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Sellers Dropping Their Asking Prices Can Ring Alarm Bells

A report from KTSP in Minnesota. “The housing market has been red-hot during the pandemic, but it could be cooling off. Existing U.S. homes sales rose 2% in July. For comparison, sales in June jumped about 23% from a year earlier. Another sign the housing market is cooling off: First-time homebuyers fell to 31%, the lowest level in more than three decades. ‘Long-term, there are no signs of the housing bubble that we’ve seen, so I expect it to kind of more normalize,’ said Kelly Hudick with Marathon Realty.”

From Fox 23 Maine. “The Maine Association of Realtors president says there is some good news for potential buyers feeling frustrated with the market. For the fourth consecutive month, the number of available homes is starting to increase. With single-family listings up nearly eight percent compared to last month. If it keeps going in that direction through the rest of the year, prices could stabilize. In Portland, Benchmark Real Estate has also seen signs of a possible leveling off. The median sales price for single families has dropped for the past two months from an all-time high of $479,250 in May to $461,500 in July.”

From KTAR on Arizona. “In metro Phoenix, houses on the market rose 1.6% from June, however, remains down 18.8% compared to last July, the report said, with more inventory expected to appear in the market over the next few months. Buyers might be pleased to hear the share of houses listed with a price cut was at 10%, up 2.1% from June. As inventory signs continue to rise for the third straight month and home value appreciation decreasing in nearly half the markets, Nicole Bachaud, Zillow economic data analyst said, ‘All signs point to the likelihood that the housing market is beginning to ease off the gas pedal.’”

From KUSI in California. “The real estate market in San Diego has seen a swing for both buyers and sellers in recent months — but now many are saying the market is seeing a balance. Overall, the previously hectic housing market is beginning to stabilize, said Jim Bottrell, Founder of the Jim Bottrell Real Estate Team.”

The Real Deal on Florida. “Russell Weiner paid more than $35 million for two waterfront properties on Pine Tree Drive in Miami Beach. The properties are separated by a home owned by Richard and Maria Meruelo. The Meruelos, who are in the midst of a divorce, face a foreclosure lawsuit on that property. Court records show RH Fund XXII LLC, which is tied to Las Vegas-based Red Hills Holdings, sued over an alleged unpaid mortgage balance of $6.3 million, plus interest, that is backed by the home.”

The Puget Sound Business Journal in Washington. “In a trend that may only worsen the Seattle area’s affordable housing crisis, owners of single-family rental homes are fleeing the market, say some real estate observers. A brokerage that specializes in rentals in King and Snohomish counties saw a 33% increase in the number of clients selling their property in 2020 compared with 2019. In Seattle, the number was even higher at 48%.”

“‘Areawide, prior to last year, the biggest single-year spike we had seen was 16% from 2013 to 2014,’ said Cory Brewer, vice president of residential operations at Lori Gill & Associates/Windermere Property Management. ‘Specifically in Seattle, 48% is by far the biggest spike we have seen during this time.'”

“Jim Henderson, president of Landlord Solutions Inc., is seeing the same trend, which he attributes to regulatory burdens. Henderson works with landlords in Pierce and King counties. ‘Landlords don’t get into this business to provide free rent,’ Henderson said. ‘For three months, that’s one thing. But it’s been 18 months. And landlords have to keep paying mortgages, insurance and maintenance costs.'”

The Village Sun. “Small landlords from around the city rallied across the street from the governor’s office in East Midtown Thursday, calling for an end to the state’s eviction moratorium. Last month, the property owners filed a class-action Article 78 lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Letitia James and New York State over the COVID-19 Emergency Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020.”

“The rally was organized by the group NY Landlords. The property owners say they are unfairly being asked to carry a burden that other businesses are not. Most of those at the rally were Asian, and most of the speakers’ comments were in Chinese. ‘Because the lawmakers keep on extending this unfair blanket eviction moratorium, a lot of our members are now are on the brink of bankruptcy,’ a message on the group’s Web site states, in part. ‘The blanket moratorium…has forced a lot of small mom and pop landlords into debt and foreclosure. It’s time to stand up for our rights and get our voices heard!'”

The Irish Times. “Purpose-built student apartment blocks in Dublin city could be turned into homeless accommodation under proposals from the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE). The DRHE is seeking to take advantage of the glut of new student blocks in the city which have failed to attract sufficient numbers of students.”

From Mansion Global. “Slower demand from high-end home buyers in the U.K. is responsible for dragging down asking prices for the first time this year, according to Rightmove. ‘New sellers dropping their asking prices can ring economy alarm bells, especially when it’s the first time so far this year, so it’s important to dig underneath the headline figures,’ said Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s director of property data.”

From Urban Developer. “More than half of Victorians who live in apartments have reported their homes have unrectified defects, according to a national survey. The Apartment Living Report surveyed 3600 apartment owners nationally and revealed that 54 per cent of the more than 1000 Victorians surveyed are living in apartments with defects. The chief executive of the group that commissioned the survey, Australian Apartment Advocacy, Sam Reece said the findings pointed to a need for urgent action to educate and protect apartment owners. About 16,000 apartments are expected to be delivered to the Victorian market during the next four years, and consumers need tools to know whether they’re purchasing a dud, Reece said.”

“There was a lack of clear access to information about buying an apartment which had left current apartment owners with inherited ‘defect debt’ and those looking to buy an apartment unsure about what to look out for, she said. ‘For too long governments have allowed a Wild West building culture, where too many new apartments are being built ith defects,’ Reece said. ‘Thousands of lives have been wrecked by lax building regulations, rogue developers and a lack of consumer information around apartment buying and living.'”

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      1. For off the charts animal cuteness check out Animal Planet’s The Zoo: San Diego. The vet hospital at Safari Park is also an engineering marvel; I toured it years ago. The walls pivot to create paths for the animals through the facility! One of the first 3 episodes shows a giraffe getting an MRI.

    1. Multiple rental property owner and broker Jim Bottrell offers his sage advice: Buy multiple rental properties, and get rich. (Never mind them pesky eviction moratoriums we keep reading about…)

      1. Does it seem like the Fed’s real plan is to write down the value of the dollar by writing up and backstopping housing, stock, bond and other asset prices?

        Viewed through that lens, the advice to grab as many rental properties as your banker will enable you to borrow the money to purchase makes perfect sense.

        1. I think that only works if there are enough people who can afford to pay the rent you need to cover your costs.

          Of course, if people can’t afford the rent, that gives the government an excuse to intervene, be it through Section 8, Council Housing or the new favorite: eviction moratoriums. Either way, it makes more and more people dependent on the government, and when you are, you have to obey or you will lose your free cheese.

      2. Never mind screwed LLs rushing to offload their cash flow negative “income” properties.

  1. ‘The Meruelos, who are in the midst of a divorce, face a foreclosure lawsuit on that property’

    I could have sworn I read that Miami Beach was red hotcakes.

    1. I’m not as familiar with pricing, but these houses need to be slashed by 50%. They didn’t even bother with Minimalist Millenial Gray updates.

        1. In the long haul, they don’t want people to own their homes. When mom and dad pass away their house will be sold (to Blackwater) and the proceeds divided amongst the kids, who can’t afford a shack, and who will piss away the inheritance.

          1. It makes perfect sense to see big financial firms step up to the front of the home purchase line when the Fed is backstopping housing prices.

            “Buy what the Fed buys…”

          2. By the time mom and dad pass away, the kids will be retirement age and their income will take a dive. Since they won’t have a paid-off dwelling, they’ll need that inheritance just to pay the rent.

          3. … and that’s assuming that Mom doesn’t take out a reverse mortgage, or sell the family house to pay for nursing home care. The kids are fooked.

          4. When mom and dad pass away their house will be sold (to Blackwater)

            Blackwater is a mercenary outfit – killers for hire. Cheney and Co. era stuff.

    2. What’s interesting is that Trudeau is promising a 2 year ban on foreign house buyers if he’s re-elected, and some other housing policies:

      This is kind of surprising that a senior leader would admit that ever rising house prices (and perhaps the concomitant debt) may not be the best thing for society. Also that the population itself may be wearying of the skyrocketing shelter cost phenomenon, which also seems to be a significant change.

  2. ‘First-time homebuyers fell to 31%, the lowest level in more than three decades’

    Is that a lot?

    I’ve been meaning to work this one in but I’ll post it here:

    ‘The last of Casa Grande’s “zombie” subdivisions is finally being developed after lying fallow for 12 years. The subdivision, Tuscany, and others were launched in the runup to the Great Recession and then left unfinished when the housing market collapsed.’

    ‘That left them as desert eyesores in Casa Grande, located along Interstate 10 roughly halfway between Tucson and metro Phoenix.’

    ‘But Century Communities recently purchased Tuscany, and City Planner Jim Gagliardi said cleanup is planned and actual construction could be just six months away, the Casa Grande Dispatch reported.’

    “A year or two ago at this time we had many getting snapped up by homebuilders,” Gagliardi said of the subdivisions and planned housing developments that were frozen in time for about a decade. “This is the last one, it lay fallow for 12 years.”

    This is just a lie. There are 6,000 “zombie” lots out there and last time I drove by, it hadn’t changed. This is one of the most gotforsaken places on Earth. You have dust for breakfast lunch and dinner a third of the year.

      1. having a prison in town in CA is a status symbol: drop by Folsom, CA sometime & gawk at all the high end-houses occupied by the highly paid correctional workers.

        I worked a summer w/friend helping out his painting crew, back in the 80’s when Folsom was still open fields, on new expensive 2 story houses. there wasn’t a day that went by without some snotty prison guards wife complaining about some minor item whining:
        “I have a CONCERNNNN”

        I heard that gottdamn phrase SO MANY TIMES I was on the edge of going postal! haha !!

        learned a lot about painting but thank GOD IN HEAVEN it was only
        3 summer months of Karens.

        I still have PTSD & bristle when I encounter a caucasian women w/attitude in an expensive car.

        maybe there is a payable disability for that!? hmmm

  3. ’54 per cent of the more than 1000 Victorians surveyed are living in apartments with defects’

    The winnahs!

    ‘About 16,000 apartments are expected to be delivered to the Victorian market during the next four years, and consumers need tools to know whether they’re purchasing a dud’

    Magic 8 ball says yes Sam.

    1. “With my big black boots and an old suitcase
      I do believe I’ll find myself a new place”

      At 1:30 of this video I am pretty sure the dude tells her she can have the underwater house and make the payments.

      Everclear – Santa Monica

  4. Forgive me if you’ve already covered this, but this is a potentially alarming development. This is in the context of people like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos buying up vast tracts of land and the fact that the Great Reset crowd are trying to buy up land so that “regular folk” will be forced into landless peasantry. This is the ugly side of capitalism — rentier capitalism.

    These people are vile.

    1. This is the ugly side of capitalism — rentier capitalism.

      there is no ‘ugly side to capitalism’ unless you’re a communist.

      1. Capitalism isn’t divinely handed down AFAIK. Not like the Koran, it’s might have imperfections.

        1. ok, what’s wrong with it? let me guess, free trade right? if you don’t like free trade, you’re for protectionism. do you think protectionism is economic?

          1. Unfettered capitalism has been firmly repudiated in this country. The era of robber barons put paid to that long, long ago.

          2. Unfettered capitalism has been firmly repudiated in this country.

            so if capitalism is ‘fettered’, then it’s fair, right? the problem is that fettering a market is the same thing as price fixing. do you think that price fixing is good?

            i’ll try to put this in a way that most people on this blog can more easily relate to.

            The reason there is a housing bubble is because there is ‘fair’ trade in housing. That is, the bureaucrats decided that it wasn’t ‘fair’ for home buyers to lose their butts on a house they bought. So to be ‘fair’, they concocted policies to push home prices higher. They interfered in the market. They ‘protected’ the new home buyer. They were engaged in price fixing and they never gave a second thought that they were pricing out the more responsible people that wanted to wait until prices came back down. but the ‘crats weren’t going to LET the prices come back down.

            in a FREE market without bureaucrats interfering, the bubble would never have even got started. you see what i’m saying? ‘fair’ trade is the opposite of ‘free’ trade. or more accurately, fair market economics is the opposite of free market economics.

            fair traders think they’re doing good but in reality, they’re ruining the market. let the free market work and the problems will go away. and yes, that’s ‘unfettered’ capitalism.

          3. “That is, the bureaucrats decided that it wasn’t ‘fair’ for home buyers to lose their butts on a house they bought.”

            That is, the bureaucrats decided that it wasn’t ‘fair’ for mortgage bankers to lose their butts on a house they bought.

    1. Hi Ca renter,

      This is the Rockefeller business model of creating a Monopoly , so you can get all the marbles , than be a dictorship. The basic concept is destroy competition by any means.

    1. I thought they were all filming their shoestring budget junk shows in cheaper places outside of Hollyweird, like say Georgia.

      1. Huh, so that’s why they wanted to build some kind of studio in Missoula. They couldn’t get the tax break they wanted tho so it fell through.

  5. FBI Informant Ran ‘Neo-Nazi Terrorist Group’ Atomwaffen Division, Got ‘Paid Handsomely’ to Radicalize Troubled Youth

    Chris Menahan
    Aug. 23, 2021

    FBI informant Joshua Caleb Sutter was “paid handsomely” by the feds to lead the “neo-nazi terrorist group” known as Atomwaffen Division, according to newly released court documents.

    Atomwaffen Division under Sutter’s leadership became a Satanic death cult that targeted troubled youth for radicalization so the feds could set them up to advance their false narrative that “white extremists” are America’s greatest terror threat.

    1. As I have posted more than once in the past few weeks, anyone talking about recruiting for “groups” is a Fed.

      We are the leaderless resistance, there are no “groups.”

  6. Is it possible that Chinese landlords, who bought rental properties as a perpetual cash machine, won’t get the same consideration as American families who just need a place to live in?

    “The rally was organized by the group NY Landlords. The property owners say they are unfairly being asked to carry a burden that other businesses are not. Most of those at the rally were Asian, and most of the speakers’ comments were in Chinese.”

    1. They thought they escaped the Communist sh*tholes at home but didn’t realized they went into a bigger Socialist sh*tholes in NY and surrounding areas. Now, they not only have to providing housing for free but get attack by the MSM for being evil landlords!

  7. Some local Covid fear porn. Similar stories are appearing in different media outlets, such as 9News, the Dumver Post. etc. I’m sure your local media has similar stories:

    LAKEWOOD, Colorado — He was once a fitness coach and the epitome of strength – now after two months in the hospital, Bill Phillips is a changed man.

    The 56-year-old didn’t think he needed the COVID-19 vaccine and that decision almost killed him.

    Phillips said he caught the virus the first time in January 2020. A test found he had antibodies so he decided to not get vaccinated. He caught COVID-19 again in June 2021.

    I saw a poll on 9News on whether or not I trust the vaxx now that the FDA has approved it. So far 38% have said no. I don’t know how accurate that poll is, but if it is, then Colorado is saturated and there will be few new jab takers.

    1. Happy 18 month anniversary of fifteen days to flatten the curve:

      “A no-fly list for unvaccinated adults is an obvious step that the federal government should take,” wrote former Obama administration Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Intergovernmental Affairs Juliette Kayyem in The Atlantic this month. “We have to move from the…carrots of luring people, talking to them about the science, giving them extra pay lottery systems,” Kayyem further explained on PBS, “to a system of sticks where there will be burdens, privileges will be denied.”

      1. “A no-fly list for unvaccinated adults is an obvious step that the federal government should take,”

        I expect this will be in place by the end of the year. No vax, no flying out to grandma’s for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

      2. “to a system of sticks where there will be burdens, privileges will be denied.”

        I have a car. And I expect places like Clownifornia and other leftist sh!tholes might deny me entry. Big deal, there are other places I can go. As for Europe: been there, done that. If they don’t want me, there are others who will gladly take my cash.

        I will not play the clottery.

        1. play the clottery

          Only for J&J, they already know what causes the clots, and how to prevent them. Find another reason.

          1. CVT mRNA vaccine: 4/million (I don’t know the cause)
            CVT Astra vaccine: 5/million (preventable)
            CVT J&J vaccine: ~4/million (preventable)
            CVT COVID-19: 35/million (plus another 175 portal vein clots)

            Comparing 5/million to 4/million — probably the same. Meanwhile the actual disease is 7 times worse.

          2. I agree about Pfizer and that loudmouth CEO, who seems to be most concerned with shouting “FIRST!” I notice that Moderna and J&J have been wisely keeping their mouths shut.

          3. spike protein not delivery vehicle

            Nope. The J&J CVT clots were accompanied by low platelet count. Low platelet count is caused by a reaction between blood platelets and adenoviruses. That’s a dead giveaway that the J&J clots were caused by the adenovirus delivery vehicle and NOT by the spike protein.

            But that doesn’t change that COVID itself causes CVT blood clots 7x vs. the vaccines. I keep hearing about this toxic spike protein in the vaccine. Yo hello, did everybody forget that COVID is toxic spike protein too? In fact, when you are infected with COVID, it replicates and makes even MORE spike protein.

            I know someone who fell sick with a high fever and a rash in her 70s. Only in the hospital did they figure it out. She had measles! She’s old enough that she went through school before MMR was mandated, and for some reason just never got the vaccine. Even after 50+ years of various measles vaccines and 35+ years of MMR and true herd immunity, measles still found her.

            It’s the same with COVID, especially Delta and its R0=6+. Almost everybody is going to get COVID and its spike protein — or at least exposed to it — eventually. The only question is how serious the symptoms will be. You’re doing the right thing with the prophylactic.

    2. January 2020

      He must have contracted the D614G variant. Delta is different enough to evade those antibodies.
      Or maybe his original infection made him vulnerable to ADE. 🤪

      1. I find it interesting how the local media go to great efforts to dig up stories like this one, but will NEVER report on when someone drops dead hours after getting vaxxed.

      2. ** “He must have contracted the D614G variant. Delta is different enough to evade those antibodies.”

        my neighbor daryl has instructions to swiftly dispatch me with crossbow if i re-animate post covid. his other brothers larry & daryl will handle cleanup.

        (my house will be snapped-up by blackstone instead of some mom & pop investors who will have to feed the squirrels while ignoring complaints about the 12 cars clogging the street from the renters)

        1. my neighbor daryl has instructions to swiftly dispatch me with crossbow if i re-animate post covid. his other brothers larry & daryl will handle cleanup.

          LOL @ the reference!

      3. He must have contracted the D614G variant. Delta is different enough to evade those antibodies.

        Or maybe his immune system, despite being a big tough guy, is junk.

        Meanwhile, daily deaths here in the Centennial state have been hovering in the single digits, with many days totaling zero. Yet we are being told by the local media that the sky is falling and it is imperative that we all play the clottery.

        1. “Or maybe his immune system, despite being a big tough guy, is junk.”

          Or an overactive immune system. I know someone with Lupus who had one heck of a time with a cessation of their regular medications to allow for the two Pfizer vaccinations.

          1. I’m telling you these stories are lies that have not been verified. Look at all the false flags they do.
            Its all about disinformation to support their fraudulent narratives.

          2. I’m telling you these stories are lies that have not been verified

            That’s why I call it fear porn. Perhaps fear fiction would be more accurate.

          3. cessation of their regular medications to allow for the two Pfizer vaccinations

            Hydroxychloroquine? If so, he/she should have just added zinc.

          4. Hydroxychloroquine?

            I don’t know, but I know that a regular physician monitors kidney and liver data, regularly. It’s a big deal, lupus.

          5. My friend with Lupus has taken HCQ for years. Her mother died when she was young IIRC from a heart problem.

      1. Not only will I be going outside, I’ll be in Florida next week. I guess I won’t be seeing any Aussies there.

    3. TPTB are delusional to think FDA approval is/was the reason for vaccine hesitancy. We’re not hesitant; we’re adamant.

      1. It does sound like they mulling switching from the carrot to the stick.

        And the virus will never go away. There will always be a new strain. So roll up that sleeve, or you’ll have to stay home.

      2. FDA approval

        This approval is suspicious. I’m just reading and listening about it. TPTB want to have their cake and eat it too: approval to justify mandates but liability protection of EUA.

          1. Pfizer’s really concerned about indemnification. German BioNTech must be harder to sue and collect from.

  8. The Big Move
    I dream of moving to San Diego, but it’s so expensive — even with a $300K down payment. Should we wait for the market to cool?
    Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 9:20 a.m. ET
    By Jacob Passy
    ‘We have dreamed of moving closer to the beach — we’ve been in the mountains far too long. Our kids need things to do, we crave good food and better job opportunities’

    1. A nurse and plumber can’t find job opportunities, the kids have nothing to do, and they want “good food?” Just what boondock sh!!thole do they live in?

      For once Marketwatch got it right — they recommended southern East Coast beaches and Gulf Coast beaches.

  9. Well, I propose that this is all fake news.
    For instance, in California they are running stories of children getting Covid, as well as stories of people who had Covid getting reinfected.. Ongoing fraud that the unvaccinated are the Covid cases .A concerted effort to cover up the adverse reactions to the jabs , and the fact that the vaccinated are getting Covid.

    This Monopoly controlled fake and censored news is a fraudulent disinformation campaign to deceive and fear monger , and suppress the truth .

    The vaccines violate all reasonable safety standards , and they should of been pulled from the market by the FDA that acts on behalf of Big Pharmacy, not public protection.

    This is entirely a falsehood , that all Constitutional protections are suspended under emergency declarations.

    As if Emergency Use Authorization of a untested new technology vaccine gets safety standards suspended when overwhelming evidence calls for suspension of the lab rat expierments on the public.

    It would of been more acceptable had Big Pharmacy used the old vaccine technology in response to this so called epidemic. The evidence shows this technology had not been perfected for human use in all prior studies.

    In so many ways we have a take over by Monopolies that are dictating a suspension of rights and freedoms and protections for whatever harm they want to impose. They assert the right to take the first amendment and censor any dispute to their disinformation fraud and false narratives.
    This is especially outrageous under emergency condition whereas their fraud and censorship has resulted in massive harm and death. As if Private Party Monopolies have the right to kill and injure as they collude with Big Pharmacy Monopoly, with corrupted Government health agencies.

    The Fire Captain of LA County, came out today totally opposing vaccine mandates imposed on the fire fighters . He was so mad he was beside himself and they have filed lawsuit to oppose it.
    Another Big lawsuit being filed against American Airlines mandated vaccines for employees. In this case the pilots are opposing forced vaccine as a threat to the safety of air travel in that to many healthy pilots have died after taking the vaccines .

    So, now that the Biden Administration has double downed on the medical tyranny of mandated vaccine you are seeing more opposition starting.
    Mandates for health care employees getting fired if they don’t take the vaccine is only going to serve to create a shortage of health care workers because of the firings. Same thing with the pilots being fired that don’t comply being hard to replace,
    But the Airlines plan to replace skilled Pilots with diversity candidate with inferior training and flight hours,.So, in more ways than one the medical tyranny is being used as a weapon against current merit based systems.
    The intent to mandate children , is also outrageous , first because they are low risk, and second children should not be subjected to untested vaccines as if they were lab rats.
    I predict Biden is going to impose a major lockdown again, in part due to the fact that more opposition to this murder and tyranny is beginning to unfold.

    1. I predict Biden is going to impose a major lockdown

      He can try, but he needs governors to cooperate. And even our leftist governor and the mayor of Dumver have indicated that there is no reason at this time to reinstate any restrictions.

      1. I talked to some liberal friends recently. Here is the liberal view of this:

        1. Vaccine refusers are stupid and refuse to protect themselves.
        2. About damn time employers are forcing employees to be vaccinated. Enough nonense.
        3. We can’t go anywhere because we have children under 12. If only the stupid Trumpies would get vaxxed, herd immunity will protect our children.
        4. The FDA needs to approve vaccines for kids under 12 already, what’s the hold-up?
        5. Health care workers have “compassion fatigue.” They are tired of caring for non-vax COVID patients in the hospital.
        6. Even we are tired of trying to save the stupid Trumpers from themselves and they’re acting like stubborn toddlers. We’re very close to just saying “let them get COVID.”

        1. oxide,
          First your liberal friends have no ability for critical risk assessment on the new technology vaccines , created under warp speed with no reasonable safety trials, under EUA. They are nothing more than a lab rat for Big Pharmacy that has no liability for death or injury.
          Your friends are stupid in ability to determine risk on a disease that is only lethal to small fraction of the population , mostly elderly, or with co morbidities. Therefore mass vaccination of the globe wasn’t justified by any threat to the majority.

          I suspect that your friends watch fake news and are brainwashed as to hype that the jabs are safe and effective, and they are unaware they are being led and informed by psychopaths and fraudsters.
          Your friends have no mental ability to see long term effect of the immune deficiency enhancement of vaccine that creates mutations requiring booster after booster.
          Your friends must be really stupid in not being aware of the adverse side effects of the vaccines, or they are in massive denial about it. Or maybe they are stupid enough to think that deaths and injuries from the vaccines are ok because its for the greater good. The greater good as defined by the stakeholders making profits.
          I would say your liberal friends are naive ,brainwashed and uninformed, . They are also projecting their immature traits, frustrations and mental laziness on unvaccinated people .
          These people are a threat to the unvaccinated, because to the degree they are brainwashed by the wolf’s in sheep clothing , is to the degree they will aid and support evil to their own eventual enslavement .

          1. naive ,brainwashed and uninformed

            You are correct about that. They still think that Russia put Trump in the White House. And then they talked about how “brainwashed” the stupid Trumpies are.

        2. Emphasis added.

          Vaccine inventor questions mandatory shot push, Biden’s Covid-19 strategy
          Vaccination ‘arms race’ could prove dangerous to the American public

          Four flawed assumptions drive the Biden strategy. The first is that universal vaccination can eradicate the virus and secure economic recovery by achieving herd immunity throughout the country (and the world). However, the virus is now so deeply embedded in the world population that, unlike polio and smallpox, eradication is unachievable. SARS-CoV-2 and its myriad mutations will likely continually circulate, much like the common cold and influenza.

          The second assumption is that the vaccines are (near) perfectly effective. However, our currently available vaccines are quite “leaky.” While good at preventing severe disease and death, they only reduce, not eliminate, the risk of infection, replication, and transmission. As a slide deck from the Centers for Disease Control has revealed, even 100% acceptance of the current leaky vaccines combined with strict mask compliance will not stop the highly contagious Delta variant from spreading.

          The third assumption is that the vaccines are safe. Yet scientists, physicians, and public health officials now recognize risks that are rare but by no means trivial. Known side effects include serious cardiac and thrombotic conditions, menstrual cycle disruptions, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, and anaphylaxis.

          Unknown side effects which virologists fear may emerge include existential reproductive risks, additional autoimmune conditions, and various forms of disease enhancement, i.e., the vaccines can make people more vulnerable to reinfection by SARS-CoV-2 or reactivation of latent viral infections and associated diseases such as shingles. With good reason, the FDA has yet to approve the vaccines now administered under Emergency Use Authorization.

          The failure of the fourth “durability” assumption is the most alarming and perplexing. It now appears our current vaccines are likely to offer a mere 180-day window of protection – a decided lack of durability underscored by scientific evidence from Israel and confirmed by Pfizer, the Department of Health and Human Services, and other countries.

          1. I mostly agree with Robert Malone here.

            I’ve been saying the same for weeks. Delta variant is too contagious to even have any hope at traditional herd immunity — even if there were no vaccine hesitancy and everyone masked up. The only strategy is for everyone to get exposed to Delta variant and develop Delta antibodies.* And then we can only hope that our Delta antibodies will be able to fend off and prevent spread of any new variants.**

            This is all we can do until the scientists go back to the lab and develop a second-generation vaccine which is hopefully sterilizing. And that’s probably a couple years away. Australia and New Zealand can’t hold out that long. I think they’re going to have to do the same thing that Denmark and UK did.

            I do take issue with Dr. Malone’s list of vaccine adverse effects.

            *IIUC, even the vaccinated people will be exposed to Delta and get Delta antibodies — it’s just that their Alpha antibodies from the vaccine will mitigate the symptoms. Vax people will have antibodies for both Alpha and Delta.
            **Delta is already outcompeting Beta in South Africa. I am optimistic that Delta is the apex variant of SARS-CoV-2.

          2. Suffice to say.
            Take those junk high risk vaccines off the market NOW. Administer the med treatments that are safe and effective to anyone vaccinated or not that gets some form of Covid.
            Immediately arrest Dr Fauci and others for crimes against humanity and defrauding public .
            It isn’t believable that the acts of all these parties were a acceptable response to the facts of the Panademic, and they constitute crimes against humanity . Arrest CNN for conspiracy to defraud public . Whatever , I don’t know what the crimes are called.Many players in this outrageous assault on people.

    1. All those oak cabinets look dated.

      That location looks like it’s windy (chain link fence) and dusty. It’s probably a ton on fun keeping that house dusted and the windows clean.

      1. The land was purchased for $175K, and the house was built in 2006. Wouldn’t a circa-2006 house at least have granite countertops? Nope, this looks cheaply built. The kitchen is too open. And you couldn’t force me to live in a desert like that anyway.

    2. Kingman, AZ is the kind of place you wake up, look around, then grab the pistol and blow your brains out. I kid – kind of….

  10. From a local neighborhood website here in SoCal, Orange County.

    -Hi, table for two, please.
    -Sure, and your name.
    -Great. And do you and your guest have your vaccination cards?
    -Hmmm well first.. Can you tell us who our server will be?
    -Um, looks like Brad will be your server tonight.
    -Great. Can you show us Brad’s vaccination card?
    -And also, can you provide me with proof that Brad is not a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis A or B, or any other communicable diseases? Same for you and the kitchen staff.
    -Also, we would prefer not to be served by someone who is on or uses recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, fentanyl, etc, so if you could provide us with Brad’s most recent tox screen, that would be great. Matter of fact, imma need to see all of your employees medical history.
    -Um… Let me get the manager for you.
    -That would be great, thanks. Make sure they have their vax card and medical records please.

    1. The Media is nothing but trick news to deceive the public. They do this with everything.
      Nice to have whistleblowers like Dr Malone , but he’s censored.
      So, how long is it going to take for the public to find out the real truth, and how much damage done in the meantime by their trick language.

      1. The Media is nothing but trick news to deceive the public.

        It has become so bad that I can’t stand to watch the local news or broadcast TV. The incessant “get vaxxed or you’re die and/or kill other people” message has gotten very old. And even if you don’t watch it, the lemmings do, and they are harder to tune out.

        And I took a peek at the NFL on Saturday. Big mistake. Lots of vaxx propaganda there too.

        They won’t take no for an answer.

        1. My husband tries to watch CNN to get an opposing view but has to turn it once I start ranting about their compromised guests.

          1. It might be easier to get the lib point of view by going to the CNN webpage for stories and transcripts. It’s easier to tolerate.

          2. Faux News has enough libs to get that POV. I rant at Faux News (both sides) but far less.

        2. The incessant “get vaxxed or you’re die and/or kill other people”
          I mentioned a few weeks ago I got covid , most likely while traveling overseas, after being double vaccinated with Pfizer. Turns out I may have infected a drinking buddy of mine. She is 86 years old and refused to be vaccinated. Anyway, yesterday she gave me “grief” about infecting her with the Panama variant but thankfully she then said “want a beer?” At 86, with no medical attention, she looks like she will be just fine. She is still tired but drives, cooks, drinks beer and has been drinking the rum I got her from Panama. I lost a lot of sleep worrying that I may have “killed” her which is what I think the main issue is: If I get infected will I hurt my friends? Of course, being vaccinated and testing negative before we hung out didn’t matter. So how do you really prevent hurting someone, besides hiding under your urine stained mattress?

          1. So how do you really prevent hurting someone, besides hiding under your urine stained mattress?

            There’s plenty of grey area between flippant and fanatical.

    2. Second bitchute link is first 2m14s of Pfizer Seeking Full Indemnification video above.

    3. I’d be willing to bet most of the “elites” haven’t taken it. They want you and I jabbed. Them? Fock no.

  11. So a privately owned restaurant is suppose to verify that a person is vaccinated, and if they get it wrong they get hefty fines.

    And further the restaurant gets about a 50% reduction in business because they are instructed to discrimate against a unvaccinated person by banning them from eating out.

    So this forced punishment of denial of commerce to people who have the right to not take a untested vaccine is I suspect not legal .
    So, apparently a number of New York Restaurants have filed a lawsuit regarding what’s being imposed on them .
    First , where does it say in the law that a declared emergency suspends all laws and gives up all Constitutional protections.

    It appears to me that the authorities are just making up their right to do what they are doing.

    So, you have all these entities being forced into lawsuit, and God knows how corrupted the Judicial might be regarding these health issues.

    I think in the final analysis , when all of Government, including Judicial recourse, has been corrupted and overtaken by a Innsurrection of tyranny ,by enemy forces trying to overthrow the law and the Country, the people have the right to not comply.

    Just because the enemy isn’t invading dressed up in military outfits with guns and bombs blazing doesn’t mean it isn’t a criminal invasion.

    Biden likes to call anybody that opposes the rigged election , or is opposed to medical tyranny , or was a Trump supporter, or is white , is a enemy of the State, and a Innsurrectist .
    Not only is this ridicules that over half the Country is deemed a enemy of State by Biden, he should be impeached for being a treasonous President waging War on the Citizens by violating his oath of office to abide by the Constitution.
    I wonder if 75% of the States could impeach Biden/Harris. because you know Congress/ Senate won’t do it because the rigged election put the majority puppets for the Innsurrection in.
    This is why you are getting the insanity that we are living under today , in every way.
    Globlist Monopolies in collusion with governments dictating tyranny, destruction , oppression , and a Police State , threatening job loss , imprisonment, starvation even if you don’t comply , while they have taken the first amendment already .

    How much more has to be destroyed , killed or injured for the people to come out of the fog and realize that the US is occupied by a enemy .
    They will come out with the information that Trump won Arizona , and than more will be done to distract from that truth.
    Only the people can save themselves from this take over by not complying,

    BIG BAD JOHN ~ Jimmy Dean (1961)

    Every mornin’ at same time you could see her arrive
    She stood six-foot-six and weighed two-forty-five
    Kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip
    And everybody knew she was losing her grip Big Donk
    (Big Donk, Big Donk)
    Big bad Donk (big Donk)

    Nobody seemed to know why she bought a home
    She just called a realtor on her cell phone
    He didn’t say much, just let out a lie
    And she fell for it all, you just have to cry for Big Donk

    Somebody said she’s angry and mean
    She’s always in a fight cuz her wallets lean
    And a crashin’ market from a huge event
    She sent a letter to her lender it said go get bent, big Donk
    (Big Donk, big Donk)
    Big bad Donk (big Donk)

    Kirkland, WA Housing Prices Crater 33% YOY As Desperate Sellers Send Inventory Soaring And Prices Plunging Across Seattle Area

    As one broke seller lamented, “Whenever I think about how much money I lost on this house I just want to kill myself.”

  13. Hubby’s getting the Regeneron mAb treatment tomorrow: 1 hour infusion followed by 1 hour observation with minimal copay (at most $65) for phone consult earlier this afternoon. I spent $78 for the vitamins. There’s absolutely no medical need for the authoritarian measures we’re witnessing.

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