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Realtors Are Lying To You!!!

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  1. From the 30 minute video:

    Canadian Real Estate Market: Ep 125 The Wise Old Owl Show
    Apr 20, 2023
    Ep. 125 – TRREB reports March sales results. Why all the excitement? @cibc announces $52 billion of their variable static mortgages have payments that don’t cover the interest obligation…do the other lenders offering static payments have the same issue? All this and your questions on this show.

  2. Huge Oakland housing development site lurches into loan default
    East Bay Times|3 hours ago
    An Oakland site being eyed for a mixed-use development that would feature more than 1,000 residences has staggered into a loan default.

    St. Paul’s Keg and Case food market sued over loan
    The Business Journals|13 hours ago
    The owner of Keg and Case West 7th Market in St. Paul is being sued by the lender that financed the redevelopment of the historic Schmidt Keg House building.

    Exclusive: Reduced builder demand sends lot supplies soaring
    The Business Journals|13 hours ago
    As new home starts have declined since the third quarter of 2022, the number of vacant developed lots has increased to the point of oversaturation.

    Lyft Will Lay Off About 1,200 People as It Looks to Cut Costs
    The New York Times|11 hours ago
    The layoffs, which are expected next week, will affect about 1,200 people, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. It is the first significant move by David Risher, the company’s new chief executive.

    Tesla saw a $56 billion stock rout in a single day, an amount that dwarfs Ford’s market cap
    YAHOO!News on|11 hours ago
    Tesla saw its value plunge by almost $56 billion in one day, an amount that dwarfs the individual market caps of Ford and General Motors.

    The Real Estate Quarterly – Difficulty Leasing
    Los Angeles Business Journal|9 hours ago
    The office market continued to be choppy in Los Angeles during the first quarter as employers wrestled with getting employees back to the office and grappled with how to make the best use of their space.

    Astronomer slashes headcount for second time in 2023, cuts 100 positions
    The Business Journals|16 hours ago
    This is the second time in 2023 the startup, which ranks among Greater Cincinnati’s best-funded, has cut jobs.

    1. ‘the number of vacant developed lots has increased to the point of oversaturation’

      This is San Antonio TX.

    2. Lyft Will Lay Off About 1,200 People as It Looks to Cut Costs
      Another “high tech” company cuts jobs! s/

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