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The 2023 Housing Market Is Going Through Turmoil!

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  1. From the first 5:45 video:

    Collapse of home builder Porter Davis leaves customers in limbo | 7.30
    ABC News (Australia)
    Apr 6, 2023
    The collapse of residential home builder Porter Davis last week is continuing to send shock waves through the industry. More than 1,500 customers in Victoria and Queensland have been left with unfinished homes. The liquidator is urging customers to be patient, as it scrambles to find new builders.

    The second 16 minute video:

    Is New Construction Inflating Austin’s Housing Market?
    Live Your Life in Austin Texas
    Streamed live on Apr 5, 2023
    The Austin Housing Market is fairing a lot better than the rest of the US Economy, but why??? When you dig into the data, you find that perhaps it’s not what it seems as you discover that New Construction sales are BOOMING and holding afloat the entire market. Join me today as I give you the specifics on how you can find the hot deals coming out of new builds.

    The third 6 minute video:

    10 Cities with HUGE price reductions in Real Estate
    Florida Real Estate TV
    New report shows 10 cities with the MOST price reductions. Big crash coming?

    This is a report of not only the 10 cities in the USA with the most number of price reductions, but also the 10 cities with the least amount of price reductions.

    The 2023 Housing Market is going through turmoil! Make no mistake about it, February shows numbers way worse than February 2022. The real estate housing market could improve if interest rates decline. That is what is expected at this point in time for the end of 2023.

    The fourth 13 minute video:

    Market Is Heating Up In Vaughan, Richmond Hill & Markham Real Estate – Mar 29
    Team Sessa Real Estate
    Apr 6, 2023

    Vaughan Home Prices, Richmond Hill Home Prices & Markham Home Prices for the week of Mar 23 – Mar 29, 2023.

    1. Tragic video shows dying Cash App founder Bob Lee was ignored by bystanders as he begged for help after being stabbed in San Francisco early Tuesday.

      Before succumbing to his injuries, the 43-year-old chief product officer of MobileCoin walked up to a parked car that had its hazard flashers on to try to get help, according to surveillance footage obtained by the San Francisco Standard.

      Footage showed Lee lifted his shirt to show the driver his two stab wounds — but collapsed to the ground as the car drove off.

      After being stranded by the driver, Lee staggered over to a nearby apartment building, only to collapse at its front door, CCTV footage shared by the Daily Mail showed.

      Unfortunately, the front desk was unmanned and the lobby empty when the dying father slumped to the ground.

      1. Another one from week before. This is so bad not linking, easily searched with info below. Poor guy died, very graphic, uncensored.

        One person continued to drink his coffee, another filmed it rather than help. Sick.

        Video: Vancouver man stabbed at Starbucks, while people recorded it drinking non-fat latte’s, has died|Mar 28, 2023

      2. I do wonder, what was Bob Lee doing on the streets at 2AM? Was he looking for his drug dealer?

        1. From what I’ve read, roughly half a dozen crypto dudes have died recently under suspicious circumstances. I don’t care enough to delve further.

  2. Brookfield Takes $111M Write Down on DTLA’s Wells Fargo Tower|20 hours ago
    The lower valuation was disclosed in an annual report by the Brookfield DTLA Fund Office Trust Investor, a publicly traded fund that owns six office buildings—including the Wells Fargo Center at 355 South Grand Avenue—and a retail center in DTLA

    Reserve Bank warns that commercial property could face distress in downturn
    The Daily Telegraph|14 hours ago
    The Reserve Bank has warned that risks around the fragile commercial property sector would increase if economic conditions were to deteriorate substantially.

    Fund That Flip files to foreclose on Cleveland townhouses
    Crain’s Cleveland Business|16 hours ago
    Fund That Flip, through its FTF Lending unit, has filed to foreclose on a $1.4 million loan it issued in the latest phase of a Cleveland townhouse project with a troubled history.

    Investors Retreat From Commercial Real Estate Bonds
    Wall Street Journal|17 hours ago
    Office vacancies and rising interest rates have made investors demand greater yields for buying commercial-mortgage debt.

  3. On March 22, Erin Liljander was caught on camera going into Patrick Lane’s apartment at the Renaissance Riverfront Lofts — an award-winning affordable-housing complex located along the South Platte River Trail, near the Railyards Marketplace center in RiNo. Lane never came out.

    Touted by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless as the agency’s first “green” apartment building, the five-story Riverfront Lofts project at 3440 Park Avenue West has won state and national awards for the struicture’s eco-friendly construction and design, as well as its contributions to the community.

    Liljander — a 22-year-old who lives in a homeless camp near the Globeville area and is nicknamed “Schiz” — had been to the building at least once before, according to police, and was caught on surveillance footage going in and out of Lane’s apartment between 10:52 a.m. and 2:57 p.m. that day before scurrying away with some items and a backpack.

    Five days later, Lane was found dead in his kitchen — stabbed 27 times in the back of his head, the left side of his neck, his left arm, his left torso and his upper left leg.

    The motive? Still unknown, as are the answers for how Liljander, who’s been charged with first-degree murder, knew the 54-year-old Lane and managed to get inside the Renaissance Riverfront Lofts, which CCH has publicly praised as a “safe, protected space” like the others it runs throughout Denver.

    “We do everything we can to prevent trespassers from entering the property, but like all apartment buildings that you will hear about in Denver, sometimes people find ways to get in,” says coalition spokeswoman Cathy Alderman. “[Liljander] did not live at the property. She was not a resident. She was not a tenant. She was not associated with CCH programs. Whether or not she may have been invited in by a guest is obviously not something that we know.”

  4. The jeweller – which operated stores in four key London locations – was taken to court by one of its landlords, Canary Wharf Group, after the real estate company filed a winding-up petition.

    The restructuring arm of management consulting company, Teneo, has been called in to act as Vashi’s liquidator.

    One investor told Sky News that Vashi’s “shareholders now face the loss of their entire investment in the business.”

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