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A Pig Moving Through A Python

A report from the Wall Street Journal. "An unusually high number of homes across the country are being appraised below their agreed-upon sales prices, causing a number of deals to collapse. In recent months, during the height of the boom,…

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This Is A Feature Of Fiat, Not A Bug

It's Friday desk clearing time for this blogger. "Have Northern Virginia home sellers missed the sweet spot? The D.C. region’s red-hot housing market has begun to show signs of fatigue, and in Northern Virginia the market softened in August. 'Overall…

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The Frenzy Is Not There

A report from Spectrum News on North Carolina. "Realtors in the Triangle say an inventory crisis is making the market frustrating for buyers but a great time for people looking to sell. 'We know it sounds crazy to offer what…

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A Brick-And-Mortar Sitting Duck

A report from Yahoo Money. "FOMO is a powerful thing — sometimes powerful enough to spur a life-changing decision like buying a house, selling a property or refinancing a mortgage. Krystle Harvey, who refinanced twice in 2020, says FOMO was…

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