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Some Properties May Have Been Priced Too High, That’s Why We’ve Seen The Discount

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  1. From the first 8 minute video:

    Don’t Let Market Changes Stop You | Luxury Living in Sarasota Florida
    Luxury Living In Sarasota
    Mar 16, 2023

    I’m going to discuss with you today about how to respond when the market undergoes changes. Right now in our market, we’ve had a big jump in the past 12 months with interest rates. Some buyers will naturally stand on the sidelines and hope and wait for interest rates to go down.

    It’s not the best choice! And there’s several reasons why. There’s several strategies you can utilize today to make sure you get the house that you’re really looking for. I will be talking about all possible strategies in this video.

    The second 14 minute video:

    Why Lower Mortgage Rates are BAD NEWS for the Housing Market!
    Live Your Life in Austin Texas
    Streamed live 13 hours ago
    With all of the CRAZY news happening in the world, the mortgage rates have dropped 3/4 of a percent in just one week! You would think this is great news for the Housing Market, but I’m here to tell you that it’s actually kind of scary.

  2. Google will stop selling Glass as it looks to cut costs
    KSL|11 hours ago
    Google will no longer sell the latest Enterprise Edition of Google Glass, the company announced this week, effectively killing off an innovative but failed wearable product line from another era that many consumers may have assumed was long gone.

    Lake Tahoe’s housing market takes a cool dip
    The Financial Times|23 hours ago
    With interest rates high, buyers are making lowball offers on the Californian side of this affluent rural getaway

    Triangle housing market keeps cooling as inventory soars
    The Business Journals|21 hours ago
    Momentum appears to be swinging back in favor of buyers as the Triangle housing market continues to slow down from the rapid pace seen in 2021 and 2022. Closings were down 14 percent in Wake County year over year in February and 11 percent in Durham,

    Don’t bother writing a ‘love letter’ to home sellers. They’re a waste of time and someone could get screwed.
    Business Insider|6 minutes ago
    Now, even as home prices cool, buyers continue to find themselves pitted against … There’s potential for seller discrimination and, crucially, violations of federal laws around fair housing. A smaller but still meaningful risk is that buyers can stretch …

    Sharon Stone reveals she lost half her money to “this banking thing”
    Fox Business on|17 hours ago
    Sharon Stone revealed in a speech that she lost half her money to a “banking thing.” She also reflected on the recent loss of her brother, Patrick Stone.

    Mortgage AI firm Candor conducts layoffs
    HousingWire|11 hours ago
    Candor Technology Inc. conducted an unspecified number of layoffs amid lenders rushing to cut costs in a shrinking market.

    Average IMB lost $2,812 per origination in Q4
    HousingWire|13 hours ago
    Only one in four IMBs were profitable in Q4 2022 amid loan production expense hitting a study high of $12,450 per loan, the MBA said.

    Impac loses $12M in the fourth quarter
    National Mortgage News|18 hours ago
    In its last full quarter using a mortgage banker business model, the company originated just $21.5 million, well down from $759.4 million one year prior.

    1. Google will stop selling Glass as it looks to cut costs

      Expect lots of companies to kill off showcase but money losing businesses like this one and to lay off the staff associated with them. Suddenly being profitable is very, very important.

      Meanwhile, new pickup trux and SUV’s are piling up at dealerships, unsold. I guess $50K is too rich for many people’s blood, especially when they can’t do a cash out refi to finance it.

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