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Buyers Remorse And Cancelling Contracts Has Reached Epidemic Numbers

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  1. From the first 2:32 video:

    Real Estate Seasonality Back In the Market | Colorado Springs Real Estate Market Dec 16, 2022
    Laura Gallant
    Dec 17, 2022

    The second 8 minute video:

    How to get OVER $60,000 in builder INCENTIVES
    Bill Olson
    Dec 18, 2022
    The shift in the market has left home builders with tons of inventory amidst decreasing demand. Here’s how to stack incentives to get the best deal on new construction in the Charleston area.

    The third 15:21 video:

    HOT DEALS!! Houston TX – New Construction – How to get a DEAL VS DREAM HOME??
    Living In Houston Texas
    Here in Houston TX, new construction is a very popular housing option. When deciding whether to build or buy an inventory homes, there is a lot to consider. Going through the entire design process to build your dream home can be costly, but there are certain things you can select throughout the process to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. This video is all about how to get a deal in today’s housing market, and what options to select if you do decide to dirt build.

    The fourth 8 minute video:

    CANCELLING CONTRACTS: How, Why and When To Think Twice
    Andy Elliott
    Dec 17, 2022
    Cancelling a real estate purchase agreement is easy, if you do it right. Here’s how to do it and what to know before you cancel!

    Buyers remorse and cancelling contracts has reached epidemic numbers and it’s really now wonder why. This video explains the how and why of getting out of a contract.

    I’m Andy Elliott, a REALTOR with BENCHMARK REALTY LLC in Williamson County Tn. My channel will show you what living in Williamson County TN is like. Let me introduce you to Nashville and Williamson County Tn.

  2. Man who caught Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run ball takes $1.5M loss at auction

    Cory Youmans, a 35-year-old Dallas, Texas native, decided to auction off Judge’s record-setting home run baseball after rejecting an offer of $3 million for the relic. On Saturday, the baseball sold at Goldin Auctions for half that amount, at $1.5 million. 

    Ahead of the sale, there was reason to believe Judge’s ball would sell for more than it did. Initial estimates said Judge’s final home-run ball of the 2022 campaign, which No. 62 was, would sell for no less than $2 million at auction. Even Youmans’ lawyer, Dave Baron, seemed convinced, saying the auction house believed Judge’s ball could sell for “significantly higher” than $3 million, citing the Yankees’ hardcore fanbase as a reason.

  3. Monday morning.

    Time to go to work and generate federal income tax revenue, slaves.

    Zelensky needs $5 billion a month to money launder most of that (10% for the Big Guy) and spend the rest of it on shoving cocaine up his fat beak.

    Get to work, slaves!

  4. Wind chill drops to -40 C in central B.C., winter tires needed on Lower Mainland
    National Post|10 hours ago
    Environment Canada said wind chill values would drop to near -40 C or colder in central communities like Prince George, Williams Lake, Quesnel and 100 Mile House. A bitterly cold arctic air mass had settled over the region and was expected to stay through Wednesday morning.

    1. It was 3-degrees this morning, wind chill of -12, when I drove my daughter to work. We are only using the car parked in the heated garage lately. However, the sky is clear, and the radiant sunlight will feel good around lunch time.

  5. According to Knight Frank’s Global Residential Cities Index Q3 2022*, the top ten price declines occurred across New Zealand, China, Australia, Europe, and South America.

    Wellington, down 17.3%
    Auckland, down 11.2%
    Buenos Aires, down 9.8%
    Hong Kong, down 7.1%
    Wuhan, down 6.1%
    Tianjin, down 4.4%
    Zhengzhou, down 3.9%
    Sydney, down 3.6%
    Darwin, down 3.1%
    Aberdeen, down 2.4%

  6. Globalist scum media.

    Washington Post Editorial Board — Vaccines saved lives. DeSantis threatens that progress (12/18/2022):

    “Vaccines saved millions of lives in the pandemic, and the mRNA technology was rolled out in record time. It counts as a massive success and might help fight other diseases, too. Nonetheless, populist Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) last week demanded a grand jury investigate “criminal or wrongful activity in Florida” involving the “development, promotion and distribution” of coronavirus vaccines. As public opinion shows vaccine hesitancy is growing, Mr. DeSantis’s move is not only absurd but also dangerous.”

    The Washington Post is guilty of medical genocide.

    “Mr. DeSantis, who is positioning himself to seek the 2024 Republican presidential nomination — and by one recent poll is running ahead of former president Donald Trump — has not been shy about politicizing public health measures, attacking lockdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. Now he has taken it a step further with a petition to the Florida Supreme Court seeking empanelment of a statewide grand jury — which in Florida can carry out broader investigations of government — on vaccines. In a crude appeal to the anti-vaccine movement, Mr. DeSantis’s petition darkly implies that public reassurances of vaccine efficacy were driven by “financial gain.”

    Darkly implies?

    How many members are there on the Washington Post Editorial Board? Asking for a friend, they’re going shopping for rope and need to know much length of rope to buy…

  7. Russia Today — Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade is ready to testify to Congress, and believes other victims will go public (12/18/2022):

    “On December 7, US President Joe Biden signed into law the Speak Out Act, which, according to his Twitter account, is “a bill that’ll enable survivors to speak out about workplace sexual assault and harassment and increase access to justice.” Also trending on Twitter that day was a woman by the name of Tara Reade, who leveled credible sexual assault allegations against the president during the 2020 Democratic primary season. 

    Reade has been in the news again after Republicans vowed to keep the president accountable after winning control of the House of Representatives in the latest midterm elections in November. Part of that accountability, for Republicans, also means investigating Reade’s allegations.

    Congresswoman Lauren Boebert publicly said she was in favor of investigating these claims. Reade has been doing the rounds in conservative media of late. Representative Matt Gaetz even reached out to Reade privately to commend her courage, according to Reade herself. It can be inferred that he will also join the effort to investigate Joe Biden over these allegations. 

    The allegations stem back to 1993 when Reade worked for then-Senator Joe Biden as a staffer. According to her account, he sexually assaulted her at the Capitol that year and she later filed an official complaint against him. Nothing ever came of that complaint and Reade drifted away from her position with the Delaware senator.

    The story is much like many that have come out since the beginning of the ‘Me Too’ movement: Powerful men using their positions to silence victims. This is even more clear with what Biden allegedly told Reade after the assault, “You’re nothing.”

    “I have given up hope for actual justice. I do hope at the least [for] a proper Congressional investigation into Joe Biden. This may open the door to other women who were also afraid, silenced and also for staff to tell the truth under oath,” Reade commented about the possibility of testifying.

    Reade said that she’s aware of two other alleged victims of Biden who are afraid to come forward publicly but have spoken to her personally. She thinks that the way she’s been treated, “doxxed and bullied in media and social media,” has made others worried about going public, but that a proper investigation would “allow them to feel more safe.” She believes her testimony in an investigation would “open the gates to allow others to step forward.”

    She also commented on how brutal the smears of her have been, including “slut shaming, class shaming, threats and harassment.” Reade claims that Biden “has weaponized the intelligence community to abuse his power for a small cabal of elites and I was also a target.” But, at the same time, she believes that the high cost of the attempts to silence her speak to how worried Biden must be – while she is still standing. 

    “I look forward to shining the truth where there has been whispers and darkness. I hope Joe Biden will be held accountable for the sexual assault against me and any other crimes of abuse of power to silence me. Joe Biden should resign as, in my opinion, he is not fit for office. No one is above the law,” she concluded.

    “I have given up hope for actual justice”

    Democrat Party.

    These eight words define Democrat Party.

    1. “I have given up hope for actual justice”

      In Communist countries people knew that the best thing to do is keep their heads down and not be noticed by the powerful, who can do anything they want, regardless of the law, as long as they don’t anger someone even more powerful.

      We are approaching that point.

  8. ‘We cannot continue to address this alone:’ Eric Adams warns there will be 15 busloads with thousands of migrants arriving in NYC each week after Title 42 is lifted on Wednesday
    Daily Mail|4 hours ago
    New York City Mayor Eric Adams is warning of 10 to 15 busloads bringing at least a thousand migrants to the Big Apple each week once Title 42 is lifted on Wednesday.

    Compass is reeling from a horrible year, from financial losses to tech troubles to mass layoffs
    Business Insider|23 hours ago
    With home sales dipping amid rising interest rates, Compass has cut workers and bled cash. CEO Robert Reffkin’s once sunny public demeanor has become more somber.

    1. ‘We cannot continue to address this alone:’ Eric Adams warns there will be 15 busloads with thousands of migrants arriving in NYC each week after Title 42 is lifted on Wednesday

      Sometimes you have to take a bullet for the Party, Eric. And why are you so worried? NYC is already a vibrant, crime infested sh!thole. What difference could several thousand Venezuelans make anyway?

  9. China Evergrande Group’s shareholding in its property services unit has fallen to 51.71% from 58.18% after forced selling of pledged shares by a third party, a Hong Kong stock exchange filing showed.

    The number of Evergrande Property Services Group shares involved was 700 million, and the drop was the result of steps taken on Dec. 14 to enforce rights to the shares held as security against the embattled property developer, the filing said.

  10. HuffPaint — Trump-Backed Election Loser Kari Lake Hints At Violence At Conservative Gathering (12/19/2022):

    “Former television newscaster and failed Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake hinted at violence to a crowd of thousands of conservative activists Sunday, continuing her claim that she had really won last month.

    Lake, who has sued elections administrators alleging fraud, called the Maricopa County elections system a “house of cards” that she promised to take down. “I’m not just going to knock that house of cards over. We’re going to burn it to the ground,” she said. “They messed with the wrong woman. They messed with the wrong movement, of ‘we the people.’ And we’re not going to take it anymore.”

    She then told the crowd that the Second Amendment – the right to bear arms – was in danger because of current leadership, and that that amendment protected all the others.

    “You do not steal our vote and get away with it. You don’t,” she added.

    Lake, borrowing a tactic of former President Donald Trump, attacked the news media, urging the audience to turn around and boo the “mainstream media” on a riser.

    “Their days are numbered,” she said.

    Lake spent much of her remarks claiming the election had been stolen from her. “They had to steal our vote in broad daylight,” she said. “My pronouns are by the way: I won.”

    OH NOOOOO! Not the pronouns.

    Claiming an election was stolen is one thing, but the pronouns is crossing a line too far 🙁

  11. Westword — Arrival of Migrants Stretching Denver’s Homelessness Resources (12/16/2022):

    “As cold weather continues to engulf the Mile High City, Denver has begun to face a homeless shelter crunch owing to the arrival of more than 900 migrants over the past few months.

    On December 6, the City of Denver activated an emergency shelter at a Denver recreation center to accommodate recently arrived migrants. In the preceding weeks, dozens of migrants had arrived on an almost daily basis, with many staying at shelters within Denver, such as the Denver Rescue Mission. However, since December 2, another 600 have arrived, which has pushed shelters to the limit.

    The administration of Mayor Michael Hancock has now transformed a second Denver recreation center into an emergency shelter for these migrants, most of whom are from countries south of the U.S. border, including Venezuela.

    This week, the Hancock administration designated a third recreation center as a reception center for newly arriving migrants to either connect them with emergency shelter or help them reunite with family or friends. And on December 15, Hancock declared a state of emergency over the high numbers of migrants coming in daily.

    The topic of the migrant arrivals and how the city is assisting these individuals came up during the quarterly Homeless Advisory Meeting on December 16 at the Commons at 1245 Champa Street. The City of Denver hosts these quarterly meetings to abide by the terms of a homeless encampment sweeps lawsuit settlement agreement called the Lyall Settlement. During the meetings, people experiencing homelessness are able to voice concerns directly to city officials who work on homelessness.

    “How are you going to house 1,200 — another 1,200?” asked Angela Brown Sargent. “How are you going to house them when you can’t even house us?”

    Angela Brown Sargent do you think George Soros gives a f* about you? Your replacements are the priority, not you. This is the “fundamental transformation” that you were promised.

    This Wednesday and Thursday night when the forecast overnight lows are minus 10F, your replacements will get three hots and a cot and a free Obamaphone, while you die of hypothermia in a cardboard box, Angela Brown Sargent.

    Globalists gonna globe.

    1. what i still don’t understand is why Sharpton, Waters, blm, and that ilk are not protesting this, the illegals have been taking away jobs from the vibrants for years if not decades.

    2. As cold weather continues to engulf the Mile High City, Denver has begun to face a homeless shelter crunch owing to the arrival of more than 900 migrants over the past few months.

      Funny how no one at city hall has given a rat’s tail about Denver’s long running homeless disaster. Oh, wait, those are Americans, so yeah, city hall doesn’t give a sh!t.

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