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Things Are Starting To Break

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  1. From the first 7 minute video:

    #LYNNWOOD HOMES DIP 130K #98087 #homebuyingtips #seattlerealestate #homeselling #firsttimehomebuyers
    Victor Ashley Real Estate
    May 6, 2023 SEATTLE
    Victor Ashley discusses #buyingahome in the #LYNNWOOD #neighborhood #98087 of #Seattle WA and compares #homeaffordability to the average household in the #seattlerealestate market as well as provides #homebuyingtips & #homebuyingguide to #firsttimehomebuyers & anyone curious to the market.

    The second 6 minute video:

    What’s up with real estate in Minneapolis? Real estate market spring 2023
    Mary Schumann
    May 7, 2023
    What’s happening in the Minneapolis real estate market now that we are in the spring market? Is it a sellers market or have we finally shifted to a buyers market? Did the shift from rising interest rates stick? Any hope for more housing inventory? I’m giving you data to show you clearly what is happening in the Minneapolis St. Paul housing market at the end of April 2023.

    The third 41 minute video:

    MARKET NEWS!!! Is Affordability Putting Pressure on Homebuyers? April Real Estate Sales & Concerns
    May 8, 2023 TORONTO
    Ep 129 The Wise Old Owl Show. TRREB reports April sales results; Affordability constraints putting pressure on buyers; RBC thinks cracks are starting to appear as more consumers fall behind on debt payments. Live viewer questions, financial education, real estate and mortgage information and the hottest market news.

    The fourth 11 minute video:

    The Real Reason There’s No Inventory. April Stats Across the Country. 2023 Canadian Housing Market
    Jon Flynn Broker of Record, Flynn Real Estate Inc.
    May 9, 2023
    Why aren’t owners listing their properties? Calgary sets a new average price record (barely), April statistics from almost all areas shows sales still down but new listings down even further in Canada. Check out this weeks video to see your area’s numbers and how your real estate market is doing.

    The fifth 18 minute video:

    Nothing Going As Expected In Toronto Real Estate – May 3
    Team Sessa Real Estate
    May 9, 2023

    Toronto Real Estate Market Report for the week of April 27 – May 3, 2023.

    1. “Victor Ashley discusses #buyingahome in the #LYNNWOOD #neighborhood #98087 of #Seattle WA…”

      Only $4,700 per month to live in Lynnwood, WA where the good weather is roughly 22-weeks per year? LOL

      1. I used to live/work in Lynnwood, I’d say Lynnwood gets maybe 12-16 decent weeks of weather a year. It’s on the fringe of the convergence zone so it gets the business end of snow events in the Seattle area. The infrastructure is also in shambles, which makes driving in that God forsaken land of sh*tty strip malls a nightmare. Lots of Asian & Mexican gang activity in some of the seedier parts of town. Why anyone would buy in Lynnwood is beyond me.

  2. A coastal clapboard mansion in Massachusetts, where socialite Ghislaine Maxwell—the convicted sex trafficker and longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein—lived before her arrest, has just had close to $1 million cut from its asking price.

    Tidewood, as it’s known, is now on the market for $5.85 million. It was most recently asking $6.75 million, and initially hit the market last April with a $7.8 million price tag attached to it.

    The house is in a part of Manchester-by-the-Sea known as the Sharksmouth Estate, and is owned by a limited liability company tied to Ms. Maxwell’s former romantic partner Scott Borgerson, according to records with PropertyShark, which also show the entity paid $2.45 million for the house in 2016.

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