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Some Of These Towns Are Seeing Significant Price Drops

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  1. From the first 3 minute video;

    Is the Portland Metro Real Estate Market on the Rise? Check Out These Trends!
    Ron Milligan
    Apr 13, 2023
    Changes in Portland Oregon’s real estate market have in many ways made selling a home more difficult for sellers and in other ways more difficult for buyers to purchase.

    It feels like our Spring buying season is about to kick into gear as our wacky economy continues to throw us curve balls. We’re starting to see trends in the week-to-week market statistics that may give us an idea of where Portland’s real estate market is heading.

    The second 16 minute video;

    Nashville Home Prices Drop 3% | Housing Market Update
    Ethan Flynn, CPA | Real Estate
    Apr 15, 2023
    This is a Data centric Analytical approach to the Nashville Tn Housing Market. We look at trends in active listings, median price, mortgage rates, contracts, rent rates.

    The third 8 minute video:

    The surprising numbers behind Boston’s Housing Market
    Not Your Average Realtor
    Apr 12, 2023
    This video covers everything you need to know as a home owner, home buyer and home seller in the greater Boston real estate market. We go over Q1 numbers in terms of what is happening with Boston home prices for both single family homes and condos, inventory levels, interest rates, and advice on what to do if you are a first time home buyer, second time buyer, or looking to sell your home this year.

    The fourth 15 minute video:

    Las Vegas Homes For Sale – Buyers Screwed!
    Las Vegas Living
    Apr 15, 2023
    As we enter the spring home buying season, there is now approximately 4,200 Las Vegas homes for sale. While inventory has steadily gone down over the last few months, there is still over twice the amount of Las Vegas homes for sale compared to this time last year. The median Las Vegas home price now stands at $420,000, down from last May’s peak of $485,000. Home buyers are facing massive affordability issues as mortgage rates continue to hover near 7% on an aggregate basis while home prices remain elevated. The amount of Las Vegas homes for sale has reduced as buyers continue to buy into these higher mortgage rates. However, many buyers screwed up their chance to potentially get a lower home price if only they were more patient. Many Las Vegas homes for sale have now dropped 10-20% since this time last year. Although mortgage rates have doubled from over a year ago, home prices have now started to recede as rates stay elevated. Home prices will likely recede further if interest rates remain elevated or go higher. As a buyer, I would continue to be patient before buying one of thousands of available Las Vegas homes for sale. The real estate market is very dependent on interest rates and the Fed will likely raise them again in their next meeting. This could hurt the economy and reduce home buying demand, which could increase overall home inventory. If that happens, then there will be many more Las Vegas homes for sale coming onto the market over the next year or so and likely would send prices down even more.

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