only people I see are on screens. 😕

    1. “the only people I see are on screens”

      One of our younger apprentices who is unvaccinated missed three days last week and is back at work today after testing negative for the CCP Flu.

      Anytime somebody says the phrase “working from home” what I hear is “white privilege at home.”

      LOL@ imagine if CCP Flu happened in the year 1990. Some olds and some fats would have died, but for the majority of us life would have continued unchanged.

      COVID is a fraud.

    2. the only people I see are on screens.

      I see as many people as I always have. Then again, I work for a living, I don’t sit in front of a screen pretending to work while farting around all day. I’m not saying this about you, I’m saying it about the majority of these WFH clowns who think they are actually doing something when deep down they know they’re milking it. 75% of those jobs could disappear tomorrow and the world wouldn’t even feel it.

      1. Somehow it seemed as though the farm had grown richer without making the animals themselves any richer– except, of course, for the pigs and the dogs. Perhaps this was partly because there were so many pigs and so many dogs. It was not that these creatures did not work, after their fashion. There was, as Squealer was never tired of explaining, endless work in the supervision and organisation of the farm. Much of this work was of a kind that the other animals were too ignorant to understand. For example, Squealer told them that the pigs had to expend enormous labours every day upon mysterious things called “files,” “reports,” “minutes,” and “memoranda.” These were large sheets of paper which had to be closely covered with writing, and as soon as they were so covered, they were burnt in the furnace. This was of the highest importance for the welfare of the farm, Squealer said. But still, neither pigs nor dogs produced any food by their own labour; and there were very many of them, and their appetites were always good.

        George Orwell
        Animal Farm

      2. sit in front of a screen pretending to work
        I plead guilty. I spent about 10 hours a week working when I worked from home.
        But I liked to think of it as “I am so damn good I can do 40 hours worth of work in 10.” But I did not sit in front of the screen the other time.

        1. I find that I spend more time working, especially since my schedule is flexible. If I have something in progress, I can comeback to my desk after dinner for an hour or two, and since I am refreshed I am sharper than I was at 4:00 and I get a lot done.

          If I only worked 10 hours a week, my boss would be able to tell. And I wouldn’t get bonuses and RSU grants every year.

    3. the only people I see are on screens

      I’m moored at a busy marina in Ontario. A couple of tall ships next to me. Canadians are saying hello to me all the time. I’ve even had some shake my hand!

  15. If the FDA is just going to be a pawn for Big Pharmaceuticals, than I have to question all the other drugs that have been approved by a FDA that’s not a protective agency anymore.
    No reasonable Protective Agency wouldn’t pull those vaccine off the market for the overwhelming evidence that they are killing and injuring thousands and thousands.

    So, what the FDA is saying is that Big Pharmacy has a licence to kill and injure, while they don’t have liability on vaccine anyway. We are lab rats for new technology gene therapy. Big Pharmacy plans to roll out other gene therapy drugs also.
    The Scientists need to go back to the drawing board on gene therapy because they have failed to make it safe.
    How ever much Big Pharmacy wants to mess with genes to eliminate disease, they have not perfected it to be anything but disease producing.

    Maybe Mother Nature doesn’t want the genes messed with. Just like the creation of gain of function disease is evil.
    Going forward I’m not going to take any FDA approved drugs for at least from 2000 onward.

    1. My understand is that approving the Pfizer vax nulliufies all the EUA’s and makes the other vaxes illegal.

      I’m still shaking my head at the approval. How can it be approved when it has been demonstrated to be unsafe and highly ineffective. Boosters required after a few months? What kind of joke is this?

      1. How can it be approved when it has been demonstrated to be unsafe and highly ineffective.

        You really have to ask that? We have an illegal Coup d’etat running the country.

        1. ” We have a illegal Coup d’etat running the Country. ”

          That’s. what I have been saying for a while now.
          They rigged the election , than put their Puppets in the White House, Congress and Senate. They corrupted Government agencies. They have been planning this take over for a long time.

          They might of speeded up the take over based on the push back by the Trump Election, but its a take over and destruction of the Constitutional Republic, for some kind of Dictorship by Monopolies.

          They want to take all freedoms and rights from the populations, force injections, and turn populations into controlled slaves to the One World Order.

          The medically tyranny is just the beginning. They want to take all resources and dictate what populations will get. They even want to dictate what you get to eat. Private ownership is something only they will have . That’s how extreme the plans are. A bunch of murderous psychopaths wanting to rule the World and kill or enslave populations.

          And its not out of the question that they have a depopulation agenda .

        2. You really have to ask that?

          rhetorical question
          [rhetorical question]
          a question asked in order to create a dramatic effect or to make a point rather than to get an answer.

  16. Hubby tested positive thanks to his buddy/co-worker who went to Vegas. We’re all in quarantine for 10-20 days depending on the institution. I started the Zelenko prophylaxis protocol and started him on the AAPS protocol ASAP.

      1. Tired but we had rough nights with the kid before hubby was symptomatic. Hubby and I are social distancing while awake and aren’t sharing a bed or bedding. I’ve got sole responsibility for child care. It’s going to be a rough few weeks without school and services. On the up side, hubby has documentation he’s had it. Son and I will be tested in a few days.

        1. OK, be safe. However, normal precautions that would have prevented you from getting Alpha may not prevent you from getting Delta. They observed this in the UK, where there is a huge Indian presence. Someone would bring Delta back from India, and the entire households — usually multigenerational — would be infected, not just the one or two who had contact with the infected person.

          1. Hubby may be getting mAb treatment on Wednesday. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if we all end up with documented proof of infection.

          2. I’m still hoping that whoever is in charge will eventually allow proof of natural infection antibodies in lieu of a vaccine/injection. I’ve only found a couple papers which test convalescent plasma, but their data showed that natural infection is at least as good as the vaccines. (I don’t believe there’s any hard data on whether natural infection is sterilizing.)

          3. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if we all end up with documented proof of infection.

            Aren’t the “experts” saying you still need to be vaxxed because “reasons”? Or have they flip flopped on that?

          4. Or have they flip flopped on that?

            They haven’t but it’s an easier argument to make against getting jabbed and may buy some extra time while data mounts that natural immunity is better than vaccine-induced immunity.

    1. zelenko’s protocol will have you feeling better in a few days. btw, sad to report that his cancer is back and he probably doesn’t have long to live now.

      1. his cancer is back

        Sad. Would certainly explain his IDGAF attitude.

        zelenko’s protocol

        I’m taking double the zinc since that’s what I bought for hubby.

        1. you are both going to be fine. after all, you’re doing exactly what the government and big pharma don’t want you to do.

  17. this is what happens to lockdown thugs/police when they are wildly outnumbered by fed up citizens fighting for their god given rights.

    blm and antifa are tiny minority that get their butts kicked when police decide to go after them. but they are finding out when the citizens start to turn against them, it’s an entirely different matter.

    popcorn time.. enjoy!

      1. their job is to serve their citizens
        Turns out that it ain’t necessarily so. Posted this before.

        Maksim Gelman stabbing spree・Wikipedia
        Lozito v. New York City
        In the spring of 2012, Joseph Lozito, who was brutally stabbed and “grievously wounded, deeply slashed around the head and neck”, sued police for negligence in failing to render assistance to him as he was being attacked by Gelman. Lozito told reporters that he decided to file the lawsuit after allegedly learning from “a grand-jury member” that NYPD officer Terrance Howell testified that he hid from Gelman before and while Lozito was being attacked because Howell thought Gelman had a gun. In response to the suit, attorneys for the City of New York argued that police had no duty to protect Lozito or any other person from Gelman.

        On July 25, 2013, Judge Margaret Chan dismissed Lozito’s suit, stating that while Lozito’s account of the attack rang true and appeared “highly credible”, Chan agreed that police had “no special duty” to protect Lozito.

    1. anybody know why the guy riding the green motorcyle was included in this clip. i mean, it was funny, but he didn’t seem to be anyone in authority…

  18. Biden’s booster/Vaccine update going live stream now from Youtube via CNBC. A total of 321 people watching and this is advertised by Youtube too!

  19. “It would be better to die under the Taliban’s bullet than face the crowds again.” —Embassy Staffer

    Cowards in the State Dept too!

    1. I think those are Afghan staffers, who mistakenly thought the US Marines would be sent in to rescue them. They’d have a better chance of being rescued by Star Wars Storm Trooper cosplayers.

  20. After his resignation, in an interview to the New York Times, Dr. Ley warned the public about the FDA’s inability to safeguard consumers. People were being misled, he believed “The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them – it isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day,” he said.[5][13]

    On December 15, 1999, interviewed for the oral history program of the FDA History Office, Dr. Ley shared that from the first controversy in his tenure as FDA Commissioner he had a “gut feeling” that his life expectancy at the FDA was probably limited. He attributed this to the administration wishing that he would “stonewall” an Academy of Medicine report supporting removal from the market of many pharmaceutical products that had been approved between 1938 and 1962 based without proof of efficacy, and that his failure to do so adversely affected the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

  21. “I don’t care if the FDA approved the vaccine. It’s just as corrupt as the CIA, FBI, banks, schools, media, churches, CDC, congress, courts, elections, justice department, etc. The entire system is corrupt and I don’t trust anything coming out of our institutions.“ Dr.Ley. FDA commissioner.

    1. How long can a nation this corrupt last? This made me think of how the FAA rubberstamped the 737MAX. Unfortunately for the FAA and Boeing it’s damn near impossible to cover up jets falling out of the sky, and both of them, who at one time were the gold standard, are now untrusted. I’m traveling in a few days, and sorry to say that I’m relieved to know that I’ll be flying on a A320 and not a 737MAX.

      How the mighty have fallen.

  22. From the Colorado Sun:

    More than half of Colorado’s $15.1 billion Paycheck Protection loans have been forgiven

    I wonder how many Teslas were purchased with those forgiven loans.

  23. Well, right from the mouth from a Guy that knows.

    So, my long standing distrust for Big Pharmacy wasn’t just being paranoid. I mean you could tell that they would put a drug on the market,than 5 years later the Lawyer ads would start about the damage. Just the list of side affects alone on the TV ads is grounds for saying “No Thanks”

    Than it was notable as the years rolled along that Big Pharmacy dominated the Medical Industry .
    And the data that more than 100 k deaths a year in US was based on taking pharmaceutical meds as percribed ,as one of the leading causes of death , was kind of a red flag that something is awry. But somehow this all was acceptable, while Pharmaceutical ads dominated the TV advertising.
    I knew people who were taking 10 different meds daily.
    And why would this be a sustainable health
    system? But now , your forced to take their junk and you might end up in a prison camp, or lose your job if you don’t. And the one time the Medical industry could of saved about 400 thousand by cheap and safe drugs during a Panademic, they were suppressed and censored for the untested new technology vaccines that are a disaster.
    Again, I’m not trying to take away from anything good that come out of modern medicine. I just want good drugs , is that to much to ask for?
    This has got to be my worse nightmare.

  24. “many Bolt owners have seen their green investments go up in flames.”

    chevy bolt car battery explosion.

    May 4, 2021

    Green Energy Backfire: Chevy Recalls Electric Bolt Vehicles Due to Spontaneous Battery Fires
    August 23rd 2021, 2:00 pm

    The repairs, affecting over 140,000 cars, could cost Chevy upwards of $2 billion.

    GM-owned car manufacturer Chevrolet has issued a nationwide recall for all of its Bolt electric vehicles after numerous reports of batteries catching fire spontaneously.

    Over the weekend, General Motors announced the recall would affect all Bolt models spanning from 2017 to 2022.

    Squaring off with Tesla, the Bolt received praise when it hit the scene as one of Chevy’s first electric vehicles, receiving MotorTrend Magazine’s coveted 2017 Car of the Year, as well as appearing in Time Magazine’s list of 25 Best Inventions of 2016.

    The mid-priced vehicle boasted long road trips of more than 200 miles on a single charge and tank of gas.

    However, many Bolt owners have seen their green investments go up in flames.

    1. “Investigators are trying to figure out how the election ballots ended up in the suspect’s vehicle and what their intent was in having them,” police officials said in a statement.

      Good thing the ballot security controls are secure!

      “This is an isolated incident and is not related to any additional thefts of election ballots.”

      Yeah, whatever you say.

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