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It’s Not Complicated — It’s Interest Rates, And Now The Party Is Over

A report from the Patriot Ledger in Massachusetts. “‘Since the prices have gone up so quickly, there’s a lot of people that don’t qualify,’ said Iva Sandra Andrade, a Brockton-based Realtor who joined the real estate industry in 2015. ‘And now, with interest rates going up as well, it knocked out a bunch of people that could’ve qualified a couple of months ago.'”

“It’s happening all across the U.S., said Rose Quint, the National Association of Home Builders’ assistant vice president for survey research. The share of active buyers in the Northeast region fell from 72% to 50% during the last year. Ben Perrotta of Norwell-based Ben and Kate Real Estate said he recently had an entry-level buyer lose out on a house to  a higher offer. When the winning couple went to the bank to secure their loan, interest rates priced them out of the home they’d agreed to buy.”

“‘Housing prices are going to stop skyrocketing, they are going to level out. They’re going to calm down and they’re going to calm down quick,’ said Quincy-based real estate agent Jeffrey Chubb. ‘But the issue is that the cost of borrowing has greatly increased. That’s what is really affecting buyers right now.'”

From Bloomberg. “Treasury traders are throwing down the gauntlet to a Federal Reserve that’s fallen further behind in its fight to cool the hottest inflation in four decades. A bruising bond selloff ensued Friday, led by policy-sensitive short-term yields, after May data dashed any idea that inflation has peaked. The rout deepened when traders boosted bets on the likelihood of the Fed raising rates by three-quarters of a percentage point in July, while economists at Barclays Plc and Jefferies LLC say this move could come as early as next week.”

“Even in a year when daily moves of 10 basis points have become commonplace, Friday’s price action stood out and harked back to levels seen in the era of the global financial crisis. The two-year yield’s 25-basis-point advance was the most since 2009, while five-year yields exceeded the 2008 levels seen in May.”

The Coeur d’Alene Press in Idaho. “According to Rocket Homes, the Kootenai County median home price plunged 31% from April to May. And yet, that still left the price at $521,000. Assuming you still need 20% down to walk through that median-type door, you need the wherewithal to write a check for $104,200. Let’s see a show of hands: How many of you could do that?”

From Main Street on Tennessee. “There are signs of some relief on the horizon for potential homebuyers in the larger Nashville area. The May Home Sales Report by Greater Nashville Realtors shows a staggering 47-percent increase in single-family inventory — a sign of a shift happening in the market with more home choices, fewer multiple offers, and terms that won’t keep you up at night.”

The Reno Gazette Journal in Nevada. The record median home price was accompanied by a significant year-over-year increase in new listings as concerns about rising interest rates pushed more sellers to put their homes on the market. Reno-Sparks reported 735 new listings, up by more than 18% over May of last year. Active inventory also doubled to 785 compared to 376 during the same period in 2021.”

“‘Higher mortgage rates are causing buyers to take a step back from trying to purchase a home,’ said RSAR President Sarah Scattini. ‘While mortgages are on the rise, we’re seeing an influx in homes being put on the market due to sellers wanting to take advantage of the red-hot housing market before a potential cool down, so inventory is growing more rapidly.'”

The Center Square. “Rising interest rates helped temper Colorado’s red-hot housing market in May, but affordability challenges remain, according to the latest market report from the Colorado Association of Realtors.  Overall, Colorado saw a sharp increase in housing inventory with more than 11,000 new listings created by the end of last month, representing a greater-than 10% increase year-over-year. This increase of inventory helped usher the state’s median home price back under $600,000.”

“‘Affordability is far beyond what the local population can support,” Patrick Muldoon, a Colorado Springs-area realtor, said in a statement. ‘In the past, housing was a hedge for inflation. But this is a very different time.’ ‘Mortgage interest rate hikes and fears of continued inflation have put many buyers on pause,’ Chris Hardy, a Fort Collins-area realtor, said in a statement. ‘Buying a home at an already escalated price is just that much farther out of reach.'”

The Mountain Democrat in California. “Everyone must have known that the pandemic and the demand for homes it created was not sustainable. The deceleration process is often stressful for sellers and their agents who find themselves in an environment of fewer and more cautious buyers, declining values and lower expectations. Whenever we experience a significant event that changes our reality it initially creates denial, then anger, depression and eventually we reach acceptance.”

“We may not like the situation but we accept our fate and make decisions accordingly. Understanding the current market is the first step in accepting the pandemic housing sales boom is over. Sales are in decline. There were 270 residential sales in El Dorado County during May. A year ago, there were 332. The 13% drop was not an anomaly. It was the third straight month for year-over-year declining sales. Last year’s sales would have been higher if we had more listings. This year we have more listings but there are fewer buyers and listings are taking longer to sell.”

“Sellers are responding to decreasing buyer demand by reducing their asking price. In May 2021 not a single seller dropped their initial listing price. Last month, 202 sellers or 42% of county listings reduced their asking price. Lower price expectations will likely continue as buyers get hammered with higher mortgage rates this summer.”

“Although the number of county listings increased 23% during the first quarter of this year, sales declined. Buyers have lost that ‘Lovin Feeling.’ A recent Fannie Mae survey revealed only 19% of homebuyers believed it was a good time to buy, down from 47% a year earlier.”

The Dallas Business Journal in Texas. “Frisco has fallen 42% for the year. Celina’s slid 34%. Prosper has plunged 17%. Princeton and McKinney are down 14% and 11%, respectively.Those percentages represent the year-to-date drop in single-family home building permits compared to the same January through May period last year. While there are exceptions — like the city of Anna, where building permits are up 22% over last year through the first five months of 2022 — the double-digit percentage decreases point to an overall slump in the suburbs.”

“Nowhere is that more visible than Frisco, which racked up 1,283 single-family permits in the first five months of 2021 but issued only 745 so far this year.Celina issued 1,352 permits in Jan-May 2021, but just 887 so far this year.In Frisco, the single-family market is reaching buildout status, said Dennis Pitt, senior vice president of Gehan Homes, which has new residential communities opening this month in Prosper and Fate. ‘When you go up the Dallas North Tollway and you hit Plano and Frisco and Prosper, then Celina, what you see is so many subdivisions going on in, like, Frisco, that go back to 2014. The number of deals in Frisco was very, very high,’ he said.”

The Toronto Sun in Canada. “Over the span of 10 days, it would now appear everyone and their mother has decided that real estate Armageddon is upon us. The very same people whom, up until about seven minutes ago, were insisting that everything was fine, just fine. The signs of a market shift were obvious, dare I say expected. After all, what goes up must come down. In a market driven for the last two years by consumer exuberance and fuelled by free money, the party wasn’t going to last forever.”

“It’s not complicated — it’s interest rates. And now the party is over. It went on for far too long, if you ask me. There’s lots that can be said about it and trust me when I tell you that I could go on for days. I have spent much of the last few weeks on the phone with clients and colleagues as we attempt to collectively unpack and reconcile everything that we are hearing, reading, witnessing.”

“We have May’s market stats showing that while prices are still up year-over-year, almost every sub-market is in its third month of decline from the February peak. Outside of the city is being hammered. We have wall-to-wall media coverage telling us just how much more we should expect to pay to service our debts as interest rates rise. Articles chastising us for our collective embrace of home equity lines of credit as if they weren’t products designed and dealt by our banking system that likely carried many Canadian families through the multiple rounds of pandemic lockdown.”

“But it is Thursday’s release of the Bank of Canada’s Financial System Review that really has me fired up. It’s hard to overstate just how wholly infuriating it is to witness the same body that set the fire act like turning around and setting the fire hose on us is an act of benevolence. After all, it was just July 2020 when the Bank of Canada’s Tiff Macklem all but lit the match that sparked the pandemic real estate boom.”

“‘Our message to Canadians is that interest rates are very low and they’re going to be there for a long time,’ Macklem said. ‘If you’ve got a mortgage or if you’re considering making a major purchase, or you’re a business and you’re considering making an investment, you can be confident rates will be low for a long time.'”

“I mean, ‘a long time’ is certainly subjective but to less than two years later be talking about aggressively taking us back to rates not seen in a decade is a pretty stunning about face. To dig in and resist the inevitable for as long as they did, only to abruptly change course and go hard at rate hikes is quite a play. But with billions of freshly printed dollars having flooded the Canadian economy and inflation running out of control, what else can be done? Who cares that the most leveraged and therefore most vulnerable are the young Canadians who have been completely hung out to dry with all of zero good options.”

“But now Macklem and the Bank of Canada feel differently: ‘The economy can handle — indeed needs — higher interest rates. And given the unsustainable strength of housing activity, moderation in housing would be healthy. But high household debt and elevated house prices are vulnerabilities.'”

“Well, we are about to witness what happens when those vulnerabilities come home to roost. And while I still am not convinced we are going to broadly experience anything close to a crash, you can absolutely bet on the fact that yet again, it will be the little guy who bears the brunt of whatever lies ahead.”

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  1. From the video above:

    Prices Falling Fast In Durham. Big Disclosure Market Update for Ajax, Whitby, Pickering and Oshawa

    Jun 11, 2022 Ajax, Whitby, Pickering and Oshawa are covered in this video. May market update and seeing the affect of the Bank of Canada rate hike so far on the real estate market.

  2. ‘Active inventory also doubled’

    Thousands upon thousands of shacks appear out of nowhere, all over the world.

    1. Inventory is also rising in my little burg, back to last year’s levels. It had gone down to 100, now it’s 400. It was over 2000 after the previous crash. I can’t wait to see what the numbers are at the end of summer.

      1. The springs was over 2,200 Friday. Back down by about 30 now but still well over the 300 or so mostly during the first of the year

  3. ‘Everyone must have known that the pandemic and the demand for homes it created was not sustainable’


    ‘The deceleration process is often stressful for sellers and their agents who find themselves in an environment of fewer and more cautious buyers, declining values and lower expectations. Whenever we experience a significant event that changes our reality it initially creates denial, then anger, depression and eventually we reach acceptance’

    That’s right. The worst thing that’s gonna happen is you gotta get some boxes. So put on yer big boy pants.

  4. ‘According to Rocket Homes, the Kootenai County median home price plunged 31% from April to May. And yet, that still left the price at $521,000. Assuming you still need 20% down to walk through that median-type door, you need the wherewithal to write a check for $104,200. Let’s see a show of hands: How many of you could do that?’

    How many would do that when a massive a$$ pounding is going on – right now?

  5. ‘While there are exceptions …the double-digit percentage decreases point to an overall slump in the suburbs’

    Just like that, it’s over. When DFW overdoes it, they always screw up bigly.

    Oh no problem you say. What do these huge crap shacks cost in Prosper? When I was there in 2014 the billboards said $900,000 and the like.

    Zero down of course.

    1. I admit that i was completely fooled by Frisco and Plano 4 years ago. With all the businesses moving in (Toyota, Chase, Liberty Mutual etc. in quite big buildings / campuses), and all the new employees moving in. I was travelling down there every few weeks to work with Toyota – and the hotel bars, and other restaurants in Legacy and Legacy West were completely jam packed – it was a gold rush and everyone was spending (maybe turns out on expense reports)

      Of course the REIC overdid it by 2x or 5x and overbuilt, and jacked up the prices to where it made no sense. They literally built subdivisions with dozens of 4000+ sq ft homes each – how much does it cost to AC those houses.

          1. They keep getting more and more expensive. We were told yeas ago that they would get cheaper. Nothing of the sort has happened. A relative got a quote, $40,000. It simply doesn’t pencil out, not by a long shot.

          2. It simply doesn’t pencil out, not by a long shot.

            That’s unfortunate to hear. I hadn’t priced out systems, but we are considering over-engineering our roof to support the weight of (potential) future solar panels. Even if it costs $$$, having an independent source of energy (without relying on propane delivery) seems like a good investment.

          3. I was in a solar/wind turbine 4 wide trailer foreclosure once near Winslow that was running on car batteries. They had a generator too, but it was gone by the time I got there. With the blown dust inside and wind damage it looked abandoned for probably over a year. And the thermostat and similar electronics were functioning. Now if that set up was miserable in practice, I’d guess yes. We are talking bum fook off grid Arizona. The desert there looks just like the roadrunner/coyote backdrops. And that huge trailer at that point looked like something out of mad max. I got it all cleaned up.

          4. Have you thought of

            If this is directed at me, no I hadn’t. But in general I like to keep my systems separate to make them easier to isolate/repair/fix.

            I’d only want panels on the south-facing part of the roof (we’ll have a long gable that runs E-W, so good setup for solar). But I’d rather have a 50yr metal roof and panels be separate – easier to deal with if a company goes out of business, one panel/fastener gets damaged, etc.

          5. All roofing outfits go out of business <20 years. Try to get a manufacturer (outside of Carlisle and Goodyears fully adhered systems) to stand by their product. They won't.

          1. It would be much cheaper for all of us if we simply got rid of this horrible illegitimate regime that has taken over our government.

  6. Riding The Bus In Denver.

    As reported by Real Journalists:

    “The Denver she encountered each day on the bus had been transformed by a new wave of epidemics overwhelming major cities across the country. Homelessness in Denver was up by as much as 50 percent since the beginning of the pandemic. Violent crime had increased by 17 percent, murders had gone up 47 percent, some types of property crime had nearly doubled, and seizures of fentanyl and methamphetamine had quadrupled in the past year.

    In the past two years, Denver-area bus drivers had reported being assaulted by their passengers more than 145 times. Suna had been spit on, hit with a toolbox, threatened with a knife, pushed in the back while driving and chased into a restroom during her break.

    “Last stop,” she announced, a few minutes before 7 a.m. She was scheduled for a six-minute break before turning around to begin her next trip up Colfax, but when she looked in the rearview mirror, there were still seven people sleeping on the bus. Lately, about a quarter of her riders were homeless. The bus was their destination, so they rode until someone forced them to get off.

    Meanwhile, many of her passengers ended up spending their nights at the last stop on the No. 15 route, Union Station, the newly renovated, $500 million gem of the city’s transportation system and now also the place the president of the bus drivers’ union called a “lawless hellhole.”

    A lawless hellhole?

    “They’re not sending their best”

    1. The Democrat-Bolshevik voter quotient in Denver is ~80%. “A lawless hellhole” is what you get when your population is that morally debased.

    2. “seizures of fentanyl”

      Attorney General Ashley Moody is warning Floridians of a new, deadly synthetic opioid called Isotonitazene—commonly referred to as ISO. ISO is approximately 20 to 100 times stronger than fentanyl—an already incredibly dangerous opioid. Similar to fentanyl, this new synthetic opioid is being mixed with other drugs and appearing in the illicit drug market—possibly in powder or pill form.

      100x stronger than fentanyl? Is that a lot? The controllers are going to give the newly depressed housing winnahs a way to cope. Many are going to die with the first use.

      1. Many are going to die with the first use.

        Perhaps that is their plan to clear out the homeless camps.

      2. more powerful drugs!? big deal! it’s been said often that drug addicts will self destruct from abusing “more powerful drugs”.

        oh really!? well, I have seen exactly ZERO results of that train of thought: the useless drug addicts still clog the center medians here in Sacramento county like fleas on a dog. no reduction in number.

        like the chain-smoking alcoholic azzhole neighbor, you wait for nature to take it’s course.
        a stroke/heart attack. anything to happen.
        and wait
        and wait

        meanwhile, all the good, decent people around you shuffle off this mortal coil. replaced by snotty kens & karens who don’t even bother with a wave.

        ** acute observation: many new couples have a child that seems to scream non-stop.
        I’m not talking an occasional yell, I mean they scream, nonstop, bloody murder from car to front door. WTF !? autism? bad parenting?
        at least 3 kids from different areas, different socio-economic families. very unsettling.

          1. ** ” . . mandated visitation . . ”

            no, that’s not it, but a decent guess. these kids scream all the time.
            to the car.
            from the car.
            in the car.
            just ear splitting racket.

            the first couple of times I ran outside thinking an injury or a kidnapping:
            nope, 2 parents just slow-walking the yute.
            I anticipate years from now doing a “Walt Kowalski – get off my lawn!” if I had a lawn. just mulch.
            however, taking no chances w/my prized Previa Van.
            (THAT gets capitalized) hah!
            it stays locked inside under heavy guard by a perpetually pixilated peer.

            * ok, just a few random posts. commence with the charts and the graphs and the stats and breaking it off in the azzes. as you were.

    3. “…Riders sleeping on the bus last stop.”

      Was there ever a better time to make good use of a fire hose?

    1. after viewing the video, I ask myself “WHY the ‘eff are all these ‘tough guys’ kneeling in a submissive pose for so long?”

      sure, it’s easy for me, from the comfort of my barcalounger to critique but dangum I would NEVER kneel that long for ANYONE.
      either start processing transport to arrest or let me go. that pose is just for showing-off what can be done to you. it’s just to similar to head chopping routine.
      hell, you’re already going to get booked: another charge for resisting arrest is peanuts. I’m actually stunned any veterans among them would submit to this degrading process.

      that’s just BS !

      1. “Officer, if you’ll just remove these flex-cuffs, I’ll show you my FBI credentials.”

        1. ** ” fbi credentials. ”

          haha! no doubt. my thoughts exactly. just too many look a like perfect shape compliant drones in that video.

  7. Meanwhile, straight out of central casting as a sideshow to the J6 Stalinist show trials…I’m guessing about 90% of these “Patriot Front” clowns are glowies of some sort.

    Cops bust 31 members of white supremacy group Patriot Front planning riot at Idaho Pride: Found packed into U-Haul van with shields, riot gear and a smoke grenade

  8. Image file for Jeff, Dogs Climbing Mountains Edition:

    Photo taken at about elevation 13,500′ of some randoms and their dogs. Lots of other dogs on the mountain summits above 14,000′ too. They walked up there. How else would they get up there?

    1. I bet that looks like a dream Beau has when he’s catching a nap under a tree in his new backyard.

  9. Looks like the Likud Party’s neocon & AIPAC unregistered foreign agents like Liz Cheny will be updating their marching orders – see “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.” Onward Christian Soldiers!

    Iran is ‘dangerously’ close to completing its Nuclear weapons programme, Israeli prime minister Bennett warns

  10. Did Brandon just throw Zelensky under the bus? There is going to be a post-war reckoning for the globalist Ukraine government’s failure to prepare the country’s armed forces and population for the Russian invasion they claimed was all a bluff. The nationalists in particular are going to be a rising force as the full extent of the Zelensky government’s fecklessness and failures comes to light.

  11. <"And now, with interest rates going up as well, it knocked out a bunch of people that could’ve qualified a couple of months ago.'”

    Now comes the part where we learn the subtle yet crucial distinction between “people who qualified” and “credit-worthy buyers who will honor their financial obligations.”

  12. “‘Affordability is far beyond what the local population can support,”

    Wait!…..what?…..that’s never been a problem before! Lmao! Oh man, I know I shouldn’t find this humorous, but I just can’t help myself.

  13. Mortgage payments going up 30% 🇨🇦New HELOC RULES in Canada👈 Mortgage Stress Test

    Jun 10, 2022 OMG, Mortgage payments going up 30% 🇨🇦 Why interest rates going up, effect on house prices, increasing mortgage payments & my perspective about it.’


    1. The guy says mortgage rates might go up to 4.5%. Right now TD Bank is posting the 3 yr @ 4.6%.

    1. FWIW, there is inflation in Mexico too, though the exchange rate could mitigate that somewhat.

      And Tijuana is dangerous, even by Mexican standards.

  14. Did you hear Justin Bieber cancelled his world tour because his face is half-frozen? Remember when his wife age 25 had a stroke a few months ago?

    100% Safe And Effective Poetry for the HBB:

    “Vaxxie, Vaxxie, heart attacksie
    Takes his tests and wears his maskies
    Still got Covid, every strain
    Got spike proteins in his brain
    Got the VAIDS at 24,
    “Dr. Fauchi, gimmie more!”
    Had a stroke at 25,
    “Thank Moderna I’m alive!”
    Swollen heart at 26,
    Prayed to Pfizer for a fix
    Died of SADS at 27,
    Somehow thought he’d get to heaven
    Vaxxie, Vaxxie, heart attacksie
    Took his clot shots, wore his maskies
    Obituary headline noted:
    “Anti-Vaxxer Dies of Covid”

    Courtesy of 4chan, where you will now find more actual truth than from the New York Times or Washington Post.

  15. Austin Housing Market Update (May 2022) | Is it a good time to buy and/or sell?

    Jun 6, 2022 Are you curious if you should buy or sell a home in the Austin area? Make sure you check out this video because I cover housing market stats for the Austin area suburbs of Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill, and Lago Vista/Jonestown.

    20 minutes. Lots of softening normalizing builder incentives talk. Interesting thing is the inventory increases. Mostly new shacks. Liberty Hill inventory over 300% increase since March. “Even walked away with equity”starting at 15:20. “You’re usually having to pay more than the home is worth.”

    1. We moved from Liberty Hill to Tampa a little over 5 years ago. Do not miss the cedar allergies (aka TX juniper)

  16. Dallas Housing Market | June 2022 Real Estate Market Update

    Jun 9, 2022 Dallas Housing Market Update For June 2022. In this video, I break down what’s happening in the Dallas Texas Real Estate market for April.’

    11:15. Fair amount of data. At 6:30 he starts to talk about inventory, “30% increase in new homes in the last 31 days.” That’s 600 new shacks added.


    ‘Jun 9, 2022 I get lots of questions about the real estate market in 2022. Is the market shifting? Are we headed towards a real estate crash? Are we at the top of the market in Real Estate? Well there definitely is a shift going on. This channel is about the Orlando lifestyle and real estate.’

    00:00 Introduction
    02:24 pricing correction
    06:34 New Construction
    08:24 Change for Buyers
    10:34 Sellers still need to prepare
    11:36 Watching the market closely

    12 minutes. The price corrections and new shack sections are interesting.

  18. Oh dear….

    Buyer demand collapses across Australia’s housing market

    CoreLogic’s preliminary auction results suggest that buyer demand is collapsing following consecutive interest rate hikes by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

    The nation’s preliminary auction clearance rate plunged to only 58.5% over the weekend, with Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra each recording their lowest clearances of 2022:

  19. Globalists gonna globe (6/12/2022):

    “Rep. Jamie Raskin, a member of the special House Jan. 6 committee, said on Sunday the panel has the evidence to prove that former President Donald Trump knew he lost the 2020 election.

    The Maryland Democrat told host Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the committee’s first hearing on the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol “pierced the sound barrier,” and he hopes Americans continue paying attention to the evidence the committee brings forth. More than 20 million viewers tuned in to the hearing on Thursday night. The next hearing is Monday morning.

    “I think we can prove to any reasonable, open-minded person that Donald Trump absolutely knew because he was surrounded by lawyers,” Raskin said. “I think any reasonable person in America will tell you, he had to have known he was spreading a ‘Big Lie.’ He continues to spread it to this very day. He continues to voice that propaganda on his followers.”

    No Glowie (because Glowie), but look at this rat face globalist and ask yourself if he ever gave half a sh*t about the United States, United States citizens, or the United States Constitution.

    Deep State globalist cockroach filth, serving only his unelected globalist masters, not the constituents who allegedly elected him.

    The 2020 election was stolen, and that’s treason.

    Globalists gonna globe.

    1. “I think any reasonable person in America will tell you, he had to have known he was spreading a ‘Big Lie.’

      The real Big Lie is that Biden got 81 million votes.

      1. “The real Big Lie is that Biden got 81 million votes.”

        He only got 81 million votes because Trump got 75 million votes.

        If Trump only got 60 million votes they would have just counted fake ballots until they got to 65 million votes for Brandon.

    2. More than 20 million viewers tuned in to the hearing on Thursday night.

      A few people I know tuned in and couldn’t watch more than a few minutes.

  20. several of our local manufacturing companies in upstate SC are starting to give “Slow hours” and stuff ,because orders are dropping rapidly ….Electrolux ,and also also a company called Sage manufacturing ,that makes vast amounts of automotive cloth, are two of them , as a landlord I learn about these quickly…..
    One of my tenants complained that ,”They just hired all these people in the past few months, now they are cutting back” …….Hopefully it’s just a summertime glitch ,but one has to wonder about it……

    1. Hmmm … from what I saw after some google fu, car sales have been steady. Might it be that Sage is being replaced by another supplier?

      As for Electrolux,I see they make fridges. I guess if the housing market is tanking, so will the appliance biz.

  21. Reno-Sparks median home price posts record high as it surges past $600,000 mark

    Only in clown world is this possible. That dump gets my vote for the biggest bubble in the country, perhaps the world. I honestly can’t even fathom how prices got that high.

    1. “I honestly can’t even fathom how prices got that high.”

      Donkeys can’t resist the fed’s easy mortgage money.

    2. Totally agree. Moved to Reno two years ago. A God-forsaken place, if ever I’ve seen one. Fleeing “California Cockroaches” have spiked housing costs probably about one hundred percent since the CoronaPanic commenced. Cannot wait to get out of here.

    1. It’s Toronto for the most part.

      “there’s a lot of scummy bashtards out there…’

  22. The globalists and their Quislings are systematically marginalizing white males, then clutch their pearls about all these futureless young white guys who are becoming radicalized into “white supremacy.”

    Thriller novelist James Patterson claims ‘white older male writers’ are victims of ‘racism’ – and says it’s harder for them to get ‘writing gigs in film, theatre, TV or publishing’ nowadays

  23. FBs who bought shoddily-constructed bubble-era shacks can expect to face a shafting by their insurance company when they try to make claims for related damage.

    Queensland homeowner’s urgent warning after roof collapse

    A woman has issued a stark warning after the roof of her home collapsed into her living room and left her with a $50,000 bill.

    A homeowner has warned other Queensland residents to be wary of hidden damage after the roof of her house collapsed into her living room.

    Linda Jones said her family was facing a $50,000 repair bill after the entire roof over the living room caved in a few weeks ago.

    She told radio host Scott Emerson on 4BC’s Scott Emerson Drive Show that the collapse had come out of nowhere.

  24. An acquaintance mentioned today that she’s been having “mini strokes” since having COVID. She has a nonbinary autistic teen so I strongly suspect she’s vaxxed.

    1. she’s been having “mini strokes”

      I fear this is going to become more and more common. They might not die right away, but a lot of people who were expecting to live into their 80’s might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

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