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Not Part Of The Conversation

A reader suggested this weekend topic. “Can we have a post dedicated to educating the HBB about alternative social media platforms, censorship, privacy protection, and the use of sites like archive dot is to deny revenue to corporate globalist websites? We are in a rapidly evolving online landscape.”

The Epoch Times. “Parler is fending off another attempt to shut down the social media network after Amazon said it is suspending the company from its web hosting service. Parler founder and CEO John Matze said in a statement that the multinational technology company will be shutting Parler’s servers at midnight Sunday, Jan. 10. Matze has characterized the decision as ‘an attempt to completely remove free speech off the internet.'”

“‘We prepared for events like this by never relying on Amazon’s proprietary infrastructure and building bare metal products,’ Matze said. ‘We will try our best to move to a new provider right now as we have many competing for our business, however Amazon, Google and Apple purposefully did this as a coordinated effort knowing our options would be limited and knowing this would inflict the most damage right as President Trump was banned from the tech companies.'”

“Twitter’s move to remove Trump’s account has received widespread scrutiny. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, State Secretary Mike Pompeo, and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley likened Twitter’s move to conduct by the communist party ruling China. ‘Silencing people, not to mention the President of the U.S., is what happens in China not our country,’ Haley wrote.”

“‘You want to ban @realDonaldTrump, fine you’re a private company, but @Twitter deleting the President’s account which highlights this admin & its history is wrong. @Facebook & @instagram banning all images from the Capitol riot is a dangerous precedent to set. We aren’t in China,’ Carson wrote.”

“‘General Esmail Qaani, Qassem Soleimani’s successor as leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Qods Force, is making death threats on Twitter against U.S. officials. When will @Twitter apply its terms of use to counter such brazen threats of terrorism?’ — Cale Brown (@StateDeputySPOX) December 31, 2020.”

“On Jan. 1, the deputy spokesperson for the State Department Cale Brown captured a Twitter post by the new leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps who was threatening U.S. officials. The Iranian official’s account is still active on Twitter.”

From Summit Daily in Colorado. “Summit County’s move to level orange on the state’s COVID-19 dial means fewer restrictions for short-term lodging businesses, but some in the industry are still struggling to fill reservations. While interest hasn’t necessarily increased, short-term rental owners and managers are at least seeing fewer cancellations. The restrictions are especially unforgiving for those who manage larger properties. While a two household limit is ideal for one- to two-bedroom condos, larger five- to six-bedroom homes struggle to fill reservations.”

“Still, interest has not increased much since the move to level orange on Monday, Jan. 4, according to Toby Babich, president of the Breckenridge Lodging Association. Babich said that he and others in the lodging industry plan to go to the governor’s office to talk about how ‘a one-size-fits-all approach to gatherings is creating a disparate impact across our lodging industry statewide.’ ‘Our initial focus here is going to be to try to get some relief for our luxury and large-home market up here,’ he said. ‘They need some help and they need some help now.'”

From NBC Bay Area in California. “Gov. Gavin Newsom forcefully pushed back Friday on criticisms that California is becoming unfriendly for business, pointing to ‘all the new billionaires’ created by initial public offerings and noting that its richest people are ‘doing pretty damn well.'”

“The Democratic governor’s comments came as he outlined his proposed $227 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which featured a $15 billion windfall despite the recession caused by the pandemic. California’s budget relies heavily on personal income tax, particularly from the richest people, and the budget estimates demonstrate that California’s richest continue to prosper while lower-income people are hit hardest from job losses.”

“Newsom noted that California isn’t ‘the cheapest place.’ But he said people are deliberately spreading misinformation about taxes in the state, though he gave no specifics. ‘The state is still this remarkable, remarkable, home to more dreamers and doers than any other part of the globe,’ Newsom said.”

“‘We’ve got a lot of work to do to help small, medium-sized businesses, but the folks at the top, doing pretty damn well,’ he said. ‘But I don’t begrudge that success. I admire and respect it. But at the same time, we have to be mindful of a competitive landscape.'”

“He specifically praised AirBnb, which held an initial public offering last month, DoorDash and Salesforce. After Musk announced he was moving out of California, AirBnb head Brian Chesky said he and his company would stay in California. The company’s IPO raised $3.5 billion and boosted Chesky’s net worth. ‘This is a special place,’ he tweeted on Dec. 15, adding he’d spoken to Newsom about it.”

“Newsom’s comments irked some members of his party, particularly his shout-out to DoorDash, the food delivery company. It drew a quick retort from state Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who is aligned with labor. DoorDash joined Lyft and Uber in spending more than $100 million to defeat a November ballot measure that would have required them to treat their drivers as employees entitled to certain wages and benefits.”

“‘The Governor is proud of Door Dash. I am proud of the hard working delivery drivers that made the company successful despite being underpaid,’ Gonzalez tweeted.”

“A coalition of labor unions, environmental groups and others last year pressed Newsom to increase taxes on the wealthy, but Newsom said those taxes are ‘not part of the conversation.’ ‘The same health and economic crises that leveled working families and small businesses led to skyrocketing wealth among the mega-rich,’ the group said in a broad statement about Newsom’s budget proposal.”

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  1. ‘Our initial focus here is going to be to try to get some relief for our luxury and large-home market up here…They need some help and they need some help now

    I am well aware of the dishonesty we have to put up with daily. For years. How many headlines have I seen saying ‘airbnb announces crackdown?’ A gazillion. And these mountain towns will wail, “we need more shacks, hep us baby jeebus!”

    Regarding guvnah Marie Antoinette. I hope they tar and feather yer sorry ass. California’s guberment is the biggest walking, talking joke on the planet.

  2. ‘Amazon, Google and Apple purposefully did this as a coordinated effort’

    If I’m sitting on a jury to decide if we should hang the entire boards of directors of each of these scumbag outfits, not only would I say yes, I would volunteer to do it myself. Con mucho gusto MF’s! You’ve crossed the line and the globalists can’t stop what’s coming.

    1. The tech companies are scared of the left. They sided with the demons for whatever reasons and even enabled them in the past. Now, they are at a point that they have to dance with the devils they brought to dance. Not dancing will inflict a world of hurt to their business…and to their lives….

      I am sure deals are being made behind the scenes. “We will de-platform the people demons don’t like, and you take off section 230 and antitrust, etc.”

      1. And if any judges judge the “wrong” way, their peers will lodge ethics violations against them, and paid activists will send death threats and doxx their kids.

          1. Yup! One guy had ~147 convictions.

            Attorneys: Let’s release him to the street!
            Judge: No, enough is enough, he needs to be in jail.
            Attorney: But if he’s in jail, when he gets out he has a higher likelihood of re-offending.
            Judge: He’s re-offended 146 times already!
            Attorneys: Wahhhh waaahhh! We’re going to put a black mark on your record.
            Judge: Fine, I’ll retire. See you in Arizona.

            It was the Michigan elector officials who were doxxed (among others).

    2. Thanks for posting the thread, looking forward to some productive discussion of how this week has seen the greatest acceleration of censorship of my lifetime.

      This is like post-9/11 leading up to the criminal Iraq war, but this time it almost feels worse, approaching the point of no return…

      1. I’ve been able to disable tracking on my samsung phone. It comes on once when I start it then goes off. But I know about the Snowden thing, so I leave it at home pretty much all the time.

        One thing I can recommend: if you have a VPN, have it locate in Canadia. This will cut way down on BS and cookie nags.

          1. I use one call private internet access. It was recommended to me. It’s not slow, the latency from Vancouver is about the same as the US. I think I get 5 devices for less than 4 bucks a month.

      2. this weekEND has seen the greatest acceleration of censorship of my lifetime

        FTFY. I’m amazed at how fast things are moving. In just days we’ve gone from “if you don’t like our decisions start your own web platform” to “if you don’t like not being allowed to connect your server farm to our internet start your own internet”. At the moment the left has completely commandeered the commons. This site and many others are only functioning because it’s small and they haven’t gotten to blocking it yet.

        1. At the moment the left has completely commandeered the commons.

          I’m sure they have been planning this for a long time.

          1. Parler is still online now.

            They said AWS shuts them down tonight (they are hosted on Amazon servers) and it may take a week to come up on their own servers. Then the enemies free speech will try to attack their server’s connection to the internet. Whatever company provides that connection will be pressured to stop providing it AND they will be hacked relentlessly.

  3. BTW, in 2005 when I was using googscums blogspot, all my blogs got deleted in the middle of the night. No reply, no answers. Only because I had just finished an interview with the LA Times and that writer got involved, did they restore them. No answers, never heard anything.

    A couple months before the election these same dead men walking de-monetized this blog. I didn’t think anything about it at the time as I was sick of their shit and didn’t really care. But here we are, witnessing a soviet style purge. So are we just gonna take it?

    I’ve thought about the old west and hanging people for stealing horses. Why did they do that? Horses were super expensive. It wasn’t really possible to watch them 24/7, and any scoundrel could walk some off at night. So basically every bodies way of life depended on keeping horse theft to a bare minimum. The penalty was harsh, couldn’t be undone, it was meant to strike fear. People still stole horses but knew what would happen if caught. And nobody sat around feeling sorry for some bashtard who swung by the neck til dead.

    Even as children we could understand the French revolution. Marie Antoinette got no sympathy from most of us really. She was a despicable individual. She had violated the rights of every French citizen. Have we not had almost all of our rights seriously violated this past year with no end in sight? So you lock down lovers, answer me this: will your eyes still see as yer head tumbles into the basket? Cuz that’s what you’ve earned.

      1. I used to listen to Bannon’s war room here and there. Whenever I was listening, I found them to be very tame and extremely reasonable unlike what you get in cable news. I must live in a bizzaro world……

      2. ‘On Thursday morning Jack Posobiec announced that OANN has just taped an interview that confirms there are 40-50 images from Hunter Biden’s computer of alleged child endangerment with a family member. ‘BREAKING: In an interview just taped for @OANN it is revealed Hunter’s laptop had 40-50 images of alleged child endangerment on it that appear to include a member of his family’

        — Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) October 22, 2020

        Here’s the link:

        ‘Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!’

    1. The proletariat’s wages have been under attack by the globalists since the 70s, and now their rigged vote is ignored by the justices. One has to wonder if the 1st and 2nd Amendments will be discarded to enable the purge?

    2. in 2005 when I was using googscums blogspot

      Wasn’t google’s motto once “Don’t be evil”? Now it’s the more wobbly “Do the right thing”, which I presume includes censoring those you disagree with.

  4. Policing the internet is a cost. As the war is on, people will still find ‘ways’ to use their existing apple/goog/amzn/ms to serve their purpose. Companies will always be playing catch-up…Frankly any business would rather NOT spend their time/money on.

    1. people will still find ‘ways’ to use their existing apple/goog/amzn/ms to serve their purpose. steganography?

        1. “We can write in script. Young people can’t read it.”


          Learning how to write in cursive would take valuable brainwashing time away from the Social Justice Warrior teachers and would probably bump the 1619 Project from the curriculum.

  5. The best social network is offline. All social media sites, blogs, and video hosting sites should be merely stepping stones towards finding like minded peers to meet with in person.

    I’ve met Ben IRL. Have you?

    1. And how can we meet IRL when we’re under indefinite lockdown? All part of the plan? People refuse the government vaccine, and the government is refusing the people’s treatment (Iv).

      1. All part of the plan.

        Every day when you think Clown World can’t clown any harder, it always does.

      2. Well, IMO the Covid/lockdown thing is often just an excuse for people to avoid doing things they didn’t want to/ were too lazy to do anyway. Or put another way, people have gotten so acclimated to interacting mostly online that the lockdowns don’t even seem like that much of a change. Even in 2019, the year before Covid, I was finding it incredibly difficult to have a simple chat with my neighbors. People were too busy, always running off in all directions, but then were spending hours on FB and Instagram.

        1. Human beings are social creatures. Staying holed up in one’s house on social media isn’t “social,” it’s isolationist in the human sense.

          I’ve read stories where truckers, for instance, get off a long haul of a few months on the road and they are extremely chatty with people to the point of annoyance, because they haven’t had anybody to talk to in so long.

          My point is that this social media garbage is just that – garbage.

    1. The Great Reset
      I had just finished watching it when I saw your link.
      DEFINITELY worth a watch.
      May not agree with it all but it will make you think. Guy is a Network Engineer so I believe he knows what he is talking about concerning how things can be controlled on the Internet

  6. ‘When asked to rate life in San Jose, residents still largely give it a “meh” or worse. A plurality of residents — 42% — rate the quality of life in the city as just “fair” and another 16% rates it as “poor,” according to a recent report. Those ratings are essentially unchanged from the previous year, but are up markedly from earlier years. And the portion of people giving the city a “fair” rating is equivalent to the combined percentage of those who rate San Jose’s quality of life “excellent” or “good.”

    ‘Mark Majors is among those who are dissatisfied with life in the city. A teacher who has been living in San Jose for 52 years, Majors is unhappy with the dirtiness of the city, the cost of living and the high tax rates.’

    “What we get for our taxes is not much,” Majors said. “I can’t remember the last time I saw a police officer make a traffic stop.”

    ‘The median household income increased from 2018 to 2019 — the last year for which data was available — by $3,000 to $116,000, but that affluence was spread unevenly. Some 15% of San Jose households earned less than $35,000, and 13% received supplemental income or public assistance.

    By contrast, the living wage for San Jose is about $41,500 for a single adult for one year including food, housing and transportation. But that does not include retirement savings or savings for purchasing a home. The city’s overall poverty rate in 2019 was 7.1 percent, with the Black population experiencing more than double the overall poverty rate.’

    ‘Only 18% of respondents in the resident survey thought that the economy would have a positive impact on their income over the next six months.’

    “The priorities of our residents track very closely to what we see on a daily basis working with our community,” San Jose Vice Mayor Chappie Jones said. “I hear repeatedly the concerns from my residents with crime that is happening in the neighborhoods. We are doing our best to address their concerns, but with the most thinly staffed big city police department in the country, we are going to have to be creative in how we meet resident expectations.”

    ‘But residents’ concerns go beyond things that were affected by the epidemic. Majors, for example, is fed up with how dirty San Jose is. “Certainly, the cleanliness of our city is a joke,” said Majors, a sixth-grade math and science teacher who lives in the Willow Glen neighborhood. “It’s disgusting.”

    1. A long time teacher in California.

      Who is part of the militant democrat marxist teacher’s union.

      One of the most powerful lobbyists and most generous campaign organizations in the state.

      That supports democrat marxist candidates 99.99%.

      Is unhappy the way his city and state have turned out…especially with high taxes…after 40 years of unbroken democrat rule.

      And can’t even look in the mirror.

      Fook you.

      1. “A long time teacher in California. Who is part of the militant democrat Marxist teacher’s union. Is unhappy the way his city and state have turned out especially with high taxes after 40 years of unbroken democrat rule.”
        Showing my age here but; it sounds like something the “Onion” would begin a story with.

    2. “A teacher who has been living in San Jose for 52 years, Majors is unhappy with the dirtiness of the city, the cost of living and the high tax rates.”

      His home is likely paid in full, and prop 13 keeps his property taxes lower than any newcomer. The high tax rates he speaks of are likely the state’s income taxes, which are very inclusive…even in retirement. He’s right about his three young adult children, e.g., they’ll never get ahead living there.

      1. He’s right about his three young adult children, e.g., they’ll never get ahead living there.

        Yet he (and probably his children as well) refuse to see why this is. They are probably ecstatic over the steal and that the Orange Man will be gone soon.

    3. “What we get for our taxes is not much,” Majors said. “I can’t remember the last time I saw a police officer make a traffic stop.”

      Why would a police officer make a traffic stop?

      So they can end up on murder charges and teveee while their city burns and they are called a racist after the oppressed felon they pull over is illegally carrying a weapon and resists arrest forcing the to use justifiable deadly force?

  7. As an avid history student, I have read quite a bit on the Stalin purges.

    Those that were did “everything” right, said all the right things, who were loyal party members for their entire lives…

    Were often rounded up and shot.


    The narrative was always shifting, a unremembered slight was used as revenge or as simply as someone wanted to move up and you were in the way.

    Also – socialists always need scapegoats when their policies fail…and they always do spectacularly.

    We are here…

    1. “The only thing that we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history” — Georg Hegel

      I see tons of comments quoting past events and the outcomes of past political systems. People are quoting Orwell, they’re looking up the causes of Revolutions, they’re comparing today’s events with the events of the past, they’re name-dropping like crazy. So maybe people will learn something from history this time.

      1. “So maybe people will learn something from history this time.”


        Thank you. I love it when I start out my day with a joke.

    2. Suzanne Labin’s “Stalin’s Russia”, Evgenia Ginzberg’s “Into the Whirlwind and of course Solzneitzen’ “Gulag” all confirm this as a fact.
      1984 and Animal Farm confirms it with a fiction.

      Yes…we’re in it now….

    3. a unremembered slight was used as revenge

      “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future
      3:16 PM · Nov 6, 2020” — Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Twitter

  8. would have required them to treat their drivers as employees entitled to certain wages and benefits

    I looked up the text of the proposed (defeated) law. Article 2 defines the difference between a contractor and an employee. Basically, if Uber defines required working hours, requires the driver to do assigned work during those working hours, and prevents the drivers do the same work for competing companies, then he is an employee and is entitled to bennies. If the driver is just logging on and off at will and only taking rides when he wants to, then he’s an independent contractor with no bennies. Isn’t that what most employees do for a paycheck?

    And yet Uber et al spent millions to defeat what seems to be standard employee stuff. To me, it’s clear that Uber et al is intent on not paying any bennies, even for drivers who effectively work full-time. They know Americans are over a barrel for work and will accept serfhood for food. I have never taken an Uber I hope I never have to.

    Full text for you legal eagles:

  9. I’ve been reading some comments from lefties. Strangely enough, they sound almost exactly like righties:

    “How can the other side be so brainwashed? Why do they have such blindspots? How do we hold social media platforms accountable? How do we stop the lies? How do we protect from the corruption of hate?”

    I see no solution at present.

    1. Left and right are false dualism’s, always have been. Are there only two types of people?

      The solution is elections. That’s what always made us different, we were told. Take away that, and you get might makes right. Prove the evidence, we were told. OK, lets see those ballots, the machines. Absolutely not! What do you have to hide? Let’s have a court look at the evidence. Nope.

      These guys don’t realize how bad they screwed up. Take away elections and you have a set up for the majority to kick the asses of the few. And there’s many more of us than the noodle armed criminals in MSM, the courts, DC and we’re armed to the teeth. We will plow you over and bury you. You chose this path, not us.

      1. We will plow you over and bury you. What actions would really make a difference at this point? Certainly last week’s kerfluffle in the capitol building got the full attention of our esteemed (spit) legislators.

      2. you have a set up for the majority to kick the asses of the few Unfortunately, after that a dictatorship comes into being, such as when Napoleon came to power.

      3. These guys don’t realize how bad they screwed up.

        I think they do, which is why they keep doubling down. They know that if they lose the steal they might get invited to a necktie party.

        1. I agree. Their logic seems to be that of people who would rather risk death than have everyone know the full truth of what they’ve done. So what could have been a simple legal situation that might have been resolved with a fine becomes a fight to the death. Kind of like Trayvon/George Floyd/etc at the corporate/cultural level.

  10. No doubt one of the purposes of the lockdowns was to stop people from communicating, prejudicial destruction of small business, fear mongering to control the sheep, and Bail out looting of tax coffers going to the power grabbers..
    At this point who knows if Covid-19 is even real . Those tapes of the Chinese falling down in the streets looked pretty staged.
    Nothing but disinformation campaigns.

    1. Bail out looting of tax coffers Those “coffers” were emptied long ago. TPTB have been printing money out of thin air to give to the oligarchy / rent seekers, for years now. This was much accelerated in 2020.

    2. who knows if Covid-19 is even real The essence of epidemiology is accurate counting of deaths in an entire population. When that isn’t done, not even the “experts” will know what they are talking about. The final death / mortality count for 2020 is still some months away. After we saw what happened in the last election, many Americans won’t believe whatever stats the CDC winds up posting – and why should they? I do know several COVID-19 deaths among personal circle, way beyond the usual score for a year. My sister is still recuperating from her spell, which was not severe.

      1. A CDC figure for 2020 has already been posted. So, unless it’s revised the data shows a increase in suscide to account for a minor increase in death rate from 2019. It should of been about 400 thousand more deaths, given the Covid-19.
        So, I’m to believe that all other forms of Respiratory deaths went away, including the regular flu, and the deaths are from Covid-19.
        Nope, nothing is adding up.

      2. Many earlier generations have occupational pulmonary issues where hazardous chemicals, dusts, or fibers were inhaled regularly on the job. The good ‘ol days were awful. Then top it off with bad habits of the day like unfiltered Pall Mall cigarettes, and you have the ideal covid-19 candidate.

      3. I calculated the vital statistics for a large county health department in California for several years–I’m a biostatistician and epidemiologist. It takes YEARS for the final, official mortality statistics to be compiled and calculated by the CDC and the States including California. It’s impossible to produce any accurate statistics for 2020 since there are thousands (or tens of thousands) of death certificates for people who died in 2020 that haven’t even been filled out, certified and submitted to their local health departments or office of vital records.

        It’s physically impossible for physicians to complete death certificates in real time, or even within a period of weeks. That’s because people don’t all die in a hospital with their complete medical record sitting there on the computer for the doc to sign off on. Many people die at home while technically under the care of a physician. But the details of these deaths aren’t always known to the MDs so delays occur in completing a death certificate. People who die on the street or in an “unintended” manner become coroner’s cases. Don’t even ask how long it takes big city coroners to get around to completing investigations, autopsies and submitting a final death certificate.

        Once death certificates are filed then the underlying cause of death is determined using standards set by WHO. These are very strict and comprehensive algorithms developed over decades of use around the world. The final complete computer files of mortality data take more than months to construct. Nobody is going to know the true effect on Covid-19 for years!

        It’s going to take a lot of researchers going over all of the data to determine what has happened with Covid-19. The Covid-19 statistics being produced by local, state and the Federal Government are NOT reporting the cause of death that is used to produce the official mortality statistical reports put out by health departments or the CDC.

        Currently it has been reported that influenza is almost non-existent right now. So it’s a high likelihood that many of the Covid-19 deaths are actually caused by seasonal flu and pneumonia. Since the number of deaths caused by seasonal flu/pneumonia varies so much every year, it’s not even clear how many excess deaths have occurred in 2020.

        And it’s absolutely certain that all of the measures taken by governments to slow the infection rate of Covid-19 have failed miserably. How can I say that? Look at what’s happening everywhere. Covid-19 is running rampant according to the MSM. Or is it, really?

        Nobody is even producing age-specific rates of people who are hospitalized or who are in ICUs. Nobody is also showing the age-specific rates of the Covid-19 cases in populations (e.g., cities, counties, states, nations). Just because there are xxxxxxx number of cases, that doesn’t tell you anything. If 95% of the cases are in people under the age of 50 and virtually none of them are getting seriously ill or dying, who CARES!

        Hospitals and ICUs ALWAYS fill up during this time of year. It could be that we’re having a really bad flu season with a little Covid-19 thrown in. How much of the hospital utilization is actually due solely to Covid-19? I don’t think anyone has the slightest idea based on objective, accurate real data.

        What is certain is that the Covid-19 Pandemic around the world has become a political event, not a public health event. Politicians are deciding what public health measures should be taken and enforced. It has never been tested, observed or proven that ANY of the lockdowns, closures and restrictions currently being applied to populations around the world have a nanogram of effect on stopping or slowing the spread of a respiratory virus. It should be pretty obvious even to the person on the street that all of these draconian measures have not had any positive effect on the Covid-19 situation.

        This is going to go down as the biggest scam/panic/boondoggle in human history. That’s my prediction.

        1. “What is certain is that the Covid-19 Pandemic around the world has become a political event, not a public health event.”

          Went to the doctor yesterday for my yearly physical. As the nurse was taking my vitals she asked if I’d be interested in getting a flu shot. I said I’ll pass. I have never taken the shot, I rarely get sick, and haven’t had the flu in decades. Then I decided to F with her a little bit. I asked her if she was aware that according to the CDC the “flu” is now basically non-existent and there have only been a few hundred cases of flu this whole year! She just giggled a bit. I said if the flu is gone, why would I need a flu shot? No answer. Then, very quietly she says that covid and the flu have very similar symptoms. You could tell she wanted to blurt out it’s all BS, but couldn’t. I said well, maybe someone is playing games with the stats. We both had a good laugh.

  11. In addition to the elections, the judiciary and the soapbox were also taken away. No check and balance at all.

    1. Back during the “hanging chad” Bush vs Gore election there was much more interest in ballot forensics by election observers, officials, workers and the courts.

  12. They are going to go for the guns next I predict. The first amendment is under attack right now.
    The steal of the election to put in all their treasonous Puppets is a criminal overtake of Government that should be by the people. They were taking over for a while now, but now the takeover was speeded up and it’s so obvious now .
    The seeds for this takeover goes way back to the One World order talk and the Agenda 21 social engineering plan. The People didn’t choose this or vote for this, it’s being done to us against our willi or self interest.

    1. They are going to go for the guns next I predict. The first amendment is under attack right now.

      I think originally they thought they could start with the 2nd and over time have realized they can’t do it democratically and without getting rid of the 1st first and cutting off all wrongthink communication. The deplorables just can’t be reasoned with (intimidated or coerced into capitulation), so here we are. I’ll admit it is kind of nice seeing things come into the open instead of just having to guess based on the movements of shadows.

        1. The NRA is bleeding out from a self-inflicted wound right now so he’d be fighting a cripple. No honor in that. But…what is honor anymore? I think it’s measured in # of souls oppressed.

          Keith Wood has a pretty good column in this month’s G&A about the NRA’s MIA status in the recent election.

        2. “defeat NRA.”

          Much easier to say “defeat the NRA” then to say what he really means. The NRA is millions of law abiding, God fearing U.S. citizens.

  13. They have certainly set up the desire for the People to take back the Government by different means if they have taken the vote .
    Maybe they want Civil War because they certainly have been creating all kinds of division by their false narratives. Pitting American against American, race against race.
    There has got to be options to combat this without Civil War or a Revolution.
    They are doing everything possible to piss at least half the Country off. False flag of attack by Trump Supporters , etc.

  14. “‘We’ve got a lot of work to do to help small, medium-sized businesses, but the folks at the top, doing pretty damn well,’ he said. ‘But I don’t begrudge that success. I admire and respect it. But at the same time, we have to be mindful of a competitive landscape.’”

    If it’s so good for the folks at the top, why are so many leaving the state?

    1. Disney reportedly considering moving some California offices to Florida
      As Disney’s California parks remain closed
      January 8, 2021 5:27 pm

      The Orlando Business Journal is reporting that Disney is considering moving some of their divisions out of California to Lake Nona in Orlando.

      This comes as Disney’s southern California park remain shuttered due to public health guidelines issued by the state. Disneyland & Disney’s California Adventure expect to be closed through at least March of 2021.

      1. If it was cost effective, I’m sure they would move Disneyland out of state too, say to Texas,. Of course, right now Disney is flat broke and recording losses, not profits. I haven’t looked at their balance sheet, but I expect it’s ugly as they have lost billions over the pandemic, and with no prospects of a return to profitability any time soon.

    2. From Elon Musk to Oracle — the coronavirus accelerates California exodus
      Melody Hahm
      December 11, 2020·6 min read

      The coronavirus is accelerating a significant tech exodus out of California, with Oracle (ORCL) announcing Friday that it has moved its headquarters from Redwood City to Austin, Texas. The move came just days after Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk announced he’d be moving from Los Angeles to Austin.

      Other tech giants that have recently left California include Silicon Valley pioneer Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and newly public software giant Palantir (PLTR).

      The coronavirus pandemic and the new work from home reality for many tech workers have been a catalyst for many business leaders to leave the world’s most populous state, which might not be worth the sky-high real estate prices and taxes.

      1. From what I have been hearing through the grapevine, Oracle’s plan is to consolidate its offices into its two “showcase” bay area campuses (Redwood Shores and Santa Clara) and let leases expire on other office space. Especially now since so many will continue to WFH and won’t even have a permanent cube/office anymore.

    3. Coronavirus May Be The Tipping Point In New York And California Exodus
      California exodus, concept
      Businesses are taking off from high-cost states like California and New York and landing in locales they consider more friendly. (© Dave Cutler)
      MICHAEL MOLINSKI 12:49 PM ET 01/08/2021

      Jaws dropped when Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), one of the founders of Silicon Valley, joined the California exodus and announced it’s moving its headquarters from tech-centered Palo Alto to unpretentious Houston.

      But the Dec. 1 announcement was practically a routine move in the coronavirus era.

      1. Another defector, Palantir Technologies (PLTR), moved out of California to relocate to Colorado in August. Palantir cited the need for affordable housing for its employees as a main reason. In an interview with HBO in May, Chief Executive Alex Karp said he was also against the “increasing intolerance and monoculture of Silicon Valley” run by an “engineering elite.” He said Denver seemed to have more of the “values and commitments” that Palantir was looking for.

        Heh heh. Mr. Karp is in for an unpleasant surprise.

        1. I guess it was cheaper than Austin. There have been news articles about how w@h allows companies to find the best candidates not just in the area, but nationwide. Well, news flash, somehow companies were able to do that in the days before computers, not to mention internet. They recruited employees to relocate across country with signing bonuses, promotions, and moving expenses. IIRC, some would even help you sell your house and buy a new one. So what’s the big deal? (oh, right, money)

          1. They recruited employees to relocate across country with signing bonuses, promotions, and moving expenses. IIRC, some would even help you sell your house and buy a new one. So what’s the big deal? (oh, right, money)

            Companies now expect you to relocate on your own dime, even for 6 figure jobs.

  15. WATCH: Armed Antifa Attack Trump Supporters, Cops in San Diego

    by Breitbart
    January 10th 2021, 5:52 am

    A video tweeted by Fox5’s Paul Makarushka shows a large group of Antifa counter-protesters attempting to surround a group of Trump supporters. One man is seen waving an Antifa flag over the head of one of the Trump supporters. Another can be seen wielding a baseball bat.

    The video shows one Antifa man with a bat approaching a few Trump supporters with a bat while another dowses the couple with pepper spray. As the Trump supporters retreat, they are attacked with multiple large objects being thrown at them. Multiple fights break out.

    As police arrived and attempted to separate the groups, Antifa began throwing eggs and bottles at police, Fox5 San Diego reported.

  16. A few thoughts on the subject of this HBB post.

    Let’s stop giving them money. You know who, and you know how. Even just a fractional cent of revenue from an ad that loaded on a site you clicked on without using any ad blocker.

    You just gave them money. Let’s stop doing that.

    Amazon? Don’t give them your money. Washington Post? See also: Amazon. Facebook? Don’t, just don’t. Twitter? Who ever did in the first place. Google is a serious problem, they are the “vampire squid” of the internet that same phrase with which Matt Taibbi described Goldman Sachs in finance. Cut the strings from Google, as many as you can.

    Stop allowing advertising to even exist in your life. If you really decide you want to be rid of it, you easily can. Or just drift through Clown World passively accepting it.

    Don’t have debt. This is the greatest feeling in the world you will ever know, it will make you more free than you will ever know.

    P.S. read more books.

    1. “Let’s stop giving them money.”

      You are on it.

      Few things have made me happier than reading about the NFL owners having to make their advertisers whole after the revenue loss which I take great pride in being part of, however small the part was after canceling my DirecTV NFL subscription along with not watching any locally broadcast games along with telling anyone who wanted to talk football (which like all years many people did) sorry, I don’t watch that sh#t anymore and the social justice Antifa BLM reasons why.

      Now I need to concentrate on…

      “Amazon? Don’t give them your money. Washington Post? See also: Amazon. Facebook? Don’t, just don’t. Twitter? ”

      and learn how to use ad blocker.

    2. Twitter? Who ever did in the first place.

      I actually had a Twitter account that I immediately deactivated once they canceled Trump. I think the only reason I opened it was to troll that snowflake Jim Carrey after he started with his TDS paintings. It was also an easy way to send scathing one-liners to celebrities when they they went vocal with their TDS, letting them know I was done listening to their music or watching their movies. Repercussions. But I’m done with that whole clown show.

      1. “Twitter? Who ever did in the first place.”

        I have posted Twitter stuff here that came from articles on line I was reading but I never had a Twitter account.

        Now Mr. Deplorable (makes it sound kinda noble with a Mr. in front of it) should I stop doing that too? This is not meant to be a wise @ss question, I would really like to do whatever I can to starve the Beast.

        Never did the Fakebbok gig and am already in the process of doing my best to encourage others to find another platform but where I fall short is YouTube and Amazon.

        I will find out about this ad blocker thing and wait for instructions on YouTube usage from Mr. Deplorable after that and discontinue using Amazon.

        1. At least until a couple months ago, all those giant big tech companies are really only about selling advertising. All their AI and information tracking and algos were just creating better targets for the advertising. But what if you don’t buy what’s advertised? Aren’t you depriving them of funds just as much as not going to their site at all?

          1. “But what if you don’t buy what’s advertised? Aren’t you depriving them of funds just as much as not going to their site at all?”

            Good pint.

            Until such a time as I know how to use ad blocker, I will take notice of who is doing the advertising, avoid their products like the plague and let everyone I can know why I am doing it.

  17. In the beauty of the lilies
    Christ was born across the sea,
    With a glory in His bosom
    That transfigures you and me;
    As He died to make men holy,
    Let us die to make men free;
    While God is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

  18. Suzanne Labin’s “Stalin’s Russia”, Evgenia Ginzberg’s “Into the Whirlwind and of course Solzneitzen’ “Gulag” all confirm this as a fact.
    1984 and Animal Farm confirms it with a fiction.

    Yes…we’re in it now….

      1. Daddy

        Check out Jim Hensley’s Wikipedia page, particularly his early business career and legal issues.

  19. by National File
    January 11th 2021, 2:17 am

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden pledged to allot relief to small businesses on a racialized basis in a video posted to left-wing Big Tech platform Twitter on Sunday, stating that “Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses.”

    Biden made the remarks in a video detailing his regime’s plan to rebuild the economy after a year of crippling COVID lockdowns, many of which were supported by Biden himself.

    “Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild,” Biden said, falsely inferring that minorities and women have less access to resources than white men.

    “But we’re going to make a concerted effort to help small businesses in low-income communities, in big cities, small towns, rural communities, that have faced systemic barriers to relief,” Biden continued.

    Biden then urged viewers to conjure up a sympathetic image of a mom-and-pop small business owner, who presumably must be non-white or female to have a chance at receiving lockdown relief from the Biden administration.

    The President-elect appeared to contradict himself later in the speech while pledging to help the businesses that “have been hit the hardest,” which statistically speaking would represent the majority of American small businesses which are owned by middle-class white American, European, and Middle Eastern families.

    1. Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses

      So, if you’re a BIPOC and you work for a white dude, you can kiss your job goodbye.

      So much for wanting to be “everyone’s president”. Of course, we all knew that was a lie.

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