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It’s Unclear That We Have Learned The Lessons Of 2008

A report from Arlington Now in Virginia. “We’ve seen an upward tick in new listings by approximately 10 percent compared to last week. We’ve also tracked a nearly 400 percent increase in the number of Just Reduced properties week-over-week. In a nutshell, for those whose properties sat on the market through the holidays, they are now stepping up their game that much more. So, we’re experiencing a bit more aggression and flexibility on their part price-wise.”

From Boise Dev in Idaho. “The total number of homes for sale on the last day of December, according to IMLS, stood at 1,094 between the two counties. While that’s the third straight month where the inventory level has dropped, it follows a seasonal pattern — and is more than double the number of houses on the market one year ago. For a time in October and November, 12% of all listings had cut their price. The percentage of listings with price reductions quickly fell back to earth, with about 6.2% of listings having cut their price on the market in December — though that’s still higher than the same time frame in any of the previous four years.”

From Detroit Business. “According to the RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan December 2021 Housing Report, the region’s housing market ended the year with a dip in month-over-month sales prices and sales both month-over-month and year-over-year. ‘The drop in home prices is welcome news for buyers and signals some of the normal seasonality we see in the market at this time of the year,’ says Jeanette Schneider, president of Troy’s RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan.”

From Socket Site in California. “The net number of homes on the market in San Francisco (510) ticked up 9 percent over the past week. And while listed inventory levels are 35 percent lower than at the start of 2021, they’re 25 percent higher than they were prior to the pandemic and over twice as high as they were in January of 2015.”

From KOB 4. “‘We’re seeing people from the Midwest from the northeast, quite a few California buyers,’ said Damon Maddox with the New Mexico Realtors Association. ‘It’s because they’re coming from places where the housing is more expensive. You know, they’ve sold their home, say for California, and they’ve sold that property for you know, eight or $900,000. And they come into Mexico, they can buy the same size property for about three or $400,000,’ Maddox said.”

“So why not increase the supply to meet the demand? ‘The issue we have with building houses is the cost of building a house right now. So you know, there are a lot of builders out there that aren’t building because they can’t, you know, price that property well enough to make a profit,’ said Maddox.”

From Bloomberg. “Deals by investors — including a smaller portion of flippers — helped push up prices more than 20% on average, squeezing out normal buyers, according to an analysis by Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics. Investors accounted for 26% of single-family purchases in the third quarter, up from 15% a year earlier, the study shows.”

“If investors lose interest, the housing market in areas where they were most active would be vulnerable to price declines, Zandi said. Already, mortgage rates are beginning to rise, making homes more unaffordable for typical buyers. ‘This is not a healthy market,’ he said. ‘It feels like it is getting very stretched. Investors will buy until it no longer pencils out. Then what happens with prices?'”

The Financial Post in Canada. “The federal government is planning to review the rules surrounding down payments on investment properties in a bid to curb speculation in red hot housing markets, with increases in the downpayment or restriction on the source of funds the most likely measures it might pursue, according to industry experts. John Pasalis, president of Toronto housing data firm Realosophy Realty Inc., agreed that increasing the minimum down payment requirement would be the simplest way to curb speculative demand, but warned that it wasn’t just pure speculators who buy investment properties.”

“‘The other segment of investors … is people who own properties and are upsizing, but keep their current home as an investment property,’ Pasalis said. ‘It makes it harder to hold on to two properties at once when you increase the amount of capital you need to finance that secondary property.'”

“‘Damage from a housing sell-off can drive the whole economy into recession if it’s severe enough, given the wealth and liquidity of millions of Canadians’ are tied to their home value,’ said mortgage expert Rob McLister.”

The Australian Financial Review. “After notching the fastest annual price growth in decades last year, Australia’s biggest housing markets now face the prospect of falling prices that could last for years, if past downturns are any indication. With many economists and property experts predicting housing prices to peak later this year, there are worries the downturn could be more severe and longer this time around.”

“‘Once a market peaks, the typical trend is that values will experience a period of decline. But it’s impossible to know the timing, duration or magnitude of the housing downturn as it depends on so many factors, especially at the moment with so much uncertainty,’ said Tim Lawless, CoreLogic research director. ‘It’s likely that interest rates will normalise over several years rather than a rapid return to average levels which should help to cushion the size of any housing downturn, but if credit policies become overly restrictive, it could amplify the downside.'”

From Bloomberg. “An ill-fated push into property lending has instead turned China Minsheng Banking Corp. into one of the biggest casualties of the real estate debt crisis that’s roiling Asia’s largest economy. People familiar with Minsheng’s operations say the bank, founded in 1996 as China’s first non-state controlled lender, is now in damage control mode. The bank will need years to work through its bad debt problem and a capital injection from a stronger rival can’t be ruled out, said Shen Meng, director at Chanson & Co., a Beijing-based boutique investment bank.”

“‘The pursuit of high growth and returns to its private shareholders pushed the bank to take on lots of high-risk investments,’ Shen said. ‘Chairman Gao Yingxin, who joined Minsheng from Bank of ChinaLtd. in 2020, pledged to address the lender’s challenges at a shareholders’ meeting in June. ‘Ten years ago we were the pearl on the crown, but now our gap with peers is widening,’ Gao said. ‘Corporate governance will switch from short-sightedness to long-termism.'”

“More pain is all but guaranteed. The bank is one of the biggest creditors to Evergrande, whose debt crisis has rattled global markets over the past year and sparked financial contagion across China’s property industry. Minsheng had about 29 billion yuan of exposure to Evergrandeas of June 2020, according to a letter seen by Bloomberg.”

From El Pais. “Housing will continue to get more expensive in 2022 in line with economic growth and inflation. Though the European Central Bank (ECB) has flagged up the sector’s ‘exuberance’ – a term used to substitute ‘bubble’ – it appears to be referring to the housing market in other countries rather than in Spain. But in a sector increasingly exposed to global investment trends, a degree of contamination cannot be ruled out.”

“The international outlook is bleak. As early as mid-2021, a Bloomberg analysis concluded that ‘real estate prices around the world are flashing the kind of bubble warnings that haven’t been seen since the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis.’ Later in the year, supervisory bodies such as the ECB and the Federal Reserve warned of ‘exuberance’ and ‘vulnerabilities’ in housing markets.”

“All the economic scenarios appear to lead to the ECB and the withdrawal of monetary stimulus. The balance, Gonzalo Bernardos, director of the Master’s degree in Real Estate Consultancy, Management and Development at Barcelona University warns, is not simple: ‘If we assume that we have learned the lessons of 2008, and it’s unclear that we have, bubbles are always burst by an excessively rapid rise in interest rates.'”

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  1. ‘Damage from a housing sell-off can drive the whole economy into recession if it’s severe enough, given the wealth and liquidity of millions of Canadians’ are tied to their home value’

    Wow that would sux to be you Rob. Better to not let things get out of hand, eh?

    1. “The base salary for civil servants is low – even top-ranking ministerial officials draw less than 9,000 yuan a month, while the most common departmental level officials, who form the backbone of administrative cadres, earn about 5,000 yuan each month.
      But this is topped up by a number of perks, including subsidies for housing, transport, education, telecommunications, childcare and medical benefits, plus year-end bonuses that are not disclosed to the public.”

      Subsidies for housing? No wonder they can afford to pay 20x income for a skybox in a tower.

    1. “Polls show that inflation has started displacing even the coronavirus pandemic as a public concern, making clear the political threat it poses to Biden and congressional Democrats, whose House and Senate majorities hang in the balance in November’s election.”

      The Democrats are worried that you’ll be distracted by your bellybutton rubbing against your spine and forget how to vote correctly next November.

  2. Omicron wave prompts media to rethink which data to report

    ‘The Associated Press has recently told its editors and reporters to avoid emphasizing case counts in stories about the disease. That means, for example, no more stories focused solely on a particular country or state setting a one-day record for number of cases, because that claim has become unreliable.’

    1. This means one thing: they know new case counts will soon be in free fall, and if that happens people will know that it’s over, and that’s the last thing the fear mongers want.

        1. Which is why they stop reporting numbers and instead focus on other things: antivaxxers who die, grim faced “doctors” screaming at people to get jabbed, reports on new and coming variants. etc.

          1. “antivaxxers who die”

            The “young, healthy anti-vaxxers” who in their photo look to be about 400 pounds? Does that work?

          2. maybe that works on you.

            I think “outlier anecdotes” works on a lot of people. It’s called propaganda. Some months ago, in Dumver they were able to dig up a story on an unjabbed physical trainer who was hospitalized for weeks. During an interview after he was finally discharged he told whoever was watching to get jabbed. Propaganda gold.

          3. “During an interview after he was finally discharged he told whoever was watching to get jabbed. Propaganda gold.”

            How many people got jabbed as a result of that interview?

        2. They are putting people back in masks, even in places like Utah. So with cases down at least we’ll have some theater to feel like it’s an emergency.

          1. SoUtah:
            No mask requirements here. Utah is currently reporting cases in the State up 4-5 times what they were a year ago. However, our local hospital is nowhere near the occupancy rates that they had during the beginnings of this “pandemic”.

            The health providers in the hospital (over the last 2-3 weeks) that are getting Covid are returning after only a few days off with no serious, lingering health problems.

            Many formerly die-hard pro vaccine types my wife works with at Dixie Regional are now of the belief that they never should have gotten the shot/boosters to begin with. A lot of them are young and now appear worried about their long term health status relating to the shot.

          2. “Many formerly die-hard pro vaccine types my wife works with at Dixie Regional are now of the belief that they never should have gotten the shot/boosters to begin with.”

            Pfizer will make an anti-vax shot for them.

          3. I wouldn’t be surprised if churches are under external pressure to say and do such things.

            Pffft. Excuses, excuses. Churches are exceedingly wealthy. They could easily tell these “external pressures” (by the way, can you let us know who/what/where this pressure is coming from?) to fock off.

          4. to fock off

            Oh, how about if the gooberment threatens to dredge up molestation and other damaging news should you refuse to cooperate? All large groups (churches or not) have skeletons in their closets.

            Or how about if the gooberment threatens to interfere with your overseas missionary efforts? As in work with the locals to shut you down. There are all kinds of ways to threaten and intimidate churches. And the people who run them today aren’t made of the same stuff they were of 2000 years ago. 11 of the 12 apostles died a martyrs death. There still are martyrs today, but they usually aren’t the guys in charge.

    2. The #Narrative is collapsing. With what’s coming out of Project Veritas recently, Dr. Fraudci needs to be in prison.

  3. A globalist import from The Gambia starts a fire by keeping a space heater running in his apartment for days on ends, and now the slumlord owners of the building are being sued for $1 billion – which a “diverse” NYC jury and Affirmative Action judge will almost certainly award them. Who in their right mind is going to invest in multifamily housing in such an environment?

    Owners of Bronx high-rise where 17 were killed in fire started by space heater are facing 22-person class-action lawsuit for $1BILLION after residents lose all their possessions

    The owners of a Bronx apartment building damaged in a blaze that killed 17 people are being sued for $1 billion by at least 22 people who suffered ‘pain, shock and mental anguish’ in the horrific fire, according to a new filing.

    Rosa Reyes and Felix Martinez, who are married, were first to be represented in a class-action suit against the owners of 333 East 181 Street, where a space heater sparked the city’s deadliest fire in decades on Sunday.

    1. If I were a judge I’d throw out any case that was filed within days of the incident. You were in such shock that you immediately ran to a lawyer’s office!?

        1. If one truly suffered from “shock and mental anguish” that would warrant significant monetary damages, they wouldn’t have hired a lawyer and had a complaint filed in a few days. Also, most decent lawyers do things like actually gather some evidence to determine negligence before rushing to be the first lawyer to file in hopes of getting a class action. So the timing clearly shows the case is BS.

          1. Like any profession, there are bad eggs. Ambulance-chasing is still around, making other lawyers look bad. And heh, I’m a scientist and I have to deal with nasty “scientist”/policy wonks screaming “I AM SCIENCE” on national TV. Not a good look for that profession either.

  4. Coming soon to a globalist Quisling dictatorship near you.

    The reality of Zero Covid in Communist China: Social media videos show ‘quarantine camps’ where pregnant women and children are confined to tiny cells amid reports of mass detentions in the dead of night

    Sprawling quarantine camps with rows upon rows of cramped metal boxes to house people suspected of having Covid-19 have sprung up in China, social media videos show.

    The Communist country is attempt to eradicate the virus despite warnings that the more infectious Omicron variant makes a Zero Covid strategy impossible, even with the draconian measures used by Beijing.

  5. Coming soon to a Democrat-Bolshevik malgoverned municipality near you.

    San Jose City Council approves booster-shot requirement at city-owned facilities

    SAN JOSE, Calif. – San Jose City Council on Tuesday approved COVID-19 booster shot requirements to access large indoor events at city-owned buildings. The new rule impacts both city workers and the public.

    Mayor Sam Liccardo in a tweet thanked his Council colleagues for approving his proposal. He said it will help keep hospitalizations down as the current COVID surge strains hospitals, schools and other public infrastructure’s staffing levels.

  6. Couple of COVID numbers, from Worldometer:

    COVID hospital cases, serious or critical: 24,368
    (80/million total population)
    COVID hospital cases, serious or critical: 820
    (12/million total population)

    Why does USA have 6x the number of critical cases than UK? Partly, the UK was dominated by omicron earlier, while the US is dealing with the lagging Delta wave. But how much is it the US overcounting?

      1. AHHHHT! COVID!

        I’m keeping a tally of my predictions from a couple days ago. Might have to eat crow. 🦃🦃 This assumes no new variants.

        1. Public catches on to “with COVID/from COVID” discrepancy.
        — Happening now —
        2. The uptick in hospitalizations “from” Delta will resolve.
        — Seems to have happened in UK and South Africa —
        3. New hospitalizations “from” Omicron will be far less than Delta.
        — Happening in UK and South Africa —
        — Likely happening in US if you discount incidental, but the decrease is hidden by Delta patients —
        4. All the hospital patients “with” Delta or Omicron will test negative and be moved from the COVID wards.
        5. The “unvaccinated” get and get over Omicron, case count unaffected. No more pandemic of the “unvaxxed.”
        — probably happened in 70% “unvax” South Africa. —
        6. US cases will decrease to where masks come off. Cases still decrease, but slowly.
        — likely happening in South Africa —
        — signs of peaking in maskless Texas and maaaaybe Florida —
        8. Two-year anniversary psychological barrier. Public is DONE.
        9. Spring will come.
        10. Gov will give up. This one might take a while.

        1. People in California are back to wearing masks when they’re out walking for exercise. Get ready to eat your crow.

          1. People in California are back to wearing masks when they’re out walking for exercise.

            I have seen several people here in NC doing the same thing recently

          2. In NY, our Gov Jeckel declared a one month mask mandate for all indoors. Some stores put a sign up and get almost 100% compliance. Others don’t and nobody is masking.
            Apparently the county Sherriff is not enforcing it.

          3. One of the counties here in Maryland (Prince George’s) is sending the kids back to school. They all have to wear N95 masks and take a home test every Sunday night. I remember the N95 days and I wouldn’t wish that on kids.

            I don’t think this is going to last long. In a couple weeks, hospitalizations will be way down everywhere. Then people from blue states are going to look at the data coming from maskless TX and FL and see the cases dropping, just as they are in South Africa, and start demanding answers from either their county leaders or from Wallensky herself.

          4. start demanding answers

            Hospitalizations are not up due to Covid. Look at the death with Covid in Florida. It’s de minimis. Anyone who is not questioning the entire narrative by now is willfully blind.

          5. “I’m seeing more and more people at the grocery store refusing to wear a mask.”

            Boston and suburbs all recently started their mask BS again. It’s on the front door of every establishment. I don’t comply, and on the rare occasion they say something and I tell them to call the cops and keep walking.

            Just walk in looking pissed off.

          6. I’ve lost count of the number of people I told to piss off about me putting on a mask. Then again I live in the free country of Florida.

    1. I would say it’s because the USA is morbidly obese, but then the UK isn’t too far behind us in that regard.

      1. I’m on board with overcounting the incidental hospitalizations. But I’ll still push back some on the question of overcounting deaths. Yes, I know about the motorcycle death and the extra munny. But I’m thinking of an obese person with, say, diabetes and high blood pressure who gets COVID and dies. There are a lot of people (including a relative) who live for years or decades with diabetes and high blood pressure and would not have died but for COVID. So I still count that as a COVID death. Ditto for other comorbidities.
        I’m not sure what’s going on with the high serious/critical numbers now. It could still be Delta.

        Also, the question in incidental hospitalizations only really became pronounced with Omicron because
        1. Before Omicron, fewer patients were in the hospital for something else, e.g. no elective surgeries. So there were fewer incidental cases.
        2. Alpha and Delta were much more likely to send someone to the hospital, especially pre-shot/”vax.”. Few patients would have been surprised to learn they had Alpha or Delta.

        1. Before Omicron, fewer patients were in the hospital for something else

          Please consider that the standard of reporting changed in March (?) 2020 to label any patient with Covid, Covid like symptoms, or a positive test upon admission as a “Covid Patient”. When one of these patients dies, they are a “Covid Death”. You’re not allowed to know…

      2. But how much is it the US overcounting?

        This is a weird juxtaposition – the deliberate overcounting of cases by an administration whose popularity and approval rating has plummeted in great part due to the handling of said virus.

        I have a hard time trying to follow what’s really going on with a lot of stuff because of the 24/7 propaganda from all sides. Let’s Go Brandon boldly proclaimed “I’m going shut it down!” when talking about the virus, yet the number are now, supposedly, eye-popping. That’s not what you would want if you favor the re-election (hah!) of this pants shitter.

        Others might say they secretly want the high case rates to continue this crisis so they can push through more and more of their agendas. But that would mean ever-decreasing popularity and the loss of mass support among voters. Strange times we live in.

        1. secretly want the high case rates to continue this crisis so they can push through more and more of their agendas.

          That’s going to backfire. High cases means more herd immunity, faster. By the time they finalize their agendas and go on the road to sell it, COVID might be nearly gone.

        2. Doesn’t matter about ratings or popularity when you rig elections .
          That old corrupt demented man in the basement, who hardly campaigned named Biden , didn’t get 81 million votes. Lets get serious here.

  7. Aussies & Kiwis elected globalist Quislings. Now they’re reaping what they voted as supply chains break down due to vaccine mandates & lockdowns.

    More workers could be exempt from Covid isolation rules for close contacts

    Scott Morrison will hold crisis talks over Australia’s supply chain havoc with more changes to isolation rules for workers under consideration.

    The Prime Minister and other senior government officials will continue crisis talks on Wednesday, to decide which essential industries should be exempt from quarantine to protect precarious supply chains.

    Around the country, supermarket shelves are empty and other critical services are being forced to close as Omicron wreaks havoc on supply chains and staff rosters.

    1. Around the country, supermarket shelves are empty

      This has to be part of the plan. Empty shelves at the grocery store. If you do what you are told, the gooberment will give you some bags of rice and beans.

      1. “This has to be part of the plan. ”

        And how are they going to “build back better” if there’s food on the shelves?

  8. Another story that the MSM will consign to the memory hole, as it involves mobs of globalist imports bringing their vibrant cultural enrichment to the countries that grant them asylum. Soros is cackling with Satanic delight.

    Horrifying footage emerges of young women being groped by huge mob during NYE celebrations in Milan: Attacks mirror infamous Cologne 2016 sexual assaults

    Police said they had identified 15 young men and three boys, aged 15 to 21, who were the targets of today’s raids in the northern cities of Milan and Turin. The suspects were described as foreigners or Italians of North-African origin.

  9. Good Morning America Edited CDC Director’s Comments to Strip Context About Comorbidities

    by Paul Joseph Watson
    January 12th 2022, 6:01 am

    Walensky was talking about a miniscule number of people involved in that particular CDC study, not all COVID deaths.

    GMA didn’t issue a correction, they merely added a note to the end of the interview saying it had been “edited for time.”

    In reality, the percentage of COVID fatalities who die with multiple comorbidities is significantly higher than 75%.

    As Chris Martenson PhD explained, based on CDC data, only 0.9% of total COVID deaths were people with zero comorbidities.

  10. I just want to know how many ended up in the ICU with a life threatening respiratory disease. Than I want to know how many co morbidities each case had and what was the age. Than I want to know what treatment they were given if any. Than I want to know the death count. If would also be nice to know what confirmation tests were done to confirm Covid verses other possible respiratory afflictions such as regular flu or pneumonia.
    In a sane World , without rigged fake news,, we would be getting the truth.

    1. Did you ever see the very early footage inside hospitals, especially in Italy? That tells you pretty much everything you need to know. They showed quite a bit of footage inside Italian hospitals in early 2020. The people were elderly and/or morbidly obese. They also admitted that many/most of the patients were chain smokers. It was clear from that moment who should be afraid of COVID.

  11. So, a neighbor just told me she tested positive for Covid. So, this is about the time for the break through cases based on when the bulk of my neighbors got the jabs .
    I was going to the mail box when she held up her hand to say don’t get closer to her. . She also said her Son and daughter in law got it also. Great vaccine.

      1. My neighbor is 82. She didn’t look sick to me, so I don’t know if its the bogus new test saying she’s positive, or if she has a case, or maybe she has the regular flu, who knows.

        She is panic stricken no doubt.

        1. I don’t get it. Why are healthy people reporting to be tested? Why go stand in long lines, often in the cold, if you have no symptoms? And what good will a positive test do? They won’t treat you.

          1. A couple of reasons:

            1- Social media
            2- Virtue signaling
            3- Unmitigated arrogance in thinking anyone else cares

          2. There are still places that require a negative COVID test. For example, 90,000 schoolkids in DC had to get a test and upload the results to some website or app.

          3. I don’t get it either. The only reason I can see for anyone standing in line waiting for a covid test is if you’re unjabbed and need one to return to work. Otherwise you’re just a paranoid goof.

          4. There are still places that require a negative COVID test.

            But why are people like Housing Wizard’s 82 year old neighbor getting tested? Heck, she might actually catch it from someone in the line or from the person administering the test.

    1. break through cases

      I was on a Zoom meeting yesterday where our school district’s Associate Superintendent claimed “super immunity” “a boost to his booster.”

          1. It sounded like he was much sicker with presumably Omicron than my husband and I were with presumably Delta.

          2. The interwebs says he’s 55. He’s not overweight. It sounded like it knocked him out for 5 days.

          3. Winter break, probably Omicron, perhaps he got a big inoculant dose. I’ve had friends tell me that the they were knocked out for 5 days by booster shots. To me that’s a bad cold.

          4. I’ve also had two friends, one scientific PhD and one foreign MD, use what I’ll call the Russian roulette argument. AFAICT, the argument is “we don’t know what comorbidities are at-risk.”

    2. The fading of the “vaccines” doesn’t matter anymore. You can still get mild symptomatic Omicron even with a fresh shot. (I’m not sure about what boosters do, if anything.) Omicron is our vaccine now.

    3. My daughter is vaxxed and so is her boyfriend. Guess who both just had COVID with some decent symptoms? Both of them. The rest of us (5) are not vaxxed. I felt sick for one day and then had a cold. Everyone else had virtually no symptoms or none whatsoever. “Breakthrough cases” is as much a misnomer as “transitory inflation”.

      1. I forgot to add that one of my other daughters had to get tested for a sports team. She was negative. Breakthrough cases my a$$

      2. Both of them.

        It’s becoming more and more obvious that the jabbed are at greater risk of getting sick.

        1. It’s called original antigenic sin (OAS). The jabs over-train the immune system against a specific spike protein pattern such that the immune system response becomes a one trick pony that cannot mount an effective sterilizing resistance against variants.

          1. I think that OAS is an odd name, a play on the religious belief in Original Sin. When I hear “original antigenic sin” it sounds like they are saying that the person suffering from it inherited the condition from Adam and Eve.

          2. odd name

            is original antigenic sin starting to dominate covid?
            the data looks increasingly alarming

            OAS is very real. people act like it’s some fanciful idea, but this is because they have never dug into immunology. this has been studied deeply and has been a major issue in flu for ages.

            it’s really a pretty simple idea that likely suffers unwarranted skepticism owing to a name that makes it sound like some sort of faith healing concept.

          1. As one commenter noted elsewhere: “Start using ‘VAIDS,’ and people will automatically associate AIDS with the vaccines, and voìla, we’ve circumvented a year’s worth of pro-vaxx propaganada with a single flick of framing.”

          2. Actual transcript:

            “If we have a strategy in which we give boosters, say, every four months approximately, we will end up potentially having problem with immune response, and the immune response may end up not not being as good as we would like it to be. So we should be careful in not overloading the immune system with repeated immunization.”

            So you guys read and decide for yourselves. Do you think this agency is admitting that boosters WILL and DO cause VAIDS?

          3. The evidence of immune dysregulation is out there. If Dr. Ryan Cole knows about it and is presenting it, the EMA presumably knows about it as well. Start connecting some dots on your own. MSM isn’t going to do it for you.

          4. Dr. Simone Gold has likewise been messaging about VAIDS since at least the beginning of December.

      3. My daughter … her boyfriend. …The rest of us (5)

        I recall a conversation about the propaganda power of anecdotal evidence over data.

    1. I’m hearing conflicting stories about Kazakhstan. Some are saying the revolt was a US backed Color Revolution. Some are saying it is genuine.

      1. They’re too smart for that. They are safely ensconced in their heavily guarded Swiss or other first world mansions, with multiple secret bug out bunkers worthy of being a comic book villain’s lair (Hail Hydra!) ready for them should the need arise.

        They’ll let their minions do the dirty work.

        1. While these fiends have mansions. ranches and private islands, I’m sure they would like to visit regular places. Can they visit the Smithsonian or the British Museum? Can they go to the Eiffel Tower or Ipanema beach? The Parthenon or the Roman Forum? The pyramids? Heck, they can’t leave their homes to get to their private jet unless they are in their armored cars surrounded by bodyguards.

          Maybe that’s why they want to get rid of most of us.

          1. Some museums are closed to the public one day a week, for example Mondays. They’re slow days anyway, so they reserve that day for VIPs or film crews to visit without dealing with the unwashed masses.

            If the place is just too popular like the Smithsonian, the VIP visits in the dead of night (I’ve read of retail stores like Macy’s having specially shopping sessions for Oprah or other celebs.) Or at the very least, they’ll have bodyguards and special guides and such.

  12. This is a pearl clutching article.

    Huffington Post — Justice Department Creating Unit Focused On Domestic Terrorism (1/12/2022):

    “The formulation of a new unit underscores the extent to which domestic violent extremism, which for years after the Sept. 11 attacks was overshadowed by the threat of international terrorism, has attracted urgent attention inside the federal government and at the White House.

    But the issue remains politically freighted and divisive, in part because the absence of a federal domestic terrorism statute has created ambiguities as to precisely what sort of violence meets that definition. The U.S. criminal code defines domestic terrorism as violence intended to coerce or intimidate a civilian population and to influence government policy, but there is no standalone domestic terrorism charge, meaning prosecutors have to rely on other statutes.

    Olsen’s assessment about growing domestic threats tracked with a warning last March from FBI Director Christopher Wray, who testified that the threat was “metastasizing.” Jill Sanborn, the executive assistant director in charge of the FBI’s national security branch who testified alongside Olsen, said Tuesday the greatest threat comes from lone extremists or small cells who radicalize online and look to carry out violence at so-called “soft targets.”

    Soft targets? Like a Waukeshau, Wisconsin Christmas parade?

    Oh no no, not that kind of soft target 🙁

    1. domestic violent extremism, which for years after the Sept. 11 attacks was overshadowed by the threat of international terrorism, has attracted urgent attention inside the federal government and at the White House

      Funny how so far it’s only been the leftists who have committed acts of terrorism against the people. Have the Proud Boys ever even looted a Foot Locker?

      1. No but they punched some “peaceful protesters” (who may or may not have shown up in riot gear and pepper sprayed them), so they are terrorists according to liberal logix.

  13. The fake President attacking regular Citizens as being domestic terrorists has got to be the most insane thing I have ever witnessed in terms of a fake narrative that’s absurd. Its up there with the shot mandates by the fake President Biden.

    Biden is using tax payer money to attack regular Citizens. Biden is using the power of the Executive Branch to pimp for the criminal product makers of vaccines in collusion with fake and censored news.

    1. Brandon was here about a week after the fires, promising to “help”, though no specifics were provided.

      There were photos of victims hugging him. Obviously staged. I almost barfed.

  14. Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure” – Swiss Policy Research

    (some snips)

    “In the end, the truth will always be revealed, and the truth about the coronavirus policy is beginning to be revealed. When the destructive concepts collapse one by one, there is nothing left but to tell the experts who led the management of the pandemic – we told you so.

    “Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail. You do not admit it, because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years, but in retrospect it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions, and even the media is already having a hard time covering your shame.

    “You refused to admit that the infection comes in waves that fade by themselves, despite years of observations and scientific knowledge. You insisted on attributing every decline of a wave solely to your actions, and so through false propaganda ‘you overcame the plague.’ And again you defeated it, and again and again and again.

    “You refused to admit that mass testing is ineffective, despite your own contingency plans explicitly stating so (‘Pandemic Influenza Health System Preparedness Plan, 2007’, p. 26).”

    (end of snips. go to the link to read the rest)

    1. “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”

      This won’t get covered by the evening news. They will instead tell us that hospitals are ready to explode and will show us grim faced “doctors” urging us to get jabbed, before it’s too late.

      1. Along these lines, PLEASE if you live in WA State, look at this petition against statewide vacks mandates for kids. Was sent to me this am

        Regarding Statewide Mandatory Covid Vax for children. Please review, sign if you agree and share with at least 20 people you know that would also sign.  We have less than 24hrs to gather as many signatures as possible and turn into WABOH as public comment.

        Just tap on the above address to enter your name, city name, and your signature.  Then send it to as many as you can.

        WA Board of Health meets Wednesday to discuss.

        1. You are part of the problem if you are filling out petitions. What you need to do is DISOBEY.

          Get arrested en masse.

          FIGHT BACK!

          1. I’m 8.5 months pregnant and don’t believe in violence being the answer anyway so even though I’ve got a major advocate streak in me I’m pretty sure in my condition I’d be 100% stupid to show up for a fight. I fight back in my own ways, talking with reps and senators, pushing my kids school admin, speak during school board mtg, mask refusal, have left notes with particular websites scribbled down for employees in retail stores who I overhear discussing employers mask mandates or *Vid in general which case I give them Frontline Drs website etc etc.

          2. I fight back in my own ways

            Me too. One of my ways is disseminating information here. Thank you, Ben! IMO, we should be attacking our enemy from any and all sides.

        2. The #Narrative is collapsing.

          Globalists wanna globe, until we decide we’ve had just the f* enough of them and we separate their heads from their bodies in a mass media spectacle extravaganza!

  15. Ok, so health policy failure is implying that they were trying to do the right thing, but they failed .

    In this case, the evidence shows that they deliberately unleashed a pre- planned scam on world populations for Medical Tyranny , vaccine in every arm, looting of tax coffers, destruction of small and medium business, lawlessness and destruction of current systems , for a Innsurrection by Globalists for a planned One World Order Dictorship.
    The Great Reset is being set up by these psychopaths to enslave global populations under the total control of this Dictorship by unelected Private Parties and Monopolies that captured and corrupted Governments.

    So, the wrong actions by the Health Authority and Governments was deliberate, and part of the plan and can’t be racked off to well meaning incompetence. They did everything to increase deaths, supressed meds that worked, fake Covid cases to up the numbers, censor news disputing their insane narratives.

    1. Absolutely! I mean, how the F are these a$$holes going to “build back better” unless they destroy the ever loving crap out of everything?

      1. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” – H. L. Mencken.

    2. “The Great Reset is being set up by these psychopaths to enslave global populations under the total control of this Dictorship by unelected Private Parties and Monopolies that captured and corrupted Governments.”

      The Great Reset. I like it.

      I invite everyone to come visit me in my office for a complete explanation of what this “Great Reset” policy thingy has to do with the adjustable interest rate loans I successfully conned, er, persuaded many of you to recently sign up for.

      Coffee will be provided, along with a healthy dose of smelling salts.

  16. What is most interesting are FB posts, where hospitals after firing thousands of unvaxxed nurses last year, are allowing vaxxed nurses with COVID to work to avoid shortage and shutting down! Crazy!

    1. Crazy!

      Per the Narrative the unjabbed are no better than lepers, even if we are perfectly healthy.

      And of course, having infected staff in the hospital means more patients will get infected, which will bump up those all so important case and death counts.

      1. Kinda like when they put a bunch of infected people in nursing homes in New York under the great leadership of the ass Governor that CNN put on constantly. You know, the one screaming for the respirators.

      1. Clown World will clown harder than you’ve ever known, in the next few months. They are quietly admitting that they have lost control of the #Narrative…

  17. “If investors lose interest, the housing market in areas where they were most active would be vulnerable to price declines, Zandi said. Already, mortgage rates are beginning to rise, making homes more unaffordable for typical buyers. ‘This is not a healthy market,’ he said. ‘It feels like it is getting very stretched. Investors will buy until it no longer pencils out. Then what happens with prices?’”

    Didn’t you post an article just a few days ago where Zandi said “This is no bubble!” Sounds like he flip flopped already. Not that I expect anything less from any of the “experts” who were all dead wrong in 2006.

    1. Who would ever listen to Zandi? He is just another in a long line wholly deserving of a medieval curb stomping.

      1. For some reason I thought he was in an empty room during some open mic event, then at the end when they switch to the other camera and the entire council or panel is sitting there, I laughed pretty hard. Good stuff!

  18. Gee, another “breakthrough” case.

    Gov. Justice tests positive for COVID-19

    “While I was surprised that my test results came back positive, I’m thankful to the Lord above that I’ve been vaccinated, I’ve been boosted.”

    Is it just me or does everyone who is triple vaxxed and yet caught the Wu Flu and still peddling the clot shot sound like they are suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome?

    “The vaccine is great! I mean it didn’t stop me from getting the CCP Flu like vaccines are supposed to but it’s still a great vaccine! The vaccine gave me myocarditis, blood clots or a bunch of other side effects but the vaccine is a savior from God!”

      1. You really, really need to stop noticing. As in, like, noticing anything.

        Bob Saget’s uncensored comedy jokes were always hilarious. Then he took a “booster” shot of a non-vaccine that is not a vaccine, and then he died in his hotel room of a heart attack at age 65.

          1. George Michael

            My parents rented a VHS machine for my 12th birthday party and we danced to a Wham! tape. I saw him live in 2008. What a voice!

        1. You really, really need to stop noticing. As in, like, noticing anything.

          Yeah, that could hurt my social credit score.

    1. When the real bad stuff starts happening to them, they might switch to cursing Satan and his minions.

    2. It seems like everyone I know who is sick is also jabbed. I know, anecdotal.

      An old friend of mine who is jabbed and boosted got clobbered by Omicron. He was still sick last I spoke with him, and he was genuinely befuddled as he doesn’t get sick.

      1. Based on what I have recently read and heard through my circle of personal contacts, I wouldn’t assume immunity from Omicron under any circumstances regarding vaccination or COVID-19 case history. Everyone is susceptible.

        1. The “immunity” conferred by natural Delta infection or by – (wild type) vaccination- appears to be of the symptom-reducer variety. If you have any type of exposure, Omicron is a cold. If you are totally vulnerable, Omicron is a bad cold or flu.

          However, Omicron IS a vaccine against Delta. If you get natural exposure to Omicron, you have immunity against Delta. That’s how Omicron outcompeted Delta within 6 weeks. [One of John Campbell’s YT videos showed the research on this.]

          1. “First time in history that the ineffectiveness of a medicine is being blamed on those who haven’t taken it.” – Dr. Robert Malone

  19. “…Lessons of 2008”

    – Wall Street financiers make a bundle off bubbles and crashes.

    – The bigger the bubble, the larger the gambling winnings.

  20. There is no need to worry about 7% inflation, as the Fed offers its assurances that it is contained…just as it was in the 1970s.

    1. The Financial Times
      US Inflation
      US inflation soars to 7% for first time since 1982
      Year-on-year rise in CPI comes as Federal Reserve lays the groundwork for tighter policy amid rocketing prices
      A man carries shopping bags while waiting for a bus in San Francisco, California
      The data will pile further pressure on the Biden administration over its management of the economy heading into the 2022 midterm elections
      © David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
      Colby Smith and James Politi in Washington 7 hours ago

      US consumer price growth rose at the fastest pace in almost four decades in December, stoking the Federal Reserve’s fears about the threat of elevated inflation and its consequences for the economic recovery.

      The consumer price index (CPI) increased at a 7 per cent year-on-year pace last month, a step up from the 6.8 per cent rate registered in November and the largest jump since June 1982.

      Despite the faster annual pace, month-over-month price gains moderated to 0.5 per cent between November and December, down from 0.8 per cent in the previous period.

    2. There is no need to worry about 7% inflation

      “Real Journalists” are still saying it hurts the rich more than the middle class.

  21. Globalists and quislings your time is short. The noose awaits. Perhaps a good kneecapping first? Some of you will get lucky and take a round in the face but don’t count on it. Personally, I’ll go for the gut shot, so if you do get away you will die slowly.

  22. MSNBC’s Reid AGAIN Calls For Denying Medical Care To The Unvaccinated

    by Steve Watson
    January 13th 2022, 7:45 am

    MSNBC hack Joy Reid took a break from race baiting Thursday night to once again call for any one who remains unvaccinated to be denied medical care and for them to be made into an underclass.

    Along with MSNBC medical contributor and apparent Dr Fauci fangirl Dr. Lipi Roy, Reid first attacked Senator Rand Paul for again daring to question Anthony Fauci.

    The pair accused Paul of displaying “insane, atrocious vitriol,” and suggested that the Senator, who is a qualified physician, is not really doctor, reasoning that “he does not exude any of the qualities that doctors and nurses possess, empathy, compassion, and a penchant for science and data to drive health care policies.”

    Reid claimed that Paul “create[d] his own accreditation” and “didn’t get it from, like, a regular place,” so “I wouldn’t let him operate on me if I was desperate.”

    The pair then discussed what can be done to punish the unvaccinated, suggesting that they should be paid less sick pay in their jobs, and treated the same way smokers are and charged “up to 50 percent more” for health insurance.

    “We still need to get them vaccinated,” Roy declared, adding “I think we need to find other measures and mandates and other measures to really get them to get vaccinated.”

    Reid proclaimed “At a certain point, the people who have done all the right things need to get to be able to live their lives normally and if people don’t want to get vaccinated, they need to be willing to kick in and pay for their own risk…[Y]ou want to jump out of a plane? You pay for that risk. Don’t make the rest of us have to pay for it and lose our health system.”

    Again is it any wonder this stuff is being turned off by most Americans and reportedly about to be pulled off the airwaves altogether?

      1. “The pair accused Paul of displaying “insane, atrocious vitriol,” and suggested that the Senator, who is a qualified physician, is not really doctor, reasoning that “he does not exude any of the qualities that doctors and nurses possess, empathy, compassion,”

        At the end of the video Dr. Lipi Roy (who is wearing a shirt with “Fauci” in big letters) shows her “empathy, compassion,” as she explains the “many interventions we can impose on the people who choose to be unvaccinated”.

        1. Good one for the Karens and Joy Reids of the world. Aldous Huxley:
          The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’ — this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.

          1. So true. It’s why so many become snitches. Even if there is no direct reward, many will do it just for the satisfaction of ruining someone’s day.

    1. Again is it any wonder this stuff is being turned off by most Americans and reportedly about to be pulled off the airwaves altogether?

      I’m sure Soros and friends are bankrolling the propaganda machine. Of course, they can’t force us to watch it. not even in airports.

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