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How Extreme Is Our Current Decline?

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  1. From the first 14:24 video:

    Sacramento Housing Market Update! Spring 2023
    Sam Golovey – Sacramento Real Estate
    Premiered Mar 7, 2023 SACRAMENTO
    Sacramento Real Estate Market Update – March 2023

    The second 3:37 video:

    Where to Profit in Miami Real Estate during a Recession!
    Bryan Gorrita
    Mar 7, 2023
    Thinking about buying or selling a home in Miami (or anywhere in Greater Miami-Dade County)? This video is all about uncovering the HIDDEN Miami real estate opportunity.

    The third 23 minute video:

    Austin Weekly Market Report – Home Values Predicted to Decline Through 2024
    Live Your Life in Austin Texas
    Streamed live 11 hours ago
    In today’s livestream I’m going to review the latest data for Austin’s Housing Market this past week. With Goldman Sachs predicting falling home values through 2024, does Austin stand a chance in swinging back to the booming town it once was just a year ago?

    The fourth 20 minute video:

    Lack Of Inventory Causing Chaos In Brampton, Mississauga & Durham Real Estate – Mar 1
    Team Sessa Real Estate
    Mar 8, 2023

    Brampton, Mississauga, Ajax, Whitby, Pickering Real Estate Market Report for the week of Feb 23 – Mar 1, 2023.

  2. This Texas channel is informative, and if you are interested in Hays and Williamson Counties, check out starting at 18 minutes.

  3. loanDepot reports another big loss in Q4 as board fight looms
    HousingWire|6 hours ago
    Depot recorded a $610 million net loss in 2022. And the lender’s founder Anthony Hsieh is battling with the board over its future. loanDepot recorded a $610 million net loss in 2022. And the lender’s founder Anthony Hsieh is battling with the board over its future.

    Nearly 350 Bay Area employees laid off by Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries
    SFGate on|8 hours ago
    More than 340 Bay Area employees are being laid off from subsidiaries of Johnson & Johnson, the San Francisco Business Times reported. The largest job cuts — 292 positions — come from surgical robotics company Auris Health,

    US Mortgage Rates Increase for a Fourth-Straight Week
    YAHOO!Finance|23 hours ago
    US mortgage rates increased for a fourth week to the highest level since mid-November, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

    Finance of America Mortgage to close Roseville office, laying off 48
    The Business Journals|14 hours ago
    Finance of America is exiting the traditional mortgage business to concentrate on reverse mortgages, home equity loans and other lending.

    Dallas, Chicago-area lenders merge while facing a ‘paralyzed’ mortgage market
    Dallas Morning News|23 hours ago
    Dallas-based Town Square Mortgage has merged with a Chicago-area firm to better position both companies to weather the storm as the rapid rise in

    ‘I was flabbergasted’: Canceled job offers, once rare, are on the rise
    Seattle Times|22 hours ago
    As companies lay off workers by the thousands, some firms are also revoking job offers, sometimes just days before the start date.

    Embattled Billionaire Hui Ka Yan Can’t Reach A Deal With Evergrande’s International Creditors
    Forbes|6 hours ago
    Hui Ka Yan has made repeated pledges to pay down China Evergrande Group’s more than $300 billion in total liabilities, but the embattled tycoon is still nowhere close to reaching a deal with international creditors.

    1. loanDepot

      Gotta love all the cockamamie names they came up with for mortgage companies during the bubble.

  4. Hillary Clinton: Ukraine conflict shows climate change primarily affects women

    And here I thought that Ukrainians were affected by bombing and lost of infrastructure in the war. But no, it’s climate change that is affecting them the most.

    How long until the globalists insist a global climate lockdown is imperative and not up for discussion? Is it a coincidence that GM just announced they are going to reduce headcount by over 50%? I guess if you aren’t allowed to travel then you don’t need a car, right?

    Of course China, India and others will continue business as usual. And the people who matter won’t be locked down, because they are busy saving the world, from ritzy and nearly empty vacation spots and dining on the finest food, or so I am told.

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