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The Buying Binge Is Becoming A More Distant Memory Each Week

A report from News 4 Jax in Florida. “Jacksonville-based realtors are seeing some cases where buyers are pulling out of contracts. ‘I had a friend of mine who’s also a realtor. He had buyers. They got into a contract and within 10 days they backed out of a contract. They used the inspection didn’t come up good and all that. But we assume that they were better houses they had seen and they decided to push forward with a better house,’ said Jacksonville-based Realtor Emiliya Mustafaeva. ‘Because what we’re seeing now on the market is that there’s a big increase in houses. And it’s a buyer’s market and if there’s a little thing they just move forward with a different house.'”

The News Press in Florida. “Starting in the fall of 2020 and continuing into this past spring, the Naples housing market experienced remarkable sales activity that was fueled by a frenzy. However, as pandemic pandemonium diminished, broker analysts predicted a slow, gradual return to a balanced market would occur in Naples. Market experts reviewing the July report say buyers should not expect home values to drop dramatically. While year over year price growth is trimming, demand is still high, and inventory is still not at prepandemic 2019 levels. The median closed price in July increased 16 percent to $545,000 from $469,950 in July 2021; it decreased 9.8 percent from $604,000 in June.”

Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. “Homes at Smith Mountain Lake are still in high demand, but the housing market may finally be showing signs of cooling after years of being red hot. Tom and Eric Fansler, Realtors for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, said the high demand for waterfront property in the past two years led to many people quickly bidding on homes sight unseen before anyone else was able to make a bid. Tom Fansler said people are still looking to buy at Smith Mountain Lake in 2022, but home buyers are being a bit more careful before making a purchase. ‘Clearly, I think the market has cooled a bit,’ Fansler said.”

“The average cost for a waterfront home has also seen a massive jump in the past two years. Waterfront home prices averaged around $600,000 for more than a decade until 2020 when it increased to $717,000. In 2021, it increased again to $916,000. Fansler said he expects the average price of a waterfront home to exceed $1 million in 2022.”

WBIR on Tennessee. “For the first time this year, the average price of a three-bedroom home in Knoxville fell compared to the month before. In June, it was around $361,300. According to reports of trends in July though, the average price fell to about $343,000. The number of sold homes in Knoxville also fell steeply compared to the month before. ‘Sales have been so high for so long, they had to level out sooner or later and I think what we’re seeing here is a slight correction in the market,’ said Suzy Trotta, who writes regularly about Knoxville’s housing market.”

KPHO in Arizona. “There’s one place where rent prices have actually been falling. Information from shows rent prices on a one-bedroom apartment in Glendale are down more than 22.1% since last year. The reasons include everything from fewer new developments, an increase in vacancies, and less interest in one-bedroom units. ‘We see a lot of demand for two-bedroom apartments, more than one-bedroom apartments,’ said Jon Leckie with ‘It’s not really that surprising that you would see these price drops, one-bedrooms as opposed to two.'”

From Yahoo Finance. “Home prices are beginning to soften across the nation, and one housing expert said more pullback is yet to come. ‘Expect prices to continue to fall the rest of the year,’ Daryl Fairweather, chief economist at Redfin, told Yahoo Finance Live. ‘Mortgage rates are so high, homebuyers simply can’t afford their monthly payments. Monthly payments are about 40% up from last year.'”

“Still, the recent pullback in buyer demand is unlikely to cause home prices to plunge so sharply that the market will fall into a housing recession, Fairweather said. ‘I think ‘housing recession’ is a bit of hyperbole. This is a normal part of the housing cycle. We just had a really hot period,’ Fairweather said. ‘And you know what goes up must come down eventually — that happens in the housing market every so often.'”

The Review Journal. “Almost any way you look at it, Las Vegas’ housing market was accelerating rapidly a year ago. Today? The buying binge is becoming a more distant memory each week. By almost any measure, Southern Nevada’s housing market is hitting the brakes. People are buying fewer homes, sellers are slashing prices, availability is soaring and home builders are pulling fewer construction permits. Simply Vegas agent Jillian Batchelor told me a few weeks ago that the market was heated earlier this year but started to turn as mortgage rates climbed higher. Buyer demand is down, and house hunters are making offers at or below the listing price and asking for concessions, Batchelor said.”

“This is a stark difference from last year when rock-bottom mortgage rates fueled a buying frenzy in which sellers were flooded with offers and buyers routinely paid above the asking price. Overall, it’s been a ‘really quick turn of events,’ Batchelor said. Las Vegas’ home buying frenzy was bound to end at some point, as the market can only keep its foot on the gas for so long. The question was always when, and how, it would come to a stop. And lately, we seem to be finding out.”

The Spokane Journal in Washington. “Rob Higgins, executive officer of the Spokane Association of Realtors, says membership has been growing at a steady rate, but he expects that to change as economic conditions create a slowdown in the real estate market. ‘We saw sales down close to 30% this July compared to July a year ago, and when sales slow, we see membership drop a little,’ Higgins says. ‘If the market continues to slow down, we will see a slowdown in new members, because there will be people quitting because there’s not enough activity to justify sticking around.'”

“Scott Wetzel, president of Windermere Services Mountain West, says a market slowdown and resulting contraction in the real estate agent workforce shouldn’t surprise those familiar with the industry. ‘For every incline, there’s going to be a decline,’ Wetzel says. ‘We emerged from the last break about 2010. It’s been 12 years, and it’s about a 10-year cycle.'”

The San Francisco Chronicle in California. “What does that mean for the Bay Area? It remains to be seen for certain, but already, price reductions for active home listings in San Francisco are up nearly 200%, according to Compass. And a Redfin report in July suggested that the Bay Area housing market is cooling faster than anywhere else in the country.”

From on California. “Rihanna has finally parted ways with her Hollywood Hills mansion. The singer and businesswoman sold the L.A.-area residence for $6.55 million earlier this month. The deal leaves the 34-year-old with a loss on the contemporary-style home she bought in 2017 for $6.8 million. Shortly after buying the place, an intruder broke in and stayed for hours while she was away. Soon after, the performer called it quits on the sleek space and placed it on the market. It was initially listed for $7,495,000 in 2018, then it went on the luxury rental market for $35,000 a month. The nine-time Grammy winner relisted the home in October 2021 for $7,295,000.”

The Toronto Star in Canada. “It took six weeks and required a major cut in the asking price, but Premier Doug Ford has finally sold his Etobicoke house for $2.7 million. Ford and his wife Karla originally listed the two-storey, 4,500-square-foot detached house with four bathrooms, an in-ground pool and a two-car garage for $3,199,888. Faced with a cooling real estate market due to rising interest rates, the couple lowered the price last month to $2,800,888. It was sold on Tuesday for about $100,000 less than that, with a closing date of Oct. 27.”

“The Fords have lived in the Kipling Avenue and Eglinton Avenue West residence since buying it in 1998 for $535,000.”

The Globe and Mail. “Some real estate agents who spent the first couple of years of the pandemic advising city dwellers on the ins and outs of septic tanks, ice jams and unreliable WiFi are listing the same properties again. Shawn Lackie, real estate agent with Coldwell Banker R.M.R., said he believes the flight from big cities set the stage for the current real estate downturn. Canada’s housing market has seen corrections in the past, but this one as different, he says.”

“‘I’ve never seen it before; because people were able to work from home, all of the values in the outlying areas went sky-high,’ Mr. Lackie says. ‘Then all of a sudden, the culture shock set in.’ Eventually, they realized the town doesn’t have a Starbucks and the bars close at 11 p.m.”

“Mr. Lackie says high gas prices are making employees who need to return to their Toronto offices rethink the commute, while higher interest rates are making large mortgages tough to carry. He has had conversations with quite a few potential sellers who are contemplating a return to the city. The dilemma many have now, he says, is that they will likely lose money if they try to sell a property they bought when bidding wars were rampant. Sales are slow and months of inventory are building.”

“‘Get used to commuting’ is his best advice to homeowners caught in that situation. Mr. Lackie expects listings to increase as more homeowners face financial stress. In hard-hit St. Catharines, the average price dropped 10.2 per cent in June compared with June, 2021.”

Stuff New Zealand. “In the space of a year, the monthly repayment property investor Matthew Ryan will be making on a $1.1 million home loan will more than quadruple. The double-whammy would result in his monthly repayment on that loan jump from just over $2000 to just over $8700. He said he could reapply for the loan and attempt to hold onto interest-only repayments, but banks were moving away from such arrangements as the market fell. ‘When the market’s flying they go: ‘Oh well, the property values are going up, we have security, we’re not too worried about whether people are paying the principal back,’ he said. ‘When the market starts falling, and we’re in the situation we are now, they start saying: ‘Oh no, we’re a little bit worried, we want to start to get some of our money back.'”

“Ryan said he had expected interest rates to stay low for a considerable time, and all signs seemed to be pointing that way. ‘A year ago I could easily have locked in for maybe 2.49% or 2.5% for two years. Categorically, I am the first to say I got it 100% wrong, but then again I know people I would say are very astute of swap rates and interest rates, and they all got it wrong as well.’ He said many had made the same bet he had, which would likely leave them struggling.”

From Stockhead. “With but a momentary pause ahead of the next central bank rate hike in early September, Australia’s woefully indebted households and their awfully expensive houses are helping to add some genuine momentum to a property downturn which some analysts – possibly drunk with power – are saying could bottom out at a -20% fall. The market hardest hit is where sellers have the most to lose…. and, yes, that’d be in beautiful Sydney, where home values have taken a near 5% dive in just the past three months.”

“Further falls are kinda inevitable as the Reserve Bank, which meets again in just under two weeks, raises borrowing costs at the fastest pace they possibly can without actually breaking any laws. Properties are taking longer to sell, vendors are gradually lowering their prices, and reduced appetite for finance means there is less buyer competition amid a larger number of properties available for sale.”

“For those considering purchasing their first home, we asked CoreLogic’s brilliant, yet relentless Queen of Numbers, Eliza Owen: ‘Falling property values may make it easier for some of you people to access a home loan. There. I said it...While this is going to sound crazy… it’s possible not everyone has money saved for a deposit. Now, those of you that do may be tempted into home ownership just to avoid rising rents. Or as we at CoreLogic like to call this move: ‘The out of the rent uncomfortably hot frying pan market into the home ownership oven of unyielding pain.'”

From The Hill. “Professor Robert Z. Aliber, who co-authors Charles Kindleberger’s classic, ‘Manias, Panics and Crashes,’ sees the unraveling of China’s property bubble as marking the end of the country’s economic miracle of the past four decades: ‘The Xi government may provide a burst of liquidity to paper over the insolvency of property developers, but it cannot paper over the demographics of a declining population and forty or sixty million vacant and overpriced apartments.'”

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  1. ‘They used the inspection didn’t come up good and all that. But we assume that they were better houses they had seen and they decided to push forward with a better house’

    That’s the spirit!

    ‘The average cost for a waterfront home has also seen a massive jump in the past two years. Waterfront home prices averaged around $600,000 for more than a decade until 2020 when it increased to $717,000. In 2021, it increased again to $916,000’

    A minor respiratory illness will do that.

      1. I have lived in Florida all my life (76 years), but never in Jacksonville.
        I do not remember anyone referring the city as Jax; we called it Jacksonville. Just my remembrance though.

    1. “A minor respiratory illness will do that.”

      Exactly. This was the biggest swindle/scam in the history of the US. It was all by design.

  2. ‘Now, those of you that do may be tempted into home ownership just to avoid rising rents. Or as we at CoreLogic like to call this move: ‘The out of the rent uncomfortably hot frying pan market into the home ownership oven of unyielding pain’

    What a great situation! Boy these shack bubbles move from joy to joyer.

    1. “The out of the rent uncomfortably hot frying pan market into the home ownership oven of unyielding pain.” —CoreLogic

      Gotta steal this one for later!

  3. San Francisco Shop Owners Threaten To Stop Paying Taxes Unless City Tackles Crime, Homelessness

    Business owners in San Francisco’s Castro district have absolutely had it with the city’s inaction over burglaries, vandalism, and violent homeless people camping on the sidewalks in front of storefronts and residences.

    (some snips)

    Three days ago, the San Francisco Chronicle reported:

    For years, business owners in San Francisco’s Castro district have complained to city officials that homeless people struggling with mental illness and drug addiction have wreaked havoc on the neighborhood. Now, merchants say the situation has gotten so bad that they’re threatening to possibly stop paying city taxes and fees [emphasis added].

    The threat arises from a letter drafted and sent to city officials by the Castro Merchants Association on August 8. According to co-president Dave Karraker, if the calls are neglected, the response will be civil disobedience, including refusal to pay taxes.

    1. San Francisco Shop Owners Threaten To Stop Paying Taxes Unless City Tackles Crime, Homelessness

      While the city can’t be bothered to deal with crime and homelessness, expect the city to show these shopkeepers who is boss. This is known as anarcho-tyranny. Coming to a neighborhood near you.

    2. Oh no you don’t. You idiots asked for this, every time you pulled the lever. Now pay your taxes!

  4. 8 In 10 Americans Think Hunter Biden Laptop Cover-Up Changed Election Outcome; Poll Finds

    A whopping 79 percent of Americans suggest President Donald Trump likely would have won reelection if voters had known the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop – that it was real and not “Russian disinformation,” as intelligence officials aligned with Joe Biden falsely led the public to believe, a new national poll reveals.

    1. An “election denier” is any individual or group who believes that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States.

      The 2020 election was stolen.

      This isn’t Facebook, this isn’t Twitter, this isn’t Reddit, this isn’t YouTube, here we can discuss without censorship that the 2020 election was, in fact, stolen.

      1. Wut? You mean to tell me an exemplar of the corrupt, crony capitalist status quo with 47 years of “public service,” and an intensely unpopular ho-bag diversity hire VP who dropped out of the Democratic Primary with 2% support DIDN’T get 81 million votes?!! This is my look of stunned disbelief.

    1. Some very good points. Like this:

      Drag Queens Abusing Children

      42 seconds. You see what they are trying to do here? We’re bigots if we think sick perverts should be kept away from little children. No, that’s just not true. Normalizing previously unimaginable actions is not acceptable. Defund police? Oh sure, try to run a hotdog stand then. Open borders? OK, goodbye safety net. Because we can’t afford welfare and health care for all of central America.

      They are the ones who won’t stop until we make them.

    2. Our elites are now viewed with the disdain they have earned on their own merits. And they are none too happy about it…

      I recall a scene from “Seattle is Dying” where an angry mob confronts the mayor at a townhall meeting. In that scene the mayor laughs at the throng, which angers them even more.

      They don’t care how you feel about them.

  5. ‘By almost any measure, Southern Nevada’s housing market is hitting the brakes. People are buying fewer homes, sellers are slashing prices, availability is soaring and home builders are pulling fewer construction permits’

    There’s a uproar among UHS at the ‘media’ for ‘spreading fear’. So just how do you characterize so many markets going from redhotness to price slashin’ poor baby’s, in a few months? Everything said above is true.

    1. UHSs’ livelihood depends on keeping their “clients” in the dark about the true state of the housing market and the broader economy. Of course any mark who bases their shack buying decision on a realtor’s “research” is a fool deserving of the financial Waterloo that awaits them.

  6. what a great quote – i will have to steal it.

    ‘The out of the rent uncomfortably hot frying pan market into the home ownership oven of unyielding pain.’

  7. A reader sent these in:

    The spread between the 30yr mortgage and 10yr treasury remains near highs seen only in 2009 and March 2020. It’s recovered a bit but still showing highly stressed MBS market and wide credit spreads for consumers. This is without the fed selling MBS too.

    Tropical price collapse – Maui edition

    Austin is Bog Capital

    Fed Chairs vs. Inflation

    End of the week FX update. Jackson Hole is a red herring. Last year Powell was telling us inflation was transitory. This year he’s telling us they won’t cut in 2023. The data is what matters not the nonsensical forward guidance. The real story is the EU/UK energy crisis.

    This chart shows the prices of gas and firewood in Germany. Households in Germany are stockpiling firewood and this is the result 🚨

    Not sure there will be much price relief by switching to wood. People are going to just start buying axes and chopping down trees in the parks.

    A pub in the UK is going from about £1,000 ($1,200) per month to over £6,000 ($7,300) per month on their new natural gas contract.

    1. Dr. Robert Malone:

      “Many speculate that the Banker/Investor/Globalist Overlords who infest the World Economic Forum, own the central banks of most countries (including the US “Federal Reserve”), and functionally control the major investment funds (Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard and their affiliates) are actively pursuing a depopulation agenda. The theory goes that these elites support various 20th century eugenicist and Malthusian ideals, goals and objectives, and believe in their authority, ability and responsibility to advance centralized globalist solutions via authoritarian means to yield a utilitarian (greatest good for the greatest number) global command economy ideal under their unilateral leadership. A European Union -like WEF/United Nations fusion run by technocrat bankers and economists who act on behalf of a very small number of hyper-wealthy owner-elite families. A hereditary aristocracy. Beneficiaries of “multigenerational wealth” spanning centuries. The phrases “you will own nothing and be happy”, “The elderly are useless eaters”, “excess labor”, “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world”, “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order” and many others are often cited to account for what appears to be a bizarre set of public health policies which appear to have driven excess death and disability during the COVID crisis. Most of us who cling to the idea that fundamental concepts of morality and ethics should drive public policy are instinctively repelled by the possibility that the financial and political elites could think this way. But it is increasingly hard to otherwise account for the observations provided by our lying eyes and ears. The “conspiracy theorists” who advance a globalist death cult explanation may or may not prevail in the end, but they are certainly enlarging the Overton Window, and the writings and mutterings of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are providing the receipts. As is the “Monkeypox/Moneypox” public health emergency fearporn/clown car.”

      It’s a medical genocide.

      1. Good article.
        Its not hard to connect all the dots and see that this assault and epic crimes against humanity was planned and executed by a collusion of powerful rich Entities working in unison to bring about the Great Reset, and New World Order.
        The Climate Change narrative is just as fraudulent as the Covid scam. They buy off the so called Scientific Consensus to get the conclusion they want.
        You got a whole body of Climate Scientists coming out now disputing the Climate Change narrative, but they are being censored and labeled disinformation, just like the Drs and Scientist that disputed the Covid Narratives.
        All their narratives are ridiculous and absurd , just outlandish , but they had the power to produce the narrative, and lockdown the Globe .
        Now its the food and energy that is the weapon of mass destruction , as they back off a little from the Covid mass destruction.
        What do you do when Governments have sold out , and are enforcing this take over?
        Peaceful non compliance with the tyranny is the first step by the targeted Citizens of the Globe. What’s the next step by humanity to stop this insane assault? They keep us in a defense position with one crisis after another, where a offense can’t be launched very easy.
        Its like a War against humanity they planned out , that they went operational on . Money Cartels planning a Great Reset where their goal is to enslave humanity and they control all resources.

    2. The Atlantic — A Simple Rule for Planning Your Fall Booster Shot (8/27/2022):

      I was wondering when they would start beating the drum again.

  8. Emails Reveal Biden’s DHS Still Knowingly Releasing COVID-Positive Border Crossers into U.S.

    27 Aug 2022

    The internal emails among Border Patrol (BP) officials reveal recent instances where border crossers and illegal aliens were tested for the Chinese coronavirus and, after having tested positive, were released into the state of Arizona.

    On July 26, five female border crossers — at least some of which were COVID-positive — were transported on a bus from DHS custody to the Monte Vista Church, an email shows:

    Please ensure that you will take all of the required precautions, including wearing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and any other personal protective equipment (PPE) that you think essential. [Emphasis added]

    This bus will be transported directly to the NGO and will not be stopping at PHO ERO, they will already be served by Yuma BP due to being COVID+. [Emphasis added]

    1. Each illegal should be assigned a D-voter sponsor who is financially liable for them for the entirety of their stay in the United States.

    2. Emails Reveal Biden’s DHS Still Knowingly Releasing COVID-Positive Border Crossers into U.S.

      And as always, there will be zero consequences.

      Meanwhile NYC and DC lose their collective minds over a few thousand illegals being shipped to their cities. I’m surprised they haven’t loaded them on charter jets and flown them back to Texas. Midnight flights to McAllen and Brownsville.

  9. The Colorado State Legislature decriminalized fentanyl in 2019 because it was the “progressive” thing to do, with no regard to its actual consequences.

    Denverite — As winter arrives, the city expects a rise in drug use, homelessness and crime at Union Station (8/26/2022):

    “The bus terminal and the Great Hall are two places unhoused people go to take shelter from bad weather, and there’s no reason to believe that will change this year. Homelessness, after all, has been rising over the years, especially since the pandemic upended the economy.”

    The scamdemic didn’t upend the economy, government upended the economy.

    “While most of the arrests are for low-level offenses, Saldate argued they have an outsized impact on stopping violence.

    “What I want to highlight here is just, you know, open drug usage, open drug markets, some people say it’s harmless,” he said. “Those folks are not harming anyone. Well, it brings the drug trade. It brings drug dealers. Drug dealers bring gangs. Gangs bring territorial issues and with that violence, violent crime and handguns.”

    “They’re not sending their best”

    1. I recall reading last winter that homeless were going all the way out to DIA and sleeping in the main terminal hall. I didn’t see any last time I was there, so maybe they were shooed away.

    1. Lucky Lopez calling it like it is.

      What has the world come to when you trust Lucky Lopez more than the MSM, FBI, the President of the United States and his entire cabinet.

      1. In a free market this automobile scam would be an easy short, but Powell and the fed are out to get shorty.

    2. Inventories range from below 20-days’ supply at Kia and Honda (with Toyota just above 20 days) to 75 days’ supply at Volvo and about 76 days at Ram dealers, nearly the old normal of 80 days’ supply and well above the current industry average of about 35 days.

      As I have observed before, if you want an expensive gas guzzling pickup, those are easy to find. Gas sippers, not so much.

      1. Toyota 4Runners are piling-up in the auction yards and dealer lots likely due to their poor fuel mileage.

        1. A relative just bought a low mileage, used Toyota Sequoia (V8) for a lot less than what a new one would cost.

  10. ‘I had a friend of mine who’s also a realtor. He had buyers.

    Did he? After all, realtors are liars.

  11. And it’s a buyer’s market and if there’s a little thing they just move forward with a different house.’”

    Anyone who buys now, before the bursting of the Fed’s Everything Bubble, is an imbecile.

  12. Are Swedes finally wising up as they reap the blessings of open borders and multiculturalism?

    Far-right eurosceptic party surge in polls ahead of Swedish elections

    The far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) overtook the main right-wing opposition party in the polls on Monday ahead of the parliamentary elections on 11 September.

    According to the latest opinion poll from SVT/Novus, the Sweden Democrats are now the main challengers of Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson’s incumbent Social Democrats currently leading a minority government.

    Sweden Democrats stood at 21.5%, compared to the Moderate’s 17.4%, pitting the eurosceptic party only behind the ruling Social Democrats, who stood at 27.8%.

  13. Market experts reviewing the July report say buyers should not expect home values to drop dramatically.

    These “market experts” shill for the REIC dissemblers who provide their paychecks. The best thing about the coming crash is that millions of former sheeple will end up permanently inoculated from ever trusting “the experts” again.

  14. The median closed price in July increased 16 percent to $545,000 from $469,950 in July 2021; it decreased 9.8 percent from $604,000 in June.”
    Hmmm. 9.8% monthly decrease. That’s gotta hurt anyone who bought in June.

    1. Unpossible! Thought everyone was moving to Floriduh. Imagine what will happen to cities that are actually losing people.

  15. “In the space of a year, the monthly repayment property investor Matthew Ryan will be making on a $1.1 million home loan will more than quadruple. The double-whammy would result in his monthly repayment on that loan jump from just over $2000 to just over $8700.

    Die, speculator scum.

    1. How does one have a $2000 payment on a $1,100,000 loan? Even at 0% interest over 30 years, the monthly nut is $3000. At 0% interest, we would be talking about a 45 year loan.

      And of course, no one could have seen this coming. Sure, I’ll buy a million dollar shack with an adjustable rate loan when rates are at all time lows, what could possibly go wrong?.

      His first thought must have been “$8000 a month? I don’t even come close to clearing that much after taxes!”

      1. There was a line in that article where he said the bank “may” let him continue his interest only payments, thus the 2k pmt

  16. Oh dear. Who knew that debt-fueled “growth” was an unsustainable business model once the inflation unleashed by the global tsunami of central bank funny money kicked in?

    Oracle liquidator issues dire warning over relentless cycle which could see more construction companies collapse

    A global shortage of building supplies is creating a “vicious circle” of distrust that is fuelling Australia’s devastating construction industry crisis.

  17. Latest from #ClownWorld: lesbians vs. trannies. It must be bewildering to be a globalist handler for these contending freak shows.

    Police remove lesbians from GAY PRIDE parade in Cardiff: Moment cop tells gender-critical women to leave LGBT march because ‘whatever you are, you’re causing confrontation’ with trans groups and their supporters

    1. It will be the sensible gays and lesbians who finally stomp the trannies who’ve misappropriated their culture.

      1. They are learning firsthand the meaning of being “Thrown under the bus”, and let that be a lesson to any and all “useful idiots”.

  18. Anyone who questioned globalist-approved COVID narratives was censored and banned, while an army of UN paid shills pushed the party line on the globalists’ creepy Orwellian tech sites.

    UN Recruited Over 100,000 ‘Digital First Responders’ to Push Establishment COVID Narrative

    At the height of the pandemic, the United Nations recruited over 100,000 “digital first responders’ to push the establishment narrative on COVID via social media.

    The revelation actually slipped out in October 2020 during a World Economic Forum podcast called ‘Seeking a cure for the infodemic’, although it is only going viral on Twitter today.

    In the podcast, Melissa Fleming, head of global communications for the United Nations, explains how the COVID pandemic and lockdowns created a “communications crisis” in addition to a public health emergency.

    1. They are present on this blog.

      And an important distinction to remember, kidz, is that making threats against United States elected officials or other feds will likely land you in the January 6th gulag.

      The WEF, domestic terrorist organization the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the newsrooms and editorial boards of the New York Times are private sector, non governmental organizations.

      A private citizen like Bill Gates has the wealth to maintain security details (for now…) whereas the thousands and thousands of middle tier Blue Checkmarks do not.

      The latter are “soft targets” so plan accordingly 🙂

    2. When they have a breakdown of the fraudulent narratives, they just shift to the next distraction or “crisis”.
      Monkey pox and other dreaded diseases to distract, shift to Climate Change, War etc.
      Take the discredited Fauci out, and start up a new campaign of ” news narratives” .
      Raid Trump, and blame Trump for the warp speed Vaccines, lockdowns and mask policies.
      No blame to Fauci protocols or Pharmacy Companies or the FDA for fake poison vaccines, its “Trumps Vaccine”.
      No blame to Biden who mandated shots , and attacked the unvaxxed, while people loss their job if they didn’t comply to the fraudulent vaccine campaign.

  19. This poster child for gub’mint enabled parasitism has a bright future as a Democrat Party apparatchik.

    Infamous NYC ‘grifter’ roommate is FINALLY evicted from West Village apartment three years after she moved in, terrorized owner and ran-up $72,000 in arrears

    A squatter who refused to move out of a West Village apartment for two years has finally been kicked out after running up $72,000 in rent arrears and terrorizing the woman who rented it to her.

    Kate Gladstone, 46, was booted from Heidi Russell’s apartment by a judge Thursday, who said the grifter had made her landlady’s life ‘unbearable.’

    She moved in in June 2019 with her daughter and dog. Russell’s mom fell ill shortly after, and she asked Gladstone to move out so she could live with her ailing parent, only for Gladstone to refuse.

  20. “However, as pandemic pandemonium diminished, broker analysts predicted a slow, gradual return to a balanced market would occur in Naples. Market experts reviewing the July report say buyers should not expect home values to drop dramatically. … The median closed price in July increased 16 percent to $545,000 from $469,950 in July 2021; it decreased 9.8 percent from $604,000 in June.”

    1-(545/604)^12 = 70.9% annualized rate of decline from June through July…

    I wonder how fast prices would have to drop for UHS to call it ‘dramatic’?

  21. Well, this should make all the difference in the world….

    Fed tackles inflation with its most diverse leadership ever

    JACKSON HOLE, Wyoming — When Diane Swonk first attended the Federal Reserve’s annual economic conference in Jackson Hole in the late 1990s, there was a happy hour for women who attended the event. It barely filled a single table.

    Now, the “Women at Jackson Hole” happy hour draws dozens of female economists and high-level decision-makers, from the United States and overseas.

    1. Well, this should make all the difference in the world….
      Fed tackles inflation with its most diverse leadership ever

      I don’t know why but I thought this was hilarious. Thanks

  22. Parents in late 50’s. Bought a new home in 19 and kept the old home for “passive income.” Obviously they leveraged the “sweet equity” from old home to finance the new home. With what happened last 2 years, they again pulled the equity and “gifted” their “precious” daughter 20% down payment for her house. Can’t wait to see what happens to these 3 homes in a year from now…..

    1. This probably isn’t the most egregious example of how people are leveraging their paper wealth, which soon will evaporate.

  23. Is it safe to assume that Jerry Powell’s Friday speech had a calming effect on financial markets, and the carnage on Wall Street is over for now?

    1. The Wall Street Journal
      Investors Ramp Up Bets Against Stock Market as Summer Rally Fizzles
      Net short positions against S&P 500 futures have recently grown, reaching levels not seen in two years
      The S&P 500 has risen 11% since June 16 but remains down 15% for the year, and some of the recent enthusiasm in markets appears to have evaporated.
      Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
      By Hannah Miao
      Updated Aug. 28, 2022 5:33 am ET

      Investors are stepping up bets on a market downturn, a sign of waning sentiment that analysts say could presage a return to the volatile trading of the first half of 2022.

      Net short positions against S&P 500 futures have grown in the past couple months, reaching levels not seen in two years. That means traders are increasing their bets that the index will fall, or at least hedging against that risk. Meanwhile, short interest has picked up in the fund tracking popular technology shares, whose recent declines have signaled that a strong summer rally is stalling out.

    2. Caution: September is historically a dismal month for stocks
      By Paul R. La Monica, CNN Business
      Published 7:33 AM EDT, Sun August 28, 2022
      – Strategist explains why you should ‘buy stocks when it feels terrible’
      – Economist: Recent inflation data may not change Fed’s plan
      – Amid inflation, economist warns avoiding recession won’t be ‘easy path’
      – Citi chief economist: Recession risk is rising
      – Schwab top strategist: Consumers ‘much better prepared’ for downturn compared to Great Recession
      – Suze Orman’s tips for navigating inflation: Don’t panic and continue to invest
      – Strategist: We’re at peak pessimism (and why that’s a good thing)

      New York CNN Business —

      August is about to come to a close, which means that the summer is almost over in the Northern Hemisphere. (Have fun in the sun, Australia!) If that’s not enough to bum you out, then this might: September, which begins on Thursday, is historically the worst month of the year for the stock market.

      The Dow and S&P 500 fell sharply in September last year and in 2020, even though the broader market rallied in both years. That doesn’t mean stocks are doomed to finish this September in the red, of course. Stocks rallied in each of the three Septembers prior to the pandemic.

      But here’s another potentially ominous sign: This is a midterm election year. The Dow has fallen in 11 out of the last 18 pre-midterm Septembers going back to 1950, according to data from The Stock Trader’s Almanac.

      1. “The Dow has fallen in 11 out of the last 18 pre-midterm Septembers going back to 1950, according to data from The Stock Trader’s Almanac.”

        Isn’t that pretty much a fair coin toss?

      1. 25% drop takes S&P to ~3k level. I think that’s still bubble territory. 1500 to 2000 would be normal to high normal, IMO.

      1. Updated Fri, Aug 26 20225:21 PM EDT
        Powell comments fuel 1,000-point market rout Friday as stocks slide for a second week
        Sarah Min
        Tanaya Macheel

        Stocks plummeted Friday after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said in his Jackson Hole speech the central bank won’t back off in its fight against rapid inflation.

        The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1,008.38 points, or 3.03%, to 32,283.40, with losses accelerating into the close. The S&P 500 fell 3.37% to 4,057.66, and the Nasdaq Composite slid 3.94% to 12,141.71.

        The major averages declined for a second week. The Dow tumbled 4.2%. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite lost roughly 4% and 4.4%, respectively.

        Powell reiterated a tough stance against inflation, spurring investors to weigh the implications of higher interest rates kept in place for a longer time.

        “Restoring price stability will likely require maintaining a restrictive policy stance for some time. The historical record cautions strongly against prematurely loosening policy,” Powell said.

      1. “Horwitz also talked about Powell’s commentary at the Jackson Hole Symposium in Wyoming. The market strategist said: “[Powell’s] remarks are those of an idiot,” highlighting that at last year’s Symposium Powell stated that inflation was transitory.”

        Moreover, an imbecile!

      2. “Cryptocurrency markets did not deal with the Fed chair’s commentary well either as the crypto economy shed 6% on Friday and fell by another 4% on Saturday afternoon (EST). During Saturday’s late afternoon trading sessions (EST), the leading crypto asset bitcoin dropped below the $20K per unit zone for the first time since mid-July. On August 19, News reported on the Crypto Fear and Greed Index (CFGI) falling to a score of 33 after the CFGI rating moved higher up until August 14.”

    3. August 27, 2022 10:14 AM PDT
      Last Updated a day ago
      Bitcoin dips below $20,000
      2 minute read
      A neon logo of cryptocurrency Bitcoin is seen at the Crypstation cafe, in downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina May 5, 2022. Picture taken May 5, 2022. REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian/File Photo

      Aug 27 (Reuters) – Bitcoin dipped below $20,000 on Saturday, continuing a drop that has taken it down nearly 60% from its year high.

    4. Updated Sun, Aug 28 2022 6:12 PM EDT
      Friday’s rout on Wall Street looks set to continue as Dow futures sink 200 points
      Jesse Pound
      Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on August 26, 2022 in New York City.
      Spencer Platt | Getty Images

      Stock futures fell on Sunday evening as investors tried to shake off a sharp decline in stocks at the end of last week.

      Futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Average slid 211 points, or about 0.7%. Those for the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 dropped 0.8% and 0.9%, respectively.

      The moves in futures come after a brutal sell-off for Wall Street on Friday, when Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s short and blunt remarks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, appeared to extinguish hopes of the central bank changing its aggressive course of rate hikes in the months ahead.

      The Dow fell 1,008 points, or just over 3%, for its worst day since May. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite fell 3.4% and 3.9%, respectively, for their worst days since June. The drop erased the August gains for all three averages.

      “Investors again cut back on their recent Risk-On positioning, supporting our view that it is way too soon to call their recent risk appetite a more permanent stance, and now one more likely to have cost them badly,” Rick Bensignor of Bensignor Investment Strategies said in a note to clients.

      The coming week brings more Fed speeches, including Vice Chair Lael Brainard on Tuesday, before August’s nonfarm payrolls report on Friday.

  24. Soros-installed DAs, Democrat-Bolshevik judicial and law enforcement officials, and violent felons are literally partners in “motiveless” crime.

    Terrifying ‘knockout game’ returns to New York: TWENTY innocent people have been sucker-punched so far this year – with victims including man, 52, who almost died and shopper in mall

    A warped ‘knockout’ game which sees violent criminals punch strangers for fun is feared to have made a comeback in crime-ridden New York City.

    Almost 20 of the violent and apparently motive-less knockout game incidents have been reported to the NYPD so far this year, including a Bronx man who almost died after being punched to the ground outside a restaurant.

    1. Cloward-Piven Strategy in action.

      Remove fathers from the home, and replace them with government, and this is what you get.

      “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” — Barack Hussein Obama

      Real Journalists (including the Daily Mail) never report that almost all of the perpetrators do, in fact, look like Trayvon.

      “They’re not sending their best”

      1. There seems to be a common denominator among the “random” victims, too, but the MSM glosses over that part of the story.

  25. Column: Dollar’s historic surge may be music to Fed’s ears: McGeever
    By Jamie McGeever
    4 minute read
    Plastic letters arranged to read “Inflation” are placed on U.S. Dollar banknote in this illustration taken, June 12, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

    ORLANDO, Fla., Aug 24 (Reuters) – The dollar is soaring against the world’s major currencies, heading for its biggest calendar year rise in almost 40 years and third biggest since President Richard Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard over half a century ago.

    Will the Fed be worried? Not one bit.

    Quite the opposite. All else equal, the dollar’s strength will help cool price pressures by reducing import costs, and tighten financial conditions, both desired goals for Jerome Powell and colleagues as they try to bring 40-year high inflation back towards their 2% target.

    1. Doesn’t matter. Dems have perfected fraudulent to a level that voting will NOT matter any more.

  26. Central Bankers From Around The Globe Deliver Hawkish Message At Jackson Hole

    SUNDAY, AUG 28, 2022 – 08:00 AM

    For those waiting in anticipation of a sudden central bank reversal on interest rate hikes or full capitulation and a return to stimulus, you might be holding your breath a while longer.

    A host of central banking heads from around the world delivered a unified message of hawkish intent on Saturday at the Kansas City Fed’s annual retreat in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The heads of the Bank of England, Swiss National Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of Korea and several European Central Bank policy makers delivered remarks that sought to unequivocally commit to raising interest rates until inflation meaningfully slows.

    This trend follows statements made by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on Friday which have led 60% of market investors to place bets on another rate hike of 75 basis points in September.

    The continued hawkish tone of central bankers flies in the face of previous predictions by many economists that rate hikes and balance sheet cuts would be short lived and that bankers would seek to avoid market turmoil at all costs. This has not been the case, and while considerable attention has been on the Federal Reserve, other central bank policy makers including those at the ECB are also calling for 75 bps rate hikes in September.

    The rate hike conundrum is widely understood among alternative economists but rarely discussed in the mainstream. Central banks have engaged in a non-stop program of QE, stimulus measures and near zero interest rates for well over a decade since the credit crash of 2008. Now, stock market, bond markets and many other elements of the global economy are addicted to easy money derived from central bank fiat. Without the printer and digital money creation running non-stop, there is no lifeline for massively indebted corporations, nor will there be cheap overnight loans to support corporate stock buybacks.

    These policies have kept many nations and stock markets on financial life support for years, but they have also created the detrimental price inflation the public is now suffering under today. Thus, a Catch-22 scenario has been engineered – If the central banks cut off the easy money and raise interest rates, corporations will lose their lifeline, stock buybacks will plunge, markets will fall and unemployment will rise. If the central banks continue with stimulus and low rates, inflation will only climb higher.

    So far it would seem that central bankers are choosing market instability and job losses over more inflation and they have given no indication they plan to reverse course for months to come.

    1. Whatever they may say now, push comes to shove, they will resort to printing more. That’s the only game for the western economies.

    2. The Financial Times
      Global Economy
      Global economy faces greatest challenge in decades, policymakers warn
      Rooting out high inflation will become much harder, officials say as they confront a new economic era
      Visitors take photos of the Grand Teton National Park mountain range from Jackson Lake Lodge ahead of the the Jackson Hole economic symposium in Moran, Wyoming,
      Calling the peak: policymakers fretted over soaring inflation at their first in-person gathering in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, since the pandemic began
      Colby Smith in Jackson Hole, Wyoming 2 hours ago

      Central bankers face a more challenging economic landscape than they have experienced in decades and will find it harder to root out high inflation, top multilateral officials and monetary policymakers have warned.

      The world’s leading economic authorities this weekend sounded the alarm about the forces working against the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and other central banks as they combat the worst inflation in decades. Speaking at the annual gathering of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, many said that the global economy was entering a new and tougher era.

      “At least over the next five years, monetary policymaking is going to be much more challenging than it was in the two decades before the pandemic struck,” Gita Gopinath, the IMF’s deputy managing director, told the Financial Times.

      “We are in an environment where supply shocks are going to be more volatile than we’ve been used to, and that’s going to generate more costly trade-offs for monetary policy,” she said.

    3. “The rate hike conundrum is widely understood among alternative economists but rarely discussed in the mainstream.”


    4. Yahoo
      Yahoo Finance
      Jobs in focus after hawkish Powell speech: What to know this week
      Alexandra Semenova
      Alexandra Semenova
      Sun, August 28, 2022 at 1:32 PM·7 min read

      The latest monthly jobs report is this week’s main attraction as investors barrel into September.

      August employment data from the Labor Department is set for release at 8:30 a.m. ET Friday morning, and is expected to show another strong month for the U.S. labor market. Economists expect nonfarm payrolls rose by 300,000 in August, according to data from Bloomberg.

      The figure is likely to serve a key role in dictating the Federal Reserve’s next rate decision at its policy-setting meeting later this month. Investors will keep a close eye on jobs data after Fed Chair Jerome Powell asserted in a hawkish speech at the Jackson Hole symposium Friday he is willing to accept a softening labor market in exchange for mitigating inflation.

      1. I’ve seen predictions in the MSM for US unemployment to rise by a full percentage point, to 4.5 percent or so, then stand firm.

        Show me a time since 1945 when unemployment rose a full percentage point after a long expansion, then went no higher, and I will gladly offer to sell you my pet unicorn. 🦄

        Have a look at this to see what I mean:

  27. Ok, a few real estate comments.
    The supply of homes will be so giant going into the next two years .
    First, you got supply from the vaccine victims. Second, a massive supply from people who could never afford their real estate speculation to begin with.

    The only problem is the crazy plan of the Great Reset Cartel is that they buy property at dirt cheap prices after the crash.
    You will own nothing and be happy. Gates and CCP buying up the farmland to monopolize the food supply. Small farmers being attacked by Gov Climate Change policies , forcing killing of cattle and breakdown of profit for the smaller farmers.Just like the destruction of small business and restaurant by the Covid lockdowns.
    This is the monopoly business model of Rockerfeller on how to get all the marbles into few hands.
    Just saying. If the cartel isn’t sucessful , than buying real estate at reasonable sustainable prices would be great thing.
    I remember when real estate prices tracked with wages , and it was just shelter before it was turned into a ATM machine.
    Those were the days of solid lending, that was destroyed by …..”THEM.”

    1. The only problem is the crazy plan of the Great Reset Cartel is that they buy property at dirt cheap prices after the crash.

      I remember after the previous crash they got first dibs at buying property. Even if there were public auctions, they had cash and few others did. And most of what they passed over went into the shadow inventory.

      1. “I remember after the previous crash they got first dibs at buying property.”

        They also received bailouts from the Fed to fund their firesale purchases.

    2. You are not helpless in this situation. Stay out of debt and live below your means. You’ll be able to save and buy something for cash.

      Don’t tell me “they” will make it impossible. I bought something “they” weren’t interested in and debt donkeys couldn’t.

    1. Man repeatedly vandalizes LA coffee shop, owners want homelessness addressed
      FOX 11 Los Angeles
      Aug 28, 2022 The owners of Federal Coffee say they want homelessness in their area addressed after they say a homeless man destroyed windows in their stores on multiple occasions.


      1. I know it is very difficult for small business owners to pull up the stakes and move, because their clientele won’t move with them, which means they have to start over. But at some point, that’s what you have to do.

        On a related note, my favorite Bohemian restaurant in the state, the Golden Europe, closed with just a few months warning. I was surprised that the owner, who retired, didn’t sell it to someone. Perhaps given the business climate no one wants to be in the restaurant biz now: escalating prices, hard to find good, reliable people to hire, etc.

  28. Google employees frustrated after office Covid outbreaks, some call to modify vaccine policy (8/26/2022):

    “The employees, who spoke with CNBC on the condition of anonymity, said since they have been asked to return to offices, infections notifications pop up in their email inboxes regularly.”

    There is no such thing as a “case” of COVID because the thresholds of PCR tests for COVID are arbitrary and meaningless.

    “Google’s Covid-19 outbreak in Los Angeles is currently the largest of any employer in LA., according to the city’s public health dashboard. first reported that the tech giant’s trendy Silicon Beach campus in Venice, Calif., recorded 145 infections while 135 cases were recorded at the company’s large Playa Vista campus.

    Last December, Google told employees that they must comply with vaccine policies or they’d face losing pay and then losing their job. Then in February, ahead of asking employees to come back, it relaxed rules around vaccines being a requirement for employment, as well as other rules around testing, social distancing and masks.

    But it continued to require Covid-19 vaccination to enter physical offices.

    Now, some Google employees are asking the company to drop the vaccine mandate, arguing Covid-19 outbreaks keep happening anyway in the offices where employees are fully vaccinated.”

    The “vaccine” that is not a vaccine does NOTHING to prevent COVID, and it is designed to kill you.

    It’s a medical genocide.

    1. “Our patient, an Italian 36-year-old male spent 5 days in Spain from 16 to 20 June 2022. Nine days after, he developed fever (up to 39°C), accompanied by sore throat, fatigue, headache and right inguinal lymphadenomegaly. On 2 July he resulted positive for SARS-CoV-2. On the afternoon of the same day a rash started to develop on his left arm. The following day small, painful vesicles surrounded by an erythematous halo appeared on the torso, lower limbs, face and glutes. On 5 July, due to a progressive and uninterrupted spread of vesicles that began to evolve into umbilicated pustules, he went to the emergency department of the Policlinico “G. Rodolico – San Marco” University Hospital in Catania, Italy, and was subsequently transferred to the Infectious Diseases Unit.

      On admission, the patient reported being treated for syphilis in 2019. In September 2021, he performed an HIV test with a negative result. He suffered from bipolar disorder, for which he regularly took carbamazepine 200 mg daily. He was vaccinated for SARS-CoV-2 with two doses of Pfizer’s BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine (the last in December 2021) and had already contracted COVID-19 in January 2022.”

      100% safe and effective.

      “He also reported of having condomless intercourse with men during his stay in Spain. Fever (37.5°C), pharyngodynia, fatigue, headache were still present. On physical examination his body was dotted, including the palm of the right hand and the perianal region, with skin lesions in various stages of progression, ranging from small vesicles to reddened haloed pustules and umbilicated plaques.

      On the second day of admission (July 6, 2022), given the high suspicion of monkeypox supported by suggestive skin lesions and a recent trip to Spain, [[1]
      ] swabs of pustule exudate and nasopharynx secretions were sent to the Regional Reference Laboratory hosted at the University Hospital “P. Giaccone” of Palermo (Italy) for monkeypox orthopoxvirus detection and SARS-CoV-2 sequencing.

      The specimens were confirmed positive to monkeypox virus and SARS-CoV-2.”

      Syphilis, mRNA vaccines, COVID, monkeypox, and AIDS.

      “They’re not sending their best”

        1. The thing about trying to fear monger people is eventually they become immune to fear. You can’t function for long extended periods of time in a constant state of fear.
          The Cartel throwing on one pandemic after another will get apathy .
          I think that is why the Cartel switches to one kind of crisis after another. Be afraid of a virus, now be afraid of war, now be afraid of climate change , drought, starving and freezing, etc.
          Keep the people off balance and in a fear state. Control the narrative and information..
          Can you imagine Klaus Schwab just came out with a book called THE GREAT NARRATIVE.

  29. How many of the sheeple have made the link between the “cost of renting crisis” and central bankers turning shelter – a basic human need – into a speculative asset bubble?

    ‘Cost of renting crisis’ is proving HELL for flat-hunters in big cities: Landlords battling energy bills raise rents to record highs with 20% hike in Manchester and 15% in London – with tenants reporting up to £700 rise in monthly fees

    A ‘cost of renting crisis’ is turning property-hunting into a nightmare for young professionals.

    Landlords and agencies are raising rents to record levels amid high demand for housing – and a lack of supply – at a time when millions face financial troubles due to rising energy bills, the Observer reports.

    Rents in Britain have now hit record highs, increasing by more than 20% year on year in some areas including Manchester, and 15.8% in London, data from Rightmove shows.

    1. Electricity rates on that side of the pond are turning apocalyptic, and it’s not even winter yet. I saw this on the “pushingrubberdownhill blog”:

      Most other European countries are in similar dire situations. The little bar in the village where I am staying, and I must stress that it is a very small bar indeed, recently received the electricity bill for June and July. It came in at over €4000. Needless to say, when I popped in yesterday afternoon for a single beer that then turned into a lot more, most of the lights were off.

      They really are going to be shivering in the dark this winter. If this doesn’t drive the people to revolt, I don’t know what will.

    2. “How many of the sheeple have made the link between the “cost of renting crisis” and central bankers turning shelter – a basic human need – into a speculative asset bubble?”

      Based on my small circle of acquaintances and friends, few if any.

    1. Wanna bet this won’t be reported in the evening news or any of the dead tree misinformation dissemination networks?

    2. 44 % lost by miscarriage due to vaccine.
      I’m getting data out in the real world of miscarriages as high as 85% in some places depending on how many jabs they got.
      This is murder of these babies as far as I’m concern.
      They just don’t care who dies are gets injured, they just don’t care at all.

      1. They just don’t care who dies are gets injured, they just don’t care at all.

        Oh, they care. I can guarantee you that the Davos/WEF people and their families were not jabbed, so they care about their families. Now, your brood or mine, yeah, they are considered completely disposable. And getting rid of them before they are born greatly streamlines the process and makes it look like a random event that happened by itself.

    3. It’s a medical genocide.

      Fauci the FED PIGMAN that he is, first needs to stand trial, get convicted, and then be executed (no responsibility claimed should 4chan decide to turn their homework in early).

      Nuremberg 1946 was a lesson not to be forgotten.

      The Day Of The Rope is coming 🙂

    1. Nope, don’t believe God is punishing anyone.
      Its a Cult of psychopaths, that think they are Gods, that want to destroy all that God created.

    2. I would say it’s the entire west. not just the US. Heck, I think it’s worse in Europe, which is staring straight at freezing in the dark this winter.

    1. “Brooks decided to continue to go to school because she could not pay back her loan, a personal method of striking that she’s been doing since 2012.”


      “However, the student repayment pause during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a temporary weight off her shoulders and gave her a break from attending school.”


      “‘So many demands are put on me already in addition to having to stay in school because I can’t pay this debt. It feels like enslavement,’ Brooks said.”

      She is willingly staying in school because she cannot pay the debt racked up by staying in school. And this, to her, feels like enslavement.

      Got it.

    2. “My hope is that if my student loan debt balance is canceled, I can start saving for them and planning for their future,” she said.

      Richelle Brooks is going to be a saver? ROTFLMAO!

      “But I’m also hoping that we can get a free college education so that I don’t have to also worry about how to finance their future either.”

      Okay, back to reality. Whew!

    3. Perhaps if she had chosen better sperm donors for her two children, she may have well been better off without an overburdening debt for her career path. And once again the perpetual student continues running up debt just hoping and praying that some else will pay off her debts and help her with paying off her debts. Choose one of the 27 suspected baby-daddy’s to help you with your debt. Unless of course you are willing to trade your degrees for cancellation of debt. Don’t come into my coffee shop , eat the apple pie alamode and don’t pay and not expect to wash dishes to pay off your debt.

  30. Rockefeller Foundation Wants Behavioral Scientists To Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives

    SUNDAY, AUG 28, 2022 – 01:00 PM

    In yet another sign that the covid vaccination agenda of globalist institutions did not do quite as well as they had originally hoped, the Rockefeller Foundation has revealed that it (along with other non-profits) has been pumping millions of dollars into a behavioral science project meant to figure out why large groups of people around the world refuse to take the jab.

    The “Mercury Project” is a collective of behavioral scientists formed by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), a non-profit group which receives considerable funding from globalist organizations and governments. The stated goals of the project are rather non-specific, using ambiguous language and mission statements. However, the root intentions appear to be focused on using behavioral psychology and mass psychology elements to understand the global resistance to the recent covid compliance efforts.

    Mercury groups will be deployed in multiple nations and regions and will study vaccine refusal and the medical “disinformation” that leads to it. They are operating with the intent to tailor vaccination narratives to fit different ethnic and political backgrounds, looking for the key to the gates of each cultural kingdom and convincing them to take the job.

    The Rockefeller Foundation and the SSRC note:

    “Following the characterization of inaccurate health information by the U.S. Surgeon General as an “urgent threat,” and by the World Health Organization as an “infodemic,” the SSRC issued a call for proposals to counter the growing global threats posed by public health mis- and disinformation and low Covid-19 vaccination rates, and received nearly 200 submissions from around the world.

    …With Covid-19 prevalent and rapidly evolving everywhere, there is a pressing need to identify interventions with the potential to increase vaccination take-up.”

    The SSRC and the Mercury Project are not only receiving funding from foundations, but also government based institutions. In June of 2022 the Mercury Project received another $20 million from the National Science Foundation, which claims to be an “independent” agency of the United States government. In other words, fabricating effective covid propaganda is becoming a money train for the small groups of behavioral researchers and psychologists that jump onboard.

    The purpose of the NSF partnership with the Mercury Project is outlined on the SSRC website:

    “This innovative partnership will support research teams seeking to evaluate online or offline interventions to increase Covid-19 vaccination demand and other positive health behaviors, including by targeting the producers and/or consumers of inaccurate health information and/or by increasing confidence in reliable health information.”

    The Mercury Project lists these bullet points as their focus:

    “Funded projects will provide evidence about what works–and doesn’t–in specific places and for specific groups to increase Covid-19 vaccination take-up, including what is feasible on the ground and has the potential to be cost-effective at scale. Each of the 12 teams will have access to findings from the other teams while exploring interventions including, but not limited to:

    Conducting literacy training for secondary school students in partnership with local authorities to help students identify Covid-19 vaccine misinformation.

    Equipping trusted messengers with communication strategies to increase Covid-19 vaccination demand.

    Using social networks to share tailored, community-developed messaging to increase Covid-19 vaccination demand.”

    In other words, their focus is propaganda, propaganda and propaganda. The very basis of the existence of the Mercury Project presupposes that individuals cannot be trusted to make up their own minds about the information they are exposed to, and that they must be molded to accept the mainstream narrative. It also presupposes that mainstream or establishment information is always trustworthy and unbiased.

    The widespread non-compliance against covid vaccination mandates despite extensive government pressure is perhaps one of the most underappreciated events of the past century. It is likely the reason why political elites and the corporate media went from a non-stop fear campaign against the public to almost no mention of covid within a matter of weeks. It was as if the populace was being put through two years of waterboarding and then one day the torture simply stopped without explanation.

    If vaccine passport laws had been implemented through western nations on the scale that governments and globalists were demanding, then the last vestiges of personal freedom would now be erased permanently. All individual rights would become privileges granted by authorities and contingent on your submission to whatever covid booster shots or medical procedures happen to be in vogue at the time. Think about it: If they had gotten what they wanted, the west would look exactly like China does right now, or worse, with no economic participation without an up-to-date covid pass.

    nd, the threat still lingers. Why the Mercury Project feels the need to compose vaccine propaganda for a virus with a mere 0.23% median Infection Fatality Rate is not explained. And, if vaccination numbers from agencies like the CDC are accurate, then the population has already achieved herd immunity anyway (perhaps their numbers are not accurate?). Why are globalist groups so obsessed with 100% vaccination for covid? This is never explained.

    They will say it’s all about saving lives, but if only 0.23% of people on average are at risk regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not, then public health is not really a believable explanation. It would seem that the Mercury Project’s purpose is more about influencing people to vaccinate despite the science rather than in the name of science.

    1. Here it comes again. Doctors on the evening news screeching: “Get the booster before it’s too late!”

      1. There isn’t any more tricks in the book to get 100 % compliance on the vaccines, except for prison with forced injections.
        They tried everything:
        Threat of job loss
        Fear mongering
        Deplatforming and censoring any counter narrative
        Demonizing the unvaccinated
        Denying commerce to unvaccinated
        False Guilt your going to kill grandma and grandpa
        False positives by fake testing
        China fake footage of people dropping in street.
        Fake models of proposed death rates
        Hospitals killings to up Covid counts
        Obstruction of cheap med cures for Covid
        Mass brainwashing
        Lockdowns and masks, useless
        Public duty to get jab, we are in this together
        Constant moving the goal posts
        Sneaking jabs on children without parent consent
        Fake Faces of Science, Hero worship, like Dr Fauci, with censorship of real Science.
        Turn down of exemptions
        Obstruction of information on fake vaccines, no informed consent, blank Covid injection incerts
        Mandates by President
        Hiding trial data
        Cover up of death and injury, gaslighting the injured.
        Can’t travel if your not jabbed, can’t go to college, etc etc

        Seriously , what else other than firing squad , or prison, or forced injections, or fines or depriving food could be done.

      1. (((YouTube))) asks for a login with age verification to view the good stuff, because globalists gonna globe.

        P.S. globalists have NAMES and ADDRESSES.

        1. Electricity is wholesaling in Europe for a dollar a kilowatt hour. If I had to pay that much my peak summer bill would be $2000. I’ll bet solar panels are unobtanium there right now, though it isn’t hard to redirect shipments from North America to Europe, assuming the Euros will pay more for them.

          Speaking of unobtanium, I read an article on auto repairs and how they are way down. Not because people are not fixing their cars, but because parts can be hard to find. That’s how they are going to force your ICE car off the road: Sorry, can’t fix it, that part hasn’t been available for two years.

    1. Rudy Giuliani Predicts ‘My Son Hunter’ Will Be ‘Censored as Much as Possible’ By Media, Democrats, Biden, Pelosi

      28 Aug 2022

      Speaking with My Son Hunter director Robert Davi (Licensed to Kill, Die Hard, The Goonies) on his podcast “Common Sense,” Guiliani said My Son Hunter, “Which looks to be a very high-quality production from a very high-quality director and actor, is going to be censored as much as possible by those who believe that they run the United States, our government, our media, our social media, and those who believe they run our businesses.”

      “Call them the fascist elite of America, combined with the Democrat government, Biden, and Pelosi. This movie is going to face that and we want you to know about it and learn about it from the very beginning,” Guiliani said about My Son Hunter, which is available for PRE-ORDER NOW and will be available for streaming and downloading on September 7 at

    1. Business Columnists
      Powell Warns Wall Street That the Punch Bowl Is Empty
      And sobers them up with black coffee with an espresso shot
      J.G. Collins
      August 28, 2022
      Updated: August 28, 2022


      Markets trimmed over 3 percent by Friday’s close after Federal Reserve Chairman Powell offered up a stark eight-minute soliloquy telling Wall Street’s “Masters of the Universe” to straighten up, fast, because the Fed was not going to refill the punch bowl.

      I said in my July jobs report that the prognostications of the stock peddlers-cum-“analysts” on business TV were “a bit sanguine that the Fed will loosen its tightening of rates,” and predicted the overnight federal funds rate would need to go up to as much as 5 percent to strangle inflation.

      Powell seemed to reiterate that hawkish view on Friday when he said the Fed, “is moving our policy stance purposefully to a level that will be sufficiently restrictive to return inflation to 2 percent.”

      He went on to say, “In current circumstances, with inflation running far above 2 percent and the labor market extremely tight, estimates of longer-run neutral are not a place to stop or pause.”

      Game. Set. Match. The Wall Street pitchmen that were anticipating the Fed would let up rate hikes have been mowed down like dandelions in the path of a weed-whacker.

      More rate hikes, and likely above a half-percent, are coming when the Fed meets in September and will not likely pause for some time. Federal Open Market Committee members’ June 15 projections for the federal funds rate capped at 4 percent through the end of 2023. Those projections will be updated for September.

      But Powell made another statement that should send chills down the back of the Wall Street stock pushers. While acknowledging the role of supply chain issues in inflation, Powell said: “In my view … the current high inflation in the United States is the product of strong demand and constrained supply, and that the Fed’s tools work principally on aggregate demand. None of this diminishes the Federal Reserve’s responsibility to carry out our assigned task of achieving price stability.”

    2. Macro Morning
      By Chris Becker in Australian Dollar, Australian Shares
      at 9:00 am on August 29, 2022

      The Fed basically pissed into the punchbowl on Friday with Chairman Powell explaining at Jackson Hole that rates need to stay higher for longer. This sent Wall Street down sharply, off by more than 3%, dragging European shares down with it.

    3. The Financial Times
      Markets Briefing Equities
      Asian equities drop as Jay Powell’s comments drag global markets lower
      Treasury yields rise and global currencies weaken against the dollar
      John C Williams, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Lael Brainard, Fed vice chair, and Jerome Powell, Fed chair, in Teton National Park in Wyoming
      The Federal Reserve, represented at the Jackson Hole gathering by John Williams, left, Lael Brainard, centre, and chair Jay Powell, said it would ‘keep at it until the job is done’ on taming inflation
      Hudson Lockett in Hong Kong
      2 hours ago

      Asian stocks fell, Treasury yields climbed and global currencies lost ground against the dollar on Monday as investors took fright following hawkish comments from Federal Reserve chair Jay Powell.

      Japan’s benchmark Topix led markets lower with a drop of almost 2 per cent as trading got under way in Asia, while South Korea’s Kospi shed 2.2 per cent. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng stock index lost 0.7 per cent.

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