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New Home Liquidation Sale

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  1. From the first 12 minute video:

    Massive Texas New Home Liquidation Sale HERE
    Jullian Lopez – Living Houston Real Estate
    Dec 23, 2022 TAVOLA
    Massive Texas New Home Liquidation Sale HERE
    Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas Texas.

    Are we in a housing bubble? Will the real-estate market crash? Is there a housing crisis? How do credit reports work? Consider the data and please share your own experiences and opinions. It is more important now more than ever with so many adjustments and challenges. We plan on bringing more and more videos on real estate and how to educate and compose yourself. Please like and subscribe, but most importantly, empower yourself with Living Houston Real Estate!

    0:00 – Intro
    0:44 – Map & Prices
    1:23 – Post Interview with sales agents
    4:16 – Inventory
    7:04 – Still Building
    9:04 – Re-cap Outro

    The second 11 minute video:

    Real Estate never goes to ZERO
    Rick McHone
    Dec 24, 2022
    Nationally and in the Arizona real estate market we have seen sales decline steadily over the past six months.
    Can they go any lower? Not much.

    I am a realtor in the Greater Phoenix area serving all surrounding communities from New River south to the City of Maricopa.

    1. Real Estate never goes to ZERO
      Yes RE does go to zero and even less than zero. Prior company had to PAY the city to take its old headquarters when it moved to a bigger town. Town was small and no one wanted the building so it was “donated” along with some money, to the city.

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