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The Real Estate Market Is A Dumpster Fire Thanks To The iBuyers

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  1. From the first 7:43 video:

    Arizona Real Estate Market a Dumpster Fire Thanks to iBuyers
    Shawn Shackelton
    Nov 7, 2022
    The Arizona Real Estate Market is a dumpster fire thanks to the iBuyers who continue to scramble to get their homes sold. The only thing they can do is lower prices, which is what they have continued to do. For any buyer looking for a deal, looking at the homes listed with an iBuyer is the best place to start.

    The second 12:29 video:

    Is now a GOOD time to buy a house?
    Monica Church
    Nov 6, 2022
    Is buying a house now, or in 2023 a bad idea? Or a good one? Is the housing market going to crash further? Let’s weigh the pros and cons of these crazy market shifts. I’m Monica, a Seattle-based real estate agent.

    The third 1:49 video:

    Realtor real estate crash
    Drayton Nay
    Nov 7, 2022
    Hi I am Drayton Nay THE INSTRUCTOR of Drayton’s School. I teach Homebuyers and Sellers how to do it themselves

  2. As of August, the lagged Case-Shiller Index showed that U.S. home prices had fallen 1.3% from their June 2022 peak. That marks the first decline since 2012. It’s also likely well below the actual drop. Just look at the 7.6% decline in third quarter U.S. home equity, as reported on Friday by Black Knight. That’s the biggest home equity drop ($1.3 trillion) ever recorded, and the biggest percentage drop since 2009.

    When it’s all said and done, Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi thinks this ongoing housing correction will push national housing fundamentals back in line with historic norms.

    “Before prices began to decline, we were overvalued [nationally] by around 25%. Now, this means prices will normalize. Affordability will be restored. The [housing] market won’t be overvalued after this process is over,” Zandi says.

  3. After years of a red-hot housing market, something “inconceivable” now is happening, according to Home prices are falling.

    Higher mortgage rates are tanking demand, as more buyers find themselves unable to afford today’s still-elevated home prices. As a result, prices are slipping more than would be expected during the normal “cooling off” period that occurs every autumn, says.

    Home prices remain up 14% year over year but are now down from their June peak. And in some markets, the decline is especially pronounced.

  4. Median home sale prices flatten in Kitsap, decline in Skagit County
    The Business Journals|11 hours ago
    In Kitsap County, the median sales price for single-family homes increased less than 1% to $513,250 in October and actually dropped 5.25% to $501,000 in Skagit County, according to a report the Northwest Multiple Listing Service released Monday.

  5. New American Funding, no longer in growth mode, lays off 240
    HousingWire|19 hours ago
    California lender New American Funding issued pink slips to 240 employees last week, bringing the total cut this year to nearly 1,000.

  6. Mr. Cooper to Lay Off 800 Employees Amid Business Restructuring
    MarketWatch|22 hours ago
    By Sabela Ojea Mr. Cooper Group Inc. said Monday that it is cutting about 800 jobs following a realignment of the company’s originations business unit

    Non-QM lender Athas Capital Group ‘bows out like gentlemen’
    HousingWire|17 hours ago
    “Athas decided to ‘bow out’ like gentlemen and not go out like some of our other competitors,” said co-CEO Brian O’Shaughnessy. “We are choosing to close our business; we are not going out of business.

    Why are so many fintechs laying people off?
    American Banker|14 hours ago
    Chime, Varo, Upstart and Stripe are among the many companies that have recently laid off more than 10% of their workforce. Banks could benefit from a chance to scoop up tech talent.

    Redfin shares hit record low after analyst recommends selling
    The Real Deal|13 hours ago
    But this year, as rising mortgage rates wreaked havoc on the housing market, things took a sharp turn. In June, Redfin announced it would be laying off around 470 employees, or approximately 8 percent of its workforce. Kelman referred to the layoffs as a …

    The story behind Spacs’ spectacular fall from grace | FT Due Diligence
    The Financial Times|6 hours ago
    Special purpose acquisition companies emerged from the backwaters of finance to become one of the most in-demand assets on Wall Street during the pandemic. They pulled in celebrities, well-known financiers,

    Thousands of tech workers were laid off last week. Experts say it’s just the beginning.
    Business Insider on|1 day ago
    Last week, tech firms like Twitter, Lyft, and Stripe laid off tons of workers. Investors, founders, and recruiters say there’s still more to come.

  7. Its so nice and on-the- ball to have a sell signal at $4 and not $95 and we all thought with the new paradigm, it would go to 400..

    As recently as last year, Redfin was soaring. In February 2021, as its share price topped $95, the brokerage was looking to expand its agent count, hiring “faster than ever.”

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