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Is It Finally A Buyers Market?

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  1. From the first 6:43 video:

    Toronto Real Estate Market Update July 2022 – Homes Drop Below Asking Price, Prices FALL
    Mark Mitchell – Mortgage Broker London Ontario
    Aug 4, 2022

    Toronto’s real estate market continued to plunge in July, with a growing number of home selling for under-asking. The benchmark, average, and median prices were all down in July, with the sale price to list price ratio falling below 100 percent.

    We also saw a major exodus of real estate investors leaving the Toronto market, as rising interest rates and falling home prices make investing less financially attractive.

    We also saw an increasing number of accepted offers, in the $100,000 range, with many noting a major decrease in the number of cancelled listings throughout Toronto.

    April Toronto Benchmark Home Price – $1,354,000
    May Toronto Benchmark Home Price – $1,261,800
    June Toronto Benchmark Home Price – $1,204,900
    July Benchmark Home Price – $1,157,500

    April Average Home Price – $1,254,436
    May Toronto Average Home Price – $1,212,806
    June Toronto Average Home Price – $1,146,254
    July Average Home Price – $1,074,754

    April Toronto Median Home Price – $1,098,000
    May Toronto Median Home Price – $1,050,000
    June Toronto Median Home Price – $985,000
    July Median Home Price – $940,000

    April SP/LP – 107%
    May SP/LP – 103%
    June SP/LP – 100%
    July SP/LP – 99%

    April Months of Inventory – 0.9
    May Months of Inventory – 1.0
    June Months of Inventory – 1.1
    July Months of Inventory – 1.2

    The second 10:31 video:

    Brampton Home Sales Collapsing! Detached Homes Down $439,000 This Year.
    Aug 4, 2022 Brampton real estate market keeps declining fast. July becoming the slowest month of the year so far. I cover average prices and median prices for Brampton in this video.
    See what Brampton condos are selling along with condo townhouses and detached homes.

    The third 6:34 video:

    Disastrous July Real Estate Numbers Released! Things Have Gone From Bad To Worse FAST!
    Aug 4, 2022 Real Estate Crash 2022 is here or no? Let me know your thoughts on the latest July stats. Average prices and number of homes sold all dropped making July the slowest month of the year so far.

    The fourth 6 minute video:

    Utah Real Estate Crash – How To Get Your Cash?
    Aug 3, 2022 Utah real estate has flipped in 6 months from no homes to thousands of homes for sale. Is is still a good time to buy? With high rates is it even possible to buy at the reduced prices.

    The fifth 6 minute video:

    Aug 4, 2022 The Sacramento / Stockton area real estate market had some interesting movement this week. The number of price reductions and expired listings is growing which caused the number of available homes to stop its rapid climb. The number of pending sales is holding steady as buyers take advantage of a significant drop in interest rates over the past few weeks.

    The last 18:25 video:

    Vancouver Real Estate is CRASHING this Summer 🔥 MUST WATCH
    John Pinton- Vancouver Realtor
    Premiered 12 hours ago Please share with your friends! This is a VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE!
    The stats for July were just released by the Vancouver Real Estate Board and they aren’t pretty… Prices are crashing in all segments of the real estate market in Vancouver and the surrounding suburbs…We are now officially in a buyer’s market for detached homes and townhomes aren’t far behind. Buyers have LOTS of negotiation power now….however I advise prospective purchasers to hold until Sept.7th and see what the Bank of Canada will do next. It’s looking like October to January 2023 will be the window to get prices at the bottom.

  2. Mortgage lender to close Melville office, layoff 71
    Newsday|1 hour ago
    The Fort Mill, South Carolina-based housing lender and servicer said in a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification posted this week that it could be closing its Long Island office, located at 175 Pinelawn Rd.

  3. ‘With market sentiment as optimistic as it was, Magic Nucleus soon became the largest digital collectible platform in China. Several others sprang up in its wake—data shows that February 2022, there were less than 100 digital collectible platforms in China, but as of July 2022, the number has grown to 681.’

    ‘However, since April and May, market sentiment has started to shift from enthusiasm to pessimism. “From conversations, we can tell that no one is buying anything because it’s currently unprofitable,” Huang Kai, the manager of Digital Collectible Ship (a WeChat social media account that posts information about digital collectibles), told business media outlet Geek Park. “With the number of new users dropping, and the number of new platforms still increasing, we are beginning to see a trend where the products can’t be sold, even on larger platforms.”

    ‘As the overseas NFT industry enters a bear market, the domestic market is inevitably affected. For Tencent, if digital collectibles are not selling and the company cannot launch a secondary market function due to policy risks, this may mean the end of the road.’

    ‘Sun discovered that some companies would go to a digital collectible platform, or vice versa, to discuss strategies for driving up the prices.’

    ‘These strategies are undertaken by both parties for mutual benefit. Investors take chances, believing they can earn a profit by reselling digital collectibles. A non-exclusive digital collection of horse ink paintings by Xu Beihong, a famous Chinese artist, can be sold at a unit price of RMB 128, with a turnaround time of mere seconds. “What you’re actually buying is just a picture. To put it bluntly, these companies are earning an ‘IQ tax’ by exploiting people’s ignorance. It’s all meaningless,” he added.’

    “An industry that depends on unhealthy promotion is unsustainable,” said Huang. “To avoid more speculation, people in the industry are calling on the nation to regulate the industry such that the continued resale of digital products is possible without over-hyped and over-inflated prices.”

    “But this depends on national policies,” he continued. “I’m concerned that the government will issue a one-size-fits-all policy and block the circulation of digital collectibles for all, just because of the actions of a few. That would be a devastating blow to the industry.”

  4. ‘A group of Chinese companies are investigating why a commodities storage site in northern China is holding only one third of the copper concentrate they were financing, according to people familiar with the situation.’

    ‘Traders from more than a dozen mostly state-owned firms gathered in Qinhuangdao city this week after becoming aware of the missing material following concerns into the borrower’s finances, said the people, who asked not to be identified as they aren’t authorized to speak publicly.’

    ‘The group has a total claim on 300,000 tons of concentrate worth about 5 billion yuan ($740 million), but there’s only 100,000 tons at the depot, the people said. That puts the dollar value of the missing material at about $490 million.’

    ‘At the center of this latest case is Huludao Risun Trading Co., a medium-sized merchant that purchases between 800,000 and 1 million tons of imported copper concentrate a year for distribution to domestic Chinese smelters, said the people. The company typically relies on larger counterparties to finance the materials, and then repays the loans with interest and fees after finalizing the trade.’

    ‘Nobody picked up several calls to the company’s main number, and there was no immediate reply to an email seeking comment.’

  5. ‘Kari Lake has captured the Republican Party’s bid in the primary for Arizona governor. Lake topped her closest rival, businesswoman Karrin Taylor Robson, and the race was called Thursday night, according to The Associated Press. Lake never trailed the housing developer and onetime member of the Arizona Board of Regents in nearly a year of polling.’

    ‘Taylor Robson outspent Lake $18.4 million to $3.6 million during the run of the campaign, according to finance reports. The result is a win for former President Donald Trump, who endorsed Lake for the office. Trump’s former Vice President Mike Pence put his support behind Taylor Robson for the office.’

    The McCain machine is dead in Arizona.

    1. “The McCain machine is dead in Arizona.”

      So drag yer ass Pence….. if you can’t drag it, pick it up and carry it. Just GTFO.

      1. The endorsement of course. But what I think the average person saw was she ferociously called out the election fraud every step of the way.

  6. UK house prices fell in July for the first time in more than a year, as the country’s largest lender warned of the impact of higher interest rates and the broader cost of living crisis.

    The average price of a home was £293,221 last month, down 0.1% month on month, the first decrease since June last year, according to the latest report from Halifax.

    The marginal drop pushed down the annual rate of growth from 12.5% to 11.8%, although overall house prices remain more than £30,000 higher than at the same time last year.

  7. ‘Since April, Texas has delivered more than 6,200 migrants to the nation’s capital, with Arizona dispatching an additional 1,000 since May. The influx has prompted Muriel E. Bowser, Washington’s Democratic mayor, to ask the Defense Department to send the National Guard in. The request has infuriated organizations that have been assisting the migrants without any city support.’

    ‘A vast majority of recent bus riders are Venezuelans fleeing their crisis-ridden country, and many have also been arriving in New York, often via Washington. Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, announced emergency measures on Monday to enable the city to quickly build additional shelter capacity. The mayor, also a Democrat, said the city had received 4,000 asylum-seekers since May, fueling a 10% growth in the homeless population, with about 100 new arrivals each day.’

    ‘Venezuelans have been showing up daily at the offices of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York seeking help. “Their primary concern has been a place to stay, food for their children,” said Maryann Tharappel, who directs the organization’s immigrant and refugee services.”

    “The infrastructure in New York is not built for this,” she said. “We are not on the border.”

    Like Texas and Arizona have “infrastructure” to handle thousands of illegals.

    1. Suck it Mayor Adams! You and others of your ilk have ruined NYC and now you will reap the fruits of your work. I grew up in a city that had lots of problems but there was still common sense ruling the roost.

      In the last 15 years the city has become a cesspit of drugs, homeless encampments and crime. I’m surprised that they’re whining about the stress of having to take care of a couple thousand illegal immigrants who were encouraged to enter our country illegally by the democrat party.

      Catholic Charities can go to hell as well. Thieving cabal of democrats pretending to be Catholic.

      1. Catholic Charities can go to hell as well. Thieving cabal of democrats pretending to be Catholic.

        👍🏻 I remember hearing that they’d pick all the expensive stuff out of the donated goods for themselves.

        After the sexual abuse came to light, my church going husband would still donate and I’d give him a hard time about it. My brother has stories; as little kids he and his friends knew the score and would avoid situations. I had no idea.

        In the 90s, my mother and I heard about some parish priest caught in a sexual relationship. When we found out the priest was messing around with a married woman, we both said “Oh, thank God” and relieved, laughed like crazy despite being lapsed Catholics. It’s still embarrassing.

        We’re hardly alone. The Hasids in Brooklyn are not without scandal (kids). In olden times, a guy, payos and all, hit on me in the Diamond District (psst…girlie 🤣) despite my not-inexpensive office attire; I won’t say what I said to him.

  8. Didn’t Muriel BowWow Bowser of Washington D.C. house the National Guard in parking garages, and they slept on the concrete parking slabs during the ” insurrection ” of January 6 ? But then again, nothing is too good for those who disrespect our Nation, disrespect our laws , disrespect our Citizens, and disrespect the citizens of the world who would obey our laws. We are rapidly becoming the ” Tower of Babble ” of 2022 and we are seeing the Balkanization of our Nation before our very eyes.

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