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What Can You Do To Staunch The Haemorrhaging Of Cash?

A report from the Georgia Straight in Canada. “Buyers of expensive homes appear to be getting good bargains. A Vancouver property sold recently at almost $5 million below its first listing price, according to market tracking by The single-family home at 5988 Newton Wynd in the University Endowment Lands was originally listed on November 20, 2018 by Royal Pacific Realty Corp. for $11,280,000. The listing was terminated, and on the same day, it was back on the market for $9,980,000.”

“After 590 days on the market, the three-bedroom house sold for $6,500,000 on July 2, 2020. Compared to its first price of $11,280,000, the final selling price was $4,780,000 less.”

From CTV News in Canada. “Condominium prices in Calgary have taken a 9.7 per cent drop over the past year, according to the Royal LePage House Price Survey. A glut of condos on the market can be blamed on the decrease in prices says Corinne Lyall, broker for Royal LePage Benchmark. This trend is likely to continue as there are over 5,000 condo units currently under construction in Calgary, according to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation.”

From The Mirror on Barbados. “A luxury mansion in the Caribbean is up for sale and its owners have slashed a whopping £11million off the asking price. The sprawling 14,000 square feet Cove Spring House in Barbados boasts a total of 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Cove Spring House is on the market for £19,857,065. It had previously been on sale for £31.3m and offers beautiful views of the Caribbean seas.”

From Echo Live on Ireland. “House prices in Cork city and county have dropped around 7 percent when compared with the same period last year. According to that latest housing market report from, in the second quarter of this year, the average price of a house in the county was €218,685 which is 6.9 percent lower than a year previously. In the city, the average sales price was €265,637, down 7.1 percent. Nationally, sale prices fell by an average of 3.3 percent in the year to June.”

From Le News. “Since 2014 there has been a marked slowdown in EU immigration into Switzerland. In addition, a lot of rental homes have been built. The overall supply of rental properties now exceeds demand. Between 2014 and 2019, Swiss home rents declined by 1.6% on average. In the lake Geneva region they fell by an average of 4.2%. In Ticino they fell 6.9%. Even Zurich, where the market is typically tight, average rent fell 1.1%.”

From ERR on Estonia. “A 10-25 percent decrease in rent prices can be attributed to apartments being freed due to the pandemic. Sirli Nurm, Tallinn broker at Lahe Kinnisvara, said there are fewer renters in Tallinn, which is affecting the market. Nurm said: ‘There is a possibility to haggle with prices currently, because there are fewer renters than apartments available, also because Airbnb apartments have become available on the market. Foreign workers and students are also missing, which lessens the number of renters even further.'”

“She added many apartments for rent are currently empty altogether and prices are 20 percent lower than prior to the pandemic. Nurm said: ‘I have a beautiful two-room apartment in Mustamäe in my portfolio that I have previously rented out at €530 a month, utilities not included. After the emergency situation, I priced it at €450 because there was only one renter interested and they made an offer.'”

“Tero Villik, Tartu broker of Lahe Kinnisvara, noted tenants are aware of the market situation, regardless of them being students or families. He noted: ‘Incomes have taken a hit and prices have to be decreased, whether it be the rental or the purchase-sale market.'”

The Times of India. “Sharad Mundhe, a real estate broker operating in Camp and Kondhwa, has not closed a single deal in the last three months. ‘In the area where I operate, the number of empty apartments has increased by almost 20% over the last few months as many people had to leave after they lost their livelihood. Now, I cannot find any new tenants. Many flat owners have reduced rents to lure prospective tenants but no one has called me in the past three months,’ Mundhe said.”

“Irshad Shaikh, another broker said a lot has to do with a lot has to do with many societies deciding against renting flats. Landlords are ready to reduce rents by Rs6,000 to Rs7,000 but finding interested parties has become extremely difficult. I have a flat that has been empty for three months,’ Shaikh said.”

“‘I am in contact with at least eight landlords willing to cut rent by almost 45%. I have clients who wanted to buy flats and their home loans had been approved but banks started calling them about salary cuts or job losses and cancelling or readjusting the loans,’ another broker said.”

The Australian Financial Review. “There is a terrible collision between several economic realities about to occur and it’s going to leave hundreds of people seriously out of pocket and the housing market with a glut of cut-price apartments. Roughly 10 per cent of off-the-plan purchasers have defaulted on their contracts in the past three months, and more are likely to do so in the next few months.”

“Martin North of Digital Finance Analytics says off-the-plan values have dropped between 10 and 15 per cent during the past 12 months and more than 3000 off-the-plan settlements fell over between March and June due to problems with lower valuations. Today, if your lender’s valuation of the property represents a 15 per cent drop in value, walking away from a 10 per cent deposit makes some kind of economic sense. If your $800,000 unit is worth $120,000 less, then taking an $80,000 hit seems like a bargain.”

“However, that argument is a lot less compelling if the developer sells the completed unit for $650,000 and comes after you for the difference. But what can you do to staunch the haemorrhaging of cash?”

The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. “One in three apartments in Melbourne’s CBD sold for less than they were bought for in the first three months of the year, as fears rise of a bigger hit from the coronavirus pandemic on property markets. In the City of Melbourne, 33.6 per cent of homes sold at a loss at a median decline of $44,500. These 120 properties were all apartments and 68.6 per cent were investor-owned. In Sydney, the council areas with the highest proportion of loss-making owners were Burwood, where 22.4 per cent sold for less than they were bought for.”

From Domain News in Australia. “Plummeting rents in many parts of Sydney have led to a frenzy of lease renegotiations by tenants threatening to go elsewhere if their rents aren’t reduced. ‘It’s been a bit of a bloodbath,’ said Bernadette Rayner of The Property Business Australia, who is advertising property in Millers Point in the city where house rents have fallen by a staggering 20.6 per cent over the last year, on new Domain data.”

“Rents all over the city are suffering and, while we’re getting inquiries, it’s at much lower rates. When COVID first hit, so many tenants just dropped their keys in and walked out and now the ones left are trying to negotiate new rents. Nobody’s returned to the city for work, and a lot of corporate tenants and expats have left,’ she said.”

“Eastern suburbs agent Debbie Donnelley of Phillips Pantzer Donnelley says there’s also a glut of apartments on the market, which is further forcing rents down. ‘As well, we’re seeing a lot of changeover happening with people moving from two-bed apartments to three, and to houses as the rents are now less,’ she said.”

“But there are pockets all over Sydney suffering even bigger blows. In the inner west, house rents in Pyrmont fell 11.8 per cent and Beaconsfield dropped 11.2 per cent. On the northern beaches house rents in North Balgowlah have dropped by 15.5 per cent and even ritzy harbourfront Point Piper is seeing an 18.1 per cent drop in unit rents.”

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  1. You learn something new every day around here:

    gerund or present participle: haemorrhaging

    (of a person) suffer a hemorrhage.
    “he had begun hemorrhaging in the night”
    expend (money) in large amounts in a seemingly uncontrollable manner.
    “the business was hemorrhaging cash”

  2. ‘Tero Villik, Tartu broker of Lahe Kinnisvara, noted tenants are aware of the market situation, regardless of them being students or families. He noted: ‘Incomes have taken a hit and prices have to be decreased, whether it be the rental or the purchase-sale market’

    Translation, “drop yer prices you greedy bashtards, my Nobe is not going to make it’s own payment!”

    1. LOL, I’d never even heard of these things. Indeed, we do learn something new every day! 😀

  3. ‘off-the-plan values have dropped between 10 and 15 per cent during the past 12 months and more than 3000 off-the-plan settlements fell over between March and June due to problems with lower valuations’

    Golly, the guberment/central bank FOMO operation seems to have blown up like a hand grenade in the faces of thousands of people! Sacre bleu!

    1. “Golly, the guberment/central bank FOMO operation seems to have blown up like a hand grenade in the faces of thousands of people!”

      If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.

      — Herbert Stein’s Law

  4. Welps I am sitting on a pile of cash waiting for inventory to rise and prices to drop in Sacramento. Right now it is not a good buyer market.

    1. You and me both. If there are too many of us it’s never going to happen. Right now in Folsom/EDH all the techies are still employed. So all the 600-800k houses on the market are still in relatively high demand.

  5. Wow.

    It seems to be a world wide phenomenon.

    Plunging rents.
    Housing prices dropping.
    Oversupply of newly built apartments.
    Demand dropping off.
    Airbnb being converted into rentals.
    FB everywhere.

    So…I am sure just a coincidence.

    1. The central banks were working in concert since 2009 to effect a massive transfer of wealth and assets from the proles to the globalist elites. Now the fake “wealth” created by fake money is being wiped away as trillions of Yellen Bux go to whatever afterlife awaits debauched fiat currencies.

      1. Best comment from ZH: “You’ve run the town into the ground with your dim-witted progressive ideology, then you let the thugs and losers have their way to riot, loot, pillage – and now you want the U.S. taxpayer to bail you out? Go pound sand.”

        ^^^ This. Should be the stock FedGov answer to all municipalities that elect libtards, then reap what they voted.

      2. Exactly so why should the rest of America pay for their failure. They should immediately raise the state sales tax to 10% double triple the income tax and money will start flowing in next month.

        1. Or they could just leave those parts of the city decimated, like in DC after the 1968 riots. It was 40+ years before that part of the city recovered.

          1. I remember on passing through Detroit in the early 1980s thinking that it looked like the aftermath of a war. That was over a decade since the 1968 riots.

        2. Other than the fact that those libtard cities are the economic engine that keeps the meth, I mean free shit, I mean cheese, flowing to you; why nothing.

  6. I have a flat that has been empty for three months,’ Shaikh said.”

    Then clearly you’re asking too much, Shaikh.

  7. “After 590 days on the market, the three-bedroom house sold for $6,500,000 on July 2, 2020. Compared to its first price of $11,280,000, the final selling price was $4,780,000 less.”

    590 days from now, it’ll be going for a fraction of its “bargain” final selling price as increasingly pauperized wage-earners in the oligarch-looted economies of the western democracies can not longer stretch their debased dollars, euros, pounds, etc. to cover the insane costs of housing.

  8. “There is a terrible collision between several economic realities about to occur and it’s going to leave hundreds of people seriously out of pocket and the housing market with a glut of cut-price apartments.

    The fraud of Keynesian economics is going to be on display for all to see as the central bankers’ desperate efforts to defer the arrival of the financial reckoning day fail due to the sheer magnitude of accumulated debt and systemic fraud of the past 11 years.

  9. If your $800,000 unit is worth $120,000 less, then taking an $80,000 hit seems like a bargain.”

    $80,000 would’ve paid for a lot of stress-free renting while you watch the central bankers’ House of Cards implode under the weight of its own fraud and fictitious valuations.

  10. A glut of condos on the market can be blamed on the decrease in prices says Corinne Lyall, broker for Royal LePage Benchmark.

    No, Corinne. A glut of condos of anything means there’s too much supply and not enough demand. If you want to stimulate demand, some serious sawin’ and slashin’ is in order.

    But I guess you didn’t learn economic fundamentals while earning your Art Appreciation degree.

    1. I just checked, apparently no bodycam or other footage has been released, and no update of any kind about the investigation. I guess they’re hoping everyone forgets about him?

        1. Police have alleged that Lemp illegally owned three rifles and two shotguns.

          He was prohibited from possessing firearms until he turned 30 due to a juvenile criminal record, the press release said.

          1. Anyone deemed too dangerous to be allowed to own a gun should be institutionalized. In other words, anyone who isn’t locked up in some way, should be allowed to own a gun. Anything else is unconstitutional.

            These days, if you sneeze in the direction of authority you can lose your right to buy a firearm. And the authorities are going to continue to push the envelope.

            Fortunately, the virus is continuing to expose the authoritarians for the evil scumbags that they truly are. They are beginning to be rejected.

    1. LOL, it won’t let me choose “median sale price.” I tried selecting different date ranges and home types, but it’s still grayed out.

      1. “The president is wearing a mask now.”

        Well there is a Deep State with a complicit media to be dealt with.

        Latest figures on China’s coronavirus outbreak

        Taiwan has recorded 451 cases, the 158th highest in the world. US coronavirus cases surpass three million

        14 hours ago

        No. Country/Area Confirmed Deaths




        New Zealand


      2. He will bomb Iran next
        He will invade venezuela

        Anything deep state wants, he will oblige.

    1. I am also concerned about the virus that has hit this Nation of people that clearly state they want to overthrow America. This is no differentl than a invading army.
      No doubt these Commies want to first reduce the police force to create a unprotected population.

      Any liberal Mayor or Governor that helps these groups mount their attacks are traitors to the Constitution.
      Joe Biden saying in summary that he is going to trandform America is a clear act of a Presidential canadate calling for the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic.
      Not only does the evidence shows that Biden was in the pocket of Ukraine and China to enrich his Son, and other schemes to enrich other family members, he also is one of the most corrupt long term political figures of all times.

      It’s a insult that a major party is putting up a Senile Man that will be told what to do. .
      The time has come for these USA haters to be taken out of office . How dare these people want to trample on everything this Country was created for , and practice a oppression and reverse discrimation of the white race to accomplish Commie goals. It’s treason and the Globalist Corps that support this are treasonous and should be transferred to China because they have shown their true colors.
      It’s all Commie nonsense and our Government wrongfully grew to big and messed up the Nation with the interference in Commerce, the Welfare State, and collusion with Globalist and China for that matter.

      It’s about time that people start asking themselves if they ever voted for a One World order where our jobs get outsourced to China and other Countries so we can be overtaken. Did the majority really vote for open borders whereby poor people determine the pay scale in the USA, while taxes are used to supplement business by welfare to ilegals.
      Did people even know that the educational system became brainwashing mills for a Commie overthrow.
      All the rot has come to the surface lately.

      It is a Civil War that no compromise can be obtained based on the objectives of the far left that infected our State and Federal Governments. Only option is to take these invading treasonous puppets out. They would do it to you in a heartbeat because you were stupid enough to allow them power to transform the USA.

      I find this to be a virus that needs to be snuffed out, and it’s a greater threat than covid 19.

      1. Any liberal Mayor or Governor that helps these groups mount their attacks are traitors to the Constitution.

        Hence, my previous gallows comment.

      2. The problem with the Bank of China (State-Owned Enterprise of the People’s Republic of China, under the absolute control of the Chinese Communist Party) giving money to Hunter Biden’s hedge fund is that Hunter was a drug addict. The People’s Republic of China, as a civilization, does not believe in “forgiveness”.

        That is, if you commit an unconscionable act, such as drug addiction, you are persona non grata.

        Therefore, it is socially and politically impossible to forgive a drug addict in the People’s Republic of China, especially for a State Owned Enterprise under the control of Chinese Communist Party.

        The only explanation, of course, is bribery. Bribery, of course, is a part of Traditional Chinese Culture. And so it goes.

        Biden is obscenely corrupt. The Fake News Media refuses to cover this because they are too busy kissing the asses of the fascists in Beijing. As are the NBA. As are other sell-outs in the USA.

    2. An Outbreak of Common Colds at an Antarctic Base after Seventeen Weeks of Complete Isolation (1973)

    1. Black criminals have carte blanche to train guns on white cops, knowing that they will have the full support of the BLM movement in case the officers follow normal procedures to contain the threat.

    2. All the nut cakes are coming out in droves. Apparently the police are targets as well as White culture and Western Civilization and Science even. These Commies are the masters of false narratives using racism to divide and conquer.

      Firstly, Clinton had no right to sell out America in 1995 that would transform America to a rigged financial system, while at the same time put American jobs and industry into being gutted.

      I really don’t think people knew the sell outs going on because most people are to busy with making a living to follow what these bribed Politicians are doing. .

      In spite of Americans saying for decades that they wanted border control the Political body couldn’t accomplish it because of what buys them out.

      It’s going to take time to correct what went afoul here to actually bring America back from the brink of destruction. But first the enemy from within and from without must be defeated before this goes any further by taking out as many left wing Politicians as possible this next election.

      Had George Washington knew about Communists they would of put more protection against it.
      Make no mistake that Commie take over would not be compatible with the USA Constition.

      The idea of COMMIES is that equity is the greatest ambition and a Big Government controls all wealth to dole out equity..

      As far as I’m concerned the One World order idea was a violation of the Constitution to start with .

      1. Had George Washington knew about Communists

        He and the others knew all about the depravity of elite ruling minorities.

        1. Yes your right BlueSkye .The Founders also knew that mob rule didn’t work, so that’s why the choice for a Constitutional Republic.

      2. In spite of Americans saying for decades that they wanted border control the Political body couldn’t accomplish it because of what buys them out.

        Ah, so I’m not the only person who noticed that neither major party wants to stop illegal immigration. Though of course they have different motivations for keeping it going.

        All the yap from a certain candidate in 2016 was just that, yap. No way he was going to cut off the flow of cheap labor.

        And to think how many people were actually stupid enough to believe that a US prez could force another country to pay for US border security, LOL.

        Also, as has been stated here before, it was clear the “war on terror” was BS when nothing concrete was done to secure the southern border.

        1. Yes, both Parties are bought out. So, a Trump election just to buy time for a new party to be formed.
          The Dems have gone a little to Commie for me, but both sides of the Political Parties have not been representing the working class. Trump did a few things so for now it’s better than that horrible Biden.
          The issue right now is stopping a Commie type takeover which has to be addressed at this juncture.

          The thing that I don’t understand is how the Globàlist money changers are actually going to flourish if a Commie take over takes place.i think they think they can control the Commies, just like they thought they could control Hilter by giving him a little power at first .

          1. i think they think they can control the Commies, just like they thought they could control Hilter by giving him a little power at first .

            Exactly. Everyone always thinks that it’s someone else who is playing the role of useful idiot.

    3. “Littleton then drew a handgun from his left pocket, pointed it at officers, and fired a shot at one of the police officers at close range, narrowly missing him. Chief Craig said it was between 2-3 feet from the officer.”

      Watched the video and it is clear that Littleton didn’t prepare himself for the situation.

      Crimson Trace®: Threat Focused Shooting

      1. Can’t be seen in this video, but if you do shoot a pistol from that retention position with one hand be sure your other hand is flat against your chest. Like a left handed Pledge of Allegiance for right handed shooters.

        I learned that years ago when I got a laser for a carry pistol and practiced at the range. Could obviously be a problem if you didn’t.

    1. As was discussed here just recently, the shock numbers are based on day reported, not day occurred. Thankfully, there isn’t any increase in Florida’s deaths. Delayed reporting does not a scary pandemic make.

      1. This mornings MSM Sunday morning shows were All Corona All the time. Cases exploding, how can they open schools Mr. prepaid pre-rehearsed expert?

        Any wonder why the U.S. has soooo many more cases and deaths from coronavirus than the rest of the world. This sh#t is everywhere.

        State, Santa Cruz County coronavirus death counts misalign
        Tracking the trackers

        By JESSICA A. YORK | | Santa Cruz Sentinel
        PUBLISHED: May 28, 2020

        SANTA CRUZ — When it comes to its state-reported COVID-19 death count, Santa Cruz County may be a victim of its own thoroughness.

        “If there’s anyone that has a COVID diagnosis and has died, it automatically feeds into their database as a COVID death, even if it wasn’t a COVID death,” county Health Officer Gail Newel said Thursday. “For example, a 25-year-old dies in a motorcycle accident and then, because our coroner is doing post-mortem testing on everyone, she finds out that he incidentally — this is not a true case, but it’s an example, came from LA — that he incidentally did have COVID at the time. Then, the state counts that as a COVID death, although clearly he died in a motorcycle accident.”

        This dude drank himself to death.

        New COVID-19 Death Dispute: Colorado Coroner Says State Mischaracterized Death

        By Brian MaassMay 14, 2020 at 11:59 pm

        1. post-mortem testing

          In this situation, it’s increased case count after increased death!


    Mainstream media totally silent on deadly hate crime because it doesn’t fit left’s narrative – JULY 12, 2020

    A young white mother was murdered last week by a Black Lives Matter mob after she allegedly told them that “All Lives Matter.”

    24-year-old Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot and killed in Indianapolis amid a confrontation with BLM thugs who were triggered when she told them “All Lives Matter.”

    “According to the victim’s family, the shooting started with an argument over Black Lives Matter and language. Eventually the two sides separated and walked away from each other, until witnesses claim the killer opened fire from a nearby bridge and ran away,” Fox 59 reported last Monday.

      1. Here’s hoping you’re right. I just fear that too many oldsters still trust the MSM to evenly report the news and have never heard of Infowars or any of the alternative media that reports these incidents.

      2. The saga of the wealthy white Democrat trial lawyers who aimed firearms at a mob of BLM protesters en route to the St. Louis mayor’s mansion is the gift that keeps on giving. While being Democratic Party donors is proof, ipso facto, of being a vile human being, this pair of gunslingers are real prizes even by Democrat standards.

        In 2013, Mark McCloskey destroyed bee hives placed just outside of the mansion’s northern wall by the neighboring Jewish Central Reform Congregation and left a note saying he did it, and if the mess wasn’t cleaned up quickly he would seek a restraining order and attorneys fees.

        The congregation had planned to harvest the honey and pick apples from trees on its property for Rosh Hashanah.

        ‘The children were crying in school,’ Rabbi Susan Talve said. ‘It was part of our curriculum.’

        The McCloskeys, according to the paper, have constantly sought to force their neighborhood trustees to maintain the exclusivity of Portland Place.

      1. “Convicted Felon” If he were White and victim Black the headline would be White man kidnaps black women, since it doesn’t fir the narrative race cannot be mentioned.

  12. I think we can all agree that what evolved out of Western Civilization and Science was a merit base system of advancement and a Constitution that insured the rights of the individual here in America.

    Even if the history wasn’t perfect along the way , and there was factions all along the way that tried to undermine the intent of the Constituion, what counts is time perfected the areas that didn’t live up to the words of the Constitution.

    So now it’s the Commies and the Globalist/Monopolies that want to interfere with what was set up by the Revolution from Great Britain.

    1. So now it’s the Commies and the Globalist/Monopolies that want to interfere with what was set up by the Revolution from Great Britain.

      I believe that they think they can pull it off now and are “all in”. Or at least they are hoping the masses will pull the D lever while imploring “please make it stop.”

  13. Is the Fed worried about potential lampposts in its future when its Ponzi markets implode? The latest Fed data shows it is starting to shrink its hideously bloated balance sheet. Then again, we’re overdue for another Great Muppet Reaping, and any withdrawal of liquidity from the Wall Street casino would certainly have that effect.

    For the vast majority of the Fed’s 107-year existence, it was limited to making loans to only commercial banks, which would assist the general U.S. economy by passing on those loans to businesses and consumers. Since the financial crisis of 2008, the Fed has become a money spigot to the Wall Street casino, based solely on its own interpretation of what it’s allowed to do.

    The Fed’s emergency action on September 17 resulted from the fact that repo loans on that date had bizarrely spiked from 2 percent to 10 percent, strongly suggesting that one or more trading houses were in trouble and other financial firms were backing away from giving them loans.

  14. I’m a long-time intermittent lurker who has posted maybe 3 times in the last 12+ years. I have lived overseas for the last 20 years but recently retired from FT work and want to come back to the USA.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on where the Fla condo market might be going over the next 12-18 months? I’m looking at the lower end of the market for a lock up and leave.

    It doesn’t look like Muggy or dimedropped are still around (unless they are under different names) – They were the only Floridians I can remember off the top of my head.

    You are all the smartest community I’ve ever found on the internet and would appreciate any insights. Thanks!

    1. IIRC, jeff is in FL and another intermittent poster just sold a FL condo and moved to the NE.

      1. Thanks, I am going to post this on the current thread and see if any of these folks will answer.

  15. I think they must think people are dumb and can’t even see that they would be voting against their own interest. The free shit bribe is pretty appealing to certain segments of the population.

    Notice they are peddling that ilegals will get Citizenship, and Blacks are going to get reparations. Free health care for all. All loans absolved ,etc It doesn’t matter that they make good on it or not.
    And never mind that what they propose would raise taxes so much and is absurd in light of our current deficits. The brainwashed youth needs to be deprogrammed after being subjected to the Commie Cult.

    1. Which kinda goes against your “merit based system of advancement.”

      I hope that the media gives a lot of coverage to their plans for reparations. I am very curious.

  16. Tampa, FL Housing Prices Crater 17% YOY As Guf Coast Housing Market Turns Toxic On Rampant Appraisal And Mortgage Fraud

    *Select price from dropdown menu on first chart

    As a leading economist advises, “Mortgage debt is the most toxic and damaging debt of all. Avoid it at all costs.”

  17. Had to run over to Wally World because Publix was still out of Folgers Classic Roast. I encountered a 50 something lady in the parking lot wiping down the handle on a shopping cart with her own personal spray bottle of disinfectant. I said… You’re pretty thorough, I’m pretty sure they have people doing that inside. She mumbled through her mask that you can’t be too careful with this thing. I couldn’t resist telling her that if I was going to get sick it would be from wearing this one month Palm Beach County ordered mask and not from coronavirus. She went into a spiel abut how I was wearing it for my protection as well as the protection of others. She then went on to say spraying alcohol on it and changing masks before I said… You stay healthy and best of luck. I bit my lip and fought off saying… Look lady you sound like you watch enough MSNBC. Maybe you oughta push back from the dinner table after seconds and get up before the desert cart comes around because they say obesity puts you at a high risk of catching coronavirus.

    I’ve talked to a lot of people over the last month or so on this subject and she was the first who didn’t think the numbers, the media and the shut downs, beach closings, school closings etc, weren’t all one big pile of orchestrated BS. Of course most of the people I talk to are younger working age men and women, many who have in some way suffered from the response to coronavirus not the disease itself.

    1. The best thing to do in such a situation, medically, is to say nothing. For both of you. Talking to someone is how you spread it. Not this BS about “coughing and sneezing” and contaminated surfaces. That’s crap from old-school WHO and CDC fogies who STILL think this spreads like the flu. Fever checks, oh please.

      1. Fever checks, oh please.

        My son gets a fever check before school, behavioral therapy and speech therapy. Like it matters with asymptomatic transmission and kids not really getting it.

        1. IIUC, kids are still infected, but their immune system — T-cell, the kind that doesn’t produce antibodies — deals with it so quickly they never get a symptom. The thing I don’t know is whether kids shed the virus to infect each other, or teachers, or their parents. That makes a difference as to whether schools should open.

          1. infect each other, or teachers, or their parents.

            This father says quite likely. Kids are a guarantee that everyone always gets exposed to everything.

          2. I’ve heard that kids have a lower concentration of ACE2 receptors too. Regardless, kids are relatively low at risk and the mental health implications resulting from school closures far outweigh that risk, particularly for those with special needs. Our behavioral therapy advisor was shocked to see the extent of my son’s regression in 3.5 months. I watched years of therapy and progress as well as thousands of dollars go to waste in 3.5 months. I know I’m not the only one and it frankly PMO.

      2. How do you contain a disease which seems to very easily spread through the air, like in hospitals, cruise ships, prisons, etc.?

        Hospitals Struggle to Contain Covid-19 Spread Inside Their Walls
        U.S. medical centers have reported 5,000-plus cases of patients likely catching the coronavirus once admitted for other conditions, adding to the strain of the pandemic itself
        By Russell Gold and Melanie Evans
        | Photographs by Taylor Glascock for The Wall Street Journal
        July 6, 2020 10:39 am ET

  18. Vancouver, WA Housing Prices Crater 19% YOY As Vancouver, BC And Seattle Housing Markets Meltdown Under Weight Of Toxic Mortgages

    *Select price from dropdown menu on first chart

    As a noted economist stated so eloquently, “A house is a rapidly depreciating asset that empties your wallet it every day you own it.”

  19. I had nasty lightning last night and it apparently killed my modem. I’ve had no internet at home with repairs days off and bit the bullet to set up an alternative connection. Like the old days. Anyhoo, should be back in the saddle tomorrow.

  20. We visited my daughter and her boyfriend for a backyard barbecue in Long Beach yesterday. People out and about were mostly wearing masks, but seemed pretty chill. There were lots of unmasked families playing by the water to escape the oppressive heat. Aside from the masks, it seemed like a normal, relaxed Sunday afternoon…no “bring out your dead” carts in evidence.

    1. Major US port suffers as COVID-19 causes another TEU drop
      By Port Technology International Team • 13 July 2020, 09:49 BST • Automation and Optimization, News

      The Port of Long Beach‘s TEU traffic fell by 11.1% year-on-year (YoY) in June and 6.9% in the first half of 2020 as a direct consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

      In a statement said the crisis had continued to drive down demand for goods and increase blank sailings.

      In June it handled approximately 602,180 TEU, with imports and exports falling by 9.3% and 12.2% respectively, and empty containers shipped to Asia also fell by 13.1%.

      “Canceled sailings continued to rise at a rapid rate in the second quarter as ocean carriers adjusted their voyages to a decline in demand for imports during the national COVID-19 outbreak,” said Mario Cordero, Executive Director of the Port of Long Beach.

      1. TEU = twenty-foot equivalent units (had to look that one up).

        My understanding is that these are those long boxes that are stacked on container ships for moving cargo from China to the U.S. or elsewhere.

    2. July 11, 2020
      LA County, Long Beach continue to see spike in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations
      Staff Reports

      Los Angeles County officials reported close to 3,000 new cases of COVID-19 Saturday, and Long Beach reported another 142 positive tests.

      The death toll and hospitalizations also continues to climb: LA County reported 57 new deaths and more 2,000 hospitalizations, while Long Beach had two additional deaths and 94 people hospitalized.

      A total of 130,242 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in LA County, with 5,388 of those cases in Long Beach.

      “This virus has taken a toll on all of us including our children,” Barbara Ferrer, the county health officer, said in a statement.

      “We must work together to get back to being able to slow the spread. Unless we can do this, our recovery journey is in jeopardy.”

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