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  1. Lots of indications this shack has sat here for a while. The pool alone suggests many months or years. Thanks to the HBBer who visited with me out there and gave me a nice gift of local chocolates!

    1. Interesting. If it’s anything like last time the foreclosures will spread up the road to Elk Grove soon.

        1. That reminds me of the last housing bubble pop.

          Folks hired by cities to put a certain fish into abandoned pools to eat mosquitoe larvae.

  2. Loomis, CA Housing Prices Crater 32% YOY As Sacramento Area Construction Costs Slip Under $50 Per Square Foot

    As one Sacramento broker shared, “The cost to rent a house is half the monthly cost of buying it but that’s something we just don’t discuss openly.”

  3. As reported by British Real Journalists 1776:

    “During the whole affair the Rebels attacked us in a very scattered, irregular manner, but with perseverance & resolution, nor did they ever dare to form into any regular body. Indeed, they knew too well what was proper, to do so. Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob, will find himself much mistaken. They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about, having been employed as Rangers against the Indians & Canadians, & this country being much covered with wood, and hilly, is very advantageous for their method of fighting.”

    Happy Independence Day America… celebrate it now, because it will be illegal to do within a few years.

  4. You were able to gain access to the pool that easily??
    Look closely just beneath the green slime…. it that a small child?

    1. I just opened the gate. This is a duplex. If you look at the front there are two addresses and in the last shot you can see the upstairs access.

      1. I’m surprised somebody hasn’t said, “Ben you so meanie, you just walk into the backyard!”

        That’s how this business works. Does the lender care? Where’s the no trespassing sign? I never violate that. Who’s going to shell out over $500k – hard cash on the spot, BTW – for an abandoned shack if they can’t at least walk around the outside? They won’t even pay for a yard cut. Or put a $500 safety cover over the pool. And where’s the HOA? The city?

        The foreclosure business is fudged up. Very little that goes on makes sense. But somebody has to clean up these messes and they expect to bag a little coin for taking the risk and doing the dirty work.

    1. Six migrants on board a rescue ship in the Mediterranean Sea tried to kill themselves and others have gotten into fights and threatened fellow passengers and crew members in growing desperation over their inability to find a country willing to take them in.

      Looks like it didn’t work out as planned.

  5. Welps, I want all Sacramento area housing inventory to rise and prices to drop by 50% then it would be good time to buy versus rent.

    1. And it’s all to protect the rich peoples’ wealth. Falling prices in real estate, stocks, commodities, art and everything else would decimate their net worths. So, the FED works feverishly to levitate prices.

    1. The only stories that matter to this narrative are black lives harmed by white policemen. No other form of interpersonal injury or property destruction will be mentioned in BLM news reports.

      1. The Seattle video clip of the car mowing down protesters blocking the interstate was gut wrenching, and it’s already being consigned to the memory hole due to the race of the driver. Had the car been a replica of the General Lee, complete with the Stars and Bars on the rooftop, I would expect half of Seattle would be burned to the ground by now.

    1. That’s because the globalists planted lizard people to run the diversity programs, so they can send robots to steal our medicine while we are distracted by videos of cops beating black people.

    2. Perhaps the unions have more of a chokehold over progressive city governments, so that police have little fear of being terminated even in the face of egregious behavior. That’s probably the quickest and most effective police reform. First offense: lose half your pension. Second offense, lose your job and the rest of your pension.

    3. I’ve previously pointed out that Tom Bradley was mayor of LA from 1973 to 1993. By the end of his tenure, the LAPD had become a mess, the Rodney King beating happened, and then when the officers were acquitted, the riots happened. So remind me again why it’s soooo important to have POC’s in high positions, when you have results like that?

  6. ‘When the freeze on evictions in the Commonwealth ended last week, many Virginians were left struggling with what to do next. Keisha Logan said trying to keep her head above water has been more than a struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.’

    “All the bills started piling up,” said Logan, who has been caring for her elderly mother, a son home from college and a high schooler.’

    “I’m having to spend more money on utilities because more s being used because ,more people are home throughout the day,” Logan explained. “I have to continually buy food because, you know, they’re here throughout the day.”

  7. Doing more research on the property in the video, I saw this:

    06/14/2013 Notice of Default issued. The owner of this property was served a notice of default for missed mortgage payments of $19,725.

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