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It Seems They Are Clearly Lying

A weekend topic starting with the Gunnison Times in Colorado. “Despite a valleywide housing crisis that has hit both residents and local businesses, 41% of housing units in Gunnison County are considered vacant, according to 2020 data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The high vacancy percentage is similar across other mountain resort and recreation-centered communities in Colorado. Gunnison was just ahead of Pitkin County, whose housing stock was reported at 39% vacant. Ouray sits at 31%, Summit at 58%, Eagle at 37%, San Miguel at 45% and Hinsdale, with the highest vacancy rate in the state of Colorado at 71%.”

The Hot Springs Record in Arkansas. In the span of several months, the city went from no regulations on short-term residential rental businesses to a 12-page ordinance establishing a comprehensive regulatory scheme, a time frame that has alarmed short-term rental owner. The owners questioned why the amended ordinance doubled the annual business tax, explaining that the tax, coupled with the cost of annual inspections for compliance with building and fire codes, could be cost-prohibitive for many STR providers. Several said their rental income only covers their overhead costs, which until a few months ago didn’t include the annual business tax and inspection fees.”

“Many have questioned the need for regulations, given that self-regulation is a feature of the STR industry.”

The Red Rock News in Arizona. “The Sedona City Council voted to hire a lobbyist to work on behalf of the city to help pass legisla­tion to regulate vacation rentals. They have been working on this issue for five years … to what success? Let’s review. A bill allowing taxation — the city wins cash; resi­dents get nothing. A bill requiring vacation rental owners to have their contact information on file — speeds up police contacting properties owners; residents get nothing. Limits on ‘party’ houses — owners lose revenue; residents get nothing.”

“Not surprisingly, this legislation was written by the short-term rental companies’ lobbyists so they could claim ‘regulation’ but not rectify one iota of the horren­dous damage vacation rentals have done to residential neighborhoods in Sedona and other small towns with limited housing markets.”

From County Live in Canada. “A study from McGill University on the effects of short-term accommodations on the housing market indicates the COVID-19 pandemic second home sales were the drivers of the high priced housing and rental market – more so than STAs. However, McGill Professor David Wachsmuth, a global leading expert on the subject, says a solution to creating more affordable housing here is to prioritize principle residence STAs so that revenue is earned by local families and reduce or eliminate grandfathering.”

“Wachsmuth stated up to half of home sales were turned into STAs about five years ago. That number he notes has since fallen to about 25 per cent, last year. The County’s situation, he noted, is unique, stating that reservations at STAs dropped about 25 per cent during the COVID-19 pandemic but here, prices for STAs increased by about 75 per cent, something, he said that is unlike any other seasonal tourist destination in Canada.”

“‘Listing growth was slowing before COVID-19 and COVID caused a further negative shock. Prices were relatively stable until COVID and have since exploded. This pattern makes PEC unique among Canadian seasonal tourist destinations.'”

From CBS 8 in California. “Airbnb host of 3 years Guy East lives in and rents out his Chula Vista home. He organized about a dozen other Airbnb hosts to meet up to discuss what they like and don’t like about the City of Chula Vista’s consideration of adopting a short term rental ordinance, with permit fees and adding enforcement staffing. ‘I was completely shocked to hear that this was going through and being taken up for a vote on Tuesday. What has been put forward seems very rushed,’ said East.”

“Airbnb host Aaron Davitian says not all the proposal is bad for rentals, but he does take issue with much of it. ‘A lot of what is in the ordinance we are fine with, no problem with the fines for bad actors, and giving police something to really go after, but the de facto ban and not being able to use a home outside of your own, these are the things that really hurt us and put us out of work,’ said Davitian.”

“‘My wife’s escape room business got shut down due to the pandemic. We were forced out of business, so this is what kept us alive during this time period, so it is very important to our family and to our income, no question,’ said Davitian. With two city council members having to recuse themselves due to owning rentals, and one member absent, Chula Vista will discuss the short-term rental matter at a later meeting slated for December.”

The Los Angeles Times in California. “As part of your rent at the new $300-million apartment building called Kurve on Wilshire, you can get a weekly visit from a housekeeper who will make your bed to hotel standards, load your dishwasher, tidy the place up and take out the trash. Housekeeping will also deliver your mail to your unit, and box up and return items you bought online that you decide not to keep. That’s just for starters, all available for a fee.”

“The pampering is not unique to Kurve, located near Koreatown, which is attempting to compete in a crowded upper-tier market. To get renters in the downtown market where several luxury properties have come online in recent years, the landlord has been offering periods of free rent to tenants who sign one-year leases.”

“Landlord Victor MacFarlane hopes to stop giving rent concessions as the economy recovers and office workers return downtown, but the competition for renters now includes two fancy high-rises that were planned to be condominiums when they were built. Thea, a 58-story skyscraper built in 2020 by Chinese developer Greenland USA as part of the Metropolis condo and hotel complex, became a 685-unit apartment building after the condo market proved too thin to support it. Prospective tenants are offered as much as eight weeks of free rent to sign a lease.”

“Resident Daniel Lee, who moved in shortly after Kurve opened in September, likes that the dog can relieve herself on a special patch of artificial grass that drains into the sewer system. Where he lived earlier in Koreatown, ‘walking my dog at night was kind of dangerous.'”

The Pensacola News Journal in Florida. “Pensacola is still in the grips of a red-hot real estate and rental market, but experts say there are a few factors at play that could cause the market to cool off. There were 96 rentals actively listed on the market in September, and broker associate Nicole St. Aubin, who specializes in the rental market, said as of Monday, there were 127, which is a huge increase over the low in July of only 55 properties on the Pensacola MLS site. ‘We’ve effectively doubled the amount of inventory in the Pensacola MLS,’ she said.”

From Idaho News 6. “Data from notes rents in Boise have ‘declined sharply’ over the last month – with a decline of 3.2% from the previous month. It’s the second month in a row with declines in average rates. It’s the sharpest decline of any city in the nation, according to ApartmentList. On factory driving, the change may be added apartment inventory as long-gestating projects start to come online. The Boise market saw several new complexes come online in recent months, adding inventory. One, Jules on 3rd, added 174 new apartment units in Downtown Boise, and leasing managers are offering incentives to attract renters, including free rent.”

The Technician Online. “Affordable housing — or lack thereof — continues to look bleak around NC State’s campus. Whether it be right on Hillsborough Street, Western Boulevard or off Avent Ferry, housing that is supposedly catered to students has spiked in rent prices in recent years. I’m here to tell you: almost all of these housing options take advantage of students’ need for off-campus living.”

“If you need to stay near Hillsborough Street, there is always the option of Valentine Commons. It has an astonishing rating of 4.6 on, yet every review is a one-star commentary about how disgusting the place is and how poorly managed it is. It seems they are clearly lying to students looking for housing about the quality of this complex, which isn’t surprising. The funniest thing about most of these apartments is their rents are not all inclusive. Many cover all utilities, but parking is almost never included and costs an extra price every month.”

“My question is, how do these apartments continue to rise in rent and no one has said anything about it? There is no way students can afford this while being full-time students, working part-time jobs and struggling with finances as it is. These complexes bank on the idea that students desire ‘luxury’ apartments, when luxury is the last thing on college students’ minds. I would even argue that most of these options aren’t even luxury.”

“‘They build them in two weeks and put marble contact paper on the kitchen counters, wood looking tiles, and throw a pool table in the common area and charge $2000 for it. Now you paying $2k to hear your upstairs neighbors have sex,’ said Queen D. This is exactly what all of these apartments look like — and the walls are paper-thin, to my dismay.”

From News 12 in Arizona. “New apartments continue to be constructed across the Valley. Even just a quick drive around Phoenix will prove there are dozens of new places to live being built. ‘It definitely appears from just an average community member that we’re building too many apartments…but we’re not,’ Nat Stum, principal with Martingale Investment Partners said.”

“Alison Cook-Davis, the Associate Director for Research at Morrison Institute and her team offered ideas as well on how to help develop more affordable housing, including helping make construction more effective, including offering incentives for developers to build affordable housing. ‘While it’s not much less expensive to build an affordable development, landlords don’t make nearly the profit that they could if they were building luxury apartments,’ Cook-Davis said.”

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    1. 7,000 legal vacation rentals in jeopardy

      This is awesome. If, one by one, communities did away with this short term rental garbage, the housing market would tank immediately as we saw a flood of inventory like never, ever before.

      1. “This is awesome.”

        The short sightedness of some of you is disturbing. Yeah, f private property rights if it means I can buy a cheap house. You know what else would crash the entire economy and therefore housing prices? If socialists take over a la Venezuela. Go root for that too.

        1. Property rights are dictated by covenants. When you sign the contract to buy a property, you also consent to follow those covenants, which include maintaining the character of the neighborhood. You give up your right to run a mechanic shop, or a dog kennel, or a drink-n-shoot venue. If you want to “do what you want with your own property,” then you have the option of choosing a different property in a different area with different covenants. So quit your bellyachin’.

          That said, I do believe that these short-term rental agreements should be decided on a local level. If you’re a bedroom community of commuting professional workers who want peace and quiet and family life, then perhaps short-term party rentals are not a good idea. On the other hand, a beach town or ski town might welcome out-of-town tourist dollars and a party atmosphere. It’s not one-size-fits-all.

          1. When the people currently using their properties as Airbnbs bought them, what covenant were they violating? Talking about the 1 in 1000 Airbnb that becomes a serious nuisance is a red herring. And, the local governments who are trying to ban Airbnbs just so happen to be the ones in favor of never ending eviction bans, and tenants rights on steroids. So, those who are rooting on these local governments are in bed with socialists.

  1. I kinda lump student, short term rentals and commercial bubbles in together. A couple of these links are older than I usually shoot for but there’s been so much Chinese crater and steaming piles of zillow lately, I am behind.

  2. ‘the owners questioned why the amended ordinance doubled the annual business tax, explaining that the tax, coupled with the cost of annual inspections for compliance with building and fire codes, could be cost-prohibitive for many STR providers’

    Can’t afford fire codes?

    ‘Several said their rental income only covers their overhead costs’

    These guys are shack gamblers, using borrowed money.

    ‘Many have questioned the need for regulations, given that self-regulation is a feature of the STR industry’

    Bribing guberments to avoid scrutiny and legality. The REIC will do anything for a buck, including selling their grannies.

    1. Governments have been jacking up real estate fees and charges, on top of taxes, for decades now. What’s so funny about the land bubble is that to develop it now makes almost no sense as a private party. It’s much cheaper just to buy a finished residence on a larger lot.

  3. ‘the de facto ban and not being able to use a home outside of your own, these are the things that really hurt us and put us out of work’

    The sharing thing sure went out the window.

    ‘My wife’s escape room business got shut down due to the pandemic’

    From the intertubes:

    ‘An appropriate level of difficulty: Most Escape Rooms have a success rate of about 30%. You should also aim for this rate as an Escape Room operator. If it sits well below it, that itself is a sign that your puzzles are too complex or incomprehensible.’

    1. I had to go to Urban Dictionary to find out what this was. You go to somewhere and you pay someone some money to be locked in a room and you have to solve puzzles to escape. It sounds like a Monty Python skit.

      1. Ha, I was conflating it with a panic room for some reason. Sounds like a pirate shop or candle store type endeavor. I guess there is a market for things like an escape room. Almost would work for a corporate team building getaway weekend type thing, lol.

        1. success rate of about 30%

          Not sure what Ben is getting at here. The 30% success rate is not the rate of staying in business and being profitable, but rather the success rate of the customers escaping from a given room. Which raises the question: what happens to the 70% who are stuck in the room? Maybe that’s when it becomes the panic room?

  4. Long read for the weekend from Steve Kirsch newsletter

    New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about (11/9/2021):

    “In a brand new VAERS data analysis performed by our friend Albert Benavides, we found hundreds of serious adverse events that were completely missed by the CDC that should have been mentioned in the informed consent document that are given to patients. And we found over 200 symptoms that occur at a higher relative rate than myocarditis (relative to all previous vaccines over the last 5 years). All together, there were over 4,000 VAERS adverse event codes that were elevated by these vaccines by a factor of 10 or more over baseline that the CDC should have warned people about.

    As of November 1, 2021, there have been more adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines than for all 70+ vaccines combined since they started tracking adverse events 30 years ago. That’s a stunning statistic, nobody can deny it, but nobody in the mainstream medical community (or mainstream media) seems to care much.”

    Happy 20 month anniversary of “15 days to flatten the curve”

    1. ‘The vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans and permanently disabled even more.’

      First, it’s not vaccine. It’s genocide disguised as a gene manipulation experiment. Now this system acknowledges that it captures as low as 1% of actual. So what is 100 times 150,000?

      1. The link is from the same guy who posted the EPIC Kyle owns the Prosecutor

        This confirms my understanding of what happens.
        It is a poison that attacks the weakest part of the body, pre-existing conditions or predisposed conditions, so that the spectrum of illnesses and time frame in which the illnesses manifest varies widely so as to disguise the originating factor. The poison operates in a stealth mode, and because its manifestations vary widely, the origin is masked and the death certificates will therefore list the illness and not the origin of the illness. Deaths attributed to the vax are also skewed.

        1. There are three molecular mechanisms of potential toxicity that are of serious concern that have been characterized since the kielbasa was approved by EUA.

          1. Hematological and endothelial toxicity mediated through engagement of ACE receptors by the spike protein.

          2. Interactions of the spike protein with aggregation prone proteins known to be involved in neurodegeneration.

          3. Nuclear translocation of the spike protein and inhibition of non homologous end joining.

          But it’s too late for the central planners and medical bureaucrats to walk this mess back and save face and admit this program was prematurely foisted on an unwitting public without sufficient basic research.

          1. Point #3 is especially concerning because it’s a double whammy of risk…it suppresses a critical check point in correcting for oncogenic mutations during cell replication while simultaneously impairing the generation by VDJ recombination of the TCRs that are critical to the immune system’s response to the aforementioned.

            There is only one paper on this right now I am aware of and it’s an in vitro study so reproducibility of the data and the clinical risk are unknown. However, what is most concerning is that the clinical manifestations, if there are any, could take many years to manifest.

      2. There is great, great evil operating in plain sight. Bill Gates, FraudXi, central bankers, politicians, etc. are all part of a mass conspiracy. I know it’s not a popular sentiment, but killing these people might be the only way out.

        1. And by the way, stating facts versus calling for violence are two entirely different things. I always like to clarify that I am not armed and on my way to kill anybody, nor am I advocating for anybody to do that, but I’m saying that, short of those sorts of actions, I do not see a way out of this.

          1. Arrest

            In. That. Order. We may have to set up our own parallel law enforcement and judicial system to get the ball rolling on this, but it’s gonna happen.

            Remember, none of these globalists were elected to govern anybody or anything.

            Real Journalists that are the enablers of the globalists, expect the same fate as Julius Streicher…

  5. I hope this doesn’t happen.

    Prosecutor: Your Honor, since our incompetence has accidentally helped the truth to come out in this trial we would like you to allow us to move the goalposts before this goes to the jury.

    Prosecutors want jury to consider lesser charges in U.S. teen Rittenhouse’s murder trial

    By Nathan Layne
    November 11, 2021
    9:05 PM EST

    KENOSHA, Wis., Nov 11 (Reuters) – Prosecutors in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse said they would seek approval for the jury to consider lesser charges after days of testimony in which considerable evidence was presented in the U.S. teenager’s argument that he acted in self-defense.

    1. Kyle Rittenhouse is not only innocent, he is a hero.

      Remember, it’s okay to kill communists.

      We love you Kyle!!!

    2. It’s important to remember this DA office brought charges in just a couple of days after the events. There’s no way they had time to even gather much less review the evidence.

      1. ‘A local Kenosha resident told Wisconsin Right Now that he saw a man with a walkie talkie organizing and directing eight carloads of people right before arson fires broke out in the direction they drove.Corvette Thompson, a military veteran, told us in an interview that he finds it suspicious the fires broke out so soon after he saw the man giving orders to the people. “That was actually not Kenosha,” alleged Kenosha resident, Corvette Thompson, a military veteran, in an interview with Wisconsin Right Now on Aug. 29, when asked about the arson fires. “Those were out of town people.”

        “I was up here at this gas station. There was a guy,” he said of Aug. 25, the night of many of the worst arson fires. “They were organized. I didn’t know what they were going to do…They was like man, ‘We’re going to go here…’ He (the leader) gave them orders. They took off and left. Like eight cars. They went down here to 63rd. They turned right. The next thing I know, all uptown was on fire,” he said, referring to Aug. 25. “Most of them giving the orders was Black guys. They was like bullet proof stuff and walkie talkies. They was organized as hell. There was like eight cars of them…”

        ‘He said he has lived in the area for 30 years and knows everyone in the area, and he didn’t recognize any of the people with the man giving orders. “He (the leader) was lining the cars up…he had a walkie talkie… I didn’t know who the hell he was,” Thompson said. He said they were wearing all black and black Army pants. “Everybody had weapons. They had a lot.” He said the lead organizer was a “Black male, medium built, clean shaved and everything. Actually, to be honest with you a decent looking guy.”

        e said they were saying, “You be the first one to go, you be second, you be third… the next thing I knew uptown was on fire.” He said the people in the cars were of different races. “I didn’t recognize not one person who was in there,” he said.

        1. ‘Bill Ackman
          Last night, Neri and I watched several hours of .#Kylerittenhouse direct testimony and cross examination. We came away believing that #Kyle is telling the truth and that he acted in self defense. We found him to be a civic-minded patriot’

          ‘Just got a call from the media asking if my Twitter account was hacked. That is, the reporter couldn’t conceive of the idea that I could believe that Kyle is innocent because I am not a right winger. Crazy.’

        2. Imagine if any state, local, or federal prosecutors or law enforcement agencies followed the money back to whoever was funding and organizing these “mostly peaceful protests.” But they know full well who is orchestrating these protests, and those elites are literally above the law.

          1. … because they own DOJ, FBI and the coup of well placed marxists was completed by Obama. Now all that’s left for them is in progress now with the overt and blatant demolition.

        3. Nothing horrifies the Democrats – a criminal enterprise masquerading as a political party – like the rule of law. If NYC’s newly elected mayor follows through with pledges to implement tough law-and-order measures, expect the Soros Scum to be unleashed.

          BLM Leader Claims There Will Be ‘Bloodshed’ in NYC Police Reform Argument With Eric Adams

          A Black Lives Matter leader has claimed there will be “bloodshed” if newly elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams stands by his plan to toughen police reforms to counter the city’s surge in violent crime.

          New York City BLM co-founder Hawk Newsome discussed the issue with Adams during an event on Wednesday at Brooklyn Borough Hall that was livestreamed on Instagram.

          Adams, a former NYPD captain, said during the event that he will reinstate the undercover anti-crime unit ended during police protests last year.

        4. Reminds me of the Ryder trucks and all the bricks and things that mysteriously showed up pre-riot. It’s got George Soros written all over it. George Soros is a murderous thug. He deserves the same.

    3. How about charges of felony assault and attempted murder for the guy who attacked him and lived, but got his arm shot off?

  6. The Fifth Circuit on Friday struck down the Biden Mandates on Vaccines required for Employers with 100 or more employees.
    Love it Love Love it.

      1. Can a President be indicted or impeached for being in Contempt of Court?
        Fat chance Biden’s Justice Department or the Pelosi Controlled Congress will do anything, while Steve Bannon is arrested for being in Contempt of Congress.
        Meanwhile fraud news is going to spin Court ruling against Biden’s Vaccine Mandates, by some big twist of facts. CNN will be promoting protests over the Judicial daring to question the Biden Mandates.

      2. Can you really be in charge of anything when you’re pooping a diaper in public, rambling on incoherently and can’t take care of yourself? NO.

  7. This is a pearl clutching article.

    New York Times — Menace Enters the Republican Mainstream (11/12/2021):

    “Threats of violence have become commonplace among a significant part of the party, as historians and those who study democracy warn of a dark shift in American politics.”

    Threats of violence?

    Hello $2,000,000,000+ of property damage from Burn Loot Murder and Antifa. Hello Portland and Seattle. Hello smashing out the windows of Starbucks and burning down Wendy’s.

    The HBB is a blog of peace, but we’re taking our country back.

    Unelected globalists do not govern us, they were never elected to govern anybody or anything.

        1. Read John Ross’ “Unintended Consequences” then off a journalist. It’s like saving the planet.

    1. They’re all just fine with the fraud until the massive gains turn into massive losses. Then they scream like Burt Reynolds in Deliverance. Fock ’em. Shouldn’t have been gambling on a company that even the most dull of individuals could tell was a sham.

  8. In my local listings I’m seeing the tiniest 1,500 sq-ft shacks holding the line (well, dropping, but slowly), while the next level up which adds a garage bay and 500-1,000 ft, is dropping far closer to shack level pricing. I haven’t grabbed a bunch and run an Excel for price/sq-ft but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this extreme.

    I think it means this market is bifurcated between owners trading properties, who only want fancy stuff, and losers like me who got caught on the wrong side of it. If a property is identified as fodder for the later, it doesn’t matter if it is 2 bedrooms or 4, it will be squeezed into the range where it has to establish some kind of affordability as a mortgage payment on the backs of wage earners.

    Or maybe it is something else, maybe it is a good sign somehow.

  9. Whether you are ok with AirBnB’s or despise them, the all-out assault on private property rights should be frightening. Bye bye First Amendment, Second Amendment possibly as well, and private property rights are under attack like nothing this country has ever seen. Maybe they’re serious when they say you’ll own nothing and be happy…at least about the owning nothing part.

    1. What about the property rights of the neighbors whose lives are being disrupted by the shenanigans of the “guests” who frequent many of these short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods?

        1. Sure, let me go broke paying legal fees to fight the REIC’s entrenched corruption & control of their bought-off stooges at City Hall. It doesn’t bother me one bit to see these short-term rental speculators forced out of residential neighborhoods where they never should’ve been allowed to bring their plague & pestilence in the first place.

          1. Boo Randy’s favorite phrase: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

            I’ve been posting on the HBB for a lot longer than you. My stance on government overreach is clear to all of the regulars. So is my stance on speculators who use their access to NIRP Yellen Bux hot money flows to drive up housing prices for the prudent & responsible.

          2. “I’ve been posting on the HBB for a lot longer than you”
            1) WGAF? You still sound like a socialist
            2) Oh really?

            Comment by dwr
            2006-07-31 13:54:21
            I have one word for Mr. Vicini: Inconceivable!!!

            2006! beyatch

          3. Comment by dwr
            2007-02-27 14:58:23
            “Local housing prices dipped in the last quarter of 2006, but Merced remains one of the least affordable markets nationwide, according to new figures. Merced’s median home price fell to $325,000, down from $363,000 during the same period in 2005. The median price peaked at $376,000 in the second quarter of 2006, according to NAHB statistics.”

            That’s my kind of dip.”

          4. Comment by dwr
            2007-02-27 15:01:44
            How many sales were there this January, and how many sales were there last January? The median price means nothing if there are only a few sales.

          5. “Looks like we’ve got a house horny REALTURD here, folks!”

            Your lack of reading comprehension skills comes as no shock.

    2. A complex subject for sure.
      But the smaller context is zoning regulations and the tradition of neighborhoods.
      Mixed use is generally urban or confined to immediate downtown.
      Personally I despise them.
      But eminent domain is more grievous and a capricious standard.
      My grandfather was tossed out of his grand old house at age 92 due to eminent domain. He had lived in that house since childhood, then had four of his own children. He was a prominent citizen and well lived in the smallish town. When my mother went to his funeral two years after his house was stolen from him and razed for an expanding downtown, people from her town thanked her for her father’s help during the depression and some said their parents would have died during the depression had it not been for his financial help to warm their houses in Minnesota.

      1. If an AirBnb is being rented out for rap videos or for house parties that go till 3am, then there are ways to end that. If however an AirBnb in a SFR neighborhood is being rented out to a family on vacation, I don’t really see the harm. And complaining that there isn’t any affordable housing anymore and that the government needs to address it sounds like the rantings of a socialist.

        I grew up in L.A. I cannot afford a beachfront house in Malibu. Maybe I should demand that the government create some affordable housing for me.

        1. My little burg is going to have an online affordable housing townhall next week.

          I’m sure there will be a lot of talk and pontificating over band aid measures that won’t make a dent in the problem (though they will create new bureaucracies with nice salaries), while no one will mention that even though there is empty land as far as the eye can see, that local gooberment has made it difficult and very costly to subdivide.

          1. you just hit the nail on the head. Boo Randy wants even more government intervention, when the obvious solution is LESS government intervention.

          2. which in turn makes it impossible to build a nice average apartment , a eat in kitchen big enough to fit a 4 seat table, sears home depot appliances 1 or 1 1/2 bathrooms, basic carpeted floors not bamboo, or luxury imported wood, a wood back porch not a concrete balcony . and a rent that/s 1 weeks paycheck…

    1. Ouray is beautiful. God’s country at its most beautiful. The idea of speculators or libtards in God’s country is an abomination.

  10. Gunnison was just ahead of Pitkin County, whose housing stock was reported at 39% vacant. Ouray sits at 31%, Summit at 58%, Eagle at 37%, San Miguel at 45% and Hinsdale, with the highest vacancy rate in the state of Colorado at 71%.”

    Communities need to vote out city officials who are aiding and abetting these speculator infestations, then slap punitive taxes & fees on vacant speculator-owned houses that are pricing locals out of affordable shelter.

    1. slap punitive taxes & fees

      Gravity will suffice. The stories of their mass bankruptcies will serve as a warning to future generations.

  11. …but the de facto ban and not being able to use a home outside of your own, these are the things that really hurt us and put us out of work,’ said Davitian.”

    Die, speculator scum. Homes are for living in, and you a$$holes have contributed greatly to soaring prices and low housing stock in many areas, not to mention the disruption your “guests” have visited upon residential neighborhoods.

  12. An article in wired claims that zillow’s algorithms failed because of the pandemic.

    Gee, they’ve only had nearly two years to adjust the algorithms.

    1. The phat catz are making bank while the punch bowl is being refilled and the music is playing. Who wants to end that party?

  13. This shambolic administration couldn’t keep hiding Biden’s epically incompetent VP pick from public view, so she had to face the lapdog media. Even then, her utter unfitness for the position she occupies was on full display as she was asked about inflation (which for the benefit of yahoos, is caused by the Fed’s deranged money printing and the Biden regime’s profligate deficit spending). God help us if this pathetic babbling creature ever occupies the Oval Office.

    VP Harris mumble-jumble answer on what she’s going to do to fix the inflation problem.

    1. Or the trangendered can do what the rest of us actual women do: carry extras in our purse on applicable days. And TP works in a pinch.

  14. Libtards reaping what they voted: SF edition

    ‘Severe rat infestation’ temporarily closes San Francisco Walgreens location

    The Walgreens in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood was temporarily closed this week because of a “severe rat infestation,” and the store will not reopen until it passes an inspection, a report from the San Francisco Department of Public Health revealed.

    Inspectors visited the store at 1333 Castro, near 24th Street, on Nov. 8, and ordered immediate closure of the store due to “imminent health hazards that could not be immediately corrected.”

  15. Is it safe to assume that the Evergrande storm has blown over without dropping a tornado on the global financial system?

    1. The Motley Fool
      Why Shares of China Evergrande Group Are Rising Today
      The company recently made its debt payments and Chinese regulators are considering easing restrictions that make repaying debt more difficult right now.
      Bram Berkowitz
      Nov 12, 2021 at 2:11PM
      Key Points
      – China’s second-largest property developer successfully made debt payments on two bonds Wednesday.
      -,Chinese regulators are also considering easing certain restrictions that would make paying debt down easier for some of the developers.

      Motley Fool Issues Rare “All In” Buy Alert

    2. China
      China’s Plan to Manage Evergrande: Take It Apart, Slowly
      Beijing is working on a controlled implosion of the real-estate giant, selling off some assets while limiting damage to home buyers and businesses
      By Keith Zhai, Elaine Yu and Anniek Bao
      Nov. 10, 2021 9:39 am ET

      Some investors feared that China Evergrande Group, the world’s most indebted real-estate firm, would collapse spectacularly, triggering losses far and wide. Instead, the Chinese state is dismantling the giant developer slowly and behind the scenes, in what amounts to one of the biggest financial challenges Beijing has faced in years.

      The plan, according to people familiar with the matter and official government statements, is to manage a controlled implosion by selling off some Evergrande assets to Chinese companies while limiting damage to home buyers and businesses involved in its projects.

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      to The Wall Street Journal

    3. Damn Chinese cockroaches!

      The Economist
      Nov 13th 2021 edition
      China’s other debt problem
      Evergrande is not the only looming danger in China’s financial system
      Crony capitalism has flourished among the country’s small and mid-tier banks
      Nov 13th 2021

      SCARES ABOUT toxic debt are an ever-present feature of China’s economy. The latest involves Evergrande, a troubled developer that threatens to cripple the property sector. The firm also has tentacles that reach into the darkest corners of the Chinese financial system, wrapping around banks and shadow lenders. Yet even as Evergrande catches the eye, another risk is emerging: crony capitalism at smaller banks.

      A government crackdown on leverage in property has pushed Evergrande to the brink of collapse. Other large developers are weighed down by $5trn of debts. Speculation is swirling that one of them, Kaisa, is also struggling to make payments (it has asked investors for “time and patience”). The turmoil may intensify as more debts come due. According to Nomura, a Japanese bank, the property industry must repay $20bn of offshore bonds in the first quarter of 2022, twice the level of this quarter.

      1. While the globalists and their Democrat-Bolshevik control freaks come up with endless justifications to curtail your freedoms, they themselves seem to want total freedom to engage in all manner of depraved perversions themselves. Telling, isn’t it? Scratch any Democratic donor or party official of note, and the inner pedo is never far from the surface.

        “Non-Binary” Assistant Professor Calls For ‘Stigma’ of Pedophilia to be ‘Delegitimized’

        Yes, really.

        The Prostasia Foundation, a registered 503c which has called for child-like sex dolls to be legalized, posted an interview with Allyn Walker, a female-to-male transgender, who outlined her views on “minor attraction.”

        Walker, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, is the author of a book called ‘A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity’.

        1. So many years were spent getting children protected from child slave labor from the 1800’s, and all the other abuses regarding history.
          And now they are trying to return to this type of abuse and all the others we civilized out of.

  16. CDC: No Record of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says it has no record of people who are naturally immune transmitting the virus that causes COVID-19.

    The federal health agency was asked during the fall by a lawyer on behalf of the Informed Consent Action Network for documents “reflecting any documented case of an individual who: (1) never received a COVID-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with COVID-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.”

    SARS-CoV-2 is another name for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19.

    Persons who recover from COVID-19 are also known as naturally immune.

    In a response dated Nov. 5 and made public this week, the CDC said it does not have any documents pertaining to the request.

    The CDC confirmed to The Epoch Times that its Emergency Operations Center did not find any records responsive to the request.

    As I was recovering from my Covid infection, I called my Dr’s office. Since my fever was low and I had no respiratory issues, I was told to rest at home until I recovered. I was also told to get vaccinated after I recovered. I didn’t challenge the nurse, because I knew she was under orders to spew that nonsense.

    1. In Colorado,
      You are in a great immunity position being a Covid recovered person. Just unreal your provider recommended the vaccine when your in a great immunity position, probably will last for the rest of your life.

  17. The crows seemed to be calling his name, thought Gaw.

    Wells Fargo sues to foreclose on NYC’s Standard High Line Hotel after Hong Kong-based owner failed to make payments on $170 million loan since May 2020

    Wells Fargo has sued to sell the Standard High Line Hotel in Manhattan, claiming the Hong Kong-based owner has failed to make any payments in over a year on a $170 loan.

    In a complaint filed to the Manhattan federal court in early November, Well Fargo said Gaw Capital Partners Chairman Goodwin Gaw owes more than $186 million in principal, interest and fees on the 338-room hotel and asks that it be foreclosed on to recoup the bank’s investments.

    Gaw, who purchased the hotel in 2017 for $340 million, lashed out against the lawsuit and said he would ‘vigorously defend’ the 18-story Chelsea hotel against foreclosure, Bloomberg reported.

  18. Now for a Liar being propped up by real journalist propaganda and an excellent example of why they will do away with the “dislike” button.

    432 up
    30k down

    Gaige Grosskreutz gives 1st interview since testifying in Rittenhouse trial l GMA

    Nov 11, 2021

  19. Keeping you up to date with todays music A pair of alternative musicians who have been dominating mainstream artists over the past month are back with another epic protest track.

    Jimmy Levy and Hi-Rez released “Welcome To The Revolution” on Thursday, singing, “Will not comply with the institution’s sick illusion.”

    The track covers subjects like pesticides on food, vaccine mandates, free speech, prescription drugs and so much more.

  20. These Nazis like Psychopaths that are trying to take over US and other Countries , by the corruption of Governments, for a One World Order Dictorship of enslavement and forced everything , and they are anti human for starters.
    Their Fraud Media campaign to change earth and humans into their bizarre visions of slave like recipients of their madness is becoming clearer every day .
    Censorship , slander and canceling of anything that disputes or opposes their fraudulent Narratives .
    Talk about true colors being shown as to the bizarre Dictorship they plan, that obviously nobody would vote for, so they have to force it against peoples wills.
    This tear down current systems Agenda to bring on their plans of no rights for humans , is coming out loud and clear. They become more vicious and fraudulent by the minute with their ridiculous Narratives , with censorship of dispute or opposition to their fraud , fear mongering and brainwashing.
    They had to criminally rig the 2020 election to put their Puppets in for a agenda the Majority didn’t vote for.
    Biden the tyrant with Executive Orders doesn’t even know what he’s doing most the time , and he is the perfect potential fall guy to implement the dictates of the One World Order Corporate Governments.
    Biden is using the full power of Abuse of Power of the Executive branch , to be a pimp for Vaccines , by the biggest Monopoly / lobbyist Big Pharmacy.
    All the Big Monopolies are in collusion on this power grab of Monopoly Corporate Dictorship.
    Washington DC has to be purged of all these Politicians that sold out that are useless in stopping this assault on the US , and its Citizens.
    Civil disobedience to a corrupted Government in cahoots with a treasonous insurrection by Private Party Globalists Monopolies, Money changers and Elite.
    The Moral hazard of the Banker Bail Out of 2009 and the Commie Obama Care , is these bastards are taking over. I knew it when I saw it happening a decade ago that it would lead to this.
    Government didn’t correct, address, or do anything about the crime and fraud that started crashing the Housing Bubble. The Judicial didn’t address it either.
    So , US Citizens just lives in a economic system of everything rigged , being a looting system of fake wealth creation, subject to crash. Its just not rational, its just not productive.

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