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There Is A Lot Of Hurt Coming

A weekend topic starting with Bisnow New York. "New York City’s commercial property values are expected to fall substantially this year. A summary of the past year said that the real estate markets 'collapsed' after the coronavirus gripped the city,…

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Now, The Bottom Is Falling Out

A weekend topic starting with KPIX in California. "Rent collection has dropped from 80.4% nationally at this time last year to 75.4% at the start of December. Meanwhile tenants are fleeing urban centers left and right. 'I’ve even seen properties…

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A Sort Of Monomania

A weekend topic starting with the Los Angeles Times. "When Steve Qunell won a seat on the City Council last year in this town of 8,000, he figured he’d be dealing with potholes and affordable housing. Instead, he finds himself…

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