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Are There Too Many Houses?

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  1. From the first 7:38 video:

    Pros and Cons of buying a house in San Diego right now
    Allesen Cann
    Mar 5, 2023 SAN DIEGO
    With so much conflicting information out there, I want to help you distill it down to the pros and cons of buying a home right now. Every point in time has it’s pros and cons, the thing to understand most is how to address the cons and also, knowing when YOU are ready to make the purchase.

    The second 14:16 video:

    Will Bay Area Housing Price Go Down Further?
    HAYLEN Group Real Estate
    Mar 6, 2023
    Inflation, mortgage rates, employment updates for the Bay Area Housing Market

    ℹ️ Table of Contents:
    0:00 Introduction
    0:22 Inflation
    1:41 10 Year US Treasury Bill
    2:03 Mortgage Projections
    5:46 Current Mortgage Rates
    8:01 Will the market crash further?
    8:38 Tech Layoffs
    10:15 Inventory of homes
    13:32 Delinquency and Foreclosures

    The third 14:48 video;

    600 Million Buildings in China, Yet Ghost Towns Are Everywhere |A Woman in Shenzhen Owns 1200 Suites
    China Observer
    Premiered Mar 5, 2023
    China’s real estate market has developed rapidly over the years, and the exact number of houses in China has been a mystery. Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China (MOHURD) disclosed for the first time that the current number of urban and rural houses in China is nearly 600 million. This announcement instantly sparked heated discussions among Chinese netizens, with “Are there too many houses?” and “How many houses are vacant in China?” becoming the most talked-about topic. Some people worry that this is an oversupply of housing which could lead to a crash in housing prices. Others speculate that the authorities disclosed this data as a precursor for the introduction of a real estate tax.

    The fourth 5:36 video:

    Canadian Insolvencies Rise – Banks Prepare for Defaults
    Mark Mitchell – Mortgage Broker London Ontario
    Mar 6, 2023

    Canadian insolvencies rise as the big banks set aside $2.5 billion dollars in anticipation of a wave of defaults. Stresses on businesses and consumers are mounting as the Bank of Canada’s 425bps worth of rate hikes start to bite.

    The fifth 3:25 video:

    Canada Real Estate Crash Averted or Delayed? Bull Trap Warning
    Honest real estate talk
    Vic Singh
    Mar 6, 2023
    Canada real estate market (at least in the Greater Toronto Area) seems to be on a rebound for now. In the past month home prices have started going up and more homes in Toronto area are selling than in the past few months.
    Is the real estate market back to ‘normal’? Have we bottomed out and are back to selling again? Or is it a false flag and it’s just a bull trap?
    Bull trap in real estate can give false hope so be careful out there.
    Lack of inventory, rate hikes on pause and the time of the year are causing market to rise again.

    1. China’s real estate market

      The author implies at one point that there are 2 housing units for every one of 500 million households.

  2. In yet another sign of the potential for corruption in the $2.4 billion New York City spends each year on housing the homeless, meet Jocelyn Carter.

    Placed in a top Homeless Services job in the de Blasio years, Carter seems in violation of the city’s conflicts of interest law. Her sister’s firm has landed 17 contracts with the agency valued at $1.7 billion, per the City Comptroller’s Office.

    The sister, Valerie Smith, is vice president of New York City housing programs for Yonkers-based Westhab Inc., which runs homeless shelters in the city. Even if she got the job after Carter’s promotion, alarms should’ve gone off.

    But lots of dubiousness ensued as city homeless spending ballooned in the de Blasio years under Commissioner Steven Banks, opening the door to crooked social service and shelter operators.

    The bribery arrest of the CEO of the city’s largest shelter provider was one clue; the pals-on-the-pay

  3. The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a new plan last week to manage natural resources on the American River Parkway — a plan that the director of regional parks said would give the county more flexibility to move homeless people from one part of the parkway to another.

    When asked what shuffling homeless people around will accomplish, Kentral Pierce, who’s lived on the parkway for 10 years and has been relocated multiple times, had a one-word answer:


    1. “From my perspective as a lawyer, I wouldn’t want to hang my hat on that,” said Eric Tars, the legal director of the National Homelessness Law Center, who also served as counsel in the Martin v. Boise case.”

      There it is, nationwide.

    1. “The SEC has accused Kang of misappropriating at least $371,000 in customer funds for his personal use, including paying for vacations, tickets to sporting events and rent on his New York apartment.”

      Now it’s Taiwanese corruption, and we’ll support them too.

  4. From the article
    BKCoin and Kang raised $100 million from over 50 investors
    Wow, well over a $1 million a mark, err investor, Who could possibly believe in Crypto traders after all the platforms going BK/insolvent.

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