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We Can’t Help But Ask The Question… What Happens Now?

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  1. From the first 11 minute video:

    March 2023 Las Vegas Housing Market Update
    Eric Nuke Hudson Living in Las Vegas
    Mar 22, 2023
    March 2023 Las Vegas Housing Market Update. In this video, we’ll share our latest housing market update for March 2023 in Las Vegas

    The second 4:33 video:

    San Mateo Latest Real Estate Market Update In Under 5 Minutes!
    RISE Homes – San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate
    209 subscribers
    6 views Mar 22, 2023
    As promised, here is the San Mateo latest housing market update!

    In this update, I’ll be comparing the single-family home and condo markets for February 2022 and February 2023, and highlighting changes in key indicators such as new listings, inventory, number of sold homes, average days on market, average sales price, median sales price, and percentage of list price received on average.

    The difference in the average sale price might surprise you!

    The third 7 minute video:

    GTA Real Estate sees ‘Surge in Forced Sales’, Banks Negotiating Extensions
    Mark Mitchell – Mortgage Broker London Ontario
    Mar 23, 2023 CANADA

    The Toronto real estate market saw a major increase in ‘forced sales’ in February, as private mortgage lenders initiate legal proceedings. Some big banks are negotiating ‘negative amortizations’, allowing homeowners to make partial interest payments and add the difference onto their principal.

    The fourth 15:30 video:

    Austin Buyer Demand is HEATING UP! Could home values be on THE RISE AGAIN??
    Live Your Life in Austin Texas
    Streamed live 10 hours ago
    The Austin Market is taking off in full swing with increased inventory, increased buyer demand, and increased home values. After a very bumpy start, and months of nail biting economic news, we can’t help but ask the question… what happens now? Join me on my show today while we review the data, trends, and forecasts for the city of Austin and surrounding areas. Stay tuned, it’s my weekly Austin Housing Market Update!

    The fifth 12 minute video:

    Lowest Sales In Years In Vaughan, Richmond Hill & Markham Real Estate – Mar 15
    Team Sessa Real Estate
    Mar 23, 2023

    00:00 – Can You Over Renovate?
    03:30 – Introduction
    04:30 – Vaughan Detached
    06:48 – Richmond Hill Detached
    08:34 – Markham Detached
    09:51 – York Region Condo’s

    Vaughan Home Prices, Richmond Hill Home Prices & Markham Home Prices for the week of Mar 9 – Mar 15, 2023.

  2. 11 charts that show the continuing impact of lockdown
    The Daily Telegraph|4 hours ago
    Three years on from the moment Boris Johnson told Britain to stay indoors, we count the lasting effects of the pandemic

    San Antonio’s housing inventory surged over 200% YOY, one of nation’s highest rates
    The Business Journals|17 hours ago
    New data reveals that San Antonio has one of the largest ramp-ups in housing inventory in the nation. According to franchise real estate brokerage RE/MAX, which looked at multiple listing service data for 50 metro areas around the U.

    Following landlord protest, Oakland’s eviction moratorium will “ramp down”
    East Bay Times|9 hours ago
    Nikki Fortunato Bas, said she had been consulting with experts in recent days about how the city could “phase out” its pandemic-era evictions ban.

    “Even more financial chaos”: Latest hike by Fed “risks throwing millions of Americans out of work”
    Salon|15 hours ago
    “Higher rates could also imperil more banks, and risk even more financial chaos. The Fed is playing with fire.” Fed Chair Jerome Powell told reporters Wednesday that although the Federal Open Market Committee “did consider” a pause on rate increases following the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank failures,

    Southern California’s housing market slowdown pushes into 15th month
    The San Bernardino Sun|10 hours ago
    But high interest rates and low inventory are holding the market back, housing economists said. New listings in the region were down at least 38.5% in February, according to Zillow. Redfin numbers show total listings — both new and those taking longer to …

    Ex-owner of defunct Bel-Aire Hotel to lose 2nd hotel through foreclosure, sheriff’s sale
    Erie Times-News|1 day ago
    SureStay Best Western on W.12th St. stopped making its mortgage payments, just as the Bel-Aire did. Schwab family owns SureStay, had owned Bel-Aire.

    Bank of England chief warns of further interest rate hikes if firms raise prices – business live
    The Guardian|10 minutes ago
    The personal finance measure however remains low as inflation erodes take home pay and cost-of-living pressures persist. Economic data, though still weak, has started to show incipient signs of improvement in the UK with house prices, retail sales …

    Shares of Jack Dorsey’s Block take a dive after short-seller’s report raises questions
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch|12 hours ago
    Shares of Block Inc., the payments firm led by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, plunged Thursday after a short-seller’s report alleged the company had overstated user numbers and other key metrics. Block strongly disputed the report by Hindenburg Research on its Cash App business,

    Transaction Volumes Hit the Wall in All Property Types Last Month|16 hours ago
    The office and retail sectors have faced fundamental challenges tied to property obsolescence.” Three years after the global financial crash, distressed sales were 20.3% of all property sales.

    State Street exit, faltering office market add up to rare miss for Synergy
    The Business Journals|23 hours ago
    Before Covid, this Quincy building was fully occupied by State Street. Since then, it’s gone into foreclosure — a rare setback for Boston-based office investor Synergy.

    San Francisco office market braces for onslaught of defaults, foreclosures
    The Business Journals|11 hours ago
    There’s a perfect storm of conditions for office defaults and foreclosures in San Francisco. One expert calls it “lethal.”

    Stunningly high commercial mortgage debt may determine economy, banking sector’s future
    The Business Journals|17 hours ago
    Keep watch. It could be banks’ commercial real estate loan portfolios and borrowers ability to pay that could determine the country’s economy going forward.

    Warehouse lenders facing fallout from industry woes
    HousingWire|11 hours ago
    Recent bond-rating reports shine a spotlight on the deposit and investment-portfolio shortcomings of two banks offering warehouse lines – Comerica and Western Alliance.

  3. Newly independent Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has been dishing on her Democratic colleagues during fundraisers in the past year, referring to them as “old dudes … eating Jell-O,” a report says.

    The centrist senator — who left the Democratic Party in December — has reportedly pandered to Republican lobbyists and donors at recent events, once earning uproarious laughter for her description of Democrats’ “ridiculous” and “dumb” weekly caucus luncheons.

    “Old dudes are eating Jell-O, everyone is talking about how great they are,” Sinema, 46, said earlier this year at a reception in Washington, DC, according to Politico.

    “I don’t really need to be there for that. That’s an hour and a half twice a week that I can get back.

  4. Critical defects on mortgage applications reached a new high in the third quarter last year, in a period when originations declined steeply and competition heightened, according to a new report from Aces Quality Management.

    Findings of material errors committed during underwriting increased for the third quarter in a row, hitting a 2.47% share, which represented a jump of over 40 basis points from 2.05% from the previous three months. In the first quarter, the rate came in at 1.93%.

  5. Deutsche Bank’s credit default swaps (CDS) – a form of insurance for bondholders – shot up above 200 basis points (bps) – the most since early 2019 – from 142 bps just two days ago, based on data from S&P Market Intelligence.

    On Thursday, Deutsche CDS had their largest one-day gain on record, based on Refinitiv data.

    “Deutsche Bank has been in the spotlight for a while now, in a similar way to how Credit Suisse had been,” Stuart Cole, head macro economist at Equiti Capital, said. “It has gone through various restructurings and changes of leadership in attempts to get it back on a solid footing but so far none of these efforts appear to have really worked.”

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