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Alright, Pack Up Ship And Then Cut The Fat

A report from Mortgage Orb. "For the fifth consecutive quarter, a plurality of mortgage lenders expect near-term profitability to decrease, according to Fannie Mae's Q4 2021 Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey. 'Mortgage lenders’ profitability outlook has significantly weakened over the past…

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It’s The Same Shit Now

A report from the News Daily in Georgia. "Several weeks back, I asked in this space, 'What is the plan?' An extended eviction and foreclosure moratorium, put in place by the CDC during this lengthy pandemic will expire on July…

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They Are So Deep In The Hole

A report from 9 News in Colorado. "In many of the nation’s top housing markets, including Colorado, roughly one in five houses sold is now bought by someone who never moves in. 'The fear is that the larger, corporate investors…

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