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Is the Jacksonville Real Estate Market Shifting?

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      1. I go through a lot of videos to find things that are notable or previously not reported. These guys are showing you expired listings, etc, that the local UHS or newspapers aren’t going to report. Plus the focus in most of these videos is very local. Yer not going to get that with market watch or usa today.

        1. First and foremost, always presume they’re going to conceal information that conflicts will all the lies they put out there over the years.

  1. Morehead City, NC Housing Prices Crater 21% YOY As Outer Banks and Coastal Carolina Housing Inventory Soars As Panic Selling Begins

    As one coastal Carolina broker explained, “Our entire market is vacation homeowners and 95% of want out right now. They see the handwriting on the wall.”

  2. Orlando, FL Housing Prices Crater 11% YOY As The Toxic Rot Of Subprime Mortgage Defaults Looms Over Florida Housing Market

    As one national broker conceded, “We’ve been scraping the bottom of the buyer barrel for 15 years or more. Why do you think mortgage defaults are 600% higher than long term trend?”

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